New/updated Nikon D600 specifications

I have an update to the previously reported Nikon D600 specifications (new/updated specs are on top, marked in bold).

I also have two corrections to make - the D600 will have a built-in AF motor and it will not have built-in GPS.

There are also rumors that Nikon has invited some European resellers for a meeting in Casablanca on 28 May, 2012. I am not sure if this is related to the D600.

New/updated Nikon D600 specifications:

  • 24.7MP full frame sensor
  • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g
  • 3.2" LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  • HDMI output
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx
  • The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor
  • The body most probably will be weather sealed
  • The D600 may not have built-in GPS as initially reported
  • ISO range: 100-6400 (with Lo-1 ISO 50 and Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (same as the D800)
  • The D600 will probably use the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery

Previously reported Nikon D600 specs:

  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Possibly with build-in HDR
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body
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  • Sam Gee

    Any information if the display will be swiveling??

    • R!


      • Foolishcfo

        I don’t think anyone really understands how you feel. Have you thought about buying a GoPro instead? The video works great on my D800 and its screen doesn’t swivel.

      • alwyn

        Really? I had a Canon 60d. It had a swivel screen. Didn’t make it a better camera though. So Nikon, we don’t need swivel screens, touchscreen, GPS, espresso making, online banking from your camera body and all that jazz. Rather give us something that has what we’re going to use most of the time and price it competitively

  • Hans Ham

    No GPS?
    …how do I know where I am then?? Help!!

    • Fred

      They spent the money on making the rear screen reflective so you can see who’s taking the photographs.

  • happnysnapper63

    Crop mode about 10mp ala D3X sounds about right.

    Not for me, a lot of money for a slower, 10mp, D7000.

    Will have to see what the D7100 or whatever they call it delivers. But if that is simply a tweaked D7000 then I will retain our current Nikon gear, as we are very pleased with it, but go mutlibrand to get what I actually want, which is a replacement for my D300S with a D7000 (or next gen of the same) sensor and an extra frame or two per second. The D7000 is fine as it is so I will keep that along with the D300S. Either of those with the 150-500 will back up the new brand body, 2.8 300mm tele and 2 x converter.

    • Anonymous

      How about a D800 that gives you 16MP in DX mode and also the option to go to 36MP in FX mode?

      • dave

        You missed one of his primary criterion… fps. If the 6fps for the D7000 isn’t fast enough, then the 5fps of the D800 for over twice the cost isn’t going to cut it. And even at 6fps, the D7000 has a tiny buffer. You can’t shoot 6fps for much more than a second… a reason I passed on the D7000.

        • NoFunBen

          the d800 can do 6 fps in DX mode

        • Bwhahahaa! The D7000 can’t shoot 6fps for more than a second?

          Sure…BECAUSE IT’S 6FPS!

          And for the record, when I set my D7000 to compressed raw/12-bit, it reads that it has an 11 frame buffer. With the somewhat fast cards I’m using, I get off 15 frames before it slows down. The it shoots 2-3 frames a second. If I count to 6 the buffer is completely clear. If I hold down the button, the camera will take 50 pictures before it stops.

          It’s good you passed on the D7000–why waste any time taking pictures with such an inferior camera?

          • Mock Kenwell

            He’s a student of Ansel Adams’ time-honored “spray & pray” zone system.

            • I spray. Let’s compare shots…GO!

  • Ole

    Admin: Please release the camera and let me pre-order it !!!!

    • Game for a laugh

      Do you need help ??? Why ask admin to release it ?? Does admin make the cameras ???

  • Game for a laugh

    Bangers and mash or a rum and coke ????? Both cost the same xxx

  • rencockwell

    I am not interested, I am interested in fullframe mirrorless camera, systems in the future will be the mirrorless. dslr died.

    • Leica makes a FF mirrorless. Put up or STFU & GTFO. Thanks.

      • Rob

        Waiting for Fuji to get it together.

    • jelmer

      go sony,
      specs are more then great
      but works on my nervs…

      nikon and canon can have a big competition of sony if they manage to make a desend handeling camera.

      • Ren Kockwell

        This statement is ill-informed and retarded on just about every level. Kudos.

    • Ren Kockwell

      You’re a disgrace to the name. Not only are you unimaginative, you are also clueless. Full-frame DSLRs would be wasted on you anyway. Stick with your crappy M 4/3. Your cat won’t know the difference anyway.

      • real renkockwell :)

        I am nikonian but I have a canon 5dm2.. I havent m4/3

        and I say again: All systems in the future will be the mirrorless.. canon-nikon can’t change do this.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Please feel free to shoot in the future then. I prefer to shoot in the present with cameras that are here right now. I could be in the ground before the mirrorless promise is realized.

    • alwyn

      Happy to hear u don’t want an slr but a device the size of a banknote. There are however those of us who value the size and build of an slr

  • Harryk

    Yes i like the new cumming soon the D 600 a perfect partner to the d7000
    come on bring it on Nikon

    • Mikycoud

      Seriously, 666 comments?

      • Jason

        thats what happens, when people have time in their hands, while they wait for D800 to arrive

        • Mikycoud

          Yep, a hell of a lot of time 🙂

          • AllForTeags

            I see what you did there.

            • Ren Kockwell

              The devil is in the details.

      • PeterO

        Forgetting for the moment the string of comments arising from the silly professor’s psychoanalysis of camera buyers, I am not surprised by the number of comments at all. A good marketer will tell you that for every person that comments or complains, there are hundreds who don’t. All of this points to a HUGE pent up demand for new products. Why else would you visit a rumour site?

