Nikon View NX 2.7.6, Capture NX 2.4.3 released


Nikon released new versions of their View NX and Capture NX software:

Modifications enabled in View NX 2.7.6:

  • Information for lenses used with the Auto Distortion function under File & Camera Information in the Metadata palette has been updated.
  • The destination for the link when the NIKON IMAGE SPACE website is opened from the NIKON IMAGE SPACE area in the Browser palette has been updated from my Picturetown to NIKON IMAGE SPACE.

Modifications enabled in Capture NX 2.4.3:

  • Information for lenses used with the Auto Distortion function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section has been updated.

Microsoft also released a new version of their Camera Codec Pack with added support for some of the latest Nikon cameras.

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  • Like I said, it will be a slow summer.

    • Dave Ingram

      No D400 lurking around the corner?

    • peterw

      a slow summer, so people can heat up about an oooold discussion 🙂
      the sun is shining over here.

      (my cents: love capture NX2, hate View NX2 – but I do use it -, the former version was better, and I love the way ID-imager works with NEF’s with changes from capture NX, showing them as I want them to be shown. Lightroom and Aperture are cheaper, thought.).

  • bernard

    Can anyone recommend a good reference on Capture NX2? The ones listed on Amazon are 4-5 years old, so seem likely to be out dated.


    • Ric

      No need to update the references as NX2 has not changed.

      • Dweeb

        Exactly my point.

        • DeeCee

          Serious question – What do you want from NX2 that it doesn’t do?

          • ric

            The only thing that I would like improved in Nx would be the ability to drag and drop the order of each edit step. That would be cool.

            • DeeCee

              Not a deal breaker then? Well, I’ve never felt the need 🙂
              Just wondering what the haters miss.

            • peterw

              … and it would be cool if the selection made / U-point placed would not be affected by prior cropping. IE: If the position of these selection would be hung up on the original coordinates, rather than the new coordinates.

              However, there are more important things that can be improved, like leaving your screen clean after saving a photo, instead of popping up partly. It is bad software, with great functionality.

              And it is a great dull summer to achieve this…

            • Deecee

              Peter –
              Point 1. Fair enough. I crop before editing but some people do multiple formats for different uses.
              Point 2. Never happens to me.Sounds like a graphics issue.

            • peterw

              graphics for sure 🙂

              it has been like that on all my computers

              W-XP and 7.

            • VicNaranja

              Yo can do with ctrl-c ctrl-v

    • groucher

      I’ve never found references to be all that helpful. NX2 is essentially a crud-free Photo$hop CS but with a few additional features that are incredibly useful. The power of these features isn’t apparent until you play around with them. My personal faves are:

      D-Lighting – similar to Photo$hop’s shadow/highlight tool except that it doesn’t mangle the colours.

      Selection Tool – allows multiple selections, automatically blends and and can be used in +ve or -ve mode on any effect or control.

      U-point – great for e.g. removing flare.

      The basics such as levels and curves operate just as Photo$hop.


      Nikon just lauched some paid online video training that you might be interested in.

    • Jorge

      Real world Capture NX2 by Ben Long. I got the Kindle version and it’s very very good. I’ve used the orig Capture NX (as it was bundled with my D300 in 2008) and now up to NX2 to be able to read my D700 and D800 files. Even after using it for certain raw files all that time, I found so much more knowledge in that one book

  • Dweeb

    You must be kidding. NX2?

    • bernard

      That’s helpful.

      • jorge

        I thought so.

    • tertius_decimus

      Yep, NX2 and that’s honest. Not like Corel or Adobe who release new versions without major improvements.

    • Jorge

      See my response above to the first idiot that posted negative thought on NX2. Obviously you are above that? Please take your P&S and go over to Flickr

    • nikon_user

      NX2 is the best tool available at present for processing NEF files. I doubt if you have ever used it.

  • FDF

    Honestly, who actually cares about new versions of this slow and limited, not to mention fugly software? I had to use it before LR started supporting my D600, and it was an absolute pain in the a**.

    • groucher

      Rubbish. It’s not slow and has features that are way better than Adobe’s antiquated toolset. If you’d actually used NX2, you’d be aware of the power of the selection tool and that the RAW processor is the best available for Nikon cameras. It might be an idea to get to know a product before criticising.

