Nikon battery pack compatibility

Nikon published detailed information regarding the compatibility of the current Nikon battery pack models with various SLR cameras:

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  • Jabs

    Cool – now all we need is a D400 and a D4X to add to an all Nikon camera sweep – lol

    • Warrior

      D4X is not happening in your lifetime…

      • St.

        Don’t be so sure.
        As Canon are ready to release 45+ MPx camera soon (1DS), D4x is the logical answer from Nikon for the Pro lineup.
        I won’t be surprised if we see D4X in 46 or 52MPx in year or so.

      • Dan Cookwell

        Life is short.

    • Cock ken well

      @ JABS


      Also a d600 hdmi 100% firmware upgrade will make it a royal flush.

      • kyle

        This needs to happen.

        The crippled HDMI out on the D600 is just pathetic.

        For people interested in video, this is a deal breaker, and if Nikon’s thinking is that this will push people interested in video towards the D800, they are wrong. If people are that serious about video, they are going to skip Nikon entirely and get a proper video camera for that price.

      • Archer

        It’s not a bug. It’s a feature. They want you to buy a D800 to have full HDMI capability. It’s funny anyway: three or four years ago people laughed about the idea of shooting movies with a camera, now people start screaming when the entry level FX DSLR doesn’t have full HDMI capability 🙂 guess I’m not the target group here 🙂

        • Call me a dinosaur if you wish — I’m still keeping the mindset of not having video feature in the [photo]camera.

          • Slightly Faster Gin

            Why? It’s not like the video capability takes anything away from the camera’s photographic abilities.

            I used to think the same way about phones, why would I want a camera on my phone when I already have a camera?

            I’ve since seen the light.

          • JB


            I just don’t care about it either. If I want video…I’ll buy a video camera. I really wonder what percentage use the video in their Nikon D4/D800/D600 as anything more than a gee whiz feature….

            • Flea

              Actually i was surprised to see a few d800’s shooting vid at the Formula Drift event last weekend.

          • zoetMB

            It’s easy to never switch to video if you don’t want to use it. Aside from the switch and the one record button, it doesn’t have any negative impact on shooting stills.

            But there are reasons to use it. Suppose you’re a wedding photographer. The bride doesn’t want to pay for a full video shoot, but she wants a bit of video: she wants video of the “I do” or the first dance with her husband. And she wants video of throwing the bouquet at the end. Do you tell her, “no, pay for a full video shoot or it’s nothing”? She’ll go to another photographer.

            Or in my case, I shoot a lot of music shows for bands which then get put up on their websites. I primarily shoot stills, but every once in a while, they want a little video, especially when they have famous guest performers. They don’t want to hire a video crew.

            Or, I’m making family shots. Some kid starts doing something cool – a two-year-old kicking a soccer ball or someone playing a musical instrument and you want to capture the moment, but with relative quality.

            And don’t forget that shooting video on a DSLR, while it has some disadvantages, also has some advantages: the use of large, fast lenses and the ability to have short depth of field. And in addition, with the body, four lenses and other accessories that I carry, I definitely don’t want to be carrying yet another body just for video.

            So even though I use it rarely, I’m all in favor of video on DSLRs and I’m someone who has NEVER owned a camcorder and had no desire to own one.

            • When I shoot weddings, I call my videographer. Yep, it adds cost for bride and groom but we can concentrate on things each of us can do better. I just hate trying too much.

  • anon

    interesting since d300 it’s gone d10, d11, d12, d14….. where is d13???????

    • brian

      I thought the exact same thing. There is a D13 battery pack out there waiting for a camera to be announced…. Hmmm

      • umesh

        Or maybe Japanese also believe in 13 being an unlucky number?

        • wublili

          4 and 9 are considered to be unlucky numbers in Japan because of their prononciation. 4 sounds like “death” and 9 sounds like “agony”.

