Nikon DSLR lineup and the new Df camera

The above screenshot is from an internal Nikon Df camera presentation. Here are some speculations based on where the Df model (internal code name: Q1020) is placed on the graph:

  • First, the Df is not included in the current "modern" DSLR pyramid. Maybe this will be the first of several other cameras with similar retro design that will form their own product pyramid? I guess Nikon is testing the waters here - just like Fuji did with the X100 and if it works, there will be all over this category and flood it with new products (just like Fuji did).
  • The Df is placed on the border between the "Professional" and "Advanced" blocks (it seems to be closer to the D800 than to the D610) - this may also represent the price of the camera - somewhere between the D610 ($1,996.95) and the D800 ($2,796.95 after rebates). Don't ask me why the D300s is not under the "Professional" section - maybe they did not have enough space. As for the D90 - yes, it's still available.
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  • Marty

    Would they release a retro looking flash to go with it? That would be cool.

    • zevobh

      why not just buy a retro one?

      • Stan Dibben

        because there is no retro one (defining retro: a camera designed around physical access to speed, iso and aperture -by the lens- settings) with ff sensor.

    • Thyl Engelhardt

      Why should they? The camera is not about looks, it is about re-establishing proved and time-tested ergonomics. Research from the aviation industry shows that even more single-function buttons or dials are better than fewer multi-function elements. The parameters determing the image are still aperture, shutter speed, focus and ISO. For digital capture in no-raw formats, maybe white balance. Getting an immediate, physical access to those is nothing retro, but logic. Or, in other words, a different operating paradigma that has shown appeal for quite a number of people who don’t want to rely on automatic algorithms. The astonishing success of Leica and Fuji show that there is an audience.

  • Russ Barnes

    Damn, there goes the budget!

  • Armani

    DF has a new segment…



    • Eric Calabros


  • Drazen B


    My guess is $2599, at least by the position on that pyramid.

    • The question is do we take the full D800 price or after the instant rebate 🙂

      • Oscar Committe

        Admin… you deserve a rebate or Free DF… for all this hard work for them

    • Ramses

      It’s not in the pyramid yet!

      • Drazen B

        Use your imagination…;-)

        • 5D MarkIII

          I am! Just not the same way as you.
          Hope you’re wrong…

          • mayor

            wrong town, 5D

            • Drazen B

              He’s just curious, let us be good hosts, shall we, we’re all ‘brothers’ when it comes to photography.

            • 5D MarkIII

              As far as I’m concerned, this is not soccer/football discussion, I don’t have a “team”!
              I can use both.

          • Drazen B

            My hope as well…somehow something’s telling me I could be close to suggested retail $$.

    • grop baliban

      I’d say you’re very close.

      • Drazen B

        I’d say that too…:-)

        Confirmed today:

        “Nikon Df body only price: $2,746.95…”

        So i wasn’t that far off, cheers!

  • Nikon D3x still the Queen

    Oh yeah

    • Megapixel hound

      old queen…. but, not a young hot Princess! … like moi silky D800

    • Daniel

      Queen of terrible. The D3s was the greatest modern camera Nikon had ever made. It still rivals the D4 i’m told.

      • R!

        I’m all with you !
        (waitin to find a good condition one used at nice price ).

      • Chris

        D3x is still a very good camera. Had to shoot a ballet performance from the middle seats of a very, very dark theatre with no flash allowed. Fastest lenses we had were 85mm 1.4’s on a D4 and a D3x. The noise performance and DR was better on the D4 but the higher MP’s of the D3x still allowed for better cropping and yielded almost comparable results (sharper but grainier) to the D4 after some careful processing.

        D3s was sold to get the D4, it had less noise than the D4 in very poor lighting but it struggled to focus in those conditions. The D4 locks focus better in low light, IMHO a better do-it-all camera.

      • D3s is still my preferred wedding DSLR combo together with D700 as second back up. This DF guy could be a nice middle guy with D4 sensor for creative shots. Will see tomorrow.

    • Velvet Jones

      That OUT DATED OLD HAG! yeah D800 whips that old hag in every category..and only cost 2500…and not the inflated..outer space funds of 8 grand..WHAT dummy would buy that old camera?

      • Eric Duminil

        Nobody buys it anymore. But those who bought it before D800 came still have a very nice camera that will last many years.

      • umeshrw

        Like they say ” old people have very strong bones”.

  • Mysterious insider info.

    That’s why we love [NR]!

    • eissenel

      the leaker..

    • Hopefully we will get more after the official announcement, but I doubt it. The Japanese press usually posts images of the presentation slide show.