      • Aldo

        some people here just comment to go along. I agree that the raw engine from the nikon software is the best. If you want to be meticulous about your raw files you will deal with the shortcomings of the interface.


        Obviously most people don’t understand what D-Lighting is, and that only CaptureNX2 can support this functionality in their RAW formats or the color control point technology in this SW. Uneducated. Most unfortunate.

        • patto01

          While I’ll admit to never using D-Lighting, I have read a few articles by people who have but don’t because they get as good, or better, results from the controls in LR/NX2/DxO. I’ve never played with it because I don’t want to be tied to using NX2.

      • Jorge



      Of course it runs slow on your 386 silly. Time for a upgrade fanboy!

      • Jorge

        lol +1

    • tertius_decimus

      It is still the best converter for Nikon files. I can’t imagine my workflow without Capture NX.

      • Jorge


    • pan

      When did you use it last time, 4 years ago?

    • Jorge

      Because you don’t know how to use it fool. I’ve used it since 2008 (Capture NX) as it came bundled with my D300. Now i’m up to the D800, and D700 and Capture NX2 generates some amazing images. MUCH better than LR4.x which I’m using.
      Even after using it all these years for certain images for my stock companies, I still bought a Kindle version of a Capture nx2 book and that opened my eyes to even more features I wasn’t aware of. Using it for a few weeks with your precious D600 DOES NOT give you the right to knock what you don’t understand.
      In addition it IS NOT SLOW. I’ve use it on my Macbook Pro (2009) and and an external DROBO via Firewire 800. I’ve also used it with a Mac Pro Intel Desktop and that worked flawlessly as well

    • FredBear

      Well if you bought LR then you’d have to add on the Nik Software suite to get 1/2 the functionality that NX2 gives you.
      LR is an asset manager with a photo tool ‘add on’.
      NX2 has no asset management but is a fully fledged photo editor.
      In terms of photo manipulation LR doesn’t come close to NX.

      Add to this that NX2 gets new Nikon camera updates. LR doesn’t – you have to buy the ‘new edition’ every year or so to get Adobe support for your new camera.
      OK, you can use the DNG converter so then your workflow becomes:
      DNG -> LR -> Nik Soft #1 -> LR -> Nik Soft #2 -> LR -> etc

    • nikon_user

      For sure, it’s not intended to be used by monkeys.

    • FDF

      Wow, after receiving so much hate I had to give ViewNX2 another go, and suddenly it can display images on my HDD 10 times faster than it could display images on my SSD (!) last September, and it got faster even before I upgraded it to this latest version. I never even bothered looking at Capture NX before because of the poor performance of View NX, I just assumed it was the same rubbish (which suddenly isn’t). Why does Nikon only give the severely limited and buggy View NX and charges big bucks for Capture NX? They should give their users the software at their disposal so they can use their hardware to its fullest potential.
      LR has more functionality (and that includes photo editing) than captureNX (not to mention View), but you guys seem to think it’s missing some very important stuff. I guess I’ll have to play around with it a bit more. It’s nice that you get images that are closer to the in-camera jpegs with NX, but if I wanted to make such images, I wouldn’t be shooting RAW anyway.

      • DeeCee

        FDF – Wait until you have learned all the functions and how to use them, then judge. I have asked elsewhere on this thread as to what is missing. Not a lot apparently.

    • Jorge


      You should re-visit NX2. It truly is an amazing product. Now, I don’t use it on each and every NEF file, that would be crazy in my case as I shoot so much. However, in my LR Library I have a smart collection for files processed in NX2 and out of 44,000+ images – the ones I really want to be dead-on perfect, (about 1200) or so, were processed in NX2 and saves as TIFF’s. Amazing software, and to me, it handles the raw much better and easier (once you learn to use it) than LR ever will.

  • samthedog

    Microsoft Codec Pack does not list the D7100.

  • Warwick Kent

    Nikon Capture NX2 is made for Nikon by Nik Software, the same people who make the plug-ins for PS. The new owners of NIK will not be doing another version for Nikon. I did a seminar in Sydney with Nik software and the creature said the Nikon version was the best software for the NEF file. Get to know it properly and it is a remakable processor. Sadly capture NX3 may never see the light of Day.

