Weekly Nikon news flash #233

→ Some new price drops on Nikon DSLR cameras:

→ DIY project: creating a Nikon D80 IR camera.

Nikon F3 NASA 250
Nikon Stereo-Nikkor 3,5:3,5cm outfit
Nikon I
→ Some rare Nikon cameras will be auctioned at the 24th Westlicht camera auction (November 23rd, 2013).

→ Check out this Nikon 1 V3 concept created by a fan.

→ Nikon is one of UK's coolest brands.

→ New post at the Nikon Cinema Blog: "Illuminating Darkness in the City of Light – Shooting a Commercial Project on an HD-SLR Camera".

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  • umeshrw

    That 1v3 looks cool.

    • LarryC

      To each his own, but it looks like crap to me. The Nikon 1 up for auction – that is a beautiful camera.

  • Eric Calabros

    Nikon has an active Cinema website, but has not yet made a Cinema Camera

  • Spy Black

    Um, what was that Ivan Nava Commercial Project about?

    • mikeswitz

      Clearly about how Nikon cameras don’t need to be leveled.

  • TripleL

    here‘s the end version of that commercial. its extremely cheesy 😀


    • mikeswitz

      Spy Blacks question remains, “What is that commercial about”.

  • Neopulse

    Would be interesting if the V3 had a mode button in which you would hold it down then rotate the front dial to select the mode you want to be on via the LCD screens top right corner. Would remove the need of a big mode dial that would less likely be moved by user error and eliminate the need for a model dial lock.

  • BernhardAS

    The IR conversion is a cool project!

    Well done!

    • zorwick

      Thanks 🙂 I was surprised when I have seen my article here!

      • Neopulse

        Dumb question, did you choose the D80 because of certain aspects of it that make it easy to do so? Because would it be any different to do this with a D90 or D5100?

        • zorwick

          The inside structure of the D80 is very clean, the camera and the imagining parts are fully separated. Very easy to disassemble and modify. Others like D90 or D5100 are also good test subjects for a conversion, a bit more complicated I guess. Next time I would pick camera with video option to see how the IR motion picture works:)

          • Tomas

            How about a D50, it should be similar to the D80 i guess. Another question, if i would like to remove the AA filter only, what kind of glass should i put on instead, if any at all?


            • zorwick

              As I know D50 is kind of the same. If you have a spare one at home, just do it. 🙂 Send me a filter, I cut it for you, no problem.

            • Neopulse

              Would definitely take you on that offer.

            • zorwick

              I am not an expert with cameras, I can only guess that there is some kind of protection still needed if you don’t want any filter at the sensor. Maybe a clear protection glass? To leave the sensor naked would be too risky.

          • Neopulse

            That’s why I kinda was curious in that aspect, recording video in the IR view if it’s possible. Tahnk you again for answering my question!

  • Neopulse

    I never see refurbished V2s for sale. Would like one half price (~$500 body alone).

  • Nikon 1 can be better!

    the nikon 1 v3 looks good but why there isn’t any hotshoes for SB910 I don’t understand it, even sony and canon can use their powerful speed light.

  • Overworld

    I think is the best to have hotshots and EVF for the nikon 1v3. I had try canon and sony, seems sony is doing a very good job I think nikon can do better!

  • Overworld

    I think is the best to have hotshoes and EVF for the nikon 1v3. I had try canon and sony, seems sony is doing a very good job I think nikon can do better!

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