Nikon D800 in stock at BestBuy right now

BestBuy appears to have Nikon D800 in stock right now. The estimate arrival time is 1 day. BestBuy have displayed wrong in-stock information in the past and have also canceled pre-orders. As aways, buyer beware.

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  • Ezequiel L

    Best buy send the traking number now 3.26pm, for tomorrow delivers

  • Ordered at 11:50AM EST. And used the Fastest shipping ($0.18) as well.

    I think they prioritized the expedited shipping options over the Express and Regular shipping – that’s just what I think.

    • Stillwaiting

      I did the expedited delivery and am still waiting for a change of status beyond “order in process.” But I think my bank may have thrown a wrench into the works.

  • JB

    I ordered the first hour and just now received a message that the camera is on backorder and expected in 1-30 days. Not sure they have anymore info on shipments than B&H (where my other order has been for months) or anyone else. Good lesson learned from the Nikon D800 experience – no one is being honest about shipment except the guy holding one in his hand and putting it in your shopping bag.

  • CSC

    I received my confirmation email at 8:47 am MDT. I just received an email (2:22 MDT) saying it has shipped! Thank you Nikon Rumors! You rock! I did not even think of looking at the cost of expedited shipping, so I likely won’t see it till Monday as I was in a hurry to finish the order ASAP. Oh well, waited this long, 5 more days won’t hurt.

    • CSC

      Not that many are likely reading this or care. But I received my D800 today from Best Buy. I cannot sympathize with you all that are waiting, as I never had a pre-order into any other outlets. I figured I would get one when they were available. I had no idea it would be this dramatic for some people. Anyways, good luck to those of you who are waiting.

  • Jeremy

    Amazing. In the past two days I have been able to get to the final order screen with Best Buy and with PcNation with an ‘IN STOCK” D800 in my basket only to stumped to find that neither would ship to CANADA.

    Meanwhile my order is sitting with The Camera Store – my LOCAL camera store serving Calgary city and surrounding area. The Camera Store is NOT EVEN through pre-orders yet!!

    I don’t blame my local store. I blame Nikon for a distribution policy that punishes great local camera stores and especially punishes loyal customers who want to buy from their local dealer. I mean BEST BUY is not even a respected store for cameras – it is simply a BIG BOX ELECTRONICS retailer!


  • Jeremy

    I am off to MEMORY EXPRESS store next. May be with NIKON’s insane distribution strategy I can have a better chance of finding a D800 there than a real actual camera store. After all PCNation had D800 in stock two days ago.

    Who ‘da thunk it!

    • Additional Remark

      Memory Express in Calgary North East (specializing in computer parts and memory) received three D800’s yesterday. I called and they are apparently all spoken for. Hopefully they went to happy hobbyists or pros rather than to be re-sold on craigslist/kijiji for $3800 like other D800’s I have seen every week for the past 6 weeks…

      Incidentally, in case anyone thinks it strange that computer parts stores and electronics & hoem entertainment outlets like BB get D800’s before the long line of pre-orders are fulfilled at dedicated Camera stores like The Camera Store (ONLY sell cameras) …..don’t ask me ask. Nikon’s twisted logic somehow.

  • Mike

    Placed my BB order yesterday at 9:45am EST and got the UPS shipping confirmation this afternoon – whoohoo!


  • Rumors were true. Just got my tracking number for the D800!

  • Ivana D. A. Hunndrud

    Yay! Ordered yesterday at 12:40pm Eastern time and BB followed up this afternoon… with a BACKORDERED email 🙁
    That didn’t stop them from withholding TWO D800’s worth of funds in my credit card account though.

  • ASchur

    I ordered yesterday at 11:30am est. I just got the back order email as well.

    I called around 1:15pm today to ask why the order was “in process”. The lady on the phone said that the computer was being slow because the system was backed up with orders that werent real or something to that affect.
    She assured me that my camera order was valid.