          13 is also considered to be unlucky. But if that would be the reason to omit MB-D13 then with the same logic there definitely wouldn’t be D4 as the 4 is the worst of them all.

          I think MB-D13 is simply given for something that haven’t been released (yet?). Possibly a new grip for D300s follower (as they will have to change the grip due to the new battery regulations). Altho, “D400” could use the grip of D800, too.

          • Paul

            Of course 13 it’s considered unlucky… After all it is the sum of 4 and 9, right ?

          • Smudger


            F4 = F death

            D4= D death?

            Rather apt and prophetic.

          • Fishnose

            I think we should change English so one counts “One, two, three, death, five, six…”

            • BartyL


    • D13 ist for D400!

  • Roger Botting

    MB-D13 is for the D400 or D500?

    • anon

      while i hope you are right, i’d bet it’s for the d7000 replacement

      • wublili

        D7100 could use the same grip as D7000 as it already compatible with the new battery regulations.

        D300 follower has to change the grip.

        • JB

          I would think the D7100 grip would be same as D600 and if a D400 ever appears….it would be same as D800 grip…

          • Big J

            Makes sense… did it before and worked out well.

    • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

      Isn’t it better if the house of a D7000 replacement or the D400 (if it ever will be one) uses the same body-size as D600 and the MB-D14? (Like D300, D300s and D700) …
      Or a D400 using same body-size as D800
      And the D7xxx same size as D600!

      • Bjørn Erik

        I agree, that sort of replacement-system makes sense. However, Nikon have changed their whole “whats replacing what” philosophy. The D600 does’nt quite replace the D700, and the D800 certainly does’nt. The D800 replaced the D3x, the D4 replaces the D3S and D700 (for now). I suspect Nikon did’nt want to make another “cheap downscaled” version like they did with the D3 and D700. There’s a lot of money in press photography, so making a cheap fullformat with press-specs seems like a bad idea to be honest.
        So with that in mind, I’m not to sure we’ll se a replacement for both the D7000, and the D300(s). They might make just the one, that will be a bit cheaper then the D600. My guess is that whatever replaces the D7000 will look like the D600, and be the best DX-camera in their range. If you want anything better, you’ll have the D600…

        • JS


          Great post.

        • Rich in TX

          I still dont understand you people who say the D800 doesn’t replace the D700.

          Having owned both I disagree. The D800 is virtually identical, but improved in every way. Same size, feel, too.

          Perhaps some of you need to go out and take some pictures instead of worrying about the correctness of nikon’s naming convention.

          • Bjørn Erik

            Its mainly got to do with the fact that when the D700 was new, it had top of the line iso-capabilities, like the main Fx of its time (D3) and it was quick. Boosted to 8fps, with a low ammount of megapixels, it was a camera built for sports and press-purposes. The D800 (which I’ve also got) is very different. Due to the size of the images, workflow is slower, and it shoots fewer frames a second (4 is max at FX). That makes all the differance. I know the D700 and the D800 look and feel quite simular. The quality is imporved in every single aspect. Even though the D800 has great iso-capabilities.. better then the D700, its no match for its “big brother” like the D700 once was. If the D800 had the same sort of quality, but with 6-8fps and around 16mp,.. who would get the D4? Nikon saw that, and changed up. Don’t get me wrong. I love my D800. I just don’t think its as “built for press” as the D700 were, and you can tell that from just looking at the specs.

  • pointshooter

    MB-D13 won’t happen since 13 is a number that does not exist in common use in asia. You won’t find a building with 13th floor eighter. 😉

    • pointshooter

      13 means unluck.

    • What?!

      That’s 14 not 13. Most asian buildings have 13th floor if not all. 13 is mostly considered as unlucky in western part of the world and not in Asia.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    It’s hard to believe the MB-D10 is still $250. It wasn’t worth that price when it was released, and seems like a total rip especially now.

    • …I paid $60 for a knockoff. It died after a year. I paid $270 for a legit MB-D10 and it hasn’t died in three. It’s certainly overpriced, but it’s still good gear.

