Did Polaroid copy the Nikon 1 design for their new Android based interchangeable lens camera?

Polaroid is rumored to announce a new Android based interchangeable lens camera which should be irrelevant to this blog, but if you look at the leaked picture, the Polaroid IM1836 looks very much like the Nikon 1 J1/J2 cameras. Even the lens design and focal length (30-110mm) are very similar to the Nikkor 1 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 lens.

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  • abragan

    Given the poor sales of the J series – good luck to them

    • Flip OMD

      yes sales of the J1 have been so poor that they can only manage third on the list of most popular of CSC cameras on Amazon. poor Nikon

    • BernhardAS

      I haven’t seen any sales figures lately.
      Would you mind sharing them?

  • King of Swaziland

    If you’re going to copy something, why copy a massive loser?

    Anyway, maybe they licensed it?

    • Or maybe Nikon licensed it from Polaroid 🙂

      • Spy Black

        Considering how useless the J1/2 are, the Polaroid could be a more advanced camera, because you could hack the OS and give it all the functionality the lobotomized J cameras lack!

  • Unless the rumour is an “artist’s impression” based on a Nikon J1.

  • njk

    just an uglier version of the Nikon 1…

  • Kevin Blackburn

    Your joking right. The fact that they botj look like well cameras is all I see . No one eipped off anyone and yeo they are both ugly as sin

  • RamesesThe2nd

    Oh wow. Polaroid made an ugly white box. It must be a copy of Nikon 1.

  • Art

    Polaroid ??? I thought they went the way of all great brands like Hostess…. (Though Hostess was still relevant when they closed their doors.) Perhaps they are right up there with Bell & Howell and we’ll see the camera on infomercials…

  • spock

    so close its scary,…..but who copied who?

  • Why would anyone copy that!?

    • Fry

      because it’s sleek and has won a red dot design award ?

  • preston

    That’s disgraceful. There is soooooo much that could be improved upon if you took the J1 as a starting point but they still just copy it? I really hope this isn’t what the final product will look like.

  • Bryan

    For some reason, I feel Apple will find a way to sue for this…….

    • Slow Gin

      If only they have intention to release another icon to pray — iCamera.

  • Tony Bologna

    Polaroid must LOVE filing for bankruptcy!!!

  • n11

    Personally, I like the Nikon 1 camera, it looks great. If only the innards could have been improved upon.
    And yes, the polaroid camera DOES look a lot like the Nikon.

  • Funduro

    Darn I hate it when a company’s name gets bought and slapped on crap that was outside their business model. Anyhow this looks like a P () S copycat made in a back alley somewhere in China.

    • Other rampant photo equipment copycat countries are: Japan (first on the list), Russia (2nd), and in all other things, Korea. It’s not just China – China are just the latest country to sprout dozens of copycat businesses.

      Nikon’s first camera was a direct rip of a Contax, and their F was just a copy of that. Canon copied Leica till the 1960’s. Toyota still copy till today. I say all this not to defend China, but to re-open the eyes of today’s consumer that somehow forgives much more flagrant copycats.

      • Funruro

        You do have a point. I hate communist countries.

        • D5100 owner

          I hate when people put pictures as their profile that aren’t yours. Unless you were there when he took it? It is worse than when a company’s name gets bought and slapped on crap.

  • AlphaTed

    Licensed perhaps?

  • if the 1 mount gets used by some other camera makers we could see more lenses made for it, and more camera options.

  • Larrry

    And how is that surprising?
    Recently I was shopping entry level P&S for my 87y/o techno challenged mother. Every oney of them – Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Samsung, etc – looked like they came out of the same factory with a different name stamped on them. Even the store clerk remarked at the similarity. In the end, my Nikon bias held up.
    Polaroid??? To be different, they need a full print to be pulled out and peel away the protective wrapper. Then it will stand out and people won’t associate it with another camera.

  • Probably it isn’t a flagrant copy, maybe it’s just a rebranded Nikon J

  • zoetmb

    It’s what’s inside that counts. All P&S cameras today are small boxes and most come in multiple colors, including white.

  • Bratislav ILIC

    Actually Polaroid advanced the design …

    It looks cheaper than Nikon 1.

  • Sebastian

    Makes perfect sense: Nikon licenses the 1 to Polaroid, and then gets out of making that system altogether once the aps-c mirrorless is in place. There’s no way they can abandon the 1 system just like that, although it will always be handicapped by the sensor size.

  • M

    if it has the 1 mount (whatever it’s called) i wouldn’t call it a copy…
    just like S5pro – D200

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