First Nikon D800E gets unboxed in Europe, includes Capture NX2

The first Nikon D800E cameras are already shipping in Europe and as you can see from the images, they include a license key for Capture NX2 - a $135 value, which is almost half of the premium over a regular D800 model.

More D800E unboxing images taken at Foto Hans Keuzekamp after the break:

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  • T.I.M

    Cool !
    I can’t wait Thursday to get mine !

    • Be sure to post pictures and a review. We’re interested in the applicability of the D800E for wedding photography.

    • i think it should cost less with capture nx then it costs without…

      • +1

      • Ralph

        I think its included for the moire routines.

        • yes, moire removal is another thing it cannot do right.

          • Ralph

            So you’ve tried it?

            • well for me it is fundamental feature, so yes, i tried it.

              ok it was on sample RAWs from web, but it is night and day against capture one

            • Ralph

              So what was wrong with it?

  • Davide

    We want image samples!!!!

    • Sean
      • In many pictures the guy just pointed and shot .. and yet the results ..!!!
        Just see the picture with the moon and trees at the end , there is a 100% crop showing the moon at the start , and you can see the damn craters …(have in mind that the moon was situated at the top left corner in the original photo)

        I prepaid for the D800 since 2 months and I am still waiting, It will be my first DSLR since I was up to now shooting with F4s , F90s etc. Seeing images like that is a torture for me.


      • Badburro

        Did you notice the moiré on the lip of the glass shot at f/2.8? I’ve heard that shooting wide open will increase likelihood of moiré.

        • I think aperture has very little to do with moire.

          As for the glass, without seeing a 100% crop, I’m 99.97% sure that what you are seeing is the result of re-sampling the image to web size. (Depending on the settings, sharpness can be exaggerated slightly, resulting in “stepping” which is far from a moire issue.)

          • Luis

            True. Resampling can actually introduce it’s own moire when there wasn’t any in the original image. That can happen to any imaghe shot with any camera.

            Aperture can play a role in moire since when shot wide open or at very small apertures the lens will blur fine detail before it reaches the sensor. It is one technique used for dealing with moire. At F/5.6 you might see some moire but it might go away at F/2.8 or F/16. Shooting wide open actually tends to decrease moire for “most” lenses.

        • MJr

          Lol yeah duh, because moire only shows witch exactly sharp detail.

  • Tobias

    Humn. Still waitin for my NORMAL D800 -.-‘

    • hq

      Same here… I’m never pre-ordering again. (or at least from B&H)

  • Sean

    sounds pretty good. can’t wait get mine. : )

  • I’d like one of those. Maybe someday.
    But for now, I’ll stick with my very durable D90! 🙂

  • Wow. It comes with a battery, strap, power cord AND manuals…just like every camera un-boxing.

    • Francesco


    • Glenn Turner

      You’d think that for $3,300 they’d give you the software for free… seems pretty cheap, especially since most of us toss the disk aside anyhow in favor of Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture. Am I missing something here?

      • Tom

        My guess is that until the others have filters made specifically for the 800E, NX2 will be able to interpret the RAWs and apply filters much more easily.

  • Dixie

    Finally! As soon as I’ll have one of those to companion my D4, the regular D800 goes to Ebay.

    But what about D400?! 😀

    • Loll

      I love how you said this and the next comment is about a guy selling his d800 on eBay. Lol

      • Dixie

        🙂 It’s pity that I don’t have a NPS status because that would have made me a perfect villain in those crybabies eyes.

        “Sniff, I ordered 2 secs after it was available and still no camera. I call them everyday, but they’re unwilling to give any promises. I want to do my unboxing video NOW!”

  • T.I.M

    Here it is, a D800 on Ebay for $5,000,00 because the guy just got it’s D800e, so he is selling the OLD D800 for $5000

    That’s why honest people like us have to wait months !


    I am very lucky to get my D800e this week, but I feel very sad for all you NR readers, the REAL photographers, not money marked biders.

    • That doesn’t surprise me one bit. Some sucker will buy it.

      • Some sucker did buy it!

        • Giovanni

          unless you have money and it doesnt hurt your pocket. i bought my d800 for 3800 on ebay. but i had it in my hands by march 24th.. i had a preorder with b&h and just couldnt wait till may so i bought it.. turns out the sn is 3000xxx.. one of the first ones shipped to us. i have no issues with AF.. no green LCD.. nothing. and ive been taking pictures ever since.. i love this camera.

