Nikon D4 and D800 take 2012-2013 EISA camera of the year awards


Nikon D4 and D800 were chosen as the 2012-2013 best professional camera and camera of the year by EISA:

The EISA judges said: “The best professional camera of the year is Nikon’s full frame 16-million-pixel D4, for its ability to deliver the highest image quality even in extremely difficult conditions. Tests performed by EISA magazines found the camera has an exceptional combination of high resolution, wide dynamic range, very low noise levels even at ISO 12800, super-fast autofocus, short response time and high frame rates that can be maintained for very long sequences. The body is rugged and well protected against dust and moisture. The viewfinder delivers a sharp, comfortable and very precise view of what will be recorded. Almost perfect handling makes the D4 very easy and pleasant to use and we especially like the new joystick control that’s available whether the camera is in the horizontal or vertical position. The D4 also delivers very high video quality thanks to its uncompressed output.”

The EISA judges said: “This year’s best camera is the Nikon D800. Its 36-million-pixel full frame sensor offers exceptionally high resolution capture and, according to EISA magazine tests, no compromises have been made to the extent of the camera’s dynamic range or noise levels at high ISO settings. In a compact and reasonably priced, strong and sturdy body, it offers first-rate metering and a 51-point autofocus system developed from the professional D4. The camera has a clear and bright 100% viewfinder that is very precise and comfortable to use even for glasses wearers. The tiny flash can command additional Nikon flash units and delivers just the right amount of fill-in illumination even in complex lighting conditions. The D800E version delivers even higher resolution images without needing any post processing sharpening: the image quality comes close to that of a medium format camera, but with the benefits and versatility of a lightweight 35mm reflex camera.”

Nikon's press release:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 15 August 2012 Nikon has won two accolades at this year’s EISA awards, taking the prize for ‘European Professional Camera of the year 2012-2013’ for the FX-format full-frame Nikon D4, and ‘European Camera of the year 2012-2013’ for the 36.3 megapixel FX-format Nikon D800.

The announcement adds to Nikon’s awards success at this year’s TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) awards, where the Nikon D800 picked up a ‘Best D-SLR Expert’ award, and similar plaudits were given to the Nikon 1 system camera and the Nikon D5100.

Dirk Jasper, Product Manager for Nikon Europe, says: “We are really proud to receive these two EISA awards for our flagship D-SLRs. Both the Nikon D4 and D800 offer unparalleled image quality and excellent performance in even the most extreme shooting situations, and feedback from professional photographers and videographers has been incredibly positive.”

Each year, the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) nominates the best equipment from different categories of audiovisual products released in Europe during the preceding 12 months. It recognises those products that will be appreciated by an enthusiast and professional audience who want high quality and creative features. The awards are chosen by panels representing over 50 prominent photo, video, audio, home theatre and mobile electronics magazines from up to 20 European countries.

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  • Ole

    Knee-cone kicks ass!

    • Nikon no longer lead

      Due to Nikon’s failing to admit the seriously flawed Left AF issue and the green tinged LCD issue, many had to return multiple times to get it corrected.

      The shipping cost and insurance cost on these expensive cameras has significantly hurt Nikon’s loyal customer base. One can read several reviews standing on the firm ground that D800 is strictly for Studio use. Many loyal customers are now switching to 5d mark III or 1DX due to superior AF system and better low light capabilities.

      On the flip side, it is ironic how 5D mark III turned out to be the true successor to D700.

      Nikon fan boys need to stop being emotional about their Brand loyalty and see the fact from the Truth.

      • snarfy

        ^^ lmfao

        These repetitive bulls*** mongering is beginning to sound a lot like an “End of Days” cult. And I absolutely LOVE you!!

        You should make big cardboard signs that quote pages out of the Canon AE-1 manual and stand in front of camera stores, screaming at pedestrians to “REPENT FROM NIKON. CANON IS THE HOLY TRUTH. IT IS NOT TOO LATE YOU GODLESS HEATHENS. ACCEPT THE DIGIC5 AS YOUR ONE AND TRUE SAVIOR AND YOUR SINS WILL BE FORGIVEN.”

        And when you see Nikon Reps walk up you can whip them with Canon straps and declare them “Heretics.”

        • Award for Fanboys

          Funny how some Nikon fanboys here really needed this “AWARD” to justify their D800 purchase.

          Deep down they know they are not happy with their D800.

          • snarfy

            You are so insightful and well stated! Such magnificently presented rhetoric! With such clairvoyant, Aristotelian arguments, who could argue? Tell me more!

            • HAHA Fanboy AWARD!

              Had me laughing there!

              D800 Still trails behind 5D3 and that my friend is not an attack on D800!

            • fatbear

              Don’t know why it made Canon fanboy nervous. 5D3 also won the award in “advanced” SDLR category. Why so many different categories were created? Just to make everyone happy?

            • Fatbear: Exactly, too many categories —> no substance

              Which is better? No one knows, as all cameras have one their category. Apart from that I am VERY happy with my D800 🙂

            • Jason


              But, no award for on-time delivery or fixing new product issues. Moi lucked out with a good D800

          • who cares?

            They are just cameras for goodness sake ! Get real ! I’m pretty sure any real photographers would not be taking time to post here – it’s a complete waste of time – who actually gives one toss what your opinon is? I certainly don’t ! ha ha ha ha ha !

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Nice pic!

          • Trollease

            You sound upset. U mad bro?

            • Jake

              No one wants a handicapped AF !

              Silly Nikon fan boys, don’t get mad at Canon for actually listening to their customer! an actually producing product thats better than previous, unlike D800 and D4 !

            • French Fries

              Too bad for you Canon boy that Canon is far lagging behind in technology. Still 22MP and lots of noise in the higher ISO region and nearly no DR and recovery options for highlights and shadows.

              What was it with the middle AF and some 3rd party lenses with the 5D3? Something about not being in focus….

            • Trollease

              @ Jake

              So u r mad then?

          • Yeah deep down I KNOW I wasted my money on the best DSLR ever made. lol.

            • who cares?

              ha ha ha ha – now, THAT was funny. If it’s the ultimate in resolution that you are after, in a DSLR, then i’ll go along with that.

            • No, the best DSLR ever made. I shoot landscape, no other DSLR manufactured by ANYONE has ever come close – why do you really think the D800 has been sold out for months? It has nothing to do with existing Nikon shooters. Who do you think is dumping the 5DMKWHATEVER so quick you can now pick up a 5DIII for £2k? Do you think it’s soccer moms? Nope it’s pretty much anyone that’s gone near a landscape with one of those wonky 17-40 so called “L” lenses (L for lol no doubt). Not sure what’s so hard to understand, Canon don’t have a credible landscape camera, and haven’t done so for years. The D700 had a sensor that was light years ahead of the 5DII and still is. At the MF end, Blad and Phase One are losing customers so quick they’ve had to brutalise their price list. I’m not sure what’s so hard for you to understand, but it’s the most revolutionary DSLR made to date, no question.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Not entirely fair Russ. I think the first 5D was kind of revolutionary and really not bad for what it was. It’s too bad Canon got away from that. But that’s OK because here comes the D600 anyway and at that point Canon is going to have to remember what they were trying to do with the 5D.

            • @ Russ Barnes

              LMAO ! at your comment:

              “Who do you think is dumping the 5DMKWHATEVER so quick you can now pick up a 5DIII for £2k? ”

              Nikon D800 stock status is nothing to do with people buying more D800 than 5D3.

              But it has everything to do with Canon’s ability to effectively mass produce 5D3 and making it widely available in the market. You have to realize that Canon is a much much bigger company than Nikon.

            • Wow, that last one really felt like a kick in the b@770ck5 didn’t it. Lol. Your one man Canon troll has been entertaining but entirely meaningless. There’s a reason why you’re here, and we both know what it is. Your cold empty existence with Canon. Now lets see your photography you pussy.