  • Samir

    Unbelieveable. I ordered this garbage yesterday at 12:40pm EST on June 12, 2012 with expedited shipping. After 3 calls to customer service between yesterday and today I was told my “in process” status will ship and not to worry. Now suspecting they absolutely can not meet the delivery of this item by tomorrow (since it has not shipped by today), I called a 4th time and just now am told that someone from the risk management team needs to call me within 24-72 hours to clear up something. WTF??? Nevermind that they have put a hold on my credit card account, and they can not even cancel the order and their customer service person can not even tell me what the problem is or transfer me to this department to deal with this matter. This is pure bullshit. I would advise anyone here not to waste your time ordering from – I thought up until today that this was an actual reputable company.

    • NNinAZ

      This is not dissimilar to what happened to me. I ordered and got a confirmation of my order yesterday at 8:45AM Mountain time. They charged my credit card, and then at 1:00PM yesterday I got an email that said “ORDER CANCELLED” and said “The order you placed on 6/12/2012 has been cancelled because we were unable to verify your information.” They obviously had my information if they could email back to me. The email said to call customer service with questions. When I called, the first rep I talked to told me he had no idea why the order was canceled and that he would transfer me to the “back office” for help… at which time I was disconnected. I called back and the next person I talked to was more friendly but of little help – she opened a “claim ticket” and said someone would get back to me in a few days to see why the order was canceled. Some help that is…She read back to me my phone number, address and all other info from my order and it was all correct. They never tried to contact me in any way to verify information – they just flat-out canceled my order without even contacting me. And this morning I checked my bank account and they still hadn’t credited the money back to me. Now I have no camera and $3000 less in my account. It smells like bullshit to me too. I am now an ex-customer. I will be writing to the CEO of BestBuy ( once they have one again… the last one stepped down last month after having an inappropriate relationship with an employee. I guess shoddy leadership goes with shoddy customer service!) and to the Better Business Bureau if my account is not credited by tomorrow to address this issue. Obviously many people had better luck…

  • Johnny

    I ordered through BB 1030am EST and status says out for delivery today. I will cancel BH once this long awaited unicorn is in my hands.

    • Johnny

      Sorry I ordered June 12th

      • Thanks Admin for the info. It worked.

  • Fab

    So if I ordered on the 12th at 12:45est and haven’t received a back order or a shipping confirmation, any chance this will happen? I ordered with regular shipping and called customer service to upgrade to expedited when I saw how cheap it was.

    • Fab

      Just got it! Only 10 days later but the expedited shipping was overnight. Eeeee!

  • Jeremy

    Yesterday 3 D800 arrived in Memory Express, NE, Calgary. I call and the clerk says let me check with manager. After 10 minutes he says he has to check again as manager is busy. He takes my phone number. An hour later I get a text saying they are all taken. Strange as either they were pre-ordered or they were not? These cameras also appear as “in stock’ in the NE Store on Memory Express Website.

    Today on Calgary Kijiji I see this new announcement,”Brand new Nikon D800 in the box – Calgary Cameras For Sale – Kijiji … › Calgary › buy and sell › cameras, camcorders
    3 hours ago – i just got 2 of my pre ordered nikon d800 sold first one for $4000 i ordered another nikon d800e and i am on the top of their waiting list now”

    I just want to THANK NIKON for such a screwed up distribution strategy. I know for a fact that if this had been sent to The Camera Store (ONLY sells Cameras) then the cameras would not end up being sold privately by store employees at computer and electronics outlets…

    Do I know for sure that the 2 Cameras that suddenly came available are from Memory Express. I don’t but coincidence I think not.

  • Robert

    Update. Ordered 11 am Central time on 6/12, BB promised it would ship the same day. After several spirited calls got confirmation it shipped at 5:32 pm on 6/13 via ground from Loisville, KY. As of 2 am 6/14 UPS shows 9.8 lb package on truck in Nashville ready for delivery today.

    Problem is I am only here in Nashville for a few weeks and I left all the accessories purchased for the D 800 at home in FL. I will miss my RRS L-bracket, spare battery, and UpStrap, but thank Nikon Rumours for the timely and valuable alert!