        I’m even wondering whether the crazy demand for the D800 is partially because there aren’t other new middle tier cameras coming out. People are jumping on the first thing that’s relatively affordable. Most certainly if the D600 is true, the demand for the D800 will cool off very fast. Nikon was totally caught off guard by the demand.

        Ignoring for the moment the “if it doesn’t have a kaddidle, it’s a dealbreaker for me” crowd, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread tops 1K comments. The D600 has a massive potential – those coming from lesser and higher models. I sure hope Nikon is making a huge stockpile of these to meet the demand.

        • Ren Kockwell

          We’ve been talking here about that potential for years. But Nikon is slow to move on anything. Even a sure thing.

          • PeterO

            Ren, it’s almost as if Nikon isn’t equipped (both in manufacturing and in mindset) for the success they’ve created with their latest generation of products. Imagine for a moment if Nikon could actually produce the number of products that are being demanded by the purchasers? Why are they so slow? Don’t their shareholders ask these questions or is the recent positive bottom line “good enough”.

            • Mock Kenwell

              They’re just very cautious and conservative. And while it can be frustrating from a consumer perspective, and dangerous from a business one, overall it seems to be a working strategy for them. They’re making the right moves at almost the right time, and have continued to grow share and beat expectations even with staggering setbacks that could have crippled lesser companies.

      • Steven Georges

        That’s what happens when there hasn’t been a new post for a few days.
        What I want to know is what will people do with their time when Nikon finally does come out with a replacement for the D300? 😉

  • Greg

    Hmmm, I was all on board for the d400, but if the price point is right, then I might have to jump ship. Question tho for all of you FX users out there, tho.

    I like to shoot a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. Primarily I would shoot in FX with indoor, but outdoor I could see me having to use DX to get the more tight shots. Is the ISO quality comparable in DX mode as compared to FX, or do you see any degradation due to this crop? I wouldn’t think so, but I’m just curious.

    BTW, I shoot a d80 right now, so I’m pretty sure anything would be better than what I currently have 😀

    • FF

      “BTW, I shoot a d80 right now, so I’m pretty sure anything would be better than what I currently have”

      Any working camera currently in your hands is the best camera possible.
      Especially given that “Nikon-camera-announced” doesn’t equal “Nikon-camera-available-in-shop”

      • While my D700 was in the shop, I borrowed a D80 for stills so I could shoot video a performance with my D7000 at the same time.

        It worked fine! The only thing I found was that at top ISO, the bottom edge of the sensor was a bit hot and magenta. That’s an easy fix in raw. Otherwise, focus was fine with my 70-200. Clients were happy with the end result. Good stuff.

        And to answer your initial question: the only way to be sure is to try it. But in the past, I will say that the crop mode on my D2x and D700 have performed exactly like the full sensor mode. No difference at all. You just get a tighter grouping of the AF points (which for sports ain’t a bad thing at all!) I haven’t used them as much, but I didn’t notice any difference on the D3 or D3x in crop mode. At least in terms of IQ/noise.


        • Greg

          It works fine in outdoor environments, but oftentimes I need to shoot in a non-flash environment, and have to push ISO 1600 minimum with a f/1.8 at 1/50 shutter, with occassions on having to push to Hi1.0 (but I try to keep at Hi0.3, and shave off a little shutter speed), so an ISO 6400 which gives me similar results to 1600 on the d80 would be stupendous.

          • I was shooting at top ISO/max aperture/about 1/160th, at a dim stage with that D80. Focus was actually better than my D7000. Then again, focus continues to appear to be plain broken on my D7000, so take that with a grain of salt.

    • zoetmb

      I pretty much agree with you, except that I need the reach when I shoot indoors, not outdoors, since I shoot lots of performances. So I was waiting for the D400 as well (still shooting with a D200) although if an FX camera had enough resolution to get me at least 12MP (preferably 16) at DX size, but still with low noise at high ISO, then that would be fine.

      Specs for the D600 look pretty good, so I might go for it, since I don’t earn much of a living from photography these days. If I did, then I’d go for the D800.

  • JR

    D800 and primes do wedding=

    • steverobinson

      samples of Pretty Bad Wedding Photography?

      • pattodesu

        I was going to say something to that effect but didn’t want to be mean. But since you broke the ice…

      • JR


    • Ren Kockwell

      Wow. Those photos didn’t even make it look like those two WANTED to get married. Blurry, poor composition, almost no evidence of post… My favorite YouTube comment was the guy who asked the photog if he played the piano bed himself.

      • JR

        I suggest you read up on what DOF is as all these shots are in perfect focus on the eyes etc. Poor composition? What because every single photo does not obey a “law” of thirds? Please….Explain to me why you need to see “Evidence” of post. I do not like overworking shots in post, I’m sure you’d love it if they where oversaturated and the contrast slider up at max.

        • Jesse

          Yeah, i agree dude. the shots aren’t bad, some of them i quite liked, some were not to my taste. but yeah, focus looked good with nice depth of field. and the processing was nice, not over done. i think, if you can tell a photo has been processed, then it hasn’t been processed well. good job.

    • Nikon Shooter

      I don’t get it, was this a joke or is someone genuinely proud of their work there? I sure hope the couple didn’t actually have to pay for this and it was simply their relative following them around. Everyone takes unlucky/shitty shots at a wedding, it’s simply inevitable considering all the variables, but you have to be really clueless to actually use them. Why even call this “a wedding with prime lenses” when most of the stuff was likely shot at f/4. And no, I didn’t watch the whole thing because it was too painful.

