Deals on Nikon equipment for Mother’s Day


B&H currently offers $300 off on the Nikon D600 and 24-85mm lens kit that comes also with free accessories worth $238 (Nikon WU-1b wireless mobile adapter, Watson EN-EL15 lithium-ion battery, SanDisk 16GB SDHC memory card, Ruggard Navigator 35 DSLR shoulder bag and Oben ACM-2400 4-section aluminum monopod). The full list of Nikon special can be found here. A roundup of all Mother’s Day savings and offers is available on PhotoRumors.

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  • Aldo

    Interesting not to see the d5200 on these deals

    • Micah Goldstein

      I suspect they can afford a markdown on the 600 and they’re trying to dump all the 7000s.

      • Aldo

        I want something lighter to carry and a lens with VR… I may just buy the 18-55mm vr dx… reviews on it aren’t so bad and you can get it for less than 100 dollars. I like the d5200 though… looks nice all around. I wish it was priced a bit lower oh well. I was also hoping the used d7000 would drop more… they still sell strong for an average of 700 bucks. Something interesting I noticed, was that just before the release of the d7100 some d7000’s sold for less than 600 dollars on ebay, but then the prices went up when the d7100 came out.

        • Micah Goldstein

          Lots of people were getting rid of used D7000s before the D7100 was even announced. Used supply probably got a little short and demand probably rose when “savvy” folks went looking to buy used D7000s after the D7100 announcement.

          If you need critical AF, I’d avoid anything with CAM4800, which is the D600, D7000, and D5200. Even Nikon’s 11point AF was more reliable. At least in my experience. If you’re doing manual focus or live view or video a lot, the D5200 isn’t a bad deal.

          Also, check to make sure those ebay prices were closed bids. Ongoing auctions can be misleading.

          • Aldo

            Yeah i looked under “completed listings” …although those could also be misleading they are a decent guess at what things are selling for. I wasnt aware the d5200 had shortcomings when focusing. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Spy Black

            “If you need critical AF, I’d avoid anything with CAM4800, which is the D600…”
            What AF issues are you referring to? I’ve had zero on my D600.

            • Micah Goldstein

              Good for you. I had a D7000 for a year and demoed the D600 and found them to be exactly the same. Even at f4, they can’t consistently grab critical focus. I did a wedding with my D7000 where only one in four posed group shots was acceptably focused. Not properly–only acceptably. And this was in bright daylight.

              My D700 locks much more reliably. The D300s I replaced my D7000 with locked more reliably. And the D7100 I just got is at least as good.

              If you’re shooting consumer/kit lenses, the D7000 might be ok. But in that case, even the D3100, D3200, and D5100 AF is more reliable. At least in my experience.

              And in case you’re wondering, I sent the D7000 to Nikon twice, with only a marginal improvement in AF performance.

        • It’s not a bad idea to have an 18-55 kicking around. A great lens to have on there if anyone ever asks to borrow your camera. Check craigslist..

          • Aldo

            CL is a good idea… I shall look there as well.

  • nick192

    I remember D600 + 24-85 selling at around $2000. Sadly oil issue stopped me from buying it :/

    • Aldo

      walked in a best buy and bought a d800 on release day… by the time I read on the forums that there was some focusing issue I had already clicked the shutter over 10k times. Although my body wasn’t affected, I wonder if I still would have bought it had I known about the alleged issues of some bodies. .. . and when I think about that, I’m glad I didn’t know.

    • AM

      I took advantage of that sale back in December and have never regretted. No issues with oil, by the way.

    • Spy Black

      I’m so glad I didn’t let the overhyped oil issue stop me from getting my D600. The only consolation you got from not jumping is you didn’t wind up with that horrible lens.

    • Dave Ingram

      I did jump in when it was at 2K – ended up with oil and dust but simply shipped it to Nikon for servicing. 7 days later (2 days transit, 3 days service, 2 days transit), shutter mechanism replaced, no problems since. Cameras come with a warranty for a reason. Awesome camera.

  • Art

    If I get my wife a bouquet of flowers and a new camera for myself for Mother’s Day, will it count?

  • Rhonbo

    Nikon has way too many DSLR models on the shelves, they need to discontinue and clear out all the old stock such as the D90, D3100, D5100, D7000, D300S (where’s the D400) and any remaining D3S / D3X bodies. Plus all the refurbished cameras as well then people can focus on the new models.

    I heard Costco will have the D7100 in the next couple of weeks as a replacement for the D600 which didn’t have the sales they had hoped for (probably because of the two lens bundle). The D7100 will probably sell well once people know about it.

  • Richard S

    OK! I’m a nit-picking pedant, but…

    “…comes also with free accessories worth $238.”

    No, not “worth”, but, “priced at, by some dealers”.

  • Nikonnut

    even the oil issue didnt stop me from buying the d600, i have it but i still think its the best camera ever!

  • Neopulse

    D7000 is an awesome gift with that lens. Even though it’s nothing new it being sold at that price, just glad that there still is stock of it, Hope to get my sibling one of them before they run out. As in comparison to the Canon 7D, the 7D is overpriced despite being around 4 years old, and also the fact that the 7D MK II was said that it won’t come out this year. Just hope the D300/s successor will help dominate the crop market this year. Hopefully it’ll have a newer processor (EXPEED 4) and see what the low light performance will be like with it including the new design (maybe an integrated grip).

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