  • kevin

    I my an old Nikon DF, its called FM3a. I rarely shoot with it since i use D800 but the emotional stratification just by touching the FM3a is erotic 🙂

  • photoroto

    I think the lack of video disqualifies it from the Professional tier. Sometimes you gotta be able to pull it out of your hat, even if the client didn’t originally ask for it. Or you can wind up kicking yourself because of some unexpected, video-begging event. Perhaps we need a new tier labeled “Medallion Cameras.”

    • nathanphotographer

      It’s advertised as “pure photography”. I disagree. Some of us don’t want to do video. I have 3 Nikon bodies, including a D300S, and I’ve used the video 3 times in 4 years, but mostly to play with it. I can do 1080p video with my iPhone if I need to.

      • Scott

        Why not just use your Iphone for photography too? You did know it can take pictures right?

        It’s not like you can mount any of your nice Nikon glass on your Iphone.

        • Sorry, what logic did you apply here?

          • Scott

            He said his Iphone was good enough for video.

            If he believes that why wouldn’t it be good enough for photography.

            I’m pointing out that just because his Iphone can do 1080p it doesn’t mean it’s going to be great video. It lacks a nice lens, specially if you’re looking for any sort of telephoto reach or low light capabilities.

            I’m not however saying the DF should have video, just pointing out how silly that statement was.

            • frod

              that’s called a straw man argument.

        • nathanphotographer

          I was responding to the original posters message stating that lack of video keeps it out of the professional category. Some of us want to be photographers, not videographers. Yes, I can do 720 video with my 300S. My iPhone comment was simply that for the very limited amount that I might want to do 1080 video, my iPhone does fine. Just like for some people a point and shoot camera does everything they want for photography.

    • fjfjjj

      I guess Mamiya/PhaseOne, Hasselblad H-system, Leica S, and Mamiya 645D are also disqualified from the professional tier?

      • stormwatch

        Do they have video recording implemented? Of course not…but time goes on….and on…

        • hexx

          CCD no CMOS, no video

          • stormwatch

            CCD video is actually a bit better anyway :-)))))

      • photoroto

        Those are specialty cameras. By definition, a camera like the Df is more general purpose, one-size-fits all. To be general purpose, you need video in these times.

    • Sahaja

      For video Nikon only seems to be playing catch up with Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Even if they released this with the video capabilities of the D4 (same sensor), people would complain about the limitations.

      They may feel it is smarter to make the lack of video a “feature” rather than releasing another camera with a second grade implementation

      • addri4n


        • fjfjjj

          • addri4n

            what now fifi?

  • Miki

    So…. D300s …. will come a D400…

  • R!

    What a mess!!!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Sit robert, sit.

      Good boy.

      • R!

        So I can be on your level,I’m sure you ‘re takin only small size tripod.

    • C. Petrini

      He’s back – again!!!

      • R!

        go on twiter!!!!

    • Global

      Seriously, if this is OFFICIAL Nikon thinking, its incredibly sloppy. I know that Nikon constantly comes out with varied and excellent products (generally overpriced, but often great values as well; sometimes junk lenses, often award winning lenses.. no consistency at all), but this pyramid represents very sloppy thinking and a misunderstanding of how consumers view and use their products. If this is their internal stereotype it explains a lot.

      Ive always thought that Nikon would be much better served by considering at least two different hierarchies of their products (for fun.. various wild innovations but cheaper and slight crippling, and for business.. uncrippled from top to bottom, fully spec’ed with different sizes and functional designs for certain kinds of jobs, priced higher). I hope this is a new beginning of thinking.

  • RMJ

    I see plenty of room for D400 in that pyramid!

    • nathanphotographer

      I don’t think you’ll ever see it. I don’t believe Nikon or Canon will ever make another “professional” crop sensor camera body. Both the Nikon D300S and the Canon 7D are over five years old. That’s an eternity in today’s modern era.They have both introduced cameras that are more advanced in the crop sensor department, but they’re all plastic bodies. And they have both introduced sub $2000 full frame models. I believe both Canon and Nikon are feel that if you’re serious at all about photography, you’re going to invest in a full frame body.

      • The_RazE

        Rumors say a 7D MK-II is on the way…

      • umeshrw

        To be exact , two bodies. D800 and D4 as both are complementary to each other . Just what are we supposed to do about backup bodies is the question. Two of each(total of 4) or try to live with 2. Then again there is a question of money for buying those and carrying all at once…….
        Note- I was talking about nikon . Canon has come out with 5D3 which is like D700 .

  • wootpile

    I find it funny that they still have the d90 and d300s in the lineup at all. Had one of each. Old old old beasts. Wouldn’t touch them today if my life depended on it..

    • somnyus

      My d90 still works like a charm! Dat high (800+) ISO noise though o.O

      • R!

        D90 is Nikons best APSC sensor till today !

      • Sahaja

        D90 is perhaps the most successful DSLR Nikon has ever brought out. It topped European sales figures for several years.

