Weekly Nikon news flash #211


Nikon F camera made from cardboard


  • Many of you have probably received an email about a new website called Nikon Cinema. Unfortunately the content is all from last year. Hopefully Nikon USA will upload some interesting new material.



  • New Nikon D7100 promo video:

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  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    Admin, you forgot to mention that the D7100 has been dpreviewed.

    • No, I did not forget – I report only the first few reviews after an announcement, few months later there are plenty of reviews/samples/opinions and I don’t see the need to post it online.

    • Jer

      DP sure gave it a top score of 85

      • AM

        And, a score of 85 is useful for what?

        • Smudger

          Selling cameras on Amazon. (Remember who DPR sold out to).

          • grant torres

            Useful too for pissing off trolls and fanbois from the other side of the fence:-).

    • I think it’s news-worthy too. Gold Award

  • Spy Black

    When is Nikon going to make an FX cinema camera proper?…

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      When is Nikon going to make a D400 proper?…

    • Paul

      Hopefully never.

    • san

      When is Nikon going to make a D700 succ… oops never mind.

    • That ship has sailed. Black Magic and Red will eat Canikon’s lunch. (The Black Magic cinema camera costs 3k, shoots 4k and 1080P RAW directly onto SSDs.) Nikon needs to get serious about DX, fix its QA problems, and figure out how it’s going to survive in a smartphone world before Apple or Samsung decide to casually annihilate the camera industry (e.g. a 4/3 mount that slides onto an iphone would probably leave a steaming crater in the mid/high end camera market).

      • Jonathan Ingram

        Yes, the Blackmagic is sweet. No, Apple and Samsung will not casually destroy the high end camera market, lol. Unique 4/3 cameras will compete against other cameras in the same class, not the mid-high end camera market.

        • If Nikon is as complacent as you are, it’s dead.

          If you had a camera that was 80% as good as your big DSLR but pocketable, long battery life, always with you, always online, runs powerful 3rd party apps (e.g. Photoshop Touch and superior rivals), gets constantly updated — then how long before you give up on the DSLR? Cellphones cratered the compact camera market long before becoming 80% as good (they’re STILL not there). When my four core 64GB smartphone with 5″ screen has a good sensor (even as a slideon accessory), only a dedicated few will care about the difference in IQ.

          If, arguably, DX and better cameras have a long term future, Nikon had better start taking care of business because anything lower quality is sinking, on fire, and has incoming torpedoes.

          • Jonathan Ingram

            You make several solid points. I think we were defining “mid to high end
            market” differently. I agree with you that technology is increasing to the
            point where the casual consumer may not see a lot of benefits of Dslr’s over
            compact cameras or “high quality” smart-phone cams. I also agree that
            these technologies are taking a larger market share. I haven’t looked at the
            numbers but it makes sense that cell-cams are competing with Nikon and Canon’s
            compact camera market. Yes, this could hurt Canon and Nikon sales a bit, not
            sure how much. So I concede the point that increasing tech could cut into
            Nikons casual photographer market.

            The Dslr has a lot of benefits for pro’s and others seeking top of the line
            performance. Of course IQ, but even aside from IQ there are advantages that the
            smaller camera market can’t fully compete with. For example, the ability to simultaneously
            control aperture with one finger, while adjusting focus point with your thumb,
            while controlling autofocus with another finger and zooming with your
            supporting hand. You can do all this while looking through a 100% viewfinder
            and tracking a moving subject with a solid shooting stance. In cases like
            these, the size of a Dslr is actually a huge benefit, not a downside. It allows
            me to nail the shot in high pressure situations with changing light conditions.

            • I’m defining mid-to-high as say Nikon D7000—Nikon D4 (and not talking about medium format, Leica S2, etc.) A lot of these people can now get their IQ needs met by, say, the Olympus OM-D EM-5, but choose to stick with their current system because — say — Olympus will probably go bankrupt soon and/or they have a ton of Canikon glass. But if someone comes along with a truly novel system that has equal IQ and, oh, it fits in your pocket and you can run Photoshop Touch or whatever on it — that’s a serious game-changer. And don’t forget that the next generation 4/3 sensor will be even better, meanwhile the world doesn’t get darker and people’s eyes haven’t gotten sharper.