            • Andrew

              “…But it has everything to do with Canon’s ability to effectively mass produce 5D3 and making it widely available in the market..”

              Trolls don’t reason, they shoot out words hoping they make sense. Check credible places like Amazon and you will see that the D800 has been far outselling the Canon 5D Mark III (i.e. 5D3). The D800 is frequently the #1 selling DSLR camera in Amazon, often generating more sales than much lower priced cameras. In fact even the 5D2 is now outselling the 5D3. Apparently a lot of people just do not find enough value in this camera – it appears not to be price competitive. Canon is a good company but right now they are behind Nikon. This is to be expected when major companies compete, there are times when one company leapfrogs the other; this time it is Nikon’s turn.

          • Canon fanys butthurt

            go cry to your mommy because you didn’t get an award

          • elph

            Funny how some other fanboys need to console themselves while telling nikon “fanboys” that their award isn’t worth anything while crying. Award or not, focus issue or not (I’m not aware of it), green tint or not (its gone?), I’m more then pleased with my D800. Keep loving your camera, and let the D800 and D4 bulldoze their way through everything.

          • Michael

            It’s kinda funny. The left AF issue doesn’t affect most of the cameras, and for those cameras which are affected, it’s almost non-existent. As for the green LCD, it is non-existent too. It is more accurate than previous LCDs. If you compare the D700 and D800 to a correctly calibrated computer monitor, you will realise the D4/D800 is much more accurate.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          I think this is probably someone who shoots only Nikon who is writing this stuff. I think he does it just because he enjoys seeing how stirred up he can get everybody. And when I think about it for a while, it’s kind of funny.

          But I don’t think any of this is funny to Canon, nor to anyone who is heavily invested in Canon optics. That stuff looks like it is standing to become about as cheap as pre AI stuff was when I started buying into the system. I have no doubt that the 4, 800, and 3200 are seriously digging into Canon’s bottom line.

          • Russ Barnes

            In anycase, I gotta admit Nikon D800 has failed to carry on the torch from D700.

            • lol. The problem is this didn’t work because my username is RussB you prick. And when you address me from now on you can call me Sir.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Dammmm. You trolls really are motivated. Shame on Canon.

            • jose

              OK, D800 had a problem and i was corrected any way and the new buyer won’t have it any more.

            • Ren Kockwell

              RussB, you are cracking me up today! You’re loaded for bear!

            • French Fries

              The only torch it couldn’t carry is speed – In all else it blows D700 out of its way.

        • D600=$1499

          Hilarious. Hats off! 🙂

          • Jason

            I want to buy Used D600 for 999 as back-up body. Done. Kaput.

      • Mr.C

        Let me summaries the post above for people that don’t want to waste time: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla AF issue bla bla bla bla Canon something something bla bla bla bla Nikon is not cool bla bla bla some statistics pulled out of above poster’s arse bla bla bla end of post.

        • 36MP = AWARD

          Easy to get these awards.
          Just make a 36MP camera and WALLA! ya got yourself an “AWARD” and thus resulting in Happy Customers!

          • Pablo Ricasso

            How is it to be jealous?

          • Don’t Anger fanboys!


            careful there buddy, don’t wanna make these Nikon fanboys angry !

            :-0 LMAO!

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Don’t be so hurt.
              Your guys got one too.

          • WALLA


            There, fixed that for you.

            • Shame you couldn’t have helped them out with the light leaks and poisonous grips so quick 🙂

            • ShaoLynx

              So duct tape is the answer to correcting language mistakes of Canon trollboys, too, eh?
              Yet another use of duct tape confirmed.

              Admittedly, these trollboys in C Major really kick my sense of righteousness, actually making me become a Nikon fanboy. I just ordered me a polo shirt of the brand to emphasize that.

              And yes, my D800 works like charm, and it doesn’t show any low ISO shadow noise unlike the 5DMIII, which is one of the reasons why the D800 scores so much better on DXO. And guess what: that IQ-issue has been there with the 5D series since the beginning, and C can’t fix THAT with a piece of duct tape.

          • Sylvain Larive

            If it was SOooooooOOOOo easy to get rewards and please customers, your preferred camera company is the dumbest company ever not to do it!

        • KnightPhoto

          LOL Mr. C 😉

          If shooters own either of these products (and it is working correctly :-)), you too will understand why they won. …scrunching sound heard while Nikon grinds Canon underheel…

        • grisowoody

          Let me summaries, Mr.C: You intend to introduce 22nd century English here but you aren’t sure whether there are any takers…..

          • Mr.C

            Your reply is so witty and funny that I honestly think you should be crowned prince of the internet!

      • Nathan

        Seriously, does everyone that owns a D800 only use the focusing spot on the far left corner? Do those same owners always use the LCD to determine final color accuracy? I think you’re blowing this way out of proportion, but then again, it doesn’t surprise me. Usually when one person mentions something in a forum all the lemmings seem to latch onto it and use it to death.

        For example, if there was a photo of some fireworks taken handheld that were still sharp in the photo, but it was taken at high ISO. Everyone says “hey that looks pretty good.” Then one commentor would say “hey you should have used a slower shutter speed and a tripod.” Suddenly everyone seems to latch onto that comment and make similar comments until you’re ready to explode. I think this is the same situation. One person has a problem and suddenly EVERYONE has it even if they don’t own the camera, but their brother’s friend’s sister has a D800 and it does it. People don’t really come to forums to praise their camera (or cars or other products). They mainly come to b***ch about something they think is wrong. So what you basically see are all the problems, but not the ones that have no problems. I’m sure many people have had no problems vs the ones that actually do.

        • kulturindustrie

          And if they praise their own camera, they obviously are “fanboys”. But hey, my D800 has no AF-issues, so why should I?

          • focus issue? you are holding it wrong !!

            d800 out of the first batch here – and no issues. Love it, about to buy another one.

      • Art

        Yes, perhaps the 5D Mark 3 is the true successor for the D700. On the other hand, the D800/E is a truly revolutionary camera that leapfrogs any “successor” level cameras. Each and every day I amazed at the picture quality that comes from my D800E and do not have any regrets — even though my camera suffers from the left focus problem.

        Incidentally, Nikon has acknowledged the left focus problem as a member of Nikon’s customer service told me yesterday. (So at least to me, it is an acknowledged issue.)

        • How exactly is the 5DMKIII the successor to the D700? The banding in the Canon sensor alone would have taken it back a decade 🙂 Puuuuuuuuuuuurlease.

          • Russ is hurt :’-(

            Buddy don’t be so emotional !

        • I agree with your sentiment, Art, but I disagree with others that the 5DmkIII is the successor to the D700. Heck, forget my opinion on it. Simply compare the Mark III and the D700/D800 and notice in the Canon inferior dynamic range, image softness, higher noise levels, lower resolution, and the ergonomically disturbing scroll wheel.

          The 5DmkIII is just what its name implies: the replacement of the 5DmkII. Sure, it’s an improvement. But when the mainstream photographic community classifies the Mark III as the “true D700 replacement”, it is mere proof of the phenomenon that these people fallaciously cling to one metric, and one metric only when comparing cameras: The Almighty Megapixel.

          • St.

            Well said, Ron!

            As I said before – Canon renovates, Nikon innovates!

          • Well said!

      • JLK

        Damn fanboy awards. LOL

        See the fact from the truth? So do you consider the incredible performance of the Nikons a fact or the truth? 🙂

      • Eric

        Uhh.. failure to admit left focus issue? WRONG! they admitted it and fixed it. Thats just the first line of your comment. the rest is probably just as full of garbage. You sound like a fanboy. Go to Canonrumors please. Noone gives a fuck about your pathetic chip on the shoulder.


        Proud D800 owner

        • Jason

          Amen! Looove my D800, and it came without defects.

          a beaatch to process wedding photos though… who needs aunts’ wide rear in 36mp

          • gsum

            er, shouldn’t you be photographing the wedding?