  • TDSJZ Clan

    FYI for those who are interested…… Ordered one on 6/12 around 1pm (EST) after my BFF notified me of the Nikon Rumors’ post since I was too busy pounding the keyboard’s keys at my confined small cubicle. Received the UPS tracking on 6/13 at 4:30pm. Assuming the UPS tracking status (as of this morning) is correct, Betsy (my new D800) should be arriving at my place on 6/15 EOD. Crossing my fingers…

    Much appreciated for Nikon Rumors for staying on top of things, continuing doing kick &$$ job, and posters sharing their joys and tragedies.

  • Samir

    Worst company ever to deal with. Now I am without my money and can’t even cancel my order and they can’t even tell me when it is going to be shipped or if they are or are not even in backorder status. Every time am told something new from the customer service reps.

    • tiredofwaiting

      That’s better than the same answer I keep getting. No problem with your order, you should get an email soon. After 48 hours I found one at nikonusa. Let’s see if this one ships.

  • Ivana D. A. Hunndrud

    Screw BB. Ordered on 6/12 at 12:40pm EST, and they bounced my order down to “backorder” status. If I believe BB’s assurance that it will be shipped within 30 days, I may as well buy a bridge in Brooklyn.
    Meanwhile, Crutchfield came through and has just shipped me a D800. It only took a little over a month and, best of all, NO SALES TAX!

  • Mouonline

    D800 is in stock at one, I just ordered toe minutes ago.

  • Ivana D. A. Hunndrud

    6/14 3:19pm EST
    In stock at Onecall!

  • pilarb

    Just got shipping confirmation from BH on my 2/7 order. Now to cancel my order at BB. Ordered 6/12 10amPST and that is still “in process”

  • O-Photo

    Just wanna say that I too ordered one but it appeared as too late. I had an insider check the store and I found out there was one in the warehouse. I was able to get there in time before they officially put it in stock and most likely out to preorder from store. I turned out very lucky. Feel very happy. F&%# you BH Photo

    • Paul

      Cmon O-Photo, you should be bad mouthing everyone ordering from multiple sources. B&H’S has NO control of how many units are distributed to them. Do you honestly think that a world renowned, multi billion dollar outfit like B&H would risk credibility on purpose? They want nothing than to fulfill these orders. The simple fact that so many thousands of us pre ordered shows B&H has done something right for our business.
      Side note- I did order from BB on 6/12, did receive this morning: THANK YOU NIKON RUMORS FOR THE TIP. Oddly enough, at the time I went to cancel my B&H order that I placed on 2/7, it had been sent to the warehouse for shipping. Odd coincidence. Happy Shooting!

      • O-Photo

        I know Paul, I still Love BH, I was just acting childish in my excitement. No professional even considered ordering from best buy and thats the only reason they even had some on the selves. Every pro orders bh or adorama. Happy shooting

  • Mikey

    Good news for BH’ers! Just got a shipping confirmation for my 2/7 order. I purchased around 9:00am EST that morning. That means they’re at least through their NPS queue and on to regular customers. Glad to see units flowing, people canceling multiple orders, etc.. While you might not know your spot in the pre-order line, the forum should keep people fairly up to date..we’re at least through the midnight orders as well, and on to work-day morning orders 2/7…

  • Fareed

    It shows available on BB, I placed 2 orders one from me and one from wife
    Both went through and says should ship out today and get here 6/18-6/19
    Good luck to all
    /keeping fingers crossed

  • Ezequiel Leon

    UPS delivered it to me
    Today thank you nikonrumors

  • Jonathan McLeod

    UPS just delivered mine today. Wanted to say a big Thank You to nikonrumors.

  • JMB

    Just received my D800 BB shipment notice, arrives 19 June via UPS.
    Ordered it last week.
    Cancelled my BH order from March.
    In Stuttgart where I live there is a D800E in the window of one photo shop (across from Main Train Station) and a used D800 for sale in another. GO figure.