              I agree that the ergonomics of today’s hefty cameras are great, and pros will want dedicated hardware — but they might prefer dedicated hardware that runs Android or iOS too. It’s not like you can’t stick an iPhone in a giant case with lots of knobs.

      • Spy Black

        The Black Magic cameras are not FX.

  • Spy Black

    Is it me, or does whoever took those Samyang TS pics not know how to use a TS lens?…

    • Spy Black

      TS pics shot with a Canon 1Ds MkIII, or Nikon D600? 😉

      • I’m pretty sure it’s a Canon, no oil mark. But the guy who shotted them is a dirty photographer,

        • Spy Black

          It was a joke…

        • twoomy

          Pretty funny, but if you look at the Canon samples, there ARE dust/oil marks. One big one in the upper righthand corner and two smaller ones in the upper left. Nikon doesn’t have a monopoly on crap getting on the sensor. 🙂

      • DigMe

        Holy cow!

    • Global

      I randomly picked 5 images to “scrutinize” out of their 30+ set until I was too disappointed to keep looking — not a single image was sharp anywhere in the image. Does this lens have a sharpness problem? Or where they hand-holding it?? Btw, I am rooting for this lens. I hope it was user error.

      • Spy Black

        I think you misinterpreted my message. 😉

    • gstoever

      Yes, the samples are completely useless. They not even have a clou for what such a lense is for.

      • gsum

        True but this lens is not sharp at any point in any of the samples and is particularly poor at the extremities. Far better results would be obtained by using a higher res. camera such as the D800 with a Nikon prime and applying a bit of Photo$hop Free Transform.

        • They intentionally shoot samples with the lowest level of sharpening – not sure it’s helpful though, seems harder to judge the samples.

          • robert

            yes great tactics to selling a lens. lets think outside of the box and show them how bad it performs. where’s the preorder link?

            a good lens doesnt need sharpening to show its performance.

            • preston

              yes great tactics for criticizing a lens review website. lets bash them for not selling a lens well enough when they’re not in the business of selling lenses. where can I sign up for all your other brilliant writings?

      • iamlucky13

        Scroll down. Both tilted (although poorly) and shifted (more appropriately) samples are on the bottom half of the page.

        As to sharpness, it’s definitely not fantastic, but it’s quite useable.

        I haven’t seen full-size samples from the Nikon 24mm PC-E to compare

        • guest

          Well, I own the Nikon 24mm and I think they need to bring out a successor because it isn’t all that hot when shifted and it suffers from an uneven field at infinity focus. That being said, it is worlds better than those Samyang samples.. but maybe they aren’t representative.. one can only hope.. Nikon needs a reason to innovate theirs! see http://daniel-gerd.poelsler.eu/PCE24.html for samples of the nikon

    • Davide Anastasia

      We either have a poor photographer, or a poor lens. I have been seriously waiting for this lens for a long time now, but if this is the result, I am quite disappointed.

      • Micah Goldstein

        The photographer isn’t amazing, but they’re technically solid. They have quite a few comprehensive reviews on that site, and you can learn things about lenses that nobody else tests, like coma. I expect an excellent full review in time.

    • jo

      Those pics are absolutely terrible, with not a single clue of what that lens is even for.
      Useless for observing the quality of the lens, because it’s just as likely the photographer is clueless about everything else.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      C’mon, he just confused the “8mm shift” with the “8 deg tilt” setting. This happens to me every other day, too.

    • GOHF

      If you scroll down you at least see the shifted bits, but the reviewer threw random tilts in.

      In the ‘uncorrected’ set it seemed like maybe the shooter didn’t know how to use a manual focus lens, everything seemed soft.

      But once tilt was added in on the later shots, *something* has to be in focus since the focus plan intersects the image. Even then, nothing appeared to be sharp.