            • jason

              : ) besides the ceremony, there’s the reception and all that candid stuff… that would be fine with 12mp… but, i sold d700, dont want to watch for dx crop, and shoot raw… so everything is 36mp + ouch!

      • Wonder how

        Is Canon paying you well for your comments on Nikon-related forums?

      • Wow, i thought there exist Apple fan boy and fandroid, i Didn’e expect there were this kind such thing in photography 🙂 , well… from my point of view. Nikon best on picture, while canon on video.

      • lol. You forgot landscape. It was made for landscape. Your trolling isn’t even competent trolling.

        And as for the focus, yeah it’s a nightmare – look at all the blur:

        What a twat you are.

        • Zoot

          Great pictures, Russ.

          But you should be kinder to those in distress.

        • Dhino

          Great pics, Russ!

        • Jason

          Russ – nice work! Art like Michael Kenna, but talks like a fisher-woman’s nastiness : )

      • bert

        There is just 1 thing that gives a full K.O. to the 5dmkIII and it totally makes all left focus, green tint, faster AF etc complete inferior problems:
        The 14.5 D-range is the most important improvement ever made in full-frame DSLR photography. The tonal and dynamic range of the D800 are absolutely magnificent. The lame 11.8 stops of the MKIII made me almost throw it out of the window.
        I don’t bother about AF, as my 85mm PCE kicks the 85 1.2 Canon in its butt when it comes to having the best portrait lens. It has the best bokeh and the craziest full open corner-corner sharpness, so I have to live without AF anyway.

      • Discontinued

        Hey, trolls have advanced ! ! !

        They have discovered the benefits of copy ‘n paste. Great, now I have to read the same shit over and over again.

        “True successor bla bla bla, indoor camera, bla bla, focus, bla bla bla!”

      • umesh

        DRINK !

      • I own both the 5D Mkiii and the Nikon D800. First off I am one of the majority of D800 owners that doesn’t have the left AF or the green screen issues.

        The D800 isn’t just a studio camera, or just a landscape camera that has to be on a tri-pod at all times. People who make statements like this either haven’t shot with it, or really don’t know how to use a DSLR.

        I have used both of these fine DSLRs and have been pleased with the results from both. I have shot both the D800 and 5D MkIII from ISO 100 to 12,800. The D800 is a little noisier IMO above 6400, but at the same time I feel the 5D MkIII over cooks the jpeg at anything over 6400 ISO. To me it is easier to remove the noise from the D800 image than remove the smearing I get with the 5D MkIII.

        Both DSLRs are versatile, though I do like the fact that the D800 has a pop up flash if I need just a little fill. The D800 also has a focus assist light for shooting in extremely low light, two things I wish the 5D had. I guess I can carry a 430ex II and a small flash light so I can do the same thing.

        Another thing I like that the D800 does is that it offers a Dx crop mode, a 1/2x mode as well as being FX. This gives me reach if I need it. It also lets me use crop sensor lenses too.

        The 5D MkIII offers 6 frames per second, which I can only get in the D800 in Dx mode with a vertical grip mounted to the camera. The other thing I like about the 5D over the D800 is the fact that I have more control of ambient light when shooting with flash. I do believe my D4 is the first Nikon DSLR to offer separate flash and exposure comp settings while using flash. Something Canon users have had for a while. The last thing I like about the 5D over the D800 is (using a 90mb CF card) is when the buffer on both DSLRs fill up, the 5D still chugs out a shot here and there. The D800 just sits, sometimes 15 to 30 seconds until the buffer clears.

        The DSLR I pick for vacations and walk arounds. The D800.

        • Patto Desu

          I went to your website and was looking through your gallery. Most of your portraits seemed to be a little soft. Was that a result of trying to get the smallest file size or ???

        • ShaoLynx

          About that buffer thing, I use 14-bit RAW lossless compression, and I don’t have to wait for many seconds when the buffer needs clearing, just long enough to allow for yet another image to be written to the buffer. No more than just a few seconds on a fairly slow SD card.
          Are your RAW settings different?

        • umesh

          All Nikon dslrs have separate exposure and flash compensation buttons and settings. And in the same place. The buffer doesn’t need to clear fully to be able to get more pics. As space clears on buffer it shows on upper display the clickable amount of frames and you can go ahead. I guess because of huge size of image buffer clearing is slower that 5d3.

        • Ralph

          The D800 is a fabulous camera and my D800e is everything that I have wished for a long time.

          If you want the best landscapes to print and hang on the wall, this is the camera. But you do need to use a good tripod to do large prints with best sharpness.

          If you shoot, like 99% of people, to stick on the web, flickr, facebooks etc just get a cheap 6MP camera its all you really need.

          The D800 doesnt need to be tripod mounted and will perform the same or a bit better than most cameras handheld in the same situation, its just not as good when you pixel peep. But printing the same size print from a D800 aganist any other camera will not show the difference pixel peeping will.

      • MarkAlex

        Nikon no longer lead?
        EISA thinks different. Or are you upset Nikon kicked Canon’s ass. No ONE is switching too Canon because of the D800 you can use it outdoor too, you just have too know how.

      • Henrik Petersen

        This Canon vs. Nikon, Canon bashing, Nikon bashing is boring. Go take some pictures.

      • Rudi

        Wow, it seems to make the Canon fanboys green with envy that they need to post their anger here instead of their own sides… just awkward!

      • Passerby

        I’m just here to see if the D800=Fail Troll is still around. Glad that I’m not disappointed.

        More entertainment please, thank you! 🙂

      • Ro

        Why don’t you go to see Canon rumors? You are wasting others time.

      • grisowoody

        D800 may suffer from inaccurate focusing in the far left of the focussing point array: Mine does, a minor nuisance. But then it’s still, by a very wide margin, the best camera I’ve ever taken pictures with. Supreme quality and versatility, easy handling – what more do you want?

      • scurvy hesh

        Am I the only one that still uses the center focus point and recomposes?

        • umesh

          We of the old school are few and farther. The latest breed keeps focusing on auto wide keeps their eyes closed and hopes for correct focus.

    • Kick ass indeed! but though the 1Dx would win this instead of the D4! (d800 owner)

      • james

        Agree on that. Played with all of the cameras at B&H recently and the 1DX was sweet as anything. Seen nothing but praise for it. D800 was amazing too.

      • MarkAlex

        1Dx got an award last year, Canon annaunced it launched before Nikon, even though the camera wasn’t on the market, actually if I think about it, Canon didn’t have test cameras 1Dx an they won.
        But that’s not important you can’t win 2 years in a row the award is for new cameras, D4 was launched this year.

    • Tern

      Can someone point me to a comparison of D4 and D800 high ISO performance at scaled PRINT sizes?

  • Kickass Neeeekon!

    • those awards are only that camera company keeps sponsoring sport events and they have in exchange some sticker to put on their boxes.
      if you look, every camera ever was awarded. it is just scam

  • snarfy

    Woah a D800 troll wasn’t in the first two posts?

    • I should be shooting

      Check the reply to the very first post 😉

    • Zoot

      He is now, by using the deviously cunning technique of “answering” the first post.

      Crafty devil.

  • Jabs

    Congratulations Nikon for a spectacular comeback after two natural disasters last year. Now on to the D600, D400 plus the updates to the Nikon 1 System and NEW lenses for both Systems.
    On to Photokina then!

  • Sir Nikon

    Thank you folks and EISA for honoring me!!

  • The negative man

    Is it only me, or was that the best EISA could do on producing video?

    Is it that hard to find a good looking lady that has actually held a DSLR before? The got the good looking part right, but obviously that was the only requirements… A more wobbly grip on the camera would be hard to find!

    And look, the D800 can be carried both in front of you, AND on your hip!!! 🙂

  • komalkumar

    Come one every other camera released this year seems to be on the list of winners 🙂
    just look at their website…..

    give different names and keep every one happy seems to be the way here !!

  • Carmine Monoxide

    This is absolutely absurd.

    How could a camera (D800) with such a limited utility (mainly for portraits) be given such a high honor?