      • JR

        “Nikon shooter” Nothing shitty about the shots, (however you are entitled to your opinion) interesting you think most of the shots where shot at f/4 – you’ve just lost all credibility, even as a gearhead which is what you sound like – just not a very good one LOL. Even if you make the argument you only watched the first 15-20 seconds, all those shots where at f/1.4-f/2.8 within the first 25 seconds. Some shots where at f/4, the first one at 30 seconds in. And what of it? Crazy eh, how dare I change aperture! Also, I don’t just shoot primes because of speed. Weight, sharpness, rendering of old lenses, AF ability in low light. Speed is a big factor. Get over yourself. Lets see your world beating works of art, then I’ll believe you are a photographer…

    • Excellent work for a typical fauxtographer.

      It’d be funny if it wasn’t directly affecting my industry and livelihood.

      • Jesse

        lol, sad thing is, it was better than anything on your website.

      • JR

        What makes you qualified to say who is a photographer and who isn’t? I suggest you pull out a dictionary and you will see what the definition of a photographer!

        Also, I checked out your wedding stuff and alot of it was “so so”…

      • davestavros

        The first guy deserved the panning he got because he was trying to get views on his youtube channel by posting something irrelevant on a D600 thread but there is no better way to make yourself look like a fool than to be guilty of the same thing that you are accusing others of.

        I don’t think any wedding photographers with a modicum of talent are scared that either of you will hurt their business.

        • JR

          Where is your world beating photography so we can see if your a credible source? Yeh exactly…thought so, gearhead.

  • Phil S.

    With built-in AF motor, does that also imply that the potential D600 will be able to meter with older manual focus lenses as does the D300 and D800 ?

    • Vertigo

      Not necessarily. The D80, D90 had an AF motor but no Ai coupling ring, for instance.

    • Vandyu

      If the D600 cannot meter with my older manual lenses, then I’ll stop thinking about it. At least the D7000 can do that, so I would expect the D600 to not take a step backward. That wouldn’t be a good move for Nikon. Why cripple the camera in this way? Some of us like the lenses we used on our film SLR Nikons. There are built like tanks.

  • Jabs

    I am late to this party here – lol

    It seems like the D600 is a bridge camera between the FX and DX lines so depending on things like its buffer capacity and fps speed, it might be another body that allows Nikon to extend its formidable lead over its competitors. Maybe this will sell like the D7000 and D5100 as Nikon sure is on a hot streak or a roll plus now walking over everyone. Year 2012 will probably be remembered by us Nikonians as the year Nikon struck back and buried everyone with many new and innovative bodies aimed at different markets – LOL.

    I hope that it is made in Thailand or Malaysia and thus free up needed Resources to make the D4 and D800/D800E in Japan.

    Now on to the D300s replacement and a D4X with 36megapixels plus 4K Video and an eye watering price too!

    Don’t forget about the refresh of the D5100 and D7000 too.
    After this we need lenses and more lenses???

    • Aaron Shepard

      The D4X will have 54 megapixels, extrapolated up from the coming 24 MP DX sensors.

  • Niktard

    ISO 10,000 is usable on the d3s this camera is very 2001. Yes I’m a “vampire” or whatever.

  • Niktard

    5 fps is also crap. Why would I buy d700 technology today?

    • Ren Kockwell

      Because it’s dirt cheap, tard.

    • bob2

      D700 does 8 FPS with battery grip.

      Work on your timing instead of relying on FPS. Quality vs. quantity.

      What did sport photographers do before uber-high FPS? Even today, it’s about timing and anticipation, which comes from practice, experience, and TALENT.

      Tard. Turd.

  • BlackLighting

    I don’t see why someone that is waiting for the D400 would want to jump to the D600. As far as I see it the D600 is an entry-level camera like the D3200 or D5100. The D400 is a “Pro” camera like the D4.
    I can’t see the D600 being “better” than the D700 as they would of increased the number. I know that technology changes over the years but the way I see it the D1 and D2 will always be pro cameras. The D7000 might be better than those old cameras but it’s not a pro camera.

    If you look at this chart where do you guys think the D600 fits?

    I think if it does NOT have the AF motor, it will be above the D3200 but in Green for Full frame. Now I think it will be just above the D5100.

    What do you guys think?

    • btdown

      I know it sux..if you’re rolling d700…you dont need d800 and you dont want d600. Way to fuck your customers, Nye-kon.

    • Michael

      > I can’t see the D600 being “better” than the D700 as they would of increased the number.

      Hm. They lowered the number when they went from D100 to D70, and guess what…the D70 was in almost every imaginable way a better camera than the D100.

      It has happened before, it can happen again.

    • Deep Lurker

      I think it depends on why you want a “D400.” If what you want is the next generation of the D300/D300s family, then this rumored D600 isn’t it. But if what you want is an “improved D7000” then the D600 might be just the thing – a “FX in a D7000 body.”

      I’m sticking with my guess that Nikon will release both a D600 (consumer FX) and a D400 ((semi)pro DX), both somewhere in the $1500-2000 price range. But if they can bring in the D600 at $1500, then they might not bother with a D7100, positioning the D600 as the true successor to the D7000 instead.

    • Mock Kenwell

      I think the definition if a “pro camera” depends much more on the eyeball behind it than the mechanics inside it. A pro camera makes photos that make money. Simple as that.

      • Jabs

        I get your point but the definition of a Pro camera was defined by Nikon ages ago.

