Weekly Nikon news flash #222

A quick note: I will be traveling in the next few weeks and will have limited Internet connectivity. Some posts may be published online with a slight delay.
The new Metabones adapters for Nikon F-mount lenses are now listed at B&H and are priced between $99-$109.

Nikon teams with MRMC for futuristic robot-controlled photography at Wimbledon:

The setup used here at Wimbledon was a combination of camera and robotics equipment. Legendary sports photographer Bob Martin took part in the event with a Nikon D4 SLR camera along with 200-400mm and 80-400mm lenses to start. These were attached and deployed with the robotic system and MRMC Polycam configuration set up alongside three additional Nikon D4 units set up around the arena for time-lapse images.

New: Nikon 1 J3 protective sleeve.


Pixel King PRO for Nikon will be release soon (brand is sold on eBay):

With the release of the 3rd Generation Wireless TTL Flash Trigger King PRO Canon Version, the market response of this product is good and hence the sales have risen rapidly. Meantime, this has attracted the attention of many Nikon users. They have been in consultation with the release date of King PRO Nikon version. Pixel then accelerates the pace of research and development to meet customer needs. King PRO Nikon version is expected to release in mid-August.

LumoPro LP180 quad-sync manual flash announced.

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack with Nikon support
New Microsoft Camera Codec update was released with support for Nikon D7100, S1, and J3 cameras.

Nikon announced new Monarch (priced between $750 and $900) and Prostaff binoculars.

OpenReflex is a 3D printed camera with Nikkor lenses.

New Facebook app from Nikon: My Nikon World (Webby Award honoree):

Nikon announced the launch of the exciting new interactive experienceMy Nikon World, a Facebook application that awards users for doing what they love: taking great photos. User participation will be rewarded with community points and digital badges for uploading photos and participating within the community. The experience will include contributions from Nikon professional photographers who will issue challenges for users to earn points, badges and bragging rights. (see full press release here)

Tokina AT-X PRO SD 11-16 F2.8 IF DX II DxOMark test score
Tokina AT-X PRO SD 11-16mm f/2.8 IF DX II lens ($699) tested by DxOmark.

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  • Guest Master

    The adapter seems like a disappointment without the AE metering 🙁

    • Aldo

      I hate AE metering

      • BernhardAS

        I hate disappointment

        • neversink

          I hate “hate!”

          • Kynikos

            But I like Smurfette.

          • BernhardAS

            You earned my nomination for the golden Douglas Hofstadter pirze 2013 Fair and square! 🙂

  • rich

    the adaptor isnt 0.7 teleconverter for g lenses like the others listed this week. Hence a difference in price, but they are mechanical only…

    I would be very tempted by a mirrorless camera if it would accept a 14-24mm lens and was full frame (for widest angle) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to save my back!

    • Rob

      Are those adapters total game changers? They say they are bringing out an F mount one at some stage. Will I be able to use an 18-55 on DX bodies and get a FF field of view? Is this why Nikon is slow with releasing DX lenses? IE are people going to start using full frame lenses for everything?

  • rich

    the tokina lens is tested on a d7000, compare with a d600!

    • dh

      it’s a dx lens

      • FDF

        Tt’s still comparing apples to oranges.

        • Joven

          not if you’re a DX shooter 🙂

        • rich

          no… I am saying look at the score of the 14-24mm on a full frame compared to a dx

      • I can’t speak for the new version, but the old version of the 11-16mm 2.8, when zoomed all the way out to 16mm, does project a large enough image circle to cover a full FX sensor. So you can test this lens on a D600 if you really want. The vignetting and edge sharpness is terrible, but it works.

        • groucher

          If you use this lens with a 1.4 TC on FF the lens behaves as if it were on a DX camera though a stop is lost.

  • happyshooter

    glad to hear that older Tokina 11-16 performs better than newer one in terms of sharpness, CA, and transmission. I went through two bad copies of original Tokina 11-16 (AF issues) before found a good one. It is a great lens at a affordable price, and I plan to keep it for a long time.

    • rich

      you say the older lens is better the the newer one? (asking not arguing)

      • happyshooter

        That is what it says in DXOmark’s report.

  • Csaba

    Yay for another TTL trigger. I hope to see a comparison between this and the new Youngno TTL trigger.

  • D4ve

    Rumor has it, the OpenReflex is a prototype D400. I’m very excited for those of you who have been waiting! Looks like you will be getting Nikon lenses with Leica comfort. Fingers crossed for you DXers.

  • nawab

    OpenReflex seemingly has better ergonomics than Nikon mirrorless and definitely better looking!

  • wittli

    Enyoj your travelling Peter!

    • Thanks!

      • Neopulse

        And by enjoy we mean buy us souvenirs 😀 (from a fellow Miami resident lol).

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