    If only I were someone who mainly shot portraits, I would have one of these already.

    • Jeff

      Perhaps it is not the camera, but your imagination that is limited.

      • Carmine Monoxide

        My attempt at humorous sarcasm has failed.

        • fjfjjj

          Switching to Canon…

          • Foolishcfo

            We won’t miss you…

            • umesh

              I think it was sarcasm again.

            • fjfjjj

              Switching back to Nikon…

        • You have lost face.

          Obviously you can only shoot landscapes with this camera and a fifty pound tripod. Undeserving!

          • EGGZZ


            You obviously know very little about photography and close to nothing about the D800.

            I you have a little skill, you can use the D800 for just about anything except sports….and with exceptional IQ too.

            I even took some really nice sports pix…just took a little more shots to get them than it would with my D700, Witch is still a superior camera btw if you ask me.

            • Sarcasm detector broken?

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Witch!!! Witch!!!

          • Josh

            To be fair to EGGZZ people post that kind of thing about the D800 and really mean it all the time.

        • umesh

          In that case you should have specified” sports”.

    • Eric

      Portraits? Limited Utility? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      I don’t even think these idiots think about what they are writing and with comments like these its clear they have no idea what they are talking about.

      Haters gonna hate,

      Proud D800 owner

    • elph

      You mean to tell me your kitchen knife is impossible to use to stab people, shave sticks, open packages, etc… and can only cut food?

    • PetPhotog189

      Hey dumbass, everyone knows the D800 is ONLY for taking pictures of cats!


        and test charts, you forgot test charts.

  • Star

    Best Camera. D800. Okay, that’s fine.
    Bes SLR Camera. Sony A57. Wait a minute, the D800 IS an SLR
    Best advanced SLR. Canon 5D MkIII. Um, isn’t this in the exact same category as the D800? Yes, I’m pretty sure it is.
    Best Professional Camera. D4. Okay, I’ll agree, but I am confused as to how the D800 and 5D MkIII don’t qualify as professional, and the Fuji does.

    It looks to me like everyone is the best. YAY! And I guess autofocus problems (Nikon, Fuji), light leaks (Canon), exploding mounts (Nikon), fogging and poor paint quality (Olympus), sub-par IQ (Samsung) … none of that matters.

    • Kenny

      EISA made sure there is a prize for everyone.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        They sure do. Awards are a business. One has to pay fees to apply. You can’t let your customers down, can you?

        EISA means as little to me as any other award. That said I want to add that my D800E is a very awarding tool. I couldn’t care less about it being award winning or not.

    • Afrika Bambaataa

      No reason for confusion. There are different categories in which specific cameras were awarded, then there’s an category called ‘Best Camera overall’, which was given to D800.

      So in a sense, D800 trumps them all according to EISA. Does that mean that D800 is considered as ‘jack of all trades master or…?’ I’m not sure, but as a previous owner of D3X and D700 I can say it’s the best camera I ever owned and no other camera I know today comes close to it.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Have a look at larger sensors and you’ll find cameras that are pretty close to the D800 or even trump it slightly …

        … in other words the D800 is a steal and simply the best value for money out there.

        • Afrika Bambaataa

          Sure, but I wasn’t talking about those…

      • peter2

        Should I be confused with them giving the best SLR award to a Sony, which is an SLT?

    • St.

      same like TIPA’s awards…
      all cameras win in certain categories

      • Either it is a good scroll wheel or a nice color award if it isnt “best of the year” or “most advanced camera o f the year…” or maybe “best beginners camera of the year…” urgh

  • Ken

    Did EISA test Canon cameras at all?

    • Jock Ingeman

      They sure did.
      Then mumbled something like this to their chins…’Hmm we hope Canon ups their game next year…’

  • Jadekub


  • CRB

    And the girl REALLY knows how to handle a lens!!!lol

    • Eric

      No kidding. More people that don’t know what they are doing. much like the rtard comments above that are hating on the Nikon.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      She can handle MY lens!!!

  • gallon

    I read these threads for the idgit commentary. Some guys really know their stuff and I learn from that, but a lot of guys like to climb up on a chair and act the poseur. Hilarious.

  • Banned

    Must be like every other industry award out there, everyone gets a prize, there are no losers 🙂

  • Tai

    The only thing I don’t like about my D800 is the colour reproduction on the LCD. On the plus, I love that there are 5 brightness settings for the LCD. Don’t have the left focus field problem – I checked with different lenses; seems only a few are prone. After using the D800 for the very first time, I was very glad that I sold my D700 to partly fund the D800. The D800 is a natural successor to the D700 and more. Now all I need is a desperate update to my trusty D300.
    Oh! Video – yeah! I am quite happy with what the D800 delivers but I would prefer that there should be an option to view through the viewfinder as well as I require my reading glasses to shoot in Live View.
    As for each manufacturer winning an award – it’s freekin’ true. All in the name of keeping their advertisers satisfied.

    • jorge

      Shame you sold the D700 and kept the D300. I would have done the reverse. I kept my d700 AND I also kept my d300 (as my kid uses it). I do have the left focus issue but as I’ve written before I stay away from that side until I can get the camera to Nikon in Melville NY — in person.

    • umesh

      Technically not possible to view shooting video in viewfinder as shutter has to bounce up . Basic limitation.

  • Trollease

    You guys really need to stop feeding trolls.

  • Is this a real award? Those videos seemed like they were making fun of DSLR cameras. Maybe it’s just the accent 😉

  • Steve Starr

    They also listed the Canon 1Dx, Fuji Pro1, a couple of Olympus cameras as well as the two Nikons as award winners. Much of anything that showed up in 2013 got listed by them for an award, including the Canon Pro 1 printer too.

    Next year if Pentax does something, they”ll get an award and maybe Epson too if they show up with a new printer. Should be good for a bunch of Coolpixes and maybe some Nikon J3 something or the touted D600.

    Not much to see here with regards to awards being passed out like candy samples to everyone. Sort of pointless awards really.

    • The best part was they gave an award to the 1DX without seeing it, it was still in pieces on the bedroom floor of some developer in the back arse of Indonesia somewhere. It should have got an award for the “least anticipated latest ever most delayed amateur release which still came with 5 year old sensor tech” award. Or something.

    • EnPassant

      Excuse me but where did you see Canon 1DX getting an award? You are maybe thinking of Canon G1X? These names are really easy to confuse!
      By the way it is still 2012! 😉

  • Well, the D4 certainly deserves the award. Best camera I ever shot with.

    My only complaint is that it doesn’t have TWO XQD slots . . . and built in GPS . . . and built in WiFi . . . and Eye Fi compatibility. But other than that little bit of nit-picking, hands down the best camera I’ve ever shot with!

  • Michael

    If I was going to give Nikon an award it would be for scamming so many of us into believing we would ever get a camera on a Nikon pre-oreder list. I am still waiting for my D800E over 6 months later. I have been a faithful Nikon owner since the early 70’s. Because of this entire debacle, however, I wish I had been a Cannon camera owner instead. I think they have done irreparable damage to their reputation and their camera enthusiast base. Whatever awards they receive for their cameras has certainly been tainted by their business practices. I just hope they read this and take note that thousands of Nikon owners around the U.S. are really pissed off at them.

    • EGGZZ

      Why didn’t you just buy the camera elsewhere ??

      Lots of store have had / are having then i stock.

      I am still on a waiting-list at the biggest retailer here since feb. 22…but I got it two months ago from a little local shop.

    • John_IGG

      If you were a Canon (not Cannon) owner since 70, you would be dumping your FD lenses on eBay…

      Do you see how lucky you are? You can use all your Nikkor lenses with you new camera bodies!

      I live in a small, poor country, not in the capital of this country and I got my D800E almost 2 weeks after I ordered it.

      So, my friend, you are either lying or just trolling. Your choice.

  • I hate these canon and nikon Debates.. They’re both great cameras. The D800 by far has better image quality and is extremely better when it comes to dynamic range.