        Very durable bodies with then, removable heads!
        Fast framing rates with an MD
        Sealed and weather resistant with batteries good for both high temp and low temps
        Different feature set from the ‘consumer’ or lesser bodies
        Flexible and easily reconfigured for use in multiple situations or scenarios
        Similar look and layout from generation to generation – F-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6, D1-D2-D3-D4 Series
        Flexibility in accessory and flash use
        Mirror Lock up and accurate plus durable shutters
        Fast repeatable performance allowing Pro to go about shooting instead of ‘playing with’ a camera due to all of them having a similar feel.
        They work with older Nikkor lenses and some accessories

        When I picked up a D700 with an MD a few weeks ago, I was able to shoot with it in less than 2 minutes, because it was almost exactly like an F3-MD4 or F4s to me as these are the Nikon bodies that I am most familiar with. That is what defines a Nikon Pro body – how quickly you can use them from generation to generation even back to the film camera days = the genius of Nikon.

        You can indeed use almost any body to make great images at a ‘Pro caliber’ now with digital, but a Pro camera is indeed defined while a Pro shooter is a different thing. I shoot unglamorous things with both a cheap body (L22) and a D700 now, so what does that make me, seeing that the images pay for my efforts and equipment?

        The ‘F’ and the ‘D’ Series are the Pro bodies from Nikon.

  • bork

    a $1500 FX camera with the D7000’s AF would be as game-changing as the original 5D was. paradigm shifting if it actually comes to fruition.

    • SuperCCD

      If Nikon used Fujifilm’s SuperCCD sensor for D600, THAT, would be a game changer.

      • Jabs

        CCD’s seem to only work at smaller sensor sizes but CMOS blows them away at DX and FX sizes as look at the D7000, the D5100 and the new D4, D800 and D3200.

        Nothing from Fuji even comes close to these newer generation sensors with an Expeed 3 pipeline.

        I personally would buy a Nikon 1 above the Fuji cameras, as Fuji has unique sensors but quirky bodies with sometimes weird problems and yes, I do have an old Fuji digital body and love it, but they are so far behind Nikon now in tech PLUS real world performance.

        Fuji reminds me of Leica – one trick ponies and not all around greatness, so I like them but loathe their weaknesses as I need consistent results and not frustrations nor bragging rights in a body.

        • All MF digital back use CCDs so you argument has no point.

          • Jabs


            Yes, all the MF backs use CCD’s because they are stuck with Kodak Sensors and the D800 wipes the floor with them = my point.

            MF backs have size on their side but not Technical prowess, as they are a few generations behind the best current 35mm DSLR Sensors = fact.

            Also Fuji Sensors are inferior to those designed by Nikon and produced by Sony for Nikon at least in the 35mm size (FX and DX) = my original point!

            Look at the DXO Charts for proof of this yourself.

            Look also at –

    • Mock Kenwell

      You forgot to use the terms, “synergy” and “sea-change.”

      • Aristotlish

        Paradigm shifting into neutral is exactly the kind of synergy this industry needs to bring about a massive sea-change.

  • JCK

    totally kicking myself … just spent $1850 on ebay for 2nd hand D700 right after D800 announced…. and this comes along

    if history is any guide, the image quality of this would at least match that of D700, if not exceed it. plus all the new video stuff and 24mp and lower price tag …. gaaaah

    • except

      you lose one year’s worth of photographs … if you waited,

      • D600 =$1499

        I won’t assume that’s his first/only DSLR…
        So he just shot himself in the foot…
        It’s going to be $800 – $1100 in a few months…

    • bob2

      I wouldn’t sweat it. The D700 is still a current model at $2200, if you can find it in stock, so that speaks to its popularity. Did you overpay–maybe a bit, but not horribly.

      How can anyone be so sure about the price of the new D600? It could be $1500, or $1800, or $2000, or more. It’s unknown, and all this is conjecture and guess. And once announced, it’ll likely take weeks or months before it’s actually available. When the D800 was announced, a bunch of whiners on NY craigslist kept claiming that the D700 used price SHOULD be $1000, trying to grab one cheap–hahaha good try. There are craigslist postings offering $1400 to buy used D700, without any sellers from what I gather.

      I wouldn’t be so sure about the D700 price dropping to $800 so quickly–there’s too much demand, and the camera output still is exemplary, sufficient for my needs (and apparently for many as well). That’s why the limited stock still and high used prices.
      Even assuming that the used price comes to $1000 and you sell it in a year, it cost you $800 to operate that camera for one year. In my film days, that was sometimes the cost of film and processing for ONE big assignment.
      Yes, used prices will come down, but if the camera works and meets your needs today, who cares, unless you are selling it tomorrow?

      • catinhat

        After all this talk, and based on what can be surmised from the specs, I would guess that D600 will be to D700 what D7000 is to D300/s — i.e. an improvement in many ways, but not in AF, FPS, or ergonomics and build quality. And just like now, those who say that D7000 obsoleted D300 are right, and those who say that D7000 is NOT a D300 replacement are also right — it all depends on how you use the camera and what you need it for. And this will likely be the case with D600 vs. D700, so Nikon may continue keeping D700 in the lineup even after D600 is released. Many cameras = many use cases.

        • norbs

          +1000. Smartest nr comment ever. At least the first paragraph.

        • Vin

          Good comparison, D7000 is to D300s, as D600 will be to the D700. Nikon seems to take last generation and brings out one camera with better specs for better price just below, and one like D800 slightly different but the same for a little higher price. So maybe we will see same concept on DX for the D300S this time around too. ? Anyway, good call!

  • Anonymous

    I believe this camera will be manufactured in Nikon’s Thailand/China/Malaysia plants, and not at Sendai. Last year Nikon sold around 5Million dSLR units and the Japan specialized financial analysts believe 10% of that was made in Japan. That means approximately 500,000 units at were made in Sendai. If we assume Thom’s comments that Nikon Sendai can make 30,000 D800/E cameras and 5,000 D4 cameras a month, this 400,000-500,000 units annually works out well. The rest will be made offshore by Nikon.

