Another Nikon press conference scheduled for next week

Nikon will have another press conference next week - most likely on October 17th. I am not sure yet what will be announced, but most likely it will be one of the products I mentioned in my post yesterday.

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  • jk

    when can we actually get a real D700 successor?
    I like my D800E but it is a very tiring camera , always requires a solid tripod an a set of expensive primes.
    I loved my D600 but I sold it since it had too many issues already discussed here to death, we need more powerful smaller version of D4 or D600 sensor in a D800 type of body(preferably a bit smaller one).
    right now, as recent business report on Nikon suggests Nikon is trying to become a medical health care company just like Fujifilm was in last two years.

    • El Aura

      You mean you could get sharp photos handheld with the D700 in situations where you need a tripod with the D800 to get sharp images?

    • delayedflight

      Dude do you have the shakes or something?

      I can get perfectly sharp photos from my D800 with the poverty package 35mm f/1.8…

    • droll

      A true successor of D700 is called 5D Mark III and it is being released from Canon.

  • yayaWHO

    D700 SUCCESSOR at last????? 24-70@ 2,0VR???? 20-24mm f/1,8????

  • Heath

    50 1.2 please. Or at least a high quality 1.4

  • dave?

    perhaps a mirrorless full frame camera just like the sony A7/A7R?

  • droll

    D800E is slow as toad; it is not a replacement for D700. D610 is a D3200 with a bigger sensor and with a lot of technical problems, so hardly a candidate for D700 replacement. But yeah, Nikon shifted their business orientation and becomes a cosmetic company recently, and you can’t tell when they throw away the camera business altogether, just like Pentax or Minolta did. In the long term, Nikon will surely fail. We had better stick to Canon or Sony.

  • Fly Moon

    Does anyone know why the D800E is not listed on Nikon USA or Canada?

    • Tom

      Go to the D800 and scroll down

      • Fly Moon

        Duh.. thanks man

  • T53

    The D600 debacle made me surf over to the Canon home site and checkout their full frame lineup. Just three cameras far as I could tell…though I might well have missed something being in foreign territory as it were. There’s the top of the line rig which is priced above a years worth of mortgage payments….. then the 5D Mark III then the 6D which is the entry level full framer. Nothing between Entry level and the 5D. There’s a lot missing from the 6D…enough to turn me off. If Canon comes out with something Between the 5D and 6D…. I’d be tempted. I hope I’m wrong but I’m beginning to think that Nikon may be done…they just don’t know it yet.

  • WhateveritisWeWon’tCare

    …….must be at least a month since we had the last new ‘pixes, so we’re overdue another 1 or 2.
    Or maybe a new logo and the end of the tiresome “I AM” advertising campaign.

  • D666Sinner

    Out of all the crap that could be talked about on here, people still joke about how sore their ass is and how sore their D666(apparently) shutter is. I find it hilarious too. I get daily entertainment from you guys. Good stuff. Keep it up and they just might mess up the next thing you buy as well.

    I’ve lost more money in my house that could pay for most of your dusty D666’s. Water under the bridge friends. Your camera can still take awesome photos and videos, but my house is now worth about the same as 40 new D666’s.

    I just want a decent teleconverter or something.

  • stoooopid

    What is it with people coming on this forum and declaring Nikon dead just because Nikon is not releasing the exact product they want. DSLRs are complicated pieces of machinery. Try checking out the Canon forums or the sony alpha forums. Just as many people complaining about mechanical issues and the company not admitting a product has problems. Nikon is far from “done”. For photographers, the D600 (and now D610) spanks the Canon 6D all over town. The D7100 spanks the 70D. For stills photography, Nikon has Canon beat (in my opinion). And even if you don’t agree, it is a close enough race that you cannot deny that Nikon has a very competitive product. I am not married to Nikon – I make the best economic decision with my dollars that I can. And for the way I use a dslr, Nikon is the best. It just seems ludicrous to come on a forum and declare a company dead that has very high name recognition and high respect in the photography community and has a product that sells very well against the competition.

  • Mike LO

    New Lens 58mm F/1.4 if this website says true :

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