On Thursday Sigma will announce a new free mount conversion service


Few days ago PhotoRumors broke the news about a new upcoming announcement from Sigma. The details are now in: on Thursday Sigma will announce a new free mount conversion service. This will allow switching between brands very easy and will bring an extra incentive to buy Sigma lenses.

Sigma is getting very serious with their recent announcements and future plans (rumors about a new 24-70mm f/2 OS HSM lens) and it will be interesting to see how Nikon will respond.

Update: the mount replacement service might be free, but you will still have to pay for the shipping and handling to Japan.

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  • Benno

    Ok, since English is not my native language, please help me understand if I get this right: Does that mean I can send in my Sigma-Canon lens to have it converted to a Sigma-Nikon lens (or vice versa, or any other brand Sigma supports) – for free?

    • Robert Mossack

      That appears to be the case.

    • photdog

      judging by the article it sounds like just that. But I also have a hard time to imaging that be true.

      • LEPIDI

        Yes, it is true !

    • Yes

      • MB

        I very much doubt it will be free.
        Maybe something was lost in translation …
        Anyways we could only expect the lens prices to rise in the future so this kind of service could be tempting free on payed.

        • Dr. Free Loader

          Yup, there is no free stuff in camera business. They will get you somewhere.

        • Update: the mount replacement service might be free, but you will still have to pay for the shipping and handling to Japan which could be somewhere between $80 to $240.

          • archer

            The “shipping and handling” to japan will be the problem with this whole conversion … for most it will only be of interest if it can be done by the user on the fly

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            There is no way they will offer it for free. It is a great thing.

            • Rob

              If they did it for free would they try and stop people converting the same lens more than once? It would seem mad if they let people do it constantly for nothing.

      • Gel

        The Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 is not available for Sony Mount. If I buy the other mounts, can they convert it to Sony alpha mount? As per 43rumors.com, they can convert it to any of the mounts that they are offering. Except for Nikon/Pentax which would have a different approach especially with regards to aperture control.

    • One More Thought

      There is no such thing as a free lunch: econ 101. If Sigma does offer this service for “free” it simply means that the costs will be built into the price of the lens. In other words, those who don’t use the service will be partially subsidizing the cost for those who do.

      • preston

        Sigma’s 35 f/1.4, which is better than the Nikon 35 f/1.4, is also 40% cheaper than it. So I’m fine if that includes the cost of a mount conversion.

  • McPIX

    Sounds like a digital version of the old Tamron Adaptall System.

    • patto01

      So they’re going to talk the lens into converting? 😉

    • Toecutter

      No,they’re going to do it over the phone

  • Ken Elliott

    This is brilliant. Since many of us dSLR users see mirrorless as the future, and that may involve switching brands, Sigma has put themselves into a really good position. I had stopped buying Sigma, as I moved to Nikon’s pro glass. This (along with some really outstanding lenses) has me reconsidering Sigma again.

    • Mirrorless4Goobers

      Nobody will doubt that cameras in mobile phones are the future.

      • Ken Elliott

        I certainly doubt it. No matter how good phone cameras get, there will always be advantages to other forms of cameras. TV didn’t kill movies, books or radio. People still ride horses.

        • Spy Black

          When was the last time you saw someone taking a horse down to 7-11?…

          • Ken Elliott

            Gee, it’s been a while. I think it was around the time you last offered something of substance to a conversation, rather than a snarky response that actually have nothing to do with the conversation.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              I wanna be a cowboy!

            • Spy Black

              Your parents never taught you to have a sense of humor either, I see…

            • Aldo

              That comment itself brings nothing to the table either. Stop being a hypocrite and let loose.

          • Ben Dover

            I see it all the time: http://horsecountry.org/boundaries/

          • Wtvr

            Two days ago i saw a couple people riding their horses through a del taco drive through but it may just be a california thing…

            • j45

              i would hate to be the employee who has to clean the parking lot in that store!

          • Aldo

            I see horses on the 405 all the time… since the top speed of that freeway is 5mph anyway…

            • Spy Black

              So the horses were given tickets for speeding?…

          • Anto de Chav

            Last week…

          • Scott

            Well, if you count the circle K down at the corner… last weekend.

      • Markus

        Who is this Nobody and why is he so doubtfully?

      • patto01

        I can see how this would affect mirrorless cameras but mobile phones??

      • Steven Solidarios

        Future for regular consumers of point and shoot cameras

    • Lock that

      Nikon and Canon may compensate by raising DLSR prices to lock you in…

      • Calibrator

        Unlikely as they are still in competition with each other.

      • How does raising DLSR lock you in??? It’s more likely to lock you OUT, Shirley?

  • AnnoyingOrange

    Nice one Sigma! If they keep on rolling like this and releasing quality lenses, they’ll destroy canikon’s lens sales..

    • HotDuckZ

      Quality? May be you don’t have experience enought.

