Nikon accessories: Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon, Leica M and Helicoid adapters for F mount, underwater housing for D7100 and more

Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon

  • Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon spotted in the wild: a reader sent me this picture of the not yet announced Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon cameras. The Canon version was announced last year - you can see the detailed specifications here.



  • In the past year several different companies announced Helicoid adapters mainly for mirrorless cameras. There is also a Pro Optic Helicoid Macro Zoomer for Nikon AF and AF-S lenses. Helicoid adapters allow you to adjust the distance between the lens and the body by rotating the ring.


  • The Rokinon 24mm f/3.5 tilt-shift lens for Nikon mount is now in stock.



  • Nauticam announced the NA-D7100 underwater housing for the Nikon D7100 camera. Some of the key features:
Feature Advantage
Rugged housing body milled from solid aluminum 100m depth rating and built to last
Patented port locking lever easy and safe port mounting, solidly locks port in place
Knobby command dials can be operated even with thick gloves on
Patented housing locking latches secure but easy to use
Rubberized handle grips comfortable and placed for optimum access to controls
Lens release button easy changeout of lenses without removing camera from housing
Drop in camera tray no need to preset controls, just drop in and it is ready to go
Fiber optic ports accurate flash exposure (TTL) with Inon/Sea&Sea strobes
Bulkhead for optional accessories HDMI Monitor, sync cables, remote control, etc.
Viewfinder, 0.66x Enhanced 180º and 45º viewfinders optional
Laser cut stainless steel handle brackets for extra stability when using heavy lighting
Light mounting balls 2 handle mounted balls standard, mounting balls for housing optional
Tripod mounting points important for macro video shooters
Control labeling easy to find and understand control functions
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  • Pablo Ricasso returned

    Nope. Don’t want it.

    • Which one?

      • fjfjjj

        I think he meant the one with the thing.

        • Greg

          Really?! I kinda like the thing. It’s certainly better than the other one that never works right.

          • PeterO

            C’mon, the other one worked fine, you just had to adjust the kadiddle flange thingy first.

            • Greg

              Maybe that worked for you but if you shoot my kind of pictures, that thing is so much better than the old way.

            • guest

              when I used the thing to shoot the thing on top of the thing, this thing worked, but the other thing didn’t work, so I really like the thing. I think you should buy the thing too.

    • There’s something a trifle perverse about using nikon glass with a leica body/sensor.

      • Micah Goldstein

        There’s something a trifle perverse about a system that was nearly useless with anything over 100mm is now usable, but still lacks said glass. Worse: it has no stabilization options.

        What somebody needs to make is a battery powered adapter that will run VR/IS.

  • MyrddinWilt

    The accessory I want is an adapter from F mount to CX mount that has tilt, shift and manual aperture control.

    Why would I want this?

    Well my V1 sensor is essentially equivalent to 35mm film. So it is more than adequate for a 10×8 print. A tilt/shift adapter would let me use my FX lenses that have more than sufficient coverage for that purpose.

    An FX mount tilt shift lens costs $2K but doesn’t allow much of an advantage. Low light performance is irrelevant because tilt/shift is tripod work. DSLR focus speed is irrelevant because it is a manual focusing operation.

    The only advantage I would get from an FX tilt shift lens would be that I can use my D800 and get higher resolution. I think that will get addressed in time. It is a question of when not if they come out with a 24MP CX body.

    So instead of buying a separate set of tilt/shift glass I would be looking to buy a 24mm prime or maybe a 14-24 zoom instead.

    • Bernhard Sperling


  • robert

    can anyone tell me what the 2 lenses are that are mounted on the leica?

    they look similar to the 80-200AFS but seems off. the bottom seems to have a different tripod mount and hood ,and the top has a different hood and the VR logo.

    just seems weird.

    • clintphoto


    • Hammer

      70-200 F4 and new 80-400

  • desmo

    is the Rokinon exactly the same as Samyang?

    • I believe so, they just use different names for marketing purposes.

      • jake

        they are the same, but they know if they brand all lenses as Samyong they are not selling well.
        so they name it Rokinnon in the US and in some other countries.
        some people (especially Americans and North East Asians) dislike cheap sounding Korean , Japanese and Asian names.

        I personally dislike Samyong , Sigma and Tamron, etc.

        • de-jake

          Don’t forget Canon and Nikon… no one buys them. Also Samsung never outsold Apple’s iPhone.

      • In german speaking countries they are marketed under the name Wallimex

    • NTM

      These lenses are sold under the following names:

      Rokinon (already mentioned)
      Samyang (already mentioned)
      Vivitar (maybe,cause they are a bit different)

      If you look,you find another.

  • Yeah how about just calling them Samyang? As that’s actually the real name.

  • fred

    I have an old Olympus film camera (a 1980’s dinosaur!) and was wondering if anyone made an adapter for it for Nikon lenses?

    • DaveJPS

      If it’s an OM series then no, the flange distance for the OM and F mount is pretty much the same.

  • jake

    so now I can use my Nikon zooms on my Leica M9 or only on the new M?

    • The M9 doesn’t have live view and it will be impossible to focus.

      • Micah Goldstein

        Impossible? Nah, you could use take a picture and use that to focus. Not practical, but possible.

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