Weekly Nikon news flash #163

  • Nikon D800E field test:

  • Nikon D800 - "One Camera: Two Perspectives":

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  • texajoe

    I want more about the rumored 100-300.

    • Rob

      That was just a patent release. Most of them never become actual lenses, and even when they do there’s rarely leaks about lenses prior to their announcement.

    • Fred

      I want to hear more about Samwise Gamgee.

      • AM

        He married Rosie Cotton and both live in the Shire.

        • Vin

          Nice! The Silmarillion,

    • I want more about the D600.

  • enesunkie

    “The D4 survived because it locked up and played dead.” 🙂

    • Shasta_D

      +1 LOL on that guy’s comment.

    • iamlucky13


  • Anonymus Maximus

    Darn, even the Grizzlies get their Camera before me.

    • Dweeb


  • Iris Chrome

    Nikon D4: Weather sealed… and now bear proof.

  • D400

    Thankyou for mentioning the sandisk sale! I missed the last one

    • F

      Well, Amazon actually has cheaper prices on many of those right now!!

      • darren

        The 128gb card is the real steal… Larger cards often cost more when you get that high, that card is actually LESS per gig than the 16 gigs.

  • T.I.M

    Robin Gibb is gone, I’ll give my D800e to have him back.
    Sad year for the music icons.

    • The Visible Broseph

      Any chance to mention your D800E…

    • Just trolling

      I hope something happens to your camera so you can shut up about it. If you have a family I feel sorry for them. You camera gets more love, and your family have to hear you run your mouth about it every chance you get.

      • T.I.M

        @Just trolling
        Fine, can I talk about my much loved AF-S 200mm f/2 VR (VRII of course) ?
        (I’ll talk about my new Fuji X100 in few days only, right now I’m to busy testing my TC-E 24mm f/3.5)

        • The Anti T.I.M

          Are you rich I wish I could afford all those toys.

          • T.I.M

            LOL !
            “The Anti T.I.M” !
            I love it !

      • Sdnd

        I wish T.I.M. would really go invisible so we never ever hear about his D800/E.

        @just trolling : Well said +1

    • Banned

      Mmh I thought Robin Gibb was dead already. Who cares anyway. They all died after the 70’s!!!

      • T.I.M

        My kids love the Bee Gee’s song.

        • Travone

          23 and I love the Bee Gees lol

  • Lynne Hall

    Excellent fair and unbiased comparison of all 3 cameras as video dslrs Phillip! The best I’ve seen so far. Glad you emphasise how much better the sharpness is on the D800 video. You demonstrated how 5D Mark III footage could be sharpened a little in post. What you didn’t do, and still no one has on the net, is show how low light high ISO D800 footage can be made cleaner using video noise reduction software (eg. Topaz Enhance) and THEN compare it to the 5D Mark III. Surely there’s potential for effective cleaning up with all that resolution? Would love to see how difficult to achieve and how effective it can be on the D800. Otherwise great review.

    • Shawn

      Hi Lynne,

      I posted a similar hypothesis over at NoFilmSchool (http://nofilmschool.com/2012/04/5d-mark-iiid800-hands-on-review-part-3/). Joe said they want to do that kind of test. I hope they do, because I’m pretty sure the only difference in video output quality has to do with internal processing choices.

      • ericnl

        this is quite a thorough review along the same lines as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuozUxh_tOU

        I’m interested to know how much this aliasing filter that he popped in affects the photo quality?

        another thing I would like to see is how the D800 performs at the higher iso’s, but really stopped down to show a similar exposure as it does at 800 iso??
        when you are filming at high iso’s you are filming in the dark, and you don’t want the footage to look like it was shot at daylight, so please just dial it down in exposure compensation and then show us how it performs noise wise!!

        and the third thing: I am anxiously awaiting the D600. I think it might turn out to be the camera for me. especially after all these videos.

        yes: the D800 clearly wins in the photography and low iso video, but it loses at moiré and high iso, wich I think will be solved by having a lower pixel count, like in the D600 😉

      • I have done two ISO tests now with the Mark II, Mark III, and D800. The first was here, comparing them at the same ISOs:


        The second is here, where I’ve compared them at more-or-less equivalent brightness values. I also did noise reduction and color correction at the end:


        • Shawn

          Thanks for doing this test!

          Wow, the D800 looks really good at ISO 5000 once you added NR.

          I thought that all the footage leading up to it was with NR already applied (and I thought the D800 looked horrible), but at the end it was amazing and extremely usable.