  • AR22
  • Michael

    ViewNX2 2.7.6 for Mac appears to have fixed the bug that prevented the user from labeling two images in sequence. That is, you can now label, press the right arrow key, and label the next image or thumbnail! This should fix some other odd issues that appeared in 2.7.2 since the bug had to do with the program’s focus jumping back to the browser rather than staying where is should have been (e.g., in the viewer).

  • BernhardAS

    Does someone know, if the RAW processing of View and Capture are identical? Or is Capture somehow better?

    • Smudger

      No, they are not identical, NX2 is much more proficient.

    • Neil

      The raw processing is identical but Capture has much more flexibility in changing how the raw processing is done.

  • henry.ludo

    Hi everybody ! Sorry for my bad english, try to do my best…

    Please stop arguing each other about whitcht is better or not…

    I use LR and NX2 and both are great if you know how to use them.

    NX2 is great if you take the time to work with and to learn it well. LR is more intuitive but if you explore all the functions, you can have same results.

    For example, who’s calibrating camera in LR ? Most people are using the fucking “adobe stantard”…. What the result ?

    In my case, i love both software but i’v to admitt that NX2 need to be more professional (management of light is more accurate and fine) and that why i prefer it more often than LR.

    With NX2 you’ve to take your time to work on one photo. The can take the best of each RAW from you’re camera. Really !

    With LR, it’s more a workflow… Good results yes, but not as good of course…

    If you start to work with NX2, step by step, you didn’t use anymore LR… Just because you really enter in the devellopement of photography.

    LR is a pretty good start, NX is the perfection (for Nikon user and in my opinion).


    • Jorge

      Agreed! I love LR, but NX2 really does allow you to massage a raw file from A d800, or d700 to it’s fullest. Not that LR can’t do it, but it seems NX2 does it (in my case) faster and so much better!

  • stoooopid

    I have used LR, Capture NX2 and View NX2. Currently I am
    using View NX2, but I plan on purchasing Capture NX2. When I used to shoot Canon, I exclusively
    used LR. But somehow, now that I shoot
    Nikon, LR does not handle the NEF files very well (probably some d-lighting
    thing). Anyway, I used capture NX2 until
    my free license expired, and now I am using view NX2. View is not nearly as flexible as capture,
    but it is enough most of the time (I don’t do a lot of complicated post
    processing). But I do plan on upgrading
    to capture in the near future.

    • pan

      I don´t think you are stupid 🙂

  • zoetmb

    When I open View NX2 (2.7.4) and Check for Update, it tells me no updates are available.

  • Despite all the negativity usually found in forums around Capture NX2, I’ve found it to be the most cost effective and capable post-processing solution to date.

    I bought Color Efex Pro 3.0 + Capture NX2 bundle in 2010 for USD 299 and since then, I haven’t spent anything on it but I still got support for new camera releases since then. On the other hand, I’ve had to upgrade DXO Optics Pro twice since, and never bought LR3 because for it’s price ($299 then), it didn’t offer much flexibility. I’ve trialled LR4 and LR5 since, but they still lack the convenience capability.

    Among the downsides, a) I used to be a little disappointed with NR performance of NX2 but the “Better Quality 2012” option takes it to a whole new level. I didn’t find Nik Dfine and LR 5 (beta) doing any better at NR than “Better Quality 2012”. b) I used to think that DXO Lens Softness tool was seriously amazing, but with a bit of effort, I got Capture NX2 to extract better detail than DXO.

    The only reason why I still have DXO around is for the distortion correction tools and non-Nikon RAW conversion. BTW, do you know that you can use another tool to convert non-Nikon RAWs to 16-bit TIFF and then save that 16-bit TIFF as a NEF in CNX2 without any loss in quality and also retain your edit history and edit versions? Epic Win!

  • Jeremy Allen

    I just downloaded these updates from the Nikon USA site and they work well. My Nikon Message Center is still behind as I ran it just before the install and it said that there were no updates available. You have to do it manually.

  • patto01

    I’ve watched dozens of video tutorials and read hundreds of articles about photography and post processing and rarely does the author use NX2. That doesn’t mean LR or DxO or Capture One processes NEF better, but it means something! I’ve played with them all but never spent the time to become proficient in anything but LR. I think that’s the key: whatever you’re most proficient with is going to give you the best results.