    Here is a comparison showing you how much the D800 is a better performer to the 5D Mark 3 in the dynamic range area.

    On the other hand, the canon is a better performer when it comes to video for example, has a higher fps burst mode.

    Both are great, each is a better in a certain area.

    • No one is interested in a voice of reason on this thread 🙂

      • snarfy

        ^^ hahaha its so true

  • The d800 left focusing problem is not an issue, Nikon has a fix for that.
    It did take exactly 3 days for Nikon to fix my D800. Not a big deal if you think about it!

    In terms of availability, take a look at smaller retails .

    For those that keep talking about Canon being better then Nikon, how much are you paid by Canon ? Nothing you say ! Get a life, what to you care what people use. You are not making any money on it.

  • kimi

    Well I shoot portraits and my D800 is on it’s way back to Nikon as I type this. I have not had even ONE image come out SHARP! All my work is now put on hold. I don’t really care what the problem is… released to soon, needs to be calibrated. I just want a camera that will work, like I expect from a $3000 camera. My old D80 put the D800 I got in to shame! Totally frustrated! And don’t even waste your time. No I am NOT switching to Canon.

    • Burgerman

      My dog, one handed, with dog lead in the other, just took from camera two mins ago.

      Hand held, 360ISO, focus on continuous, JPG straight from camera (sharpening set to just 3) plus 0.5/100 Unsharp mask, taken by an amateur/idiot.

      And they are all this sharp. Unless I screw it up. And the left focus point is exactly the same. In fact the focus system is amazing and practically clairvoyant. Set it to auto or 3d and it just works.

      So I maybe you should wipe the lens on your sleeve?

      Only the corner of the eye is actually in focus – such is the depth of field at this resolution at 100 percent. (About the same size as a door!)

      • John_IGG


  • I have never heard about EISA until now.

    • John_IGG

      Is there something wrong with your ears?

  • Hmmm… though the Canon 1Dx really would be the EISA 2012-2013 camera… (Coming from a D800 owner)

  • Anonymous Maximus

    EISA 2012 Greenest Product (ehm, LCD) Award goes to D800 🙂

  • Everybody gets a prize form EISA. Stupid..

  • Dweeb

    These things are meaningless. How about screwing us with a 12MP camera for 4 years while the market was at 24? Or an award for ineptitude in not getting VR in the decade old 300 f4? Or even the 24-70?

    • Zoot

      My 300 f4 is glorious, Dweeb. With a TC14e, it’s a glorious 420 f5.6, at a giveaway price. I haven’t bought a 24-70 f2.8 because I already own a 28-70 f2.8, which is… glorious.

      My 12 MP D3s is…

      OK. I admit it. I’m behind the times.

    • Aldo

      if you need VR on a 24-70mm you need a cigarette before you shoot. That lens is leet as it is.

      • Obvious Pro

        Landscapes Ken Rockwell style (sans tripod) require VR you obvious noob.



  • HN

    What I would like to know is who the hell made the video clip and why did no one tell the model that is NOT how you hold a DSLR. Even my 13 years student know better.

    • Obvious Pro

      Well if you’ve been teaching them for 13 years I’d hope so.

  • John_IGG

    I wonder if all the above Nikon haters aren’t aware of the dxomark evaluation. For you info, here is a link below… It shows D700 as good as 5DmIII (80 vs 81, but with a better dynamic range – 5DmIII for crying out loud, their newest, recently developed, up to date, latest, current, state-of-the-art, contemporary, advanced, recent, modern, cutting-edge, leading-edge camera in par with D700! ) and the D800E, which far exceeds ALL cameras with a majestic score of 96 (95 for D800)!

    Which of the above sentences didn’t you understand?

    Here is the link, check for yourselves:|0/(brand)/Canon/(appareil2)/814|0/(brand2)/Nikon/(appareil3)/441|0/(brand3)/Nikon

    Proud owner of a D800E, D700, D300s, D200 plus lots of prime glass.

  • Rx4Photo

    I guess the world is my studio because I take my D800 everywhere!!!!!!!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That sounds like the theme for next year’s Photokina…
      Why the hell wouldn’t you?

    • Obvious Pro

      Your studio is sometimes dark too. 😉

  • Martin

    What would You prefer:
    1. honoured and prized camera with at least 50% probability of faulty AF system and low ratio of successfull service actions.
    2. normal, not prized camera, with low level of out-of-factory issues, quickly solved by the service?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      What would I prefer?
      Perhaps some discussion about photography would be nice.
      Maybe it would be good if they allowed the chance to comment on the Canon forum. But they don’t and that says more than all the words that would be there if they did.
      I would prefer more improvements in dynamic range and tonality and continued increases in resolution accompanied by less noise at higher ISO, as has been the case.
      I would prefer the option to have screen with a microprism and split image in it.
      I would prefer a viewfinder as large as that of my F2A and removable.
      I would prefer a sensor and computer that slid out the bottom so that I could update it and change shapes and sizes and then change the viewfinder to match.
      But what I would really really prefer is that uninformed whining trolls would quit coming on here and crying about problems that don’t amount so squat that pertain to the best camera ever made so that they can prop up some ill designed totally inferior overpriced piece of dog squeeze made by a company that specializes in office machines and camcorders and markets junk to soccer moms just so the value of their mediocre lenses don’t depreciate any harder than they are going to. Your system lost. It sucks to be you. Get over it.

      • John_IGG


      • Martin

        You see, I’m lucky guy.
        I would change all Your wishes to properly working AF in my D800 (being – how sad to say this – made by Nikon, not Canon).
        Rest of this camera is fine, and is doing what it was supposed to do.
        Now I’m facing a fight with retailer or service in the country, where customer’s law is not favourable for buyers…

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Alrighty then, I hope you can accept my apology for the angry rant. I had been reading posts made by trolls all day and made a rash judgement. I really hate judges.

          What would I prefer? I would prefer you sent the camera in, specified exactly where it wasn’t working, with maybe the lens, and got it fixed.

          What else would I prefer. Maybe the 5dIII if priced appropriately at say… 1199. I would buy it if it was 1000 bucks. I have a couple Canon minidv recorders and they’re great.

          • Mrtin

            Thank You.
            It would be nice to know, that service can resolve mentioned problem. But, from different reports from different places on our planet, it is not like this. And it’s not reported by semi-anonymous participants of discussion boards, but usersbeing known from their skills like Thom Hogan.
            I won’t buy from Canon anything else than printer (or maybe vacuum cleaner 🙂 ). I’ve a lot of Nikon lenses, flashes and other stuff, so swapping systems is not rational for me.
            Denying that there’s a problem with a number of D800s, and attacking users for a comliants, rather than blaming producer for lack of action i something new for me. What does owners of good cameras can win with it? What can win ones, who even don’t posess (and even don’t plan to buy) D800?
            I think it’s a good field for sociology scientists.
            BTW, there were some tests of coca-cola and pepsi fans, with usage of MRI. While fanboy was drinking something in a blind test, MRI showed almost always some reactions of brain parts, responsible for pleasure. But revealing, that the fluid was not THE favourite drink, blocked ability of enjoying “bad” drink.
            In the field of camera equipment there’s also more brain’s chemistry than logical thinking. Pity, lot’s of people is missing lot’s of oportunities of fine discussions.

      • umesh

        I miss microprism split screen. AF has spoilt us all.


      I would prefer that people like you would stop exaggerating.

    • kim rennie

      “What would You prefer:”

      Idiots like you to stop posting publicly.

      • Martin

        I have had no idea, that writing offending statements is a proof of intelligence.
        But You missed. Sorry, Your IQ is too low to make me feel any bad.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Actually, Kim wasn’t far off…

          • Martin

            Focus on my D800 is not also far off.
            But far enough to be unacceptable.

            • Kevin Rudolph

              So what eaxtly is your problem? You alone generated 1/3 posts in this thread most of them pointless drivel. Stick to the point or sod off.

