1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 lens now shipping, sample images included

1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 1
1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 2
1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 3

The 1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 lens is now shipping (few days before the official release date) and is currently in stock at Amazon and Fotohanskeuzekamp.

1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 4
1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 6
1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 5 1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f-3.5-5.6 lens 7

Few sample images taken with the 1 Nikkor 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 lens are available on flickr, courtesy of Fotohanskeuzekamp:

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  • Nikonuser

    Man, that looks like an F4…

    • Fisheyland


  • CJ

    Yes, eveyone should get one of this, you will help Nikon financially, never mind what you could do with it.

  • David

    There are some nice night shot from a FM member with this lens and the new 10-100 here, http://www.pbase.com/andrease/nikkor1

    • Arkasai

      Thanks those look much better than the flikr snapshots.

      • Those are from a different lens, this post is about the latest 6.7-13mm lens.

        • gsum

          Now I’m confused. The exif shows that some shots were taken at 6.7mm. How many 6.7-13mm lenses are there?

          Anyway, the night shots are excellent although they don’t show off the real forte of this brilliant camera – its high speed electronic shutter.

          • PhotoAl

            The person who shot these photos has both the new lenses (6.7-13mm and 10-100mm). This is a mix of photos from both lenses. If you go to the DPreview forums you can see his two posts, which separate the photos from each lens.

        • Arkasai

          It would appear that person has one. Though there’s no meaningful exif data on the images themselves so we can’t really be certain.

        • David

          There are some from the 6.7-13 and the new 10-100.

  • Tommy

    Nice DoF! Oh, wait… These weren’t taken with a N1.

    Good enough, then. For an expensive, not-so-high-end P&S.

  • RC

    snooze, who buys stuff like this? Where’s the D400!?!?

    • Michael Switzer

      Have a cookie

  • Clint

    Basically a bridge camera with a changable lens.

  • Joseph

    Nikon today cares much more in sales than satisfy their customers, many of whom who helped build his great name. Where are the replacements and the D300S d700? Response: Increasingly in Canon

    • Fraucha

      Seriously, you are still looking for a D700 replacement? I am guessing by now that isn’t ever gonna happen.

      • tertius_decimus

        I’m waiting for it too.

    • Fret

      Have a cookie.

  • Fraucha

    Nice lens, what the F%$K is that monstrosity it is attached to?

    • PhotoAl

      I like the V2 body, I found it to look much nicer in person than in photos. That’s sort of ironic.

      • Fraucha

        Is it kinda like Beer Goggles?

  • Nikon 1 series is like a Nokia phone on steroids… cant believe they still push it. Talking about push – the button on the lens… why???

    • The Nikon 1 is roughly equal in IQ to a second generation DSLR or a first generatiom M4/3. It’s not too shabby. The button on the lens is presumably to unlock it to expand it and power on the camera.

      My gripe is the price — $500.

    • tertius_decimus

      Funny, some HR-manager contacted me for a job of promoting and selling Nikon 1 cameras. I rejected. Don’t wanna deal with utter crap like this.

  • Get a Grip

    Boo Hoo…my life is so terrible…I have over $10,000 in camera equipment that is amazing and the camera I want is not available….at the same time, people are dealing with real problems like family members dying from cancer…etc…etc….boo hooo…I’m a spoiled little!#@$…boo hoo, why do they keep making cameras and lenses like this crappy little Nikon.

  • AE

    The V2 – I’m sorry, but this camera just looks ugly… like someone built it from a kit.

    • desmo

      i actually think it looks kind of snappy with that lens,
      a step in the right direction, they’ll be there when it can be kit’ed
      equivalent to dx camera with 10-24 and 18 to 200 combo
      smaller lighter very nice travel kit

  • Dear Nikon,
    Drop the 1 and “Focus” on your core customers. I would love to see a few Wide fixed focal length DX lenses, and the D400. I mean you give the hipster fad camera a 6.7-13mm lens.. Why can’t we get some love?

    Your Consumer Base

  • AAA

    Nikon – i will buy Nikon 1 ‘V3’ as my backup if you implement these

    Auto exposure bracketing, AF-C with adaptor, announce your light weight super tele for 1. focus peaking with shutter half press. i dont mind the looks as long as the price is within 500 🙂

  • Aldo

    why do people think it’s cool to bokeh product pictures…

  • Sonyst

    Looks like mini Sony NEX-7.

  • EnticingHavoc

    Is this a contest about slow lenses ? Nikon wins hands down, admittedly.
    Dear Nikon : Small sensor = weak at high ISO -> fast glass !!!

  • MattMT

    I just wanted to post a different perspective than the typical Pro that posts on these comments. I am a recreational photographer, and the main use I have for a camera is documenting my family and backcountry adventures. The Nikon 1 system has proven to be an excellent tool for my uses! The image quality (particularly video) is well ahead of bridge cameras and most compacts (save the RX100). Video is great for filming the kids. The glass selection helps with the versatility of the system. Most importantly, the entire system is much smaller than a FX system. The crop factor gives extra reach with Nikkor glass without losing aperture settings. This allows me to use a cheap 70-300 as an exotic 810mm super tele, and it packs down small.
    The camera also works well for digiscoping, which is a fun hobby as well, and DSLRs aren’t nearly as convenient for this task.

    • MattMT

      Sorry I meant DX system.

    • “The crop factor gives extra reach with Nikkor glass without losing aperture settings.”

      Self-evaluation is a good thing to do… when you find yourself making statements that make no sense… (e.g. “losing aperture settings”… I mean, do you put the lens between different cameras? Settings?!)… it’s a good time to read a bit more about the subject before hitting the submit button for the post you’re about to make. Sure, you can always change your alias and come back like a majority of the people here do after claiming nonsense… but it’s not bad for _you_ to learn either… do it for yourself.

