Weekly Nikon news flash #232

→ New: $75 mail-in rebate on three Rokinon 24mm lenses (including their new tilt-shift lens).

→ Phottix announced a new Mitros+ TTL transceiver flash with built-in radio trigger.

→ The Nikon World magazine is now gone. In the future the content will be published online at Nikon's Learn and Explore website. Current subscribers will received a refund in the next few weeks.

→ The new Adobe Lightroom 5.2 has tethered capture support for Nikon D7100. Several new Nikon compatible lenses are also now supported.

→ Nikon Europe updated their article on counterfeited accessories.

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  • presidentofNikon


    • BernhardAS

      The real president of Nikon is not first in anything these days. Therefore you must be a fake.

  • Roger Botting

    And now I know why the MB-D10 that I bought on e-bay was so inexpensive. It does work, feels flimsy compared to my much older MD-12’s.
    Maybe I should report to e-bay.

    • D4ve

      eBay could care less. You won’t find a larger collection of counterfeit products anywhere.

      • robert

        its about the profit for ebay. they dont give a shit.

  • Ads

    Is the fact a D800 survived 4 hours in -5 celsius really news?

    Given my plastic D5100 shot for 90 minutes at -40 celsius with zero ill effects I’d certainly hope a D800 can handle -5!

    • tertius_decimus

      Same here. D5000 was out for 2,5 hours at -25°C. AF accuracy was affected, though. But that is nothing compared to old film electronic Canon EOS 300 being out for 6 hours at -23°C with NO effect to shooting at all. Grease in my old manual lens freeze and stuck but camera itself was fully operational.

  • robert

    as far as counterfeit is concerned, Ive purchased aftermarket for a d7000 and have one for a d300 and they are fantastic. havent had an issue with fit or build or ergonomics at all. it is not worth paying more than 3 times the price for something that holds batteries.

    sorry nikon but a smaller latch or no logo or small differences in print is not enough to warrant paying so much for such an accessory.

    I did buy the original nikon grip for the d200 mb-d200 way back when and I can say, that was a piece of shit product.
    the door was flimsy and was an overpriced POS!

    I over payed then and now I dont see any reason to be a sucker anymore. the dials work great, it communicates with the camera and I have no complaints.

    I dont feel like im compromising and with the HUGE(!) amount of people buying aftermarket grips its obvious people are tired of overpaying as well. if you think paying 3+ times the amount for a grip is good for you and you actually get 3x the benefit then please by all means. I personally dont see any reason to buy nikon grips anymore.

    I will say the same with the flash (amongst the lenses-which I would never buy new). OVERPRICED!

    • Rip Off or Knock Off

      Counterfeits are an issue, knock-offs that are sold as such are not.

    • D4ve

      Counterfeit and aftermarket are two different animals. Aftermarket is not sold under the Nikon brand so you know you’re getting inferior product. Counterfeit is also Chinese junk, but being sold under the Nikon brand name and for the same astronomical Nikon prices.

      • robert

        who said inferior? maybe youre feeling youre getting inferior. I dont think for one second I got an inferior product. I think if anything, those who buy nikon grips get the inferior product since youre paying so much and I have not seen any difference in quality.

        you can say “its built better” or “the fit is better” but ive seen the nikon d300 grip and have not seen any of this. Im just thinking its people who work for nikon or hardcore nikon fans that make others want to feel like theyre getting an inferior product.

        ive done weddings with the grip, working 12 hour days with it and had no issues with it. it doesnt move, the grip is great (oh, and doesnt come loose like nikons rubber do) and dials work great. not sure what you guys are talking about.

        if were on the subject of chinese “junk” then have you felt the new 85mm 1.8G? if that doesnt feel like a chinese piece of junk, then I dont what does. my friend just bought it and he told me “it feels like crap, and tomorrow youll hold it and laugh” and I got it and we could not stop laughing. what garbage quality. chinese plastic.

        but hey, bottom line, aftermarket grips are selling by the truckloads. they are eating at nikons sales and that means everything. people dont feel the need to pay so much for a grip. sure many buy nikon but a huge amount are buying aftermarket. and the way its going, its going to keep hurting nikon.

        did you see the canon counterfeit flashes? theyre copying them so well, its quite scary.

    • AM

      If your aftermarket grip has a Nikon logo, then it’s actually a counterfeit grip. Counterfeit is piracy and piracy is a crime, and from your comments, I can deduce that you’re knowingly and voluntarily part of it.

      • robert

        I had no idea it had a nikon logo. It didnt say anything about the brand but “grip for…” when I got it, it had the nikon box and the bottom had the nikon logo with model number.

        I couldnt give a rats ass that its counterfeit, or aftermarket. all I know is its great, im happy, and enjoy it.

        and dont assume anything about a person. cause youre borderline offending with your comments.

        and ive seen the nikon grip for the d300. there is nothing about it that warrants 3+ times the price. nothing. and when someone asked me where to buy a grip, I told them, dont buy nikon. there simply no reason to.

  • robert

    my question for the mitros flash is this. why pay $100 more for radio slave thats built in when for $80 shipped you can get the ttl 622n slaves from yongnuo? seems more useful to me, no?

    the flash without the + is fine. but I personally would just get a set of 622n’s for the $100.

  • dtse

    I used a D800 at -25c stuck on a tripod for 8+ hours a day for over a week with no issues , howling wind on some days also , also used it a night for up to an hour at lower temperatures to shoot northern lights.

    • Jon Ingram

      Agreed, Nikon cameras seem to be able to handle cold very well. Either that or I’ve been lucky with every Nikon camera I’ve ever subjected to cold wilderness winter shoots

  • Roger Botting

    My counterfeit grip came in a box that was labelled Nikon and the packaging looked as if it real. I carefully read the info sheets, very good copies, came with a Nikon China warranty card, etc.
    There are little things that do stand out, but only if you were that aware of what the ‘genuine’ item felt like.
    Someone made a very good effort to make as good as a copy as they could.
    The grip still works 6 months later. But the E-Bay seller did pass it off as the real thing.

    • robert

      I compared mine to the nikon d300 grip. could not tell much of a difference if any. when I bought it, it said “grip for..” then I got a nikon box with papers in it. the bottom has the nikon logo and model number on it. but as far as im concerned I got an awesome deal. fit ,finish, quality is just great.

      when I was looking for a grip, I was very worried about compatibility issues and whether the camera would recognize the batteries and whether it was going to feel really cheap and crappy and its not like that at all. I was so hesitant to buy nikon cause I was very tight on money. I did research, read a lot and youll come to realize that many who bad mouth aftermarket items are just a bit brand snobs. I like nikon but this is just a battery holder with dials. its just not an issue. buy from a dealer who sells a lot and read his feedback and see the vast majority are happy.

      those looking for a grip, get an aftermarket. meike/travor, whatever..theyve sold so many and theyre made well, fitting is fine, ergonomics is fine. the dials are fine, it reads the batteries fine. save the $200 for a lens and be done with it.

      I work 12 hour weddings with it and have no complaints. I use energizer 2300mah and dont have to replace batteries the whole day. the d300 w/grip is not the same feel as a d3/d3s/d4 but thats a different issue altogether.

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