    I believe that the demand for this D600 will be unprecedented and the after everything is said and done, the total sales figure will eclipse those of 5D2. It may be one of the top, if not the top, selling dSLR cameras to date.

    • Vin

      I think you are right about build of the D600, they will plan 100,000 a year~. After the rebuild and clean up of buildings they should be able to crank them out of Thailand. May not see a lot of them until X-mas 2012. Let’s hope that’s not true, but they seem to not due much inventory stock piles. You can see that in the limited inventory of all DSLR’s over the last few years. The floods have allowed them to put new faster different equipment in manufacturing plants.

      I was thinking about how some one else said the B&H has only sold 60 D800’s. That might be true. The may have only received 30 for April, & 30 for May after NPS sales.

      I think if they have to split 3000 D800 up world wide that might be what B&H will get a month until NPS slows and other stores have met demand.

      The D600 could be in much greater supply but I don’t think Nikon will be able to crank them out until 4-6 months after announcement.

      The major selling season Oct-end of December.

      where is the D3200? Are they on shelves yet?

      • Vin

        i meant, .5-1 mill D600 a year once we get the build in progress

      • Big J

        Yeah they”ve been on the shelves for about a month. You can still find them in store like Best Buy and there’s kits that have the 18-55mm, 55-200mm and 55-300mm. There are in red and black also which is pretty cool. Gonna try to get one in red as a xmas gift for my sibling, she’s an enthusiast like myself. Check it out.

  • Vortex

    Sad that D600 doesn’t seem to have Canon 5D Mark III’s high ISO – low noise capabilities. I was hoping for a 5Dmk3-like ISO performance at high ISO, while retaining the sensor’s high dynamic range (like D800). It would have been just the perfect camera for me, now I still have to decide if I take high DR and go for this (or even D800), or I go for lower dynamic range but exceptional high-ISO performance and buy the 5D mk3. Even the D4 is not an option for both of these worlds, with 16MP at least..
    This 22-24MP range of D600 / 5Dmk3 is just perfect.

    Sad 🙁 Ok, let’s wait for the final product and high-iso tests, but with 6400 max basic ISO, I don’t hope much here 🙁

    • Rob

      Ya, they’ll make a camera that’s better than the 5DIII and the D800 for half the price! Keep dreaming.

    • Anonymous

      maaan… I think you need to hope that they sell fries with that…

    • Vortex

      So you think it’s a dream that we have:

      – a sensor made by Sony/Nikon, with it’s exceptional dynamic range
      – a sensor around 22-24 MP (almost same like 5dmk3) and LESS ISO PERFORMANCE ???

      Don’t be stupid, I don’t really need a camera with built-in battery grip (D4), or speed (D4), or huge MP count (D800) and not even low-noise with less DR (5dmk3). I just need what the sensor is capable to deliver, not what marketing and product positioning is dictating like max 6400 base ISO. I don’t need all of the kitsch neither, like built-in RAW processing and HDR and whatever, fuck all this, I have my PC to do that. I need the sensor producing exceptional low noise at high ISO like 5Dmk3 – with the high dynamics by it’s nature like D800. Nothing more ! So you seriously misunderstood me by saying I want D800+5Dmk3 for the half price.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Dude, you want Nikon to cannibalize its other line extensions. Not going to happen. The D600 will have great low-light—it’s a Nikon. Hell, the D800, which doesn’t even try to kill it in low light, kills it in low light. The DR may be another story. Besides, have you SEEN the low-light samples from the Mk III? That cam’s low-light abilities are oversold, which is Canon’s typical M.O. Canon is still struggling to figure out what Nikon solved years ago.

        Bottom line, you can find an excuse NOT to buy any camera. Old school photogs laugh at these boards, with noobs bitching about 5fps with shockingly accurate AF—they shot 4fps MANUAL and got paid!

        Find your price point, pick one, buy one, shoot it and hit print. A $1600 FF? Screaming goddamn deal.

        • PeterO


        • Jabs

          @Mock – + 10,000 for your post.

          Canon has matched the D3 and NOT the D3s, so indeed several generations behind Nikon. Look at DXO Labs for a clue!

          Years ago when I started photography, I remember shooting a Baseball game with slide film – lol.

          Three bodies (F3HP, F3T-C, F3-AF) all with MD4’s plus MN-2 Ni-Cads and all using 36 exposure film – point and shoot at 8fps and you are out of film in a few seconds plus spending time rewinding, so had to buy MF-6B backs to allow rewind to stop before film leader went into the 35mm cassette saving valuable time plus preloaded each body and would never be without a body filled with ‘unshot’ film. Heck, the major selling feature of the F3 Series was how quickly it rewound film cartridges – LOL.

          People forgot or don’t know how hard it was to shoot fast action then especially since I was using a huge Nikon 50-300mm F4.5 ED Zoom with 95mm front filters on a Gitzo monopod and needed 400 speed Fuji Pro to stop action – lol. Ever bought 95mm filters?

          You needed all these bodies and really an assistant to reload cameras with film while now digital bodies allow you shoot a whole game without changing film or even batteries – WOW. People are perhaps spoiled or clueless and forgot that Nikon had a 250 exposure bulk film loaded back for the F3 Series that cost an arm and two legs, so that is how it was in the past. People now complain about only 1000 exposures on one battery – that’s it, I’m changing to X or Y brand – yeah right – lol.