      • Goose

        You clearly haven’t used the 18-35 f1.8 yet either

        • Mike

          Or the 35 f/1.4

          • nef

            Or the 50 f/1.4

        • HotDuckZ

          A lot of kids here!!


          I’m 10 years experience and use a lot of Sigma lenses build quality was suck, new exterior is better but still easy to scratch.

          • Steven Solidarios

            From what I hear, most sigma lenses are not weather sealed as well.

          • neversink

            You get what you pay for…
            As I have posted before, I never was a fan of Sigma, but others here swear by them. I have only had an AF motor burn out in the middle of an overseas assignment and vacation within one month of purchase, and soft images at the long end of the zoom. Had it repaired under warranty and sold it. Good riddance Sigma.

  • AnthonyH

    It will also be interesting to see how Tamron will respond.

  • One More Thought

    It’s an interesting idea, but IMHO it will not move the needle on sales very much.

    First, it will seem too complicated to many users to send in their lenses for conversion. Now a universal mount lens, if that could be made, would be far more interesting.

    Second, the devil will be in the details. Where to ship? How long for the conversion?

    Third, how many people, when they buy a lens for their current system, are really worrying about what happens if they decide to switch systems? By definition, if I’m buying another lens for my Nikon, at that point in time I’m probably pretty satisfied with my Nikon.

    It’s hard enough to get people to adequately plan for contingencies regarding far more important things like healthcare, retirement, etc…I just don’t see many people buying a lens and worrying about what happens if they change systems somewhere down the road.

    This service is a nice little side benefit, but I cannot see this being anywhere near the top of purchasing criteria for anyone purchasing a new lens.

    • andy

      it is amazing how morons can turn a good thing into something that only they can fantom!!!!

      • BlueBomberTurbo


    • patto01

      One more piece of straw…

    • LEvinson

      I think you lost all your straw down that slope that’s slippery.

    • neversink

      Well said,

    • Jun-Kai Teoh

      There used to be universal mounts – Tamron Adaptall for one – but for one reason or another it eventually fell out of competition. Though, that being said, it was pretty successful and I still own a slew of their lenses.

      Everything you’re saying is very valid, most average consumers won’t care about it at all. However, there is a very crucial scene that’s often neglected – the enthusiast photographers in developing countries.

      The booming industry you see these days is in the Asian region, with a stronger economy and a larger base of people with disposable income, people are jumping in to photography passionately. Primarily the younger folk (and they often outspend western counterparts too, due to – well – wealth).

      But supply in Asian countries, while typically good, can still be finicky. And it’s not uncommon for lenses for Nikon/Canon by Sigma and/or Tamron and/or other 3rd parties to be hard to find.

      In fact, until recently, Tamron didn’t have an official distributor in Malaysia – for example.

      Enthusiasts will spend money. They’ll spend more money for something they passionately want. And if they’re looking for a rare lens (rare in the sense that it is hard to attain in their country due to low stock and/or other circumstances), they would be willing to buy it and ship it out for modifications.

      And considering how well received the Sigma art line is – it’s likely that it has generated a cult following as well. After all, the 35mm is *said* to be sharper than even its Canon counterpart.

      I think Sigma is banking more on the quality/brand name of their lens, than the “futureproofing” of their lens.

  • Guest

    24-70mm? f/2? OS? Take my $$.

  • Andreas

    Most likely that they will send you another lens for the proper mount, not convert the actual lens.
    And then, send your lens to another user who wants to switch to the system you used to have.
    Many Sigma lenses for Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax have more differences than just the mount. (e.g. Sony/Pentax versions without OS)

    • I doubt that they will do that.

    • Fuzz

      As well as the OS difference for Canon/Nikon vs Sony/Pentax all of the older Nikon lenses have no AF switch because all old Nikon’s have the AF switch on the camera. Old Nikon/Sony/Pentax lenses have no AF motor. Even on new lenses Nikon/Pentax/Sony use a mechanical aperture whereas Canon have electronic aperture.

      I guess a mount swap might be possible but I think a swap of lens is more likely

      • LeFred

        I agree, this is what some repair service centers do (I won’t sa y which brand) : they swap lenses and serial number stickers and say they have repaired your lens.
        This is probably the most cost effective solution.

  • Charlie Matters

    Is it just for Sigma lenses? That doesn’t seem likely, as you would just buy the lens in the mount you need.

    I presume this means they will convert a Canon lens to a Nikon mount? If this is the case, how do they deal with the different flange distances?

    I’m looking forward to them telling all…

    • patto01

      According to the article, it would just be Sigma lenses. The point is that if you have a Canon camera, buy a Sigma lens for it, and then switch to Nikon, they would convert the lens for you. I, however, agree with an earlier poster that it would be more likely they would exchange it…

  • Dpablo unfiltered

    This would be very hard to execute. I would imagine that it would apply only to the newest lenses and maybe only some of them. But think about how much pressure it would put into the sensor war if there got to be a bunch of people who could just switch. And think how much incentive both brands have to distance themselves from Sigma’s optical performance.