        • jr456

          And rightfully so, you got so much bang-for-the buck with the D90. And you could use all legacy glass on it too!! I use old AF-D lenses on it and they work great.

          This was a real shooters camera.

      • jr456

        Other than a very grainy ISO my D90 still takes fantastic pictures…I still use it along with my D700.

    • R!

      You’re so snob colors and lowlight iso of D 90 beats the D7000 and D7100 over 1600 iso check compare sensors on DXO + they’re 2 more quick access buttons on the D90 !
      Great cameras! I also will keep mine for ever !

    • fred

      Still have and use my D300S. I keep the ISO down though. I shoot at f2.8 and wide open alot so the 1/8000 sec shutter speed is good. Looking at D7100, comparisons show D7100 with no AA filter is better (more detail) than D600 in daylight. D600 better in shadows, less noise.
      Where is my D400 though?… a D300 body with improved fps + guts of the D7100 + much bigger faster buffer)

    • stormwatch

      Really strange – D90 is the true legend of cropped cameras and the camera which actually introduced video recording in the DSLR world. I got mine amongst first in October 2008. and remember only superb IQ…even today when I look at some pictures from that time, over and over finding it one of the finest DX cameras of all time, which I can not really say for D300(s), because at that time I worked with both and IQ of D90 was always better, especially in low light and higher ISO.

    • umeshrw

      ” Wouldn’t touch them today if my life depended on it..”
      Think again. There could be n No. of scenarios to think about. Btw what did you shoot with before your current cameras?

  • Me

    The D300s is placed in Advanced along with some toys like D610??? This is some serious BS, the D300s is a Pro Body, ain’t got nothing to do with advanced and stuff like that, and D610 is a consumer body, no hardware buttons for the settings, no nothing.. and it’s advanced ? What exactly is advanced in it ? The fact that it has FX sensor, lame 39 AF points stuffed in the middle of the frame and a 1/4000 sec. fastest shutter speed ? I don’t think Nikon made this diagram, someone made it at home …

    • Ed

      I don’t understand what the D610 is doing up there either. Horrible little camera!

      • Nihon

        What makes it so horrible?
        It has.. Good IQ, cheaper than other FFs, more compact body…

        • Sky

          Plastic. Cost-cutting on every step. Even Canon 6D doesn’t feel as stripped as D600/610.

          • Carp

            What?! Having used both for a bit before purchase a D600, I would say that the 6D feels very toy-ish and is far more stripped down feature-wise. A 6D is a FF 60D with some features removed; a D600 is a FF D7000 with a few minor differences (added and subtracted.)

            I had a D800 and a D600 for a little wile to evaluate and found little significant differences. Yes, the grip was a LITTLE nicer, the direct controls on the left knob were a LITTLE nicer, the build quality was a LITTLE nicer, etc., but not enough for one to be “pro” and the other to be a “toy”.

          • Grimbot

            Do yourself a favour and rent a D600 for a day and actually shoot with one. The image quality will blow you away.

            • NeonPark

              Yes, but then what? You’re forgetting that a lot of these people have far more invested in their complaints than they do in their photography.

            • Anthony Woodruffe

              I disagree, I have a D600 and have had dust problems. I cleaned the sensor took 30 mins not a 3 week turn around. I’ve shot about 7000 images since buying the camera in June my investment is definitely in shooting not bitching about dust. I bet most people chaffing on about oil and dust are people who don’t actually own one. I’ve got a 5D MKII wedding photog wanting to ditch all her canon stuff to buy a D600; ultimately mine after she shot with it. When we meet she steals it off me every time.

            • Irish Murph

              BOOM !!!

          • neonspark

            it does.

          • Lcky

            Every dslr Canon feels stripped compared physically to a Nikon..

    • Global

      The ISO. But thats it.

      • Sky


    • R!

      The D300 & D300s are great cameras, I dont think we will get a better one crop body in the futur:
      I’m keeping mine for ever!!!!

      • DDatta

        Exactly. After the D300, the D7000 feels completely amateurish. Nothing to beat the D300 & D300s in the cropped sensor category. I am keeping mine.

        • stormwatch

          Nothing can beat D300(s) in cropped sensor category – except everything from D90, D5000, D3100 and above regarding the IQ :-))))

          • Kaouthia

            Except for the fact that the D90, D5000 and D3100 are all 12Bit RAW, and the D300/D300s are 14Bit RAW.

            • McGraffix

              So are the D7000 and D7100…

            • Kaouthia

              Did I say they weren’t?

          • umeshrw

            Wow . 5300 etc are more pro than D2xs…..

      • Andrew

        I am new to this site. I just dropped down here from space. You said you will keep this camera for life. Who makes this camera? Never mind, here take my Grecian dollars, I want this camera sight unseen.

