The current Nikon instant rebates will expire this weekend


The current Nikon instant rebates, which offer savings up to $550 and include the new D7100 camera, are set to expire on April 27th (Saturday):


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  • DonD

    Well,hopefully, Nikon has not been selling as many 80-400s as they need to to get those numbers up and they will now offer a rebate on those.

    • neonspark

      unlikely. that lens just about re-defined the terms of optical performance for a 400mm capable zoom (or one achieved via TCs) under 3 thousand dollars. Truly a professional Nikon lens which is unlikely to receive a discount until all the demand slow down. And given the stellar reviews it has been getting, you’ll have better luck hoping for price drops elsewhere.

  • AM

    We want rebates on lenses that we need and not on the lenses that Nikon wants to clean inventory.

  • enesunkie

    Sure would be nice if there was a rebate on the D7100 with a 16-85mm F4 lens.

  • lorenzo

    Talking about prices… I think it is a scam and wouldn’t buy it even if I was in Germany, but if no one saw a D4 for $2,790 here it is:

    Note that the package content includes everything but the camera 🙂
    Any feedback from German folks?

  • Charles

    I bought an 85mm f/1.8G at the last round of rebates, on March 10 2013…and it’s still back-ordered !!!
    What’s the point of putting staff on sale if it’s gonna be delivered 2 months later? Nikon get a grip, cause you are slipping pretty bad.

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