    • nikon_user

      Definitely not. LR/DxO/Capture One is simply unable to read Active D-lighting.
      NX2 is meant for NEF files(read Nikon users). Authors rarely use it because they don’t want to show preference for a brand.

      • patto01

        So Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Scott Kelby, and others don’t mind telling you they use Nikon cameras, thereby indicating a preference, but draw the line at telling you what software they prefer?? Yeah, you’re probably right…

        • nikon_user

          Using Nikon cameras is one thing and telling others to use is another. By using NX2, they would have indirectly told others to use Nikon cameras.

          • patto01

            And yet, those same folks, and a lot of others, use Lightroom in their videos even when the subject has nothing to do with photo processing!?
            Look…I’ve jumped to erroneous conclusions before and it’s embarrassing but there’s no profit in continuing along a line that’s obviously a dead-end. Why can’t you accept that not everyone is going to like and use the same products you like and use? They’re not saying there’s something wrong with your choices and neither am I.
            If you want to go North, that’s fine. If I want to go South, that should be fine with you!

        • Jorge

          Ah. The three stooges… errr. Paid Shills.

          • patto01

            I’ve never seen Joe McNally or Moose Peterson endorse any Adobe product, unless you consider using Lightroom as part of a tutorial on photography an endorsement. Scott Kelby, of course, is another story.

            I started watching a video tutorial on Capture NX2, on, to give it fair consideration. The presenter is Ben Long, a long-time Canon shooter. Having him give this course is odd, but I digress. There’s actually a lot to recommend it but there are also a few areas where it falls behind Lightroom and, I assume, other Raw processing software. I can only assume that anyone’s preference is a matter of familiarity and how well it fits in your workflow. Due to the subjectivity of photography, you can’t possibly make an argument for accuracy in the end product.

            As far as anyone being a stooge or shill, while I’ve met Moose, I haven’t met Joe or Scott and don’t know any of them well enough to make such a charge. I guess you hang out with them all the time!?

  • 103David

    Let’s be specific…NX2 as a program really sucks. It’s anti-intuitive, and apparently intentionally opaque at a time that many developers have come to the realization that peculiar conventions are somewhat …shall we say…counter-productive?
    Fire the executive staff, learn that the rest of the world doesn’t much care for the Germanic “…Do it our way or don’t do it at all…” And get back to me when you have something we are willing to work with…and more importantly, something you, the developers, are willing to work with the buying public.
    I’ll say it again….”…something the developers are willing to work with the buying public.”
    There, he said it twice…pay attention.’

    • DeeCee

      Let’s be specific…You are confusing the words “I” and “we”.
      I don’t find in counter-intuitive or counter-productive. You may, but don’t assume everyone is of the same opinion.
      Also, I have no interest in what developers are doing. You may, I don’t.
      Try it. I you like it, fine. If you don’t, use something else. It really is that simple.
      Getting back to specifics, what doesn’t it do that you would like?

    • jerryseyes

      I started my digital life, after switching from film, with the D80. PS, Elements, LR, Nx2, Aperture, CaptureOne – I have them all, and I have used them all. NX2 is the MOST intuitive for me. I can’t figure out LR2 at all. If I need to do something with textures of significant pixel editing, I use PS.
      I use a D700, D7100, and D800 now. NX2 gives me fabulous results

  • johnlsl

    I do use capture NX 2 Heavily for my picture, As it is real quick for lot of stuff

    Lightroom is a piece of nightmare for me (It just create too much useless date to the system, I just hate went a photo solution start create so call library date!!!) so i will go on for the photoshop CS6 raw process

    But when it come to getting the max limit on the sensor data in extreme lighting capture NX 2 just doesn’t cut it, it create too much noise to the picture. And when needed the shaper just works a lot better then the Capture NX(It got it problem too, sometimes the colour process by the Adobe RAW just shoot to Unknow area)

    When working on the Photoshop i go with the Nik Viveza 2 plugin just to get back the Nik software design cool control point tools for the process speed

  • sunu

    i used trial ver but it has many limitation like opens only 20 photo at a time,not able apply saved preset on opened photo in browser in all photo at a time, it makes new file. for that in batch.

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