        P.S. This is the best promotion I have ever heard from a consumer. My first impressing is that this camera must be built like a tank for it to last forever 🙂

    • fjfjjj

      THIS is the most telling information we can glean from this product pyramid. Nikon thinks the D610 is in the same product category as the D300s. The horror. How the mighty have fallen.

      • neonspark

        there is just not market for that camera now that full frame is so cheap.

    • Grimbot

      Without question the external controls are better on the D300 or D300S….and it has a much better buffer than any other DX Nikon body. If those factors are critical to your shooting than these models are still a good choice.

      In terms of actual image quality there are sacrifices. The dynamic range and colour depth are bested by any of the more current Nikon DX DSLRs starting with the D7000. For example, DxOMark scores for the D300S, D7000 and D7100 are as follows: 70/80/83, colour depth 22.5 / 23.5 / 24.2 (22 or higher is excellent, 1 bit needed for visible difference), dynamic range 12.2 / 13.9 / 13.7 (12 or higher is excellent, 0.5 difference is visible), low light ISO rating: 787/1167/1256. I have processed RAW files from both the D300S and the D7000 and there is a visible difference, especially with dynamic range when trying to recover highlights and dig for details in the shadows….the D7000 is simply better. I can’t comment on a D7100 as I have no first hand experience with it.

      Can you still capture great images with a D300S? Of course, it really comes down to the skill of the user. And if you need a deep buffer for what you do….no other DX body can touch it.

      A lot of people criticize the D600/D610 and have never even shot with one. I owned 3 copies of the D600 (all with terrible sensor oil issues so they all went back…and I’m now shooting with a D800). The image quality from the D600 is superb, and under low light is slightly better than my D800 in terms of noise. Sure the 39-point focus system is bunched up in the centre and I did have to focus/recompose quite a bit….but that was a small price to pay for the spectacular image quality the D600 delivered. Actual image quality between the D300S and the D600? Hands down the D600 wins.

      Video controls on the D600 are cumbersome like they are on the D7000 and most other Nikon DSLRs, and the D600 is more prone to moire than the D800…so I do find the D800 a much better camera for client video production. And, to be fair, if I wanted a DSLR to shoot video only….Canon is better.

    • Integral Moments

      my dear, whats in your definition would make dslr called or Labeled as a “Pro” gear in terms of specs ? and what do you know about Sensors and the difference between them ?

    • Anthony Woodruffe

      i don’t understand this comment, D610 has the same casing as the D800 unlike the D600. I have no idea what hardware buttons are but the D610 certainly has a few buttons you can press. Considering I use mainly spot focusing, 39 AF are a bit of a waste tbh. Given than the D600/D610 have the highest marks under the D800 on Dxo when comparing lenses, I’d say it’s certainly in the advanced section. I’m guessing you haven’t shot a D610 or a D600 but just like calling it a toy in your ignorance. Go spend $2000 on a D600 and a 85mm 1.8G and then come back a tell us how disappointing the sharpness is on what is essentially a toy for the money outlay.

      • NoMeJodas

        Don’t know much about the D610 but I’ve used the D600 and compared to the D7000 it was supposed to be upgrade for, I’d say the D600 was worse in every aspect except the sensor. Build quality felt worse (the shutter parts are for sure worse), button layout was worse. And like the D7000 it had the same PASM dial and scene modes reserved for lower grade DSLRs. Nope, the D600 was not in the same liga as the D800, let alone D300s (which I consider it’s button layout to be better than that of the D800).

  • aarif

    If it’s between the D800 and D600 it should have better specs too not just higher price.
    -smaller battery to keep the size down(understood)
    -slower FPS than D610?
    -same D600 AF????? this one I can’t understand at all
    -no video (I don’t mind) but still lower specs

    unless there’s is something I missing here how can it be closed to D800 than D600, come on Nikon a Ferrari like body with a Toyota 1.8 litter 4 cylinder engine??? please I’m not asking for much a V8 4.0 little will do just fine.

    • Michael P

      The way ’round: Ferrari 12 cylinder engine (D4 sensor) in a Toyota (D600) body 🙂

      • Derek Smith

        Wow, I don`t think so.

    • LD

      Ever heard of a Lotus Elise? 2000lb sports car powered by a (gasp) 1.8 liter 4 cylinder Toyota engine!

    • umeshrw

      What you are missing here is ” retro “. While it is not exactly retro in styling it still has many things that could be removed from it to be truly called a pure tool.

  • Paf

    I wonder… could it be that the new Nikon would be a Black and White camera…? 🙂

    • mikeswitz


    • fred

      B+W would be in the Effects menu in the camera.
      Then again, I would expect a simplified menu anyway…so no Effects menu!