  • Big_Dude

    Just picked up my D800 from BB today. Probably the last one from this batch of BB order. I ordered it on June 12th at about 11:30 AM EST and made the mistake of have it delivered to the local BB store. However it did arrive today as promised from the original order confirmation. Great job Bestbuy!
    Holding on not to cancel my 800E order from J&R from 4 month ago. Will return this D800 if the D800E order can come through within 30 days.

  • Fareed

    Ordered 2 on thursday from BB and receiving them tomorrow as per UPS tracking, sure beats my Feb 7th Pre-Order from B&H which so far has been a horrible experience. Assuming i will get both in tomorrow, if someone in New York City or Long Island is interested, let me know if you want to buy it. reply here with info to get in touch and i will reach out

  • Mine is coming tomorrow as well… I was SURE I was going to get the short end of the stick on this one, but BestBuy came through.

    I had actually talked to a guy there who was pretty open with the info… I guess some or all of these weren’t coming from BestBuy stock but are actually coming right from Nikon… sounds like BestBuy is just as unsure of the status of many of these orders as we were. The guy on the phone was actually lamenting over it because HE wanted to buy one and wasn’t sure if the pre-order was coming through for him either. 🙂

    Anyway, THANKS NikonRumors… I’ve learned a heck of a lot about getting rare and newly released gear from this site and from the members who post here. I went from deciding to get the D800 (after cancelling my D4 pre-order from JANUARY…) to actually having one in my hands within a few weeks.

    Big thumbs up.

  • Eric K.

    I was up at 5am for some reason on 6/15 and these were showing in stock again so I placed an order. After a long long weekend “In Process” it shipped yesterday afternoon (Monday 6/18) and it will meet their arrival target. So I think they have a decent idea of how many there are coming in, it just may take a bit.

    I did “spring” for the $0.18 shipping tier, which has to be a bug on their end right?

  • Fareed

    OK, BestBuy came through indeed for me, i have the body in my hand, and all i can say is that i have NEVER waited for anything this long ( pre-ordered feb 7th from B&H ) but i have something coming up in 2 weeks so i figured i would try other sources so watched BestBuy every day during the day, at night before going to bed, and checked if i woke up in the middle of the night and checked it when i woke up to get ready for work. i saw it available last friday and i ordered it and they called my house for verification of the order, unfortunately i got that message friday night, but was told order would still ship out, and now i am here to let you all know that best buy did deliver. I have no hard feelings towards B&H because they have always been professional but i had to take this route as i just couldn’t wait without knowing anything whatsoever. I do have 2 on hand, one of which i am willing to sell, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

  • NP

    I think site is turning into a billboard for advertisement (intentionally or unintentionally). Instead of posting “Rumors”, we have weekly reminds for what is in stock and whats not.

    Please, if you’d want to have a success (as you’ve thanked before for this site’s success) in the future, you guys need to stop posting these temporary announcements. They’re irrelevant after may be 30mins. The cameras sell out fast and this is no place for this kind of news.

    My 2 cents. Adopt whatever you like.

    • Robert

      This is in reply to NP, I guess it is like the saying that “it depends on whose ox is being gored.” I waited several months for my D800 from B&H (my favorite retailer) but the information posted about the availability of the camera at BestBuy allowed me and, apparently, many others to purchase/receive the item immediately. Not to mix metaphors but telling thirsty people where to find water in the desert is a great service.

      Now I have my D800 in time for a tour of the Med but, unfortunately, not David Busch’s 678 page (opus) Guide to the Nikon D800. Busch’s guide to the D700 was a tremendous assistance and I look forward to his unraveling the mystery of the D800.

      Thank you Nikon Rumors for this and other valuable guidance.

    • Spock

      Hey its not like there is other news (d400 or d600) that is getting left out as a result so …hey….I dont mind, I cant see any other site agrigating this kind of info and it seems to be benifiting others so IMHO it has a place here.


  • fotoxa

    I walked in to a best buy on June 26th on whim and bought my D800. My suggestion is to check in store whenever you can as well.

  • Whew!

    It worked.

    Thanks for the heads up. The long, endless wait with B&H is over.

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