          Imagine trying to autofocus with an F3AF and 200mm F3.5 ED-IF AF and remembering to set the focus limit switch so as to get rapid AF response and shorten the focus distance! We take for granted how easy things have become and now expect to merely point and shoot without much thought and then get excellent results all the time – NOT happening too – lol.

          Great points too!

          • mikils

            Great answer! Also great times they were; I remember how Impressed I was with my first F-801s AF!!!!!

            • Jabs


              People are spoiled by the capabilities of today’ cameras and have become lazy plus expect the camera to do everything for them – yeah right!

              Better gear often means sloppier techniques by some as they expect the camera to think for them or maybe one not learning your craft as a photographer/videographer since actually, the newer cameras have many more functions to learn about and are often more challenging to use, but nothing changes per your skill as that often is the deciding point. I use an L22 and a D700 and get great results from both, as long time photographer who knows how to think photographically and then compensate as needed.

        • Vortex

          Thanks, at least a fair answer from an experienced someone, not a “fuck-off-noob”-like asshole’s reply.

      • Jabs

        You need a D700 replacement with a D3S sensor but maybe with more megapixels.

        Sorry but the Canon 5DMK3 is a D3s competitor and not a D4 or D800 competitor.

        I fully expect the D600 to walk all over the 5DMK3, as it is barely better than the 5DMK2 and that is bad in 2012.

        A 5DMK2 has a hard time beating a D7000 DX body, so perhaps you look at that.

        Right now Canon is really struggling with their sensors though their lenses are fine, but they are the ones who need help as Nikon has clearly blown them out.

        Me personally, I don’t see much difference between a 36 and a 24megapixel sensor in terms of CPU processing to use it, as I don’t use laptops as my primary computer, as they are to slow compared to desktops. I prefer a MacPro desktop to a MacBook Pro any day, as an example though you can’t take the desktop with you obviously – lol.

        A D600 would perhaps be a great body but the build quality of a body is very important to me, so would buy a D4 or a D800 above it though the D600 might hit the ‘sweet spot’ for many. The problem is that too many are expecting a killer body with all the Pro features and speed for half the price and that is not realistic to me.

        • Vortex

          @ Jabs, I’m really waiting for the D600, for some hands-on reviews and NEF-s to look at at home.. not hoping going for the D800 since I’m really *a bit* afraid of noise, but anyway let’s wait what the D600 will deliver – it’s already fullframe and that would be more than enough for me, switching from APS-C.. I’ll probably put the difference into the 70-200 2.8 VR II, glass is still more important than the body itself.

          Thx for the comments !

          • Jabs

            I really like when someone here said that the D600 probably is a FF version of the D7000. The D7000 is a revolutionary body that brought new capabilities to that price point and also amazing dynamic range.

            Now for a D600 at 24 megapixels, the thought from me is whether it will top the D800 in dynamic range plus noise and image quality and that would be scary!

            Nikon to me has basically shut their mouth and developed the Engineering discipline to bring out new and totally different cameras and I am still being shocked with the amount of new gear knowing Nikon’s past ways – lol.

            I might have to decide myself between a D600 and a D800E, but who knows what the D600 will test out as. Right now, the D800 is blowing me away and really reminds me of when I first tried Fuji Velvia 50D plus 64T after using Kodachrome 25 and 64.

            New technology with amazing capabilities that to me mean you have to rethink photography again as new avenues of possibilities now open up – WOW!

            • Mock Kenwell

              Yes, I’m also eager to check out the D600. Nikon’s DSLR line is so good across the board lately, it’s possible that in many shooting situations, you may not be able to tell the difference between the 600 & the 800. But DR & low-light (as well as build quality) will be the tale here.

              Thank you for such a civilized discussion. : )

            • Jabs


              Lately Nikon has been upstaging themselves and you go – what’s nest?

              Yeah, I am trying to be more civilized here – LOL.
              People do try your patience here though and thus I overlook more.

              The D600 came out of nowhere and what about the D7000 and D5100 updates in light of the D3200 surprise? Nikon seems to be gunning for Canon’s lead and using the Olympics year as some form of a catalyst to run over everyone.

              I can see Nikon’s Olympics Ads saying – The cameras that revolutionized the Olympics or took Usain Bolt’s famous grin after he set new world records in both the 100 and 200 – lol – and the photographer shows up with a Nikon V1 and everyone laughs.

  • Sweet

    This will perfectly complement my D3s. High resolution D600 for my studio work; D3s for out in the field. I was looking at the D800 as my studio camera, but at half the price, the D600 looks to be a no-brainer. Announce it already. I’m in for one.

    • Rob

      It won’t be half the price. Closer to 2k.

  • Vin

    If D600 has no pop up flash they might do a kit sale, D600, 24-70 f4, + SB flash SB-400,
    $1850-$1950 USD. if they do market as prosumer. It seems like a great deal, I think we all want to know what the catch is? It sounds to be like a new FX 300s/, D7000/D700.

    Does not sound like they are worried about any loss of sales to the D4 or D800, and definitively not any competitors.

    I would like to see how good the new water proofing will be in the new Pentax DSLRs.?

  • Victor Hassleblood

    FIRST ? ? ?

    I am curious now. AIS support or not?

    • Sahaja


      Hopefully it will have AIS support like the D7000 – and hopefully the focusing screen can be changed relatively easily. The one in the D800 is reportedly a problem to change.

      • Discontinued

        THIRD ! ! !


        I wish Nikon would pay more attention on interchangeable focusing screens. As far as I know they are not just difficult to change but also do not get offered at all in the first place (except for third party stuff. KatzEye are the only ones I know).
        I would not count on an interchangeable/easy to change focusing screen in D600. Nonetheless this camera will be a bargain.