      I’ve shot with the 24mm and 45mm PCE nikon lenses as well as the 35mm PC one and if this lens can’t get sharp it’s a waste of money even at under a grand with all the extra rotations the nikon ones lack.

      It’s really shockingly bad if that’s as good as it gets.

    • Joven

      There’s a corrected and non corrected section.

  • Rhonbo

    I didn’t see one good TS example in those shots ( I only checked about 4 though). The non adjusted shots don’t look too sharp to me either. To early to tell. At least FF shooters have an affordable alternative. This is one area that AF is not really needed.

    • Micah Goldstein

      Yeah, why on earth didn’t they use shift for the exterior building shots? And is it really this soft? I don’t think it’s a focus issue. I like the way the movement works better than the Nikon, but if this is the IQ, I’m not impressed at all. My old 28/3.5 shift looked sharper!

      • preston

        You realize it would take less time to actually scroll down the sample shots and see that the 2nd half are with lens movements than to comment negatively here on why they weren’t included?

        • Micah Goldstein

          I did miss that at first, yes. But I caught it later and I still stand by my “negative” (I say objective) comments about the lens being soft. It’s not as sharp as my old Nikon or the Nikon 24PCE. I’m STILL not impressed.

          • preston

            Fair enough if you think the lens is soft – I wasn’t commenting on that part of your statement 🙂

  • D5100 owner

    the d7100 video is very uninspiring.
    The d600 video was way better. because of the d600 video i might get one. or the d800. not sure yet

    • gsum

      It’s low res. Why they didn’t publish the 1080p version is a mystery.

      • D5100 owner

        I meant the content. the resolution had nothing to do with it. They actually did stuff in the d600 video showing the camera in the extremes, while the d7100 video they barely showed it being used to shoot photos

  • Hker

    For architectural shoots I would like a wide angle tilt shift lens, like the canon’s TS E17mm or wider. I wouldn’t buy this lens as I use the 14-24mm and correct verticality in lightroom and it importantly uses autofocus, also I am guessing it gets the same field of view as the 24mm, not sure 17mm. Sometimes you are stuck in a corner of a room literally against the wall and cannot even look through the viewfinder as no space, so manual focusing is a problem. I suppose you could connect to a laptop and use live view. Guess for other architectural photographer they would prefer a 17mm over a 24mm. The samples I quickly looked at don’t look sharp and verticality of walls haven’t been corrected with this lens. conclusion still waiting for a 17mm tilt shift for Nikon, but the 14-24 is awesome for my purpose.

    • Ken Elliott

      I use a 7″ video monitor with focus peaking. You can back the camera right into a corner. Trigger with pocket wizards from the next room, if you’d be in the shot.

  • san

    $150 for a cardboard art… incredible indeed.

    Just a bit more will get me a decent F3HP. I mean the real, metal, mechanical one.

    • Plug

      Art is art, I love it!

      • san

        If you love it, then buy it!

      • san

        If you love it, then buy it!

  • gabbott66

    The uniform softness on the images, at all apertures and shutter speeds, says to me that it is the lens, not the photographer (including a shot of a building at 1/4000).

    • Spy Black

      No, look at the pics at the Samyang site. Pretty impressive.

  • EdgardRT

    Hi people! What’s the name of photographer in the surfing video? I can’t understand the whole narration.

  • Jason Ganz

    Sadly, the Adorama 6% deal covers every camera that’s worth buying (and some not worth buying) except for the Nikon F6.

  • robert


    must be special edition lens. the others were only “soon on sale”. cant wait!

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      How’s your Mandarin, Robert? 😛

      • robert

        oh, so vely nice!

        • Well played — you get called out for making a stupidly anglocentric remark and go straight to racism.

          • And let’s not forget the ignorance that takes one to mix up Koreans with Chinese (Mandarin speakers)

  • G

    Would anyone happen to know anything about compatibility issues with the 24mm TS? Nikon’s own TS lenses have a tendency to crash with the flash on the smaller bodies, so even though they do mount, they can be cumbersome or outright impossible to use on certain cameras. If Samyang have managed to handle that issue better, it could be a major selling point.