      • fjfjjj

        No, B+W would be at the sensor level. Converting is not the same thing.

        • hexx

          but gives you more options, you don’t need to use filters on lenses

          • hexx

            well, almost – regarding those filters

        • umeshrw

          I believe even leica-m has colour filters. Although not same as effects but like as if using colour filters with B/wW film.

          • fjfjjj

            Why do you believe this?

            • umeshrw

              Sorry. Wrong word. I read this sometime back .

    • fjfjjj

      I would buy it in a minute. If they can produce a D800E, they can make a Df(m).

  • Jonas from Sweden

    Does a new pyramid mean a new lens-mount??? 🙁

    • RMJ

      DF has F-mount.

  • xt

    well done, D90! you fight with 50D 60D 70D, you can still fight for another 5 years.

    • Chris

      D90 = a Camera that works well in past, in present and in future!
      Solid and does what she has to do: making good pictures!

      • waterengineer

        I like my D90 better than my newer Nikon DSLRs. Just something about it is magical….and the file size is fine for most things.

    • BLight

      and better yet, at B&H (link above by admin) it’s more expensive than the D7000. Outstanding how it keeps its value throughout time

  • Al

    Mmmm (à la Homer Simpson 🙂 … I want a retro “DS” rangefinder :-p

    • meetoo

      mee too.. I don’t even care if its FF or aps-c.. But if it looks like S3.. one for me thank you.

  • longtom

    Thousand of comments but not much atention to Df sensor. It is difficult to swallow a position between D610 and D800 ( and the price this means ) with a sensor inferior to that in the D610. I’m thinking in the D4 DxO scores compared to D610 and not only in Mp alone. Can anyone tell me some areas in which D4 sensor is superior to the 610 apart from the ISO?
    I hope they launch the Df with an improved D4 sensor, at least in dynamic range, if not, ergonomics and style are not going to be enough…

    • addri4n

      actually iso is where are about the same but regardind the dynamic range and colour sensitivity the D4 blows away everything on the market!

    • addri4n

      for both print and screen size:)

    • Eric Duminil

      What the ****?
      D610/D800 and D4 sensors are better than any other sensor on the market, and good enough for 99.999% of photographers. I’m not joking. If you cannot get good pictures out of a D4, you’re doing it wrong.

      • longtom

        I’ll give you some more time to reread my post.

    • Sahaja

      Perhaps this camera is aimed at a market that likes to think they judge a camera on photographic results and is not completely swayed by megapixel count and DxO scores which can’t measure everything.

      I also think this camera is designed to remind us of Nikon’s history and engineering skills (a reputation tarnished by QC problems with a couple of recent releases).

      You don’t remind people of Nikon’s engineering skills by putting what is basically a Sony sensor in a camera when Nikon have a very good one available which they designed themselves.

      • longtom

        I consider myself included in that market you mention. My point is that if they price the df between the d610 and d800 + I got less resolution (d4 sensor), I should expect at less an improvement in other sensor qualities. If that were not the case it would be difficult to justify the extra expense over the d610.
        Maybe you have compared d4 and d610 and you can tell me why the d4 sensor is so superior.

  • just a comment

    An other way to interpret that diagram:
    It’s the slide before the Q1020 (DF) is moved to it’s place on the graph.
    This graph only illustrates the question “Where should the DF camera be placed in our product line up?” The next slide would answer this question.

    In my opinion this picture only shows how Nikon sees the current line up, it doesn’t show how the DF will be positioned.

    • Theodoros Fotometria


      • Alvaro Márquez Arango


  • neversink

    Instead of creating a new so-called retro camera, the only improvement Nikon could make on its lineup, would be to bring back DOF markings on lenses. Some may want the manual aperture settings brought back on the lenses also. I am more interested in the DOF markings, which are simple to do, and make so much sense photographically. To discard these markings was one of the biggest mistakes Nikon ever made.

    • addri4n

      DOF markings= gay dude! were in 2013

      • bully

        You’re not, thats for sure.

      • neversink

        That’s one of the stupidest replies I have ever heard. Grow up and stop calling people names because you disagree with them. And yes, it’s 2013 – so what? Nikon is putting out a fashion-statement of a camera and calling it “retro.” Better tell Nikon they are gay also and that we’re in 2013. I just don’t understand your point, nor your name calling. Let me say it again. Grow up —- and get a life!

        • addri4n

          So i understand you use DOF markings and that’s why you’re upset(Ok now, you’re the only one who uses it and is not gay). Happy now?I’m sick of the ones who want this camera to have just the tiniest things that they used to have in their camera 50 years ago, but not really helping for something. How is your photography better with your gay DOF markings?

          • fjfjjj

            I use DOF markings also. Back to school for you.