        • D800 sucker!

    • mystified

      Why do so many people think ‘lose’ is spelled ‘loose’? It’s almost as unbelievable as the amount of people that believe ‘definitely’ has the letter ‘a’ in it.

      • T.I.M

        I’m french, my anglish is teriblle.

      • demystified

        Why do so many people assume that English is every posters first language?
        This site is read the world over how many languages do you speak?

        • T.I.M

          I speak French, English, Nikkor.

          • so french english and engrish?

            no offense japanese people, i love you guys.

    • Think Before Posting

      Just because someone has am item on eBay doesn’t mean it will be purchased. Notice there are NO bids.

      If I put my D700 on eBay and list it for $8,000, will you assume people are paying that amount, too?

      • Think B4 Posting (2)

        No, but the D800 mentioned above on eBay for $4,999 is now gone with one bidder using the “buy it now” for $4,999. So apparently someone thinks they’re worth 5k…. Good luck getting 8k for your d700

    • Chino Chao

      You can complain all you want, but at the end of the day you will wait, and you will buy a Nikon, because that’s what you ultimately want. So, the complaining doesn’t really amount to anything. Nikon knows it, we all know it.

    • steve

      Would be interesting to know if this eBay guy is an NPS member….

  • Wow, free nikon software. Is it still as pathetically slow as it has been in the past?

    • Josh

      Oy Donald Duck – maybe its time to upgrade your 486 DX4 machine from last century. Capture NX2 runs just fine on new machines and nothing else comes close to processing NEF files. Understand you girly man?

      • Don’t knock those 486 DX4’s… I ran Photoshop 2.0 (or was it 2.5) on one way back in like 1993 give or take. With about $2,000 worth of RAM upgrades (to a whopping 8 MB if I do remember correctly), that thing was silly fast. It only took a few hours to rotate an image! (As compared to overnight.) 😉

        Capture NX2 isn’t bad or “slow” but as part of a workflow, it is quite clunky compared to Lightroom, Aperture or Capture One. My preference is Lightroom, but Capture One has some nice features, more so if you actually use a medium format digital back. (Nothing works better on huge 80 megapixel RAW files from a Phase One IQ180 back than Capture One.)

        • Andy

          I presume you cannot get Capture One to work with any other formats other than Phase One raw files?

      • ATM

        Try Capture One – and then come back and tell Nikon software is better

  • jadekub

    Already got my D4 and it is in stock in my country, Thailand.
    So do D800s…..


    • Artem

      +1 =D

    • Sush!

    • none

      Of all the comments you could have made, you have chosen the stupidest, possible one, the one that demonstrates your PROFOUND ignorance with utmost clarity.


      • fred

        Of all the nicknames you could have chosen, you have chosen the stupidest, possible one, the one that demonstrates your PROFOUND ignorance with utmost clarity.


    • David

      Maybe all the Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Ferraris around Bangkok would change your mind?

    • Hans

      Why is he automatically from the US? You racist.

      • Dixie

        Don’t worry, we have a way to deal with those communist/anarkist/atheiest/wrong god believers!

        The name of the solution has 10 letters and the first letter is G! Another hint: it is not torture since a doctor is present! Ha ha haaa….

    • glen

      really?? but i think Thais having more money than you have which your income comes only from this camera capability. Mine is waiting for D4 just to fulfill my hobby/passion and not to earn money from it… how many Thais and your nationality have money on our pocket…

      • jadekub


    • jadekub

      No offense. Just want to let you guys know, if anyone come over here. You can get right away…. that’s it!!

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Come to Papa!

  • Gordon

    I hope the the D800E starts getting shipped in Australia this week, any Aussies got theirs yet?

  • malez

    wow the included software sounds reallly nice.
    it’d be even better if the software’s been updated with exclusive moire control for d800e

    btw does anyone knows if capture nx is 64 bit yet?

    • Gary

      Yes it is. The update happened a couple of months ago.

    • Jorge

      My D300 in 2008 came with Capture NX. I was upgraded FOR FREE to NX2 when I purchased my D700 and I could not open my NEF files. I complained to Nikon and I was awarded a FREE FULL Version of NX2. If you already own it, and have kept up with the upgrades, that Moire controls is ALREADY IN THERE. You DON’T NEED it with your new pretty 800E.