            • IMMA SHOCKED

              I think “Martin” might actually be one of those “trolls” you sometimes see on the “internet”. I think perhaps he’s could be (get ready for a shock) lying!!! to cover his trolling activities.


              My point is… stop over exaggerating and depart whilst self fornicating.

            • Martin

              @Kevin Rudolph
              1/3??? Interesting math…

              @IMMA SHOCKED
              Get ready for shock:
              No, I’m not lying.
              Get ready for even bigger shock:
              It”s hard to deny, that You wouldn’t be able to find, if there’s any problem with a camera like D800, even if You wold have been using it for years.

  • Frank

    There seems to be a lot of Testosterone about – poor fools!!

    I got my D4 on March 16th – some 13,000 shots later I’m finally starting to learn what can be done with it. I also bought a D800E in June (by chance) and got a shock .

    I have use of a 1DX and a 5D MkIII which belongs to my friend.

    We have long ago stopped having a go at each others choices and now fight over whose image looks the best in print.

    I don’t like the Canons as it does not fit in my hands (Size 12) but I have used them enough to be able to take a decent image.

    My Latest winner was a picture of a horses eye (Nikon V1, TC2.0, FT1, 200-400.
    His a night shot 1DX

    Take Bloody pictures you morons!!!!!

    • fjfjjj

      Switching to Kiev…

      • Pablo Ricasso


        Post of the day. FLMAO

    • Zimbio

      You never owned a camera, did you …you bozo…

    • THE dslr geek

      What? You go out and shoot photos with your dslr?!?! This is sooo 1990!

      Like the other 99% of dslr owners I use my dslr and expensive glass mainly for shooting test photos at home just to have something to prang or complain about in photography forums. And when I want to go out and do some serious shooting I take my beautiful red colored coolpix or I just shoot with my iPhone and post directly to facebook (try this with your dslr). A dslr is too heavy and too ugly to be seen with in public places. This is what dslrs are for!

      • Pablo Ricasso


        Post of the next day!!! FLMAO

        But you forgot videos. You need the 36 megapixels to shoot 2 megapixel video! That’s what DSLRs are for.

  • John_IGG

    O jealousy! thou magnifier of trifles.

  • John_IGG

    Many trolls in here have very short memory…

    What did you do with your Canon FD lenses?

    ALL, I repeat ALL Nikon lenses ever made can be mounted on D800, D4 etc.

    How is that for customer support? So, isn’t customer loyalty in order?

    You don’t have to reply, you know the answer in you jealous heart!

    • trialcritic

      You are right. One of my friends who has a 5D3 was very upset when he found this.

    • Martin

      You have to say –
      ALL, I repeat ALL Nikon lenses ever made can be mounted on D800, D4 etc., at least using bellows or reversing ring.
      While there is generally very good compatibility newest cameras with old lenses, some can seriousely damage Your camera. It is about to be true with some pre-ai lenses, with not-stepped aperture cam.
      Some newer bodies are equipped with a cam that can read position of mentioned aperture cam, and lack of the grinded “step” in the lens can broke it.
      Good news is, that the most lenses can be easilly modified to work without problems on D bodies.

  • piron

    Both the D4 and the D800 suffer from bad reputation across professional communities either online or offline except DxO Mark. So I don’t know who really voted for them.

    • fjfjjj

      Give details or you are just spreading FUD.

    • eggzz


      What communities are that ???

      NOT the ones I use!

      And being a proffesional user I have to seriously disagree.
      But the images shot with these two bodies speak for themselves.

      Try one!….oh…you don’t know how to use a camera ?
      I bet the “professional communities” you mention are for inmates….

      • These communities

        Canon Rumors and POTN probably. 😉

  • Foolishcfo

    Has eveyone actually gone and looked at EISA’s website? Virtually every camera on the planet got an award. I love my D800 but wouldn’t put too much stock in their awards. The 5D Mark III got best advanced SLR which would seem to be better than best camera which is what the D800 earned.

    • Ginza

      “The 5D Mark III got best advanced SLR which would seem to be better than best camera which is what the D800 earned.”

      No not really. The D800 got best overall camera award. The way I see it it’s rated higher in awards stakes than any other cameras awarded. Read the description of both the D800 and 5DmkIII awards, it will become clearer which one EISA rated higher and why.

      • Foolishcfo

        Look at how many camera awards they gave out! I wouldn’t put a cent into their awards. Nikon owners (which I am) look for positive press on Nikon cameras and Canon owners look for positive press on their cameras. EISA played it safe and catered to both. Their awards are meaningless.

  • Martin

    Have You seen this?
    Page from, translated by google:

    “It surprises and shocks us both that the model for approaching the shelf price of a professional enters the market with serious defects of the focusing mechanism, which to this day (more than half a year since its release!) There had been no response to the manufacturer. While the problem of the tendency to focus behind the subject, you can try to sweep under the rug, condemning users to calibrate the site, completely flawed work of extreme point AF is a serious defect, which may cause the camera by the buyer return by recourse to non-compliance of goods with the contract. Not after the way we buy it after hearing that its autofocus evidently pudłował us. “

    • B&Wcharacter

      Yes, we owners of D800/800E have all been “pudłował – ed” and “condemned”.

      Scaremongering…to say the least.

      • Martin

        Blame google, if You don’t like the translation.
        But if You are interested, how was working AF system in a camera supplied by local branch of our beloved Nikon, it’s worth reading.
        But remember – a typical fanboy can be scared to death.

  • Puki-puki

    trolls….trolls everywhere….

    • Fishguy85


      1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a flame war…..

      Really admin – time to reign in these knuckleheads!

      • No more trollll

        +1 it’s getting crazy.

        If I were admin I’d make people register (with real emails etc.) to post.

  • Aldo

    If the d800 is ahead now with all its flaws… imagine where it will be once they are resolved… if the canon fans are jealous now, imagine how they will get then. It is a fact that the d800 is superior for stills… no matter how much the canon fans cry. Even the d600 may be better than the mark 3… if it has similar dynamic range/iso and quality of raw files as d800, jealous mark 3 owners may as well /wrists.

    • Martin

      The question is not “when” but “if”.
      Yes, D800 is a awesome camera with smashing IQ.
      But there is the problem with af tuning in a quite big number of bodies.
      For me – as my camera is also affected – most interesting is, if I can get it fixed. It’s much more important than any prizes given by sume quite strange organization.
      And I’m really surprised with the level of agression and the strength of denying by a many participants of different fora that this is a serious problem with this camera.
      It also looks that in the new products introduction process first the most important was engineering, then marketing an now we are facing social engineering.

      • Aldo

        I don’t justify the d800 shortcomings and I sympathize with you if you have the focusing issue (although I don’t have it) . I personally see a green cast on some of my images (especially in the darker areas). Not just in the LCD but in the images themselves. Is the camera perfect? NO. Is it revolutionary? YES. It is the most famous camera as it is infamous. As a nikon user, I am part of its flaws, but I’m also part of its greatness. I am objective but in the end it is this greatness that out weights its flaws. And this is why I’m happy with the camera and it may be the same reason why the canon users are jealous of it.

      • With that whine

        What some cheese?

  • OMG !

    Canon will finally surpass Nikon !!
    Canon has announced a wider recall for its EOS Rebel T4i/650D, in response to the discovery that a faulty batch of grips can turn white and produce an allergenic substance.

    • Obvious Pro

      The ol’ Canon Anthrax issue.

  • neversink


    I am happy my two new camera bodies have one an award…. but it in the end, does it really matter much. Those of us who shoot with the D4 and D800 on a daily basis understood all this way before the awards were announced….