            • hexx

              the same here

            • Thom Hogan

              And do you know how Nikon calculated them? ;~)

            • fjfjjj

              For 4×5″ prints viewed at 18″? 🙂

          • Magnus

            What are you implying when using the word “gay” in that sense? I suspect you don’t mean the original meaning of the word, i.e. “carefree”, “happy”, or “bright and showy” (cited Wikipedia here).

            Can’t se what’s wrong with DOF markings. I find them very useful from time to time.

          • hexx

            I guess you’re one of those who don’t know what they’re for, otherwise I can’t imagine any valid reason why would you want to make yourself sound as you sound (I’ll leave that to you) – just an observation

      • another bully

        *we’re. Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

    • peterw

      On my FE-2 there was a button that helped me forget about the DOF-markings on lenses. I did find it on all my DSLR’s.
      All digital camera’s do have a rear LCD-screen which does present a view, which indicates the unsharpness.
      Nowadays, there is the feature Live-View.

      Off course, having more means of control is allways better. And they look cool, especially on a push/pull 80~200 F4 ai-s. (I sold it 🙁 ).

      • neversink

        I liked them because I could use them as a very quick focus aide and have an immediate understanding in feet or meters what was in focus and what wasn’t. I could focus without putting my eye to the viewfinder because of those DOF marks.

        • desmo

          they were also a good indicator of which aperature yielded the lens’ highest resolution
          (that tended to be same as aperature with greatest DOF)

          • umeshrw

            Aren’t these two different? Highest res being optimal aperture (most always 2 or so EVs stopped down) whereas greatest DOF is given always by max aperture value?

        • umeshrw

          Even I used to . But in the times of high res and sharper lenses they may give different results. I realized this after buying D800. Images appear to have shallower depth than what we would calculate with formula ( I don’t do it but a friend did it for testing my 800). Sadly I sold all my manual lenses long back so I cannot check it practically. So unless we can come up with some compensation it would be difficult to use DOF markings now.

    • Sahaja

      The lenses would need to display at least the currently selected aperture – or those DOF markings would not be very helpful..

      • desmo

        the top screen displays this already

        • Sahaja

          Of course – but then you need to look at two places. It works very well to have the two pieces of information together.

      • neversink

        That would help, but you can always look at your to LED and see what the current aperture is.

  • peterw

    It is a good think that pro’s and consumers make their own choices about what they really need. This pyramid is meant only for the ‘advanced’ photographers.
    I thought ‘consumer’ level was replaced by ‘enthousiast’ grade.
    I consider myself ‘enthousiast’ and would love to own a computer that keeps me enthousiast when browsing D800 files. This D800 is a really expensive camera, when it comes to working with it.

    Lets see about the new one.

    • addri4n

      D800 is not for everyone!

      • peterw

        so true…

        Only for those with enough money for 64 GB cards, and a computer with extreme fast data-handling?

        Or those who take one picture at a time, and make only good ones? (So no action photography in faint light)

        Perhaps you’d like to add people who own a tripod?

        Personally I expect more difficulty making good pictures of a flying bird or a tiny plant under a clouded sky with a D3200 than with a D800. It depends on your needs. The good thing is, Nikon makes a camera for most of us.

        (please excuse me for typing/language mistakes).

  • Sky

    Between D800 and D610. Good.

  • Thomas

    So how come D90 is still available but D7000 is not? Is it discontinued?

    Regarding retro/mirrorless cameras, I really think Nikon should scrap the 1-series since the sensors are too small. I hope to see a new APS-C line of mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses, not necessarily having a retro design like the Fuji X-series. Sony is really making progress with the NEX-cameras and Nikon are losing out in that specifik market.

    • Thomas

      Sorry, should be specific*

    • Grimbot

      The Nikon 1 V2 is an excellent, little camera for what it is. Sure the sensor is small…but it does deliver great results under the right conditions. For example, paired with the FT-1 and good Nikkor glass the Nikon 1 V2 is an outstanding camera to shoot static birds and wildlife at ISO800 or under. The smaller sensor creates a 2.7 crop factor which is sensational for this application. I use mine with a Nikon 1.7 teleconverter and a 70-200 f/4 zoom. It gives me an efov of 918mm…and I can shoot with it hand held without any problem at 1/200th. Using the Nikon 1 30-110 zoom the camera can shoot at 15, 30 and 60 fps using the electronic shutter. Try that with any other Nikon camera! It is wonderful to capture birds in flight on landing.

      The video is very good, and the Nikon 1 V2 has manual video controls on the body so you don’t have to switch in and out of LiveView like you do with almost every Nikon DSLR. Since I bought the Nikon 1 V2 it has become my back-up camera for my D800 when shooting client videos. My D7000 has now become surplus to my needs and is being sold this month.