  • Jonathan Ingram

    Interested to see the sigma 120-300 reviews. The previous versions were really solid from what I read and if Sigma has managed to further improve the IQ we may be looking at a very good lens.

    • Jon McGuffin

      I agree and am a little surprised we’re not hearing a little more anticipation on this lens. The zoom range is just fantastic along with the speed.

  • grant torres

    Can’t Samyang make one with a gold band? My cameras can’t read lenses with red bands. 🙂 I dont care if it’s not sharp as long as it’s color coordinated with my gears. Lol!

  • preston

    For all the people that think the Samyang TS samples look soft, I would encourage you to judge them not by what you would expect to get from this lens when mounted on your camera and shot by you but rather by comparing them to other samples galleries on lenstip.com (available at the end of every lens review). Maybe find a review of a lens you are familiar with and compare it to those samples. ALL of their sample shots look “soft” and they actually provide an explanation for why this is in their testing procedures readme. In order to eliminate the variable of the processing engine sharpening and noise reduction method/strength (which varies by manufacturer), they turn off sharpening and NR (noise reduction, not Nikon Rumors) completely when the camera body allows for it.

    Maybe the lens is soft, but I suspect lots of you aren’t making a fully informed judgement on here. .

    • xjxjxjxjxjxj

      good to know, that somebody (you) is familiar with lenstip´s procedures, which seem quite unique…

      • Seems perfectly reasonable to me. I personally find it bizarre that DPReview, for example, sharpens its RAW images in Photoshop (they do at least publicize the fact and use a standard process for each image).

        The f5.6 shots look great where they’re in focus — sadly in the perspective corrected photos this is only a narrow band. Meanwhile the f16 shots do a fabulous job of showing that their Canon 1DMkIII needs its sensor cleaned.

    • umeshrw

      You are right. Compared to other lenses’ samples on lenstip these are good.

    • GOHF

      I agree that several folks jumped to conclusions about the first range of shots displayed on the site (I myself thought “holy what they heck, do you even know how to use shift” until I scrolled further down.)

      Regardless, I didn’t see any galleries for the 24PCE, 45PCE or the 85PCE – and really, those images from the Samyang were of shockingly poor quality. The Nikon PC-E’s are some of the sharpest lenses around, and for folks who have shot them, to look at the demo shots for the Samyang that were posted is jarring. *Nothing* was in focus. Not the buildings, not even when the plane of focus was tilted out so that it intersected the subject … that’s essentially a point of infinite focus that should intersect the photo and have something be completely sharp. I opened over a dozen of the images, probably close to 20 or so, searching for something that looked right.

      The new samples from Samyang look much better. Details are crisp – I can read “Yamaha” in the theater shot, whereas none of the signs were legible in the original gallery featured here, or in the village square you can read the signs and text on the umbrellas.

      The samples on LenTips.com if anything make me less likely to purchase the lens – if it was really that soft it might as well have been a lens baby. Seeing what the lens can do now however makes it much more likely buy. My 24mm PCE was stolen a year ago and I just didn’t want to spend 2k to get a new one. 1k on the Samyang however looks like a good deal, if the manufacture photos are any indication.

  • Alan

    No, it’s not you. Most photographers don’t know how to, don’t
    expect web journalists to either. At least they noted that all pictures were
    made without using movements.

  • Mr. Mamiya

    Here are some more sample images from the Samyang:

    Those look much more promising and the CAs are better controlled than with the 24mm PC-E.

  • bjrichus

    What with cardboard cameras and “soft” lenses, it must have been a slow news week for Nikon!

    • Spy Black

      Now that’s better. Pretty impressive, actually.

  • 103David

    Is it just me, but is that cardboard Nikon “F” color pretty close to the “Desert Mirage Lizard color? Rather than the “Lizard” scheme, can we request it be done in “Cardboard?” Would there be a price reduction if so? Are there other variations? Such as “Prairie Buffalo Flop?” Or “Green Foam Seagull Poop?” If I were to provide appropriate Buffalo or Seagull…uh, pigment, would there be a further price reduction?

    Please respond soonest, David

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