  • Yannick

    It’s funny to read you bash about the D800 and the D4. I wonder if half of the bashers ever tried one of these cameras! I own a D800 and I never tried the D4. So I can’t tell anything about the D4.
    What I can tell is that the D800 is an awesome camera but it has some flaws. The AF accuracy is not as good as the 5DmKIII and for an unknown reason the focus on my camera is better when I use the liveview mode. You can crop like crazy and you still get 12+ mpixels.
    People say that it’s not the successor of the D700. I agree. It’s a new breed of camera. The noise on this thing is similar to the noise on the D700 BUT if you resize the image at the same resolution, it’s lightyears from the D700. I did the same test using the raw files of the 5dMk3 and the D800 that i took from dpreview and the noise @ 25600 ISO on both camera is pretty similar on both cameras when you scale down the D800 to match the 5Dmk3. I must admit that I prefered the IQ of the D800 a bit more than it’s Canon counterpart …Do the test yourself and see…


      Nah the focus accuracy is the same or better with the D800. It just shows up the minor mistakes in focus much more (when they occur).

      5Diii has these mistakes too. You just don’t see them as clearly.

  • Jon

    When i read the above both sides fanboys comments…i understand much better why our world in always at war…. stupid competition. So Nikon and Canon say jump…you how high????

    • neversink

      @ Jon….

      Both camera systems are good… My sister in law in a professional underwater and portrait and theatre photographer and she uses Canon. I use Nikon for my work. I think her work is great and she thinks the same of mine. We never say my camera is better than your camera. I don’t care what she uses as long as her images are powerful, exciting, provocative….

      However, we do talk about the photo as an art and a business, as a way of life to support our families and as something we love to do, despite the daily ups and downs as a freelancer…. Neither of us would give up what we do.

      Do I care that she has chosen Canon. We have switched cameras for fun and guess what, we still both take wonderful photos on each other’s systems. Yet, I still prefer my Nikon, and she her Canon.

      • +1

      • fjfjjj


        The only shame is that you can’t share lenses 🙂

        • neversink

          =1 — Ha!!!!! Maybe it’s a good thing that we can’t share lenses. Don’t get to see her much as she is on the west coast and I on the east….

          However, she could always get an adapter for Nikon lenses for her canon, but I won’t tell her that. Wouldn’t want her to get lens envy!!!!

  • Joel

    Have you people forgotten what photography is all about? God, with the commentary that goes on in here, one would think that half this forum would drop $3k on a body solely because it makes them feel like they’re a bigger man because he’s got a larger resolution or cleaner higher ISO than the next guy. Seriously, do any of you actually take photographs worth half a damn? Do any of you actually care about what it is that you’re shooting?

    Do you think people get together to talk about quality of the film that Bresson or Capa used, or do you think they debate and critique the meaning of the images themselves? The image remains well after technology is long gone. No one’s going to give a damn as to whether the D800 was better than the 5D3 or visa versa 20 years down the track, but they will care if you’ve taken a brilliant image. Perhaps have a think about that and then ask yourself why you’re actually interested in the art.

    • Joel

      And just as a follow up, I use the D800 and the 5D3/2 on a regular basis shooting published fashion editorials through weddings. I’ve also shot with the D4 and the 1DX on various occasions when the cameras have been handed to me for certain jobs and I can honestly tell you that there isn’t a single camera within that list that has made my photographs any more or less interesting. I still continue to compose and shoot in the very same way, but in the knowledge that each body tool will have strengths, weaknesses, and subtle nuances that need to be recognised and mastered before one can fully benefit from the tool they’re using.

      Saying that one body is better than the other without understanding your target audiences needs is worse than naive in my book, it’s utterly moronic.

      • Mussie

        Admit it Joel, you are just the same, we all are, cool stuff cost money, we love it and you know it.

    • Shawn


      Mostly gearophiles come to this site.

      Mostly artists go to

      • umesh

        Thanks a lot. Fantastic site. Although I just saw a canon troll insistently trying to sell md3 there also.

        • Shawn

          I don’t visit the forums there, I just look at the pictures. After years of visiting that site weekly I can say for certain that equipment brand does not matter, regardless of what people post online.

      • Zoot

        Wow. That’s a discovery. Thank you.

      • Joel

        Brilliant site. Thanks for the heads up Shawn 🙂

      • FIRE!

        😮 😮 😮


        I still like to sit and watch the world burn though. I’m gonna hang around here a little longer.

  • Dr Motmot

    Well, this is all very amusing, but I guess like a lot of gear-heads out there, I am constantly seeking reassurance that I am using the best possible camera system, so I spend more time reading reviews and camera mags and comparing Nikon to other systems so that I can take comfort that I am using the best macro lens on the market, the best 24-70mm and the best camera I can afford (D700). So even tho I don’t own a D4 or D800, seeing that they have won awards and come out on top on DxOMark confirms that I am using the best camera system and can concentrate (theoretically) on taking photos, safe in the knowledge that my gear will deliver.

    • Shawn

      I can’t tell if there is sarcasm in your post at all.

      “I spend more time reading reviews and camera mags and comparing Nikon to other systems so that I can take comfort…”

      If you’re not being sarcastic I think you might be better off spending your time practicing your craft and learning more about art.

      “safe in the knowledge that my gear will deliver”

      This may just be a personal thing that you need to feel, but nearly any gear can deliver incredible results. I’ve seen better pictures taken on “inferior” equipment (many examples at than most people posting here will ever achieve in their lifetime of owning D800s and D4s.

      Now before we get into the pot calling the kettle black, I’m here to learn about the next generation of cameras and their capabilities, especially on how they might make it faster and easier for me to get the results I need to work for today. Then when I’m ready to “upgrade” I will already know which models will work for me and which will work against me.

      • Dr Motmot

        Hi Shawn, no I wasn’t being sarcastic, I openly admit that I am insecure about my camera gear and have to constantly read reviews to assure myself that Nikon is indeed the best system. And yes, I do spend more time researching gear than I do taking photos which is very sad. There was a time when I was happy with my Nikon 5400 compact and just concentrated on taking photos, oblivious to new developments in the camera world, then I bought a D80 and it was downhill after that! I know cheap cameras can take good pictures with a little imagination but now I have become sensitized to chromatic aberation, corner sharpness, vignetting, distortion etc. and even if it is a good photo, these things just become a distraction.

        • Shawn

          Sorry man, I feel for you. I think everyone goes through pixel peeping phases. I remember years ago when I was taking crappy snapshots of deer in my back yard and I started zooming in and saw “noise”. I was devastated, why were my pictures so noisy!?

          Took me a couple of years to get over it. Now I happily shoot up to ISO 25,600 (as circumstances dictate) and don’t care. I’d rather have a noisy shot than a blurry one or none at all. Heck, some people go through a lot of effort to ADD NOISE to their pictures to create a mood!

          You have great equipment. I’d love to have a D700 and the 24-70. Even a chance to try both of them out for a day or even an hour would be a treat!

          One of the things that changed my perspective was spending some time weekly reviewing the new pictures posted on I started realizing that the pictures which really moved me were not ones where I was looking for sharpness (corner or otherwise), noise, aberation, vignetting, or distortion. Interestingly enough, many of the pictures I liked had some of those things added to them! I came to the conclusion that those things were not as important as the mood, the light, the feeling, or the moment. It was then I saw the difference between those making great pictures (and having them accepted to 1x) and those armchair photographers who enjoy discussions of sharpness and test charts. I saw that many of those on 1x know the limitations of their equipment and either work around them or just power through them.

          I hope you can escape the equipment trap and free yourself to make the best images of your life!

          • Dr Motmot

            Hi Shawn, thanks for your considered advice. You would love the D700 and 24-70mm, they are the perfect combination, if you ever manage to justify the cost and invest, you will not regret it. I also have a D7000 and Sigma 10-20mm but I think I will sell these now as my FX setup covers 90% of my needs. So far I have only pushed the D700 to ISO 3200 which was very impressive (taking photos of people at night wearing head torches). The high ISO is also good on the D7000 but can’t touch the D700. What gear do you use?