      “This allows me to use a cheap 70-300 as an exotic 810mm super tele, and it packs down small”

      Long story short, there’s no win-win. If you’re going to compromise the sensor size, you’re not going to end up turning a 70-300 in to something that works like a $18000 lens. Commonsense, isn’t it? This is not about primes vs. zooms either… if putting a small sensor solved a lot of problems, do you think manufacturers have been doing all this development to make smaller sensors?

      I’m not saying you should put a ton of money down for a $50,000 digital medium format system and be done with it… that wouldn’t solve problems, but your decision to go for a Nikon 1 system instead of another mirrorless system is greatly flawed.

      • MattMT

        @ genotypewriter,

        I am glad you have it all figured out. Perhaps you should should do some self-evaluation and consider being constructive and considerate before hitting send.

        I am sorry about the misuse of “settings.” What I mean is: for an recreational shooter like myself, it beats using a teleconverter. I also understand there are some compromises to a small sensor. I also understand it doesn’t turn the cheap lens into super-lens. It just provides extra reach, and results I am satisfied with. I posted it works for my uses. Yours are obvously different. Small size and portability are obviously not priorities for you.

        I hope you are satisfied with your condescension. You mentioned, “I am not saying…” Perhaps you could say something (I am always willing to learn), or you could just stick with calling me a non-thinking idiot.

        • “being constructive and considerate before hitting send.”

          So here I am spending time to point out what you’re doing wrong when no one else did but you’re upset with me now because I didn’t give you candy afterwards for listening? Grow up?

          “or you could just stick with calling me a non-thinking idiot.”

          If I thought you were an idiot I wouldn’t have bothered replying in the first place. But I did think you were amusing… to write about something without learning it first. In fact, I find these places place very amusing in that sense.

          • TLB

            Oh no Gayan.. is this what you really do with your spare time? Trolling the internet all day long? Haha. You sound like a pathetic teenager screaming for attention! Well I already figured you are a loser what with your solitary life and so-called “job” yet parading around as if you’re above everyone else but this.. is a whole other dimension! Seriously.. you’re 30 years old and THIS is what you choose to do with your life?! This is what makes you feel good? And you’re telling someone else to self-evaluate and grow up?? Unbelievable!

          • MattMT

            May I just point out that you didn’t write anything of value in your comments. You simply said I was wrong without giving any explanation of what is “right.” You pat yourself on the back for taking the time to tell me I’m wrong, but give no advise on what to do differently, or provide a better option for my uses.

            I checked your other posts here, and see you are nothing more than a self-righteous bully. Amusing indeed.

            I hope you find whatever self-satisfaction you are desperately looking for with this type of playground behavior.

  • nordattack

    I bought the V1 on Amazon for $200 with the 10-30mm lens just for the heck of it after reading the Steve Huff review and seeing lots of samples on flicker.

    I already had an OMD with lots of M4/3 lenses and film lenses.

    Not sure why I bought the little V1.

    It feels like a little baby Leica in the hand. Nice flat metal body.

    When I started using the V1 with the 10-30mm lens I was amazed at the IQ.

    The hyperfocal/depth of field abilities are astounding due to the small sensor and the 10-30mm is very sharp.

    Also the raw files the V1 spits out are very open and gritty and when converted lend themselves very well to B&W with nice extended tonal range, high contrast and sharp detail.

    Because I was getting such great landscape and architectural shots with the V1 and having so much fun doing it I decided to splurge and get the new Nikkor 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

    The Nikon MTF chart shows the new Nikkor 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 lens to be vastly better in all areas to the 10-30mm kit lens and I was already getting very sharp and contrasty pics with the kit.

    The V1 files at 10mp have a film like look and that is what I like about this camera.

    I get the Nikkor 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 this Fri 03/134/13 and will post back once I try it out.

    I think this lens will rock on the V1.

    Funny that this little 10mp small sensor camera can provide such enjoyment.

  • Gael Ridire

    I’m very happy with the Nikon 1 V1 and the kit lens and 30-110mm! There’s a few quirks but I’ve learned to adapt. I’m a retired photojournalist and putting a dslr around my neck or hanging from shoulder with my usual 70-200 f2.8 lens will cause me to faint in 30 min. I found this out while doing a freelance assignment four yrs ago and didn’t take photos anymore. Granted this system is way overpriced, but I got mine in the reduced sales at the end of July for $280 for the V1 and $100 for the tele-zoom.

    This camera is perfect for the occasional photog or for family. It is great for travel or as a carry around. For me, I have yet to faint!

    This is a bridge camera, but . . . is very capable for the enthusiast or pro who wants something light. I carried a camera bag for over 20 yrs that weighed 35 lbs. It has a great AF of any mirrorless system. Granted I have an old dslr (D200) but the quality of the V1 surpasses it. Granted the lenses are slow, very slow, but so are the current lenses for DX & FX. I’m use to having f2.8. but then I stop and realize I don’t really need fast anymore. The key here is pick the camera system for the photo job!!! Remember this is a small sensor and its drawback is the great depth of field, yet it remains small while the lenses for the other mirrorless systems have large lenses, which make them no longer light and small.

    Two former Sports Illustrated photogs covered the London Olympics using the iphone. These are guys use to the high end FX system and fast glass. They did the job, just had to adjust how to approach the subject at hand. Don’t blame the equipment, it’s the skill of the user that is important! I just shot a hockey game with the V1 and 30-110mm at ISO 3200. Noise yes, but not bad. Missed some photos due to the slow writing to the buffer, learn to live with it. Would I use this camera for a paid client, no, but again I state “pick the right system for the job.”

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