      No camera is perfect. The key is to understand the kind of shooting you do and to use any tool to its maximum capability and leverage its strengths. For example….for moire-free video the best DSLR Nikon makes is the D5200.

    • King of Swaziland

      Because Nikon made too many D90s, and couldn’t sell them all.

  • little hint for nikon

    DF = Just a new bulky dslr.. with big lenses.. boring.
    DS = Compact rangefinder (S2, S3) style body.. compact lenses.. amazing.

  • noname

    I think this camera is the wished replacement of the D 700, 16 Mpx full metal Body, and so on. And as a Marketing gag, in a Retro designed Body for Nikon enthusiasts.

  • dude

    Admin, please fix this typo:
    “closer to the D800 then to the D610”
    should read:
    “closer to the D800 than to the D610”

    Concerned Grammar Ninja

    • Last Mohican

      Hey Ninja. If you’re going to request corrections of grammar and spellings on rumor sites like this, it is likely that you’ll have no more time for photography.

  • Yobs

    I’ve been refreshing NR entirely too often this past week and a bit.

    • manhattanboy

      Why are you complaining?!
      Its awesome that there is at least some news!
      For Nikon’s sake, they should not stop and keep things rolling with more product announcements!!
      Can we get the 300mm f4 DO lens next week please?!

  • tttimon

    to admin:this maybe the leaked pic of nikon DF, source from a china website

    • tap0

      Can’t see any link…

    • xt
      • I received that in my email but it looks a bit weird.

        • I would like to see it, but the website doesn’t seem to be reacting.

          • ok, I will post it online shortly

            • I got the low-rez to show up. It does look funky. Especially the grip, FN/Field of view buttons. And pixelated.

            • tap0

              If this is the final product, then the chrome version is yucks…looks like one of those cakes baked in the shape of a camera…

        • xt

          yes… let’s just wait and see.

          • some readers cannot see the picture, so I will post it online

  • Integral Moments

    My guesses that this Df product will be considered as a pro dslr because of its dedication for still image shooting and its sensor (D4), Nikon expectation that this Df will completely make a new perspective of photography wold and to differentiate still image from video recording.

    • Integral Moments

      World* correction

  • Sahaja

    These categories are only names.

    Is there any Nikon DSLR – except maybe the D3x – that actually sells to more full time professional photographers than it does to enthusiasts / advanced amateurs? And is there any Nikon DSLR, even the lowly consumer D3100, which is not used by some professionals?

    • Integral Moments

      whats your point dear Magnus? and in term of professional DSLR’s the D4 & D3X with additional D800E considered to be a pro gears and seriously it all depends on your path and the nature of your work i guess…

      • Sahaja

        Not only in this industry of course, but the tag “pro” is also used as a marketing tool to sell cameras to some enthusiasts.

        • Integral Moments

          yup thats right, i do agree with you on that, i think enthusiasts should be able to differentiate between dslr specs and know what they need, i guess the pro label is also to hunt the rich people who like to brag about their gears or just to show off

  • priceless

    still no leaked price .. very strange!
    How is this possible, less than 24h before launch?

    • Integral Moments

      It’s around 2.5 K $ +or-

    • Nihon

      It is already leaked. 2995$ with kit lens.

      • tap0

        Source please or at least a link….

      • no, the price has not leaked yet

    • Sahaja

      Quite likely that the price is only known by a handful of Nikon executives. Designing, testing and manufacturing, the camera obviously needs to involve many more people.

      • hexx

        … and our lovely NR admin who’s got for us big surprise (wishful thinking) 😉

  • Kaiser
  • Crackity Jones

    I doubt that the placement of the “Q1020” relative to the tiers on the pyramid means anything. To me, this slide likely acknowledges that there is no obvious place on the pyramid for the Df. And that likely means that it shares characteristics of more than one tier. I’d guess a pro sensor (D4) in a body with “advanced” build characteristics (like the D610). If it was “all pro” (D4 sensor with D4 build quality), there would be no need for a slide showing the camera outside the pyramid. It would be obvious where it fits.

  • addri4n

    Good job Kaiser!looks really nice,and looking at the specs seems that it has the D4 sensor

    • this is a mockup perviously posted on NikonRumors, not the real camera

  • hexx

    just a wild guess – it won’t be possible to get one before Xmas – or am I wrong? Going to abroad (Istanbul) – that would be good test for it, could also get A7r and compare them and pick the one which would suit my needs the best. Otherwise my current girl for everything aka X-Pro1 will do as it always does.

  • javabean

    Looks like the presenter left an empty spot on the pyramid for the Q1020: the right bottom corner. That would be a big surprise.