        • Aristotlish

          How about interchangeable/dealer upgradeable sensors? And while we’re at it, a round sensor that allows one to select square cropping?

        • Jabs


          The removable heads and the vast array of focusing screens are what I miss the most from the F3-F4 days, as the F3 had the most variety of focusing screens of any camera and I had maybe 95% of what Nikon made. It was fun to set up an F3 with a different head and a different screen before shooting as they made manual focusing so much easier with certain lenses.

          I understand the need for more sealing and dust resistance, but I wish that we could actually have removable screens or electronic varieties but maybe that is asking too much. With certain screens from the F3, you could virtually see the image snap into focus and nothing since has been equivalent to me.

          Maybe a D4X or a new D5 later on might tackle the issue and have removable sensors, heads and screens???

  • Nikon have promised that the new D600 will have half as many faults as the D800/D4. Also they will half the shipping time, and orders should be fulfilled with 8 months from pre order. I wonder who will respond with the remarks… troll. Why do some people defend Nikon, do Nikon give a toss about us the customer ?? No, I use Nikon and do like my cameras, but, I will never act like Nikon care me. Anyone who responds with a remark that I am a canon troll is so so wrong, I just see it like it is. If Nikon give me free cameras I would defend them, but, I do buy Nikon cameras with hard cash. Brand loyalty means bugger all. I just can not understand why some people defend Nikon like they are best buddy’s with them !!?!?!?!

    • Stanley

      That is very very true. A lot of people on this site are so full of crap and think Nikon loves them. Maybe some people on this site have no friends and believe that Nikon is their long lost buddy who loves them and will send them cheques every month. So sad that some people have no friends and act like Nikon care.

    • Anonymous

      I hope Nikon does great because I am invested in Nikon glass. I sincerely hope that Nikon does financially very very well, so that they make money to invest in R&D. It will result in better products for me down the line. Nikon does not need to love me, but I love Nikon.

    • Nikon Fan

      LOL at the trolls. Not all of us enjoy shooting with DIY pin-hole cameras like you guys do.

      Nikon makes cool products. That’s why I’m loyal. It’s as simple as that, and as complicated as that.

      • Reply

        You believe that if you want, you small minded little prick. Even this site has sold out. How do you spot a Nikon fanboy ?? Just look for the shit comming from the mouth. FACT.

  • Nikon uk

    Yes, we at nikon do sit around and laugh at the dumb people who defend us even after we have took their money and dispatched faulty cameras. Thanks so much, you fools have helped fund my bonus this year. Xxx

  • Pavel

    I am really really looking forward to that :), Nikon do not disillusion us, pleeease.

  • Niktard

    Don’t care if it’s free. Nikon should push the envelope. Instead they take a dump in it and then laugh at the morons who run out and buy. It’s becoming a joke with this company. Nikon will end up in bankruptcy unless they make some changes. Look at Minolta and use that as a reference. Tard.

    • Richard

      f-off canonite. Go get a “used” 5dm2 for 2k.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Ill-informed and exceedingly ignorant—and such a perfect screen name for you. So many reasons why Minolta went out of business. So many reasons why Nikon is still IN business—and thriving. How sad that you must come to forums like this to justify what you currently shoot with. How empty your sad little life must be.

    • Aristotlish

      Nikon’s corporate culture isn’t like “ours”. Take Facebook for example. For a billion dollars, they bought out Instagram –a company that literally had zero revenue–and turned around and released a competitor of their own. No wonder the stock is so weak. Unlike Facebook, Nikon doesn’t risk investor dollars and its corporate reputation to live on the cutting edge of things. You have three types of companies: ones that don’t innovate or change enough, ones that take too many risks that bubble and burst, and conservative companies that are PROBABLY pumping big bucks into R&D behind the scenes, but won’t release the tech to the public unless they are absolutely sure it will be profitable in the long run. I personally like this type of corporate culture when it comes to the manufacturer of the equipment of my livelihood.

  • Richard

    I don’t care if it has a AF body motor as long as it is 15,00-1,700. AF body motor for 2k is no deal. So an AF body for 1,500-1,700 is what I would like to hear.

  • Steve Jones

    I can’t believe how many people bitch about this model doesn’t have this or that. Nikon is giving us DX and FX lineups that are incredible. There is not going to be one camera that does everything everyone wants, so choose the model that fits your budget and has the equipment that you need. Given the natural disasters that have shut down or slowed down the Nikon plants and the higher than expected demand for the D800 and D4, Nikon is doing a great job getting orders out.
    Stop complaining and enjoy the rumors and new models.

  • Big J

    Apparently some people (or the same guy just spamming) are taking this a little too personal. Grow up and then come back when you’re allowed to use logic while typing on a keyboard. This is a section for comments about a product/rumor. If you wanna make it personal go write it in the notebook your therapist asks you to “write your thoughts” in. Because in the end they inevitably fall on deaf ears.

  • Iso Peanuts

    The talk of CanonRumors….

    Go Nikon!!!

    • Discontinued

      This is funny. Exactly the same talk that went on here on NR before Nikon had released the D800 and D4. I was on the edge of a switch or going double myself at the time. I bought a D7000 instead (video) and postponed my decision – which was a D800E I got late April.
      I really don’t feel like switching or going double anymore. I AM JUST FINE.

      Of course there are still things I’d like to be improved or introduced like better TS-lenses, but I get my jobs done already. And I would with Canon, too. Both are doing great. Shake hands children.

      • Jabs

        Indeed Nikon has clobbered Canon with its new series of bodies (D4 and D800) but Canon’s T&S lenses are ahead plus those new very delayed and very expensive 500mm F4.0 and 600mm F4.0 telephotos look great.

