Amazon lightning deal: Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens for $699 ($200 off)

For the next hour and a half Amazon has a lighting deal on the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens for Nikon mount for $699.99 ($200 off). This is a tough choice since Nikon is rumored to announce a new 35mm f/1.8G full frame lens in few weeks.

Update: the deal is now over. All upcoming Amazon lightning deals can be found here.

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  • broxibear

    The guys at Amazon have been reading nikonrumors, and came up with a super quick marketing idea, lol.

    • Neopulse

      To be honest, a lot of these sales on Amazon come to the moderators attention via algorithms. It notices a drop in sales and the people decide whether or not to make a sale. But also Sigma can give their 2 cents on sales also. This lens I saw it’s performance in a Maneko Neki (yeah the cat thingy) video sponsored by Profoto and looks pretty decent.

  • don hogfan

    $700 is still a lot of money, I can wait for few weeks.
    I am sure when Nikon’s 1.8 version comes out the deal will become permanent, so no rush!

    • humenbean

      It’s hard to say. Nikon’s 1.4 version of the 35 is a $2,000 lens. So the 35 1.8 isn’t really in the same category. Yes they are similar, but 1.4 lenses are much harder to make at the same quality.

      For example, the 1.8 50mm lens can be had for under $200. The 1.4 is usually at least double that.

    • im sure you talk about this lens because you want it !
      so ok no rush, but you are missing some photos.
      Your choice, what you want in your hands : your money or this lens ?
      i paid this 35 1.4 sigma 900€ in april 2013 and no regrets.

  • LarryC

    Almost pulled the trigger…but didn’t. I’m hoping the Nikon has similar IQ, similar price but lighter. If not, I’ll wait for either to drop in price.

  • Global

    Gah, I missed it. I’ve been looking for an excuse to swap out my Nikon version & pocket the difference to get a new lens…. total “gearhead” disease (yes, its a negative thing). I should just shutup and shoot more with the one I have.. 🙂

  • Spy Black

    Man, that was an awesome deal! Too bad they’re easy to miss.

  • Drew

    I’ve used this lens, and I can tell you that I would pick it over a gelded Nikon lens any day of the week. The bokeh is fantastic and the build quality is far superior to Nikon’s plastic G series.

  • yosemite

    I want this lens so badly but missed the deal. Would have bought it for $700 in a heartbeat!

  • Phillip Mathew

    The Sigma 35mm is sharp at all apertures. I purchased the Sigma to use with my D800E because I always use a 35mm prime (see above) in my photography. However, I wasn’t willing to pay the tariff for the Nikon 35mm 1.4 especially since its reviews were so-so at best (it’s softer than the Canon wide open but sharper than Canon by f/5.6). Given the Sigma’s bargain price and its good reviews, I purchased a copy. I have not been disappointed. The lens is better than all 35mm lenses I have used. It is sharp wide open and just gets sharper as the lens is stopped down. The color and contrast is on par with the Nikon 85mm ( basically, amazing). Vignetting is well-controlled, only noticeable wide open. More importantly, CA, unlike the Canon L, is well controlled. It simply isn’t a problem. You can read my Review at

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