          I wonder if adding NR in-camera would make the D800 as clean as the MKIII right out of the camera?

          Not saying you need to, but I hope someone does.

  • Scott M

    Thanks for the link and info on the sale! Got a great deal, thanks!

  • Jöhan

    My D800 is still being in the travel by male human to my arrangement.

    I am wondering if Nikon is being in pulling of my underpants over my eyes with keeping the soup in low gain.

    Oh well. As we are saying, the waiting is the stiffest part.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Iris Chrome

      “I am wondering if Nikon is being in pulling of my underpants over my eyes with keeping the soup in low gain.”

      Are you saying that Nikon is trying to give you a wedgie because their soup is low in grains? o_O

      Sorry buddy, not trying to be mean or pick on your English but just couldn’t resist 😉

      • Jöhan

        It is the saying in my country. Do not put your finger in the goat to be found the lastly.

        Does this make sense in english?

        • Hugo First

          absolutely not — if it did, it would ruin it!

        • Tom


  • Jabs

    Great and revolutionary camera – this D800/800E.
    Now I see what scared both Sony and Canon before that supposed August 24th, 2011 D800 debut/release.

    The tsunami and floods were what staved off a Nikon onslaught then and delayed it to 2012. I wonder when Canon will really release the ID-X and I have seen some actual stills from it at a Pro Golf Event and it really did not look that great – maybe it was the photographer.

    Nikon again raised the bar and time for other Manufacturers to bring something great to the table instead of esoteric crap that looks great (as in lizard and leather skin covering) and promising but performs worse than an older D90 ( a great body too).

    Congrats Nikon – a job well done indeed.
    Now on to fixing the Production delays and delivering these great cameras – Gonna be a sweet Olympics for photographers indeed!

  • FX DX

    That D4 video is making me think that I need to insure my gear as well. How do you guys (non Pros) insure your gear?

    • Jeff

      All my photography equipment is listed on my Homeowners Policy as an additional “Rider” which covers it from loss when it’s away from the insured home. It only costs me approximately two to three hundred dollars extra each year for about twenty thousand dollars of gear. It’s well worth it!

    • Different Jeff

      If you make any money from photography, you’ll want a commercial “inland marine” policy to cover the gear. I pay about $160/year to cover $30,000 in bodies and lenses. I don’t cover anything under about $300 unless I have a lot of them. (For example, Pocket Wizards are only like $200 each, but I have 12 of them, so I cover them.) If you don’t make money from photography, then you’ll want to cover the equipment as “scheduled items” on your homeowner’s policy like the Jeff above suggested. It is more expensive to do it that way usually, but it is your only option if it isn’t a commercial policy. Hope that helps.

    • Whenever i buy more expensive equipment i am asking the seller for insurance. It is usually a percentage of the equipment you buy and it covers a lot of stuff like: theft, damage (including dropping, water, etc i do not know about grizzly though 🙂 ). I am sure if you go to the store you bought your tools they can advice on insurance.

  • twunts


    Ive seen the golf pro shots – a lot were taken with a 1d mark iv as well as the 1dx, and looked very good. Remember that 99% of photos are processed afterwards by most people so a lot of the time its down to the software and the photographer in post processing.

    My friend is a nikon pro shooter as d4 and d3. He is on his 2nd d4 now due to lock ups with this 24-70/70-200/85 1.4. This has caused him no end of frustration at wedding and fashion shoots. The replacement still locks up but not as bad. He is holding off on the D800 until the lockups are sorted on that as well.

    If nikon dont get this lock up sorted before the olympics then unless the shooters have backup D3/D3’s bodies them then there may be a bit more than egg on the faces.

    The bear/d4 camera shots were brilliant btw.

    • Jeff

      I’ve had no lockup problems at all with my D800. Not sure about the D4 because I haven’t used one. I just turned off the highlight previews as suggested by Nikon. Shot a few weddings so far with it as my main camera, and no problems.

    • JB


      I’ve had my D4 for about a month now. I have never experienced a lockup, and I’ve shot with a number of other people using them to shoot equine events. I’ve not heard them discuss it either. While I’m sure it is a problem, it isn’t impacting every D4 out there.

    • Jabs


      I have a very critical eye from shooting slide film with F3’s and F4’s and now using a D700 – those shots mainly had the wrong lens and wrong F-stop used as the demonstrated depth of field did not match the subject = photographer failed.

      When looking at the images outside of that, then a D3s does better and so does a D3X which is slower.

