Weekly Nikon news flash #217


Samyang 16mm f/2 ED AS UMC CS lens for APS-C cameras (Nikon mount) is now available for pre-order.


Rokinon Tilt-Shift 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC lens for Nikon mount is now in stock.


How about a Nikon lens vacum cleaner?


Nikon 1 J2 mirrorless camera with 10-30mm lens on sale for almost half price.


Nikon established new financial HQs in Singapore for the Asia and Oceania region.


New Nikon cashback offers in France valid till July 31, 2013.

DIY: sound blimp project.

Smart Shooter v.2.0 is now available for download with added support for D3000, D3100 and D3200 cameras.


New savings on Lexar memory cards (look for the listings marked with "special price").

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  • Maji

    Nikon lens vacuum… now I guess I have seen it all… LOL

    • Jonas from Sweden

      No more dust on sensor! 🙂

    • rensuchan

      Clearly they need a D600 shaped vacuum as well for wet/dry messes. It would be perfect for vacuuming up oil.

    • joking

      so….Nikon sucks???

      • RMJ

        imagine how powerful would be a canon vacuum cleaner!

      • MaGo

        Well your photos sure will if you accidently put this on your camera as you head out the door…. LOL

    • chubbs

      I wonder what happens if you boil it….

  • Eric Calabos

    Now the only thing left is Nikon lens Stinger, a surface to air missile launcher starting at 800mm..Syrian rebels begging for that

  • AM

    Now we know why those sensors are collecting dust.

  • Spy Black

    I guess that 1-Series isn’t as popular here as it is in Asia…

  • Spy Black

    That vacuum is an embarrassment.

  • Spy Black

    I can’t imagine that 16mm being too popular with the DX crowd. Anything 50mm or under is very difficult to manually focus on a DX body focusing screen. I have a KatzEye screen on my D5100 and it’s still hard to focus because it only has a 0.78x magnification.

    The only body that may pull it off is the D7100, which has a 0.94x magnification (why can’t my D600 have 0.94x magnification?) You’ll still need a split-image/micro-prism focusing aid however.

  • AnthonyH

    Perhaps if Nikon put a sensor into the vacuum, it would pick up even more dust than normal.

  • mulu

    how about more useless posts on this website?

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