  • Grimbot

    This discussion about what constitutes a “professional” camera or not is rather pointless. What makes any camera a ‘professional’ tool is the person using it. Any pro will learn the capabilities of any camera and then use it to exploit those capabilities to the maximum in very specific situations…..and likely avoid using it where the camera has deficiencies.

    For example, all kinds of people dump on the Nikon 1 V2…claiming it’s ‘ugly’….it has a small sensor….it is a ‘toy’.

    No one would ever say that Thom Hogan or Moose Peterson are not professional photographers. And….both of these pros shoot wildlife with a Nikon 1 V2 under specific situations.

    It’s not the gear folks….it’s knowing the best way to get a shot that makes someone a ‘pro’.

    • Integral Moments

      I totally agree with you hexx, the art is majorly within the photographer himself

      • hexx

        reload – disqus is playing with nicknames again 🙂

  • vivi

    Looks like the presenter left an empty spot on the pyramid for the new Q1020: right bottom corner. A pleasant surprise.

    • hexx

      or on the top of the pyramid 😉

  • peterw

    What is your experience when buying a camera? What do you find important? Should it be a pro or consumer camera? When did you check your level of advance for the last time… ?

    To me a multi-parameter set-up would be much more illustrative. When I advice someone (anyone) I check the parameters below:

    Sturdy (on top D4 and D3x – Dhundreds – Dthousands)
    Frame size (FX – DX)
    Resolution / file size (D800, D3x, D7100, …)
    Ease of use without deep knowledge (D3200)
    Controllability (D3x, D4 – D800/D300s – D610/D7100 – …)
    Weight (D3200 – …)
    Speed (D4 – D300s – )

    What else is of importance to a customer, being pro or enthusiast? How about that?

    For the Df a new parameter seems to be introduced:
    Appeal (Df – D4/D3x – etc..)
    (I must confess, I like the pentaprism…)

  • Thom Hogan

    I’ve seen a lot of these pyramids over the years from marketing folk, but this one has to one of the most confused I’ve ever seen.

    Basically, it’s the old price/market size projection. As price goes up (Y axis) the market size goes down. I guess Nikon marketing didn’t know what to do when they discovered they had four cameras ranging from US$3000 to US$7000 living in the smallest part of the pyramid. Technically, the D3x should be at the top, the D4 below it, the D800E below that, and the D800 at the bottom of the “professional” portion in order for the axes to make any sense.

    Yet, that’s what they did in the “advanced” and “consumer” sections: they put the highest priced at top and the lowest priced at the bottom. Why anything is on the left or right makes little sense. The D800E is to the left of the D800 but the D300s is to the right of the D7100. Huh?

    But the pyramid also throws in another wrinkle. The D90. Why is it there? Because marketing was shocked to find that they make four pro cameras, three advanced cameras, and only two consumer cameras ;~).

    Nikon makes three types of bodies:

    * Pro — integrated vertical grip, big battery, basically every feature (D4, D3x)

    * Prosumer — pro build quality but more price friendly, without the vertical grip or big battery, sometimes other small concessions (D300s, D800/D800E)

    * Consumer — shortcuts on build quality (more plastic, less frame), fewer controls, lower end parts (D3200, D5300, D7100, D610).

    These should have been in vertical lines in the pyramid, ala:
    I’ve used red to denote DX.

    But to the point: Nikon themselves needs to figure out how they describe where the Df fits in the lineup. Even with my cleaned up version of the triangle there’s no obvious place for it. So which buyer are you trying to divert? The D610 buyer? The D800 buyer? Or do you really think this is an entirely new buyer? Take your pick. But as I’ve been saying for some time, Nikon’s DSLR lineup is no longer rationalized (and the overhanging inventory of D90, D3100, D5200, and D7000 doesn’t help). A DX user can’t grow into a pro without abandoning DX according to Nikon. And FX user can only start as an advanced user ;~). The pro cameras are all over the board. And so on. And then we throw in the Df.

    People, like businesses looking at the US Congress, want consistently and predictability. Nothing in Nikon’s current DSLR lineup seems predictable any more.

  • pwmorg

    Where is my D400!

    • saywhatuwill

      Unfortunately for you it’s in Imaginationland.

  • googooli

    This simply means that Nikon has no more plans to build another crop cameras and will focus only on its FX cameras.

    • King of Swaziland

      You mean Nikon has plans to go bankrupt? That’s essentially what you said.

    • uvafan420

      If you think Nikon would make it on FX cameras alone, you are quite blind. Throw a 1200 dollar or so FX body out there with a feature set matching that of a D7100 camera, then you can talk a little. That is quite some time away from all I see.

      I don’t even see anything of interest in the FX line until the D4, for me personally.

  • Captain Megaton

    Seems kinda stupid to draw a pyramid under the models, when Nikon fields more professional than consumer dSLRs.

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