      No contest to a D4 or worse, a D800/D800E.
      Some people have lockups and others do not, so maybe they need to follow Nikon’s recommendations as most new cameras and camera systems have odd problems that eventually get sorted out or NOT – lol. Pros are accustomed to real workarounds as that is why they are PROS – flexible problem solvers and not whiners looking for ideal imaginary situations or scenarios.

      Nikon’s Pro bodies are so much faster than the competition now that personally, I would prefer to be shooting a Nikon V1 for sports as it is faster than my D700 with MD and that camera is not slow (remember F3HP with MD4 and MN2 Ni-Cad battery shooter here!!!), so accustomed to only fast heavy Nikon Pro cameras!

      Unfortunately Canon seems to have improved their Red channel problems but NOT eliminated them, hence best for them to lay low as Nikon has basically clobbered them and there is hardly anything they can do now except introduce a new body with a digital pipeline like Expeed 3. Advertised FPS without high throughput means that they have bragging rights like Sony but cannot possibly equal Nikon as by the time you shoot a sequence and the camera’s buffer is filled up, then the shot is gone – hence XQD cards in D4’s are a must for the Olympics. I guarantee that a lot of people will sneak in a Nikon V1 to do Video or shot/race analysis at those crazy and insane framing rates it can do.

      Basically pros think through problems while dreamers complain on Internet Boards!

      Canon needs to increase their buffer depth RIGHT away and need some sort of a quicker pipeline within the camera or they will indeed lose many more pros to Nikon than they are already = facts. Canon has great lenses but ‘antiquated’ (by Nikon current standards) bodies now!

      The Olympics is all about speed, shot to shot performance and anticipating peak action while golf is slow as molasses – lol – plus Canon has been the official camera and sponsor of most of golf in the US for ages.

      • mikils


  • Taras

    LADA fan over there really?!

    • The Lada has become our unofficial mascot on our YouTube channel. To see it in its full glory check out the ‘Most Brutal SD Card Test ever’.

  • cheesy strider

    That bear was all… “Dude are you from B&H?! its about damn time. Ya know when a bear orders $10k worth of glass with his D4 and another $G on tripod he should move to the top of the que… what … shit man the screen looks all green and crap where is my XQD card aaaauuuggg !!! just take it back I’m movin to pentax and that 645D bitches.” you know cause grizzlies already hate canon

  • Jade

    The Sandisk sales last time is cheaper than this time…

  • twunts


    His D3 is working perfect with his Nikkor lenses, but every so often is the same issue as the D800 pop out the battery and back in again. He thought at first he had dodgy lenses, but this newer one is better but still locks up occasionally. The old one went back but at least he got to keep the XQD card and reader!!

    • JB


      I’ve used a variety of lenses (probably mostly newer lenses–my 600VRII, 70-200 VRII, and 24 1.4) and not had any issues. I have used an old 24mm f/2.8 and an 80-200 f/2.8 D (both early 90’s vintage) and had no problems either. That would be frustrating….especially if it had happened with 2 seperate copies. The D4 is an amazing camera; hopefully the problems get worked out!

  • Fred

    “Nikon’s financial results Q&A for the last fiscal tear.”

    I didn’t know they did so bad? 😉

  • Banned

    How can you get a reader’s award when no one can buy the camera…

    • huh??

      So many people are buying the camera they can’t keep them on the shelves…

      People buying them is not the problem – keeping up with the demand is.

      (besides, most of those reviews/awards are done on bodies that are shipped pre-mass-distribution).

      • Jabs

        @bob cooley

        + 1000

        Tell us the reality of things here.


  • On the B&H Sales:

    Another resource for these (in case B&H suddenly changes) – Amazon has the same pricing (or less in some cases) – fulfillment by J&R photo (one of their competitors).

  • T.I.M

    Why B&H keep taking pre-orders for the D800/D800e if they can’t deliver orders made more than 3 months ago ?
    By the way, I DO NOT have a D800e, I had a lemon (that I returned the next day) but I’m like all of you, waiting…..

    • KenTi

      Why? Because they can. I got an e-mail from them giving me their reasons for not stating what place you are in line, all of it hype. (they do it on purpose to prevent the competition from knowing how much they’ve sold and their current inventory… bahh)

      I walked into a Talls camera in the mall here (part of Ritz) and asked them about the D800E… he told me they’ve delivered 4 locally so far and have two people on the pre-order list. How hard was that?

  • Jabs
    • posted that already in the weekly links section

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