      However, the MB-D11 and MB-D12 have shoddy connectors, and I’m not looking forward to dealing with that on a D800.

      • Fishnose

        What’s ‘shoddy’ about the MB-D12 connector? Mine works great, very stable.
        But my MB-D80 on D90 sure isn’t stable (both originals)

  • netidolweb

    D400 with built in batt grip, same as D4 body, oh yeah

    • JB


  • Joel

    There doesn’t seem to be any valid reason as to why the MBD10 couldn’t fit both the D700 and D800, and the MBD11 both the D7000 and D600.. So frustrating.

    • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

      As for the first:
      D700 and D800 uses different battery type … It might be a reason why.

      The other two … no good reason (I don´t know about the size).

    • anon

      d600 is bigger than the d7000. 3.2″ deep vs 3.0″, 5.6″ long vs 5.2″.. same with d800 and d700. d800 is 5.7 x 3.2… d700 is 5.8 x 3.0. It’s possible the bases are the same, but those specs are from nikons site. that being said the d700 and d300 are slightly different also… 0.1″ in the depth.

      not to mention the battery type thing. although it would seem to me that they could have just made a different battery tray for that difference.

  • Dave

    How do you guys feel about these nikons without the red strip… They ehh without it

    • vcbabis

      It’s a black & white photo.
      Looks odd…

    • Frank Ly

      I like it better without the red stripe.
      Not that I really care about it, but I wonder why it’s there?

      • T-Mo

        I think the red stripe, a sort of exxaggerated triangle is an homage to the triangular shape of the prism on the Nikon F.

        • T-Mo

          Though, Nikon does seem to be getting away from the triangular shape towards more of just a “slash” shape in their new models…

  • John Richardson

    I am amazed that the D800 and D800e grips don’t have some stupid pin swap at the connector so that Nikon can wring additional +$ for grips out of the D800e folks. Guess they missed that opportunity to screw us!! WHEW!!!

  • Dweeb

    What a mess. And I have 3 of them.

    Just a way to milk the Nikon buying consumer cow.

    Skipping the holder for the D800. Enough is enough.

  • Kim Olsen

    The only thing that keeps me from buying a D600 and grip is that the grip doesn’t provide the extra boost in FPS.
    I will rather buy a used D700 instead.

  • Jorge

    I thought this discussion was about the battery packs not what the next whiz-bang camera that you “think” will make you better.
    Back to battery packs: on my D300 and my D700 I use a battery pack made by Zeikos and available from Amazon. I paid 60.00 bucks for them about three years ago and they work flawlessly. Whilst shooting a destination wedding at the old El Morro fort in Puerto Rico I dropped the D700. I do believe the attached Zeikos grip saved the D700. The grips hard plastic absorbed the shock and literally shattered on impact. I picked up the camera and kept firing away. The grip, now four months later, even though I can see the innards through missing plastic still works perfectly.
    I just ordered a Meike grip for my D800 as Zeikos doesn’t seem to make one yet. I hope it turns out as good as the Zeikos brand.
    There is no way I would hand over to Nikon 300 to 400 dollars for something that can be had for 60 bucks.

  • Kenneth C Knockwell

    Spot on.

    Nikon are just too good at gouging the punters. My first knockoff grip was for a D90 and I bought it for 3 reasons – it was a quarter of the price of Nikon’s, it had more features than Nikon’s (time lapse settings etc), and it came with a remote control as standard (Nikon wanted more money for one of those). I’ve been sold on them ever since.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Hey, is that name like one of those knock offs? Don’t you know knock offs aren’t the real thing?

      Get a GRIP, man!!!

      • kenneth C Knockwurst

        I quite agree!

        How dare someone miss-spell of my name. We need rules people! With out rules you get anarchy, and with anarchy you get miss-spelled sausages!

  • poo

    i love the all black! get rid of the red!

    • Big J

      Paint it then

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