  • Rock Kenwell

    At least this shows less of corporate greed.

    As new owner of sigma35, i would buy again on sigma for less money and comparable new optics.

  • For their lenses, bodies, or both? An SD1 with Nikon lenses starts to sound interesting!

  • Joseph Li

    errrm..ok…sure that works for photog who are constantly switching systems or have to because of several jobs and each require a different set of gear. In that case it’s cost effective for them to buy all Sigma lenses which can be used on both systems, rather than having a canon or nikon lens for each system. That might boost a small percentage of the Sigma lens sale…but what percentage of the photog is actually doing that.. I wonder..

  • amy

    Interesting I always want 800mm 5.6 Sigma $6600 new but the price for used with Nikon mount around $3500 and Sigma mount $2200 ,

    people can save a lot buying sigma mount and convert it.

  • bossa

    I’ll take a Canon 400mm tele for my D800E please… What a shame this service isn’t widely available for all brands,

    It begs the question as to why 3rd party manufacturers just don’t sell a base lens unit with an adapter of choice and make different adapters available for each major brand.

    • bossa

      I suppose they would lose future sales in that case because people do change camera brands now and then.

    • Crusty

      Tamron used to do just that

  • knp

    maybe it’s a way to get rid of all the sigma mount lenses they have in the warehouse.

  • Jeffnky

    Great idea. I have been using the 120-300 2.8 first version since it was released on my Nikon bodies for years with great results.

    • Neopulse

      What body are you using the lens on may I ask? 🙂

      • Jeffnky

        This pic was taken on a D300s. I now use it with the D800. I do sports and this lens on the D800 set to 1.5 crop allows you to see the full frame view through the viewfinder so you can see the scene much better.

        • Aldo

          good shot…. what is this golie doing though? lol

          • Jeffnky

            He is reaching for the game winning goal of the 2010 men’s NCAA D2 Soccer National Championship.

            • Aldo

              ah… judging from the picture… looks like he was returning from bad positioning.

    • Aldo

      wow this shot is inspiring!

  • Rhonbo

    Another step in the right direction for Sigma. This should also help with the used market of Sigma lenses now that they can be converted for free minus shipping and handling both ways. Once at the factory and converted I would assume / hope that a QA check would be done to insure good focus and sharpness.

  • Fiatlux

    I don’t think they will actually change the lens mount – that does not seem very practical. They will more likely exchange lenses, and send you a fully refurbished equivalent lens in the other mount.

    Nice to see the option but in some cases, using the second hand market to switch mounts is going to be as practical, especially if Sigma’s program involves sending lenses to Japan and clearing customs.

    • Aldo

      I’m thinking they will require proof of purchase from an authorized dealer… they won’t just switch the mount to just anyone. And if you consider how often people change systems… it doesn’t seem impossible to handle the volume of people who wish to do this.

  • GaveuponNikon

    OooooH 7DII to F mount??
    (When that comes)

  • Rudi

    Some time back in the Sigma r&d: “Hey guys, wouldn’t it be nice to have a generic lens design and a flexible, independent mount? That would make the production much more flexible (and maybe cheaper too).”
    And here we go. Making it available to customers is only a nice add on.

    BTW: Tamron had already the adapt-all thing, I think that was similar.

  • molly

    Who gives a rat’s tail about this?

    • preston

      Well, let’s start with the people that are leaving comments here (except for you of course).

    • Aldo

      I give an an ant’s tail.

  • Maji

    I read a few years ago that the son of the original owner of Sigma is taking over the company. Sigma’s new management seems to be moving the company in the right direction. The quality of their products are increasing. However, my previous experience with Sigma products still lingers in my mind and prevents me from trying their products. I hope they will keep on improving and hopefully will force the OEMs to lower their prices and improve their lines. Overall, it is a win win for the users.

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm… not sure if Nikon will truly respond. Maybe refresh their 24-70mm, but not the need to go crazy and make something ridiculously different like an f/2.0. Already the f/2.8 is pretty damn sharp wide open. Think the last thing they would want is to have to make a revised optical formula that could make the lens cost more and risk it being heavier than it’s predecessor.

    • Aldo

      But at least this new competitor will put pressure on them… even if this lens isn’t as sharp or as “good” over all, on paper it is faster and it has OS. The tamron version has many fans… I’m sure this one will grab some crowd too.

      • Neopulse

        Yeah, but I think that lens is gonna be uncomfortably heavy compared to the Nikon version. But, I guess renting the lens in the near future wouldn’t hurt.

  • nikomment

    “…it will be
    interesting to see how Nikon will respond.”

    Nikon responds, it doesn’t innovate. Like most established Japanese companies; Nikon is too conservative and unresponsive.

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