Weekly Nikon news flash #188



  • This Nikon 1 V1 kit is now $600 off (includes Nikon 1 V1, 10-30mm lens, 10-100mm lens, SB-N5 Speedlight, FT1 mount adapter and a case for $899).


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  • fahrertuer


    $50.000 for relief. And they hope to achieve what with that?

    Oh yeah. Good PR…

    As much as I like Nikon: it would have been better to give nothing than spending such an offendingly low sum that will evaporate in the authorities before reaching the victims

    • Mark

      You must not be one of the people affected by the storm. I’m sure they appreciate it helping in whatever way it did. Even if it was only to pave the way for others’ contributions to help in a more effective way.


      • fahrertuer

        You’re right. I’m not affected by the storm.

        But I’ve got some experience from civil protection services. I’ve seen some figures after a flood here about 10 years ago, when just one of several agencies at the scene (smaller than the one in the US right now, just about a million people where affected) went through 7 figure sums each day

        I appreciate the fact that they want to help. But knowing how quickly money is used up in such a situation the $50k are just a drop in the ocean that won’t be noticed. Not when ABC raised something around $17.000.000. NBC over $20.000.000 and other companies giving 7 figure sums.

        • Complaining about contributions is a sure way to guarantee people won’t.

    • Guest

      I also find that overly critical.

    • Geoffrey Bassett

      So I shouldn’t give anything because $50 is to insignificant? Piss off.

      • hallam

        Fifty grand is quite a lot, if every F500 company gave that it woulld be $25 million.

        And Sandy was nothing like the tsunami that hit Japan. Whole villages went, everyone who was home is dead. There was no time to evacuate.

        It isnt the job of private donations to fix stuff either, the government should pick up the tab. I thiught the NJ major complaining about the Red cross was way out of line.

  • Captain Megaton

    “Is the Nikon D3200 too small for your hands?”

    If it is, you should have bought a larger camera…

  • hallam

    The price on that V1 kit is close to the price of the 10-100 lens alone. A pretty good deal.

    • spamacool

      ordered the v1 kit, the 10-100mm had a lens error as soon as it was mounted. a bad copy perhaps.

      • MyrddinWilt

        A lens that shows an error immediately is not a big concern to me, that can be replaced.

        The real trouble comes from gadgets with an intermittent fault or a lens with an alignment issue.

        • spamacool

          in this case, the entire kit have to be replaced, i can’t send back just the faulty lens, which is quite a hassle.

  • Chimphappyhour

    The Android app is a promising start by the sounds of the reviews. Just needs D600 support and I’d be up for it. (I tried it, it doesn’t work.)

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