            • Shawn

              Hi DrMotmot,

              I have the D5100 and primarily use the DX 35mm 1.8 G. This is a very good lens and meets 80% of my shooting needs: large aperture, small, “normal” angle on DX, and quick and accurate focus. Also doesn’t hurt that it is one of Nikon’s sharpest lenses. For the other 20% of my needs I have the simple 18-55 and 55-200. They are decent lenses, but need to be used carefully to get the same level of results – they just don’t focus as accurately or as quickly.

              I am very happy with the high ISO performance on the D5100. We have a large canvas (14 x 11 maybe?) of our daughter shot at around ISO 1400 and there is no noticeable noise and it looks very sharp. I will shoot my D5100 up to ISO 25,600 since I have no plans on printing most of my images, they get viewed by family and friends on the web anyways.

              The limitations I face are in lenses and interface, but not in hardware. I really need some other lenses, and my wishlist includes 70-300mm VR, 85mm 1.8 G, and a yet-to-be-named ultrawide (would love the new Tokina with the focus motor).

              Interface wise, I could really use the custom user modes of the D7000 coupled with the new auto ISO options found in the D800/D4 (minimum shutter speed can be set to 1/focal length +/- up to 2 stops). We’re always on the go and if I have to stop for a moment to adjust camera settings then I get left behind or lose my subject and miss the shot. A faster way to change settings would be amazing.

              I am probably only going to be able to afford a new camera every 5 years, even trying to convince the family to budget lenses is difficult when they cost around $500+ each. I keep trying to tell them these are cheap compared to the 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8. It doesn’t work! 😉

              I might just try and rent the 24-70 for my next major vacation, just to see how I like it.

              I am hoping to figure out a way to make my photography hobby pay for itself.

              Best of luck and enjoy your current cameras, I’ve seen others create amazing pictures with exactly what you have:
              Sigma 10-20:!/photo/22156/portfolio/14617

    • Mock Kenwell

      I really hope you’re being sarcastic.
      Otherwise you should seek help.

    • Mark (was MarkH)

      Dr Motmot, you make a great point – that it is how one uses the equipment one has (I have my D700 with same lens) than to wonder if the next best camera will take a better photograph or make you a better photographer.

      I’ve shot film since grade 2. I came to digital only 2 years ago. My conclusion? It does not matter the equipment you use. I took my best shot with a broken bellows camera c. 1945 (camera vintage not my vintage). It depends on how you use it and the luck of the object you are shooting.

  • WowNikonSucks

    Both can’t focus LOL.

    • Don

      Do you even own a camera?? I own 2 ‘sD800 and AF is spot on and 4 D4’s….NO FOCUS ISSUES.

      • Martin

        I have one d800 and it’s focus is far from being perfect. Left af sensors backfocuses seriousely, and almost all lenses need af tune – some beyond -20 units.
        But the real probrem is not a few faulty camera, byt the fact that repair of this kind of issue is a hit-miss (mostly miss) game.
        I wish that denial of the fact, that there are problems with D800 assemblies, or insulting others would help. But it is helpless even more than service is.
        Next week I’m going to return my camera. I hope I will get quick refund, so it will be no more my problem.

        • Michael Switzer

          I hope you get a quick refund as well because we won’t have to listen to your endless whining any more.

          • Martin

            But beware – there may come others, as my sample is not an isolated case.

    • PDAF

      Do you even know how to focus or do you just put the camera in auto point selection and “spray & pray”?

      • Martin

        It looks that You have an phd on d800 focusing, don’t You?

        • PDAF

          No, just a Masters. =)

          I have mastered phase detect auto focus and it was very difficult because there was, a few years ago, not much information on how it worked. Between reading articles and constant practice (trial and error), I figured out how to maximize my success rate of fast-paced, low-light, large-aperture, close-focus shots.

          I have come across a lot of people who claim one AF system is superior to another, or that they bought a Nikon or a Canon and it just wouldn’t focus, or one focused better than the other. The moment I start asking them probing questions like: what focus mode was used, which AF point was selected, how bright was the light, what was the test target – their argument falls apart. They have no idea how phase detect works or how to test it.

          It is even more apparent with the D800 based on my reading of Thom Hogan ( He’s been saying the same thing, folks are just shooting random crap to test their left AF point and thinking it’s a viable test of PDAF.

          So the question stands, does anyone making any claim about AF performance/accuracy even know what they are doing? Before anyone makes any sweeping claims, they better prove they know their stuff.

          That is all I’m saying (albeit sarcastically the first time). Everyone here, and in the photographic community at large, deserves truthful scientifically based information.

          • Martin

            The beauty of photography as a hobby or job is, that photographer works in a different places and with different subjects. From dark forest to the bright mountain hop. From a black model on a black bachground till white… whatever you want.
            From the point of view of af module this delivers signal that is – what you named – a crap. It’s quite not common to take images of white bands in a good lighting – but maybe i’m in minority.
            I’ve learned to use af first with F100, then there was my first digital – D70. Then D200, with weak AF, but without flaws. D300 and D700 spoiled me to that degree, that I got sharp images from each point of AF sensor. And now, left sensors fails in every situation. No matter what “crap” I’m trying to catch, no mater which (short enough) lens I’m using. No matter the distance. AF fails in 100% of cases.
            As a AF master maybe You can explain this phenomena?
            You want a science? Shold I made a target with shapes distribution having null autocorellation function? Do I have to use lighting corresponding to some strict regulations? About what scientific data are You saying?
            By the way, can You proove that earth is not flat?

            • PDAF

              I think I did not communicate my point very accurately.

              1) I was responding to the original poster’s sarcastic comment about Nikons not focusing. Some D800 units have AF issues with the left point, but this is not the majority. This does not mean Nikon AF is inferior to Canon AF.

              2) I’m not saying that you do not have an AF problem with your D800 or any other camera. I’m not clear on exactly what you are saying, but the gist seems to be that you have some issue.

              3) There are scientific ways to test something and casual ways to test something. Thom Hogan has a step-by-step process for verifying whether your camera has a Phase Detect AF problem or not ( Thom has said in his blog that he has had many people who are not following his tests claiming that they still have a problem. He has said that some people who think they have a problem really do not, they just need to improve their technique. Thom knows his stuff, so I’m buying what he’s been selling.

              4) I suggest you follow Thom’s process for testing to validate your phase detect accuracy.

              5) Many people I come across do not know phase detect AF and thus struggle to master their focus system and often blame the camera.

              I had no intention of being offensive, but you sound offended. Sorry.

    • Trollease

      LOL your obvious troll was lost on these guys. Well played sir.

  • jon

    I have a D4 and its awesome, nails every shot perfectly
    had no problems with it at all.

    Fantastic for sports shoots, used in low light at indoor equine events, the iso, sharpness and detail is 2nd to none.

    Favorite camera 🙂

    A well deserved win

    • KnightPhoto

      +1 Jon
      “I have a D4 and its awesome, nails every shot perfectly had no problems with it at all. Fantastic for sports shoots, used in low light at indoor equine events, the iso, sharpness and detail is 2nd to none. Favorite camera. A well deserved win”

      For me it’s Theatre and Birding, but what a cam, very happy with it. If somehow the shot is missed, I’m finding it’s definitely not the camera’s fault! Everything about is super for my needs – low light is a dream, whether it’s Birding in that 1000-3200 midrange or Theatre in that 2500-12,800 higher range, focus is sure-footed, it’s impossible to fill the buffer, the camera just delivers delivers delivers. The actual-pixels crop video is great too, want to do much more of that.

  • Jim

    my D800 does not have a green-tinged screen nor did it ever had.

    • fjfjjj

      nor did my D800 haved a screen green, neithered did it ever had it’s

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I want a FURBIE for Christmas!!!

  • Zoot

    Just in case those in the UK interested in buying a D4 have not yet noticed, Camera World, this weekend only, are selling D4s (advertised as being in stock) for £4299.

    This is a HUGE reduction, compared to what I have so far seen.

    £250 off a D800 (advertised as being in stock), as well. provides direct links, should they be required.

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