        Too bad that Canon does not seem to have a comparable advanced body to use with those great lenses. Maybe time for Canon to buy sensors from others, as they have just caught up with the D3 and thus years behind now and getting worse as they focus on expensive Video cameras and perhaps leave the Pro DSLR ranks to Nikon! Worst scenario for them in an Olympics year too!

        Maybe them being so far behind has caused them to delay the 1DX’s introduction, as stills from it are not in the league of the D4 much less the D800 – such a pity, but Nikon has ran over them with Expeed 3 and thus Canon needs some new tech in their ancient sensors and camera pipeline after the sensor.

        Nikon caught everyone unaware of their Technical prowess and they are paying the price right now. Imagine if Nikon could deliver the D4 and D800 on time – no one would buy a Canon Pro body for sure – lol – or maybe buy less!

  • Jan

    No, this thread is full of imature rats like you. Why don’t you go play on a freeway in rush hour traffic?

  • Big J


  • Canon, man…?

    The others declare., Canon, b they have a good run every 10-20 years, lasts for 3-4 years. Pulls in a few newbies, a few wanna be, even a few Pro’s that sell all there equipment off every few years. It just pisses them off! The Canon buyers, man?.. when they realize that Nikon has been doing it better 40+ years. Its like they turn over in there grave. Jealous, angry, not sure where they all are but what a way to live? Angry, frustrated, glad I don’t live there, HA HA HA HA. Its a joke. What a joke. Every night, every day. Pissed off at the world!

  • R R

    Nikon you better not make it Red

  • woop woop

    And a woop, there it is!

  • Nikonnut

    51 point AF and the 921k metering and im SOLD! =)

    • D800 anyone

      Then you should buy D800 or D4 instead

  • jB

    I hate playing the waiting game 🙁

  • AM

    Three days and no new rumors. This is getting really boring.

    • I am out of town for the long weekend. More to come next week.

      • PeterO

        Enjoy the long weekend. There’s plenty to chew on for the time being,

  • Ken Mockwell

    The D800 is the greatest camera
    The D4 is the best camera
    No, the Canon Mdkiii is rocks

    Gee, if you value this free information please send me a monthly contribution and support my growing family!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donny Donowitz

      If I use the links you provided so kindly to order some new stuff, I know I have to wait for half a year or more.
      Buy local, pay a fraction more, get good advice and timely delivery.

  • Vin

    Every DSLR is small, I took my Pentax 6X7 SLR out the other day to shoot 220. Not to long ago it was the camera for location fashion, & wildlife work. Kinda the same thing, you look & look., shoot & shoot. The subject never acts the way you expect them 90% of the time. You want them to turn, you want them to look, but the results are not what you imagine. Well the, 6X7 is like using a cannon “pun”. Clunk, clunk! The huge mirror slams up and down. I immediately clip it down on my bogen. Grab my. Minolta, and Pentax spot meters. Take some readings off the base of some trees. Check it with the in camera light meter. Ya, good. Good. Check depth, things are lighter and easier now, but some things never change. I did get my work out and some shooting done all at the same time!

  • Diman

    1500 give two!

  • RaVax

    Will it have built in flash?

  • jorg


  • Big J

    What would be funny is if this camera in all it’s great specs instead of it using either CF or SD it uses Sony Memorysticks. (Braces himself for the whatever object Nikonians lob at him to stop the jinx from happening).

  • Gino

    This website lists the Nikon D600 as a APS-H camera…

    • rinu



    • I can guarantee that they do not have any inside info on the D600.

  • Vin

    This possible over lap of CX, DX, FX, and new R, makes me wonder if there will be a D2000, out in next year or two. Will the DX line be only $1000 USD and under?. Will there be a CX pushed up in price with a higher quality mirror- less camera. Or will it be a type R mirror less. Its obvious that with the camera phones becoming better quality that Nikon needs to turn people into camera buyers not just phone buyers.

  • Big J

    Is it me or are EN-EL15 batteries hard to find and the ones that are available are ridiculously overpriced? How will the external battery grip be like when it’s released?

    • Jan

      The external battery grip MB-D12 was released a while back, i have had mine for more than a month but nothing to mount it on. Adorama delivered less than two weeks after ordering.

  • Cerberus

    I don’t understand all the comments saying that it’s ridiculous if Nikon don’t include an inbuilt AF motor.

    Why would Nikon overspec an ENTRY LEVEL CAMERA at the detriment of sales of something like the D700 (or whatever replaces the D700).

    An entry level camera means exactly that. If you want all the bells and whistles then you’d buy a camera that has what you want…and be prepared to pay a bit more.

    • Big J

      @Jan: Thought they’d release a different grip for it rather than use the MB-D12. If that’s the case should try looking for one to save time.

      @Cerberus: Don’t think the AF motor is that difficult to implement in this day and age. Maybe it won’t have the Ai coupling that some have mentioned. But to me what bother me more is that there was a thread before almost full of people bitchin’ about it not having an AF motor and almost begging for one in a sense. And others that were ok with that since it does make sense a $1500 camera without such an option implemented. What pisses me off more is the fact that once they got what they got it, they looked for the next thing to bitch about. There’s no keeping the masses truly happy ever.

  • For shallow pockets hobbyist to pro, I think D600 will be quite good enough. But the best will always stays best (D4 & D800).

    Out of topic: What font do they use with Nikon product numbers?

  • FanBoy

    One important thing NR missed is that they have two versions D600 and D600E.

  • micky

    I think the new D600 will be DX!
    With the same sensor like in the D3200!
    You will see 😉

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