    • theRBK

      the moire removal tool in Capture NX2 only deals with colour moire, which in any case is pretty easy to remove… it does not remove luminance moire, which is much harder to remove, and there are no programs out there that can really do a good job of removing luminance moire…

      • Michael

        They are called aliasing.

        • theRBK

          aliasing is the cause, moire is what this particular aliasing artifact is called…

  • DDP

    I just received my D800E yesterday USA version and did not receive a copy of NX2 – nor a sticker with a key code….is this a Europe only thing?

    • T.I.M

      They pay 20% more than us in USA, so I guess that’s fair they get NXcapture for free !

      • DDP


        • HerkyJerky

          I disagree, that 20% is all VAT and has nothing to do with anything that Nikon does. That difference goes into some country’s coffers.

          • USA have a sales tax too
            (varies depending on which state you’re in)

            Although we have 20% VAT, it can be claimed back if it’s purchased through a VAT registered business (most photographers do)

            The real kicker is that we have to pay import duty.
            THAT’s what makes everything so expensive in this country


  • Rahul

    Hi Admin, D3200 announcement is just 2 days ahead. Do you have enough info related to the rumored lenses that will be announced along with it?

    • I am really not sure about the lenses – maybe only the 18-300mm?

  • Al

    I think I have a pretty acute eye for seeing small details, but I have yet to see a difrence in sharpness between the D800 and D800E.

    Maybe there has not been enough good samples online, or maybe its something that has to be seen at pixel peeping levels, but I havent noticed anything.

    Ive never had problems getting great details out of other bodies. If I need sharper images I do that in post or increase camera sharpness settings.

    It just seems a bit less versatile to risk moire and have this camera be strictly for landscapes… fabrics have patterns and buildings have bricks….. and with the increased resolution of the D800, details should not be an issue.

    I think this camera was made strictly for landscape, which if thats what you do that is great.
    Or the sense “feeling more pro” because it eliminated the AA filter.

    But sharper more detailed pics ??? Sorry but Ive never had a problem with that, even at 12 MP.

    • I think at the very fine detail levels, the D800E MAY prove to give ever so slightly more micro-detail and contrast. Will MOST people ever notice? Probably not. Would I be happy to use either camera body? Yes.

      Honestly, I think that the base D800 model is probably a BETTER choice for MOST photographers since you don’t have to worry about potential moire issues. While it will hardly be an issue with people shooting landscape, nature or other abstract artistic stuff, but for those who use it for portraits or photograph just about anything man-made, the chance for moire goes up considerably.

      In my opportunity to shoot with a Phase One IQ180 80 megapixel medium format digital back, considering it has no AA filter either, I wondered if I would encounter much moire and to my surprise, I really didn’t. However, I wouldn’t rule out the potential. Again, the safe bet is go with the AA filter and deal with the very slight “loss” of micro details.

      What I would like to see is side-by-side high quality comparisons from both the D800 and D800E using the same lens, careful focus and a good subject matter that you can distinguish a difference, if any, between the two cameras.

      • It’s coming. D800 vs. D800E. Keep checking for the shootout.

        • FM2Fan

          I don’t think the shoot-out is necessary. Such comparison is in my view a waste of time – I’d prefer taking images rather than testing. Nikon did the tsting for us already.

  • D700guy

    No camera here, no shipment date, no information. ordered my D800E on Feb 7th from B&H.

    • Mike

      B&H is a joke. Just try talking to them. Absolute rubbish. They act like this is the first camera they’ve ever sold. I’ve been told numerous times that they have information but can’t reveal it. Nice. That and the return policy of less than 100 frames is why I’ll never buy from them again.

      • bobby

        1. If they had the cameras they would sell them.
        2. I’m blown away that you would whine about 100 frames

    • hq

      You gotta be kidding me. I pre-ordered my D800 on Feb 7 at 3am from B&H and they haven’t shipped it yet. Dream on, buddy – it’ll takes ages before B&H ships your D800E.

  • Don Pope

    Should’ve been NX3, but I guess that’s never going to happen.

  • dmcdougall

    Still waiting for my D800 pre-ordered in the morning of 2/7.
    At this rate, the D900 will be out before it arrives.

  • Hmm… wonder if the license key works… lol…

    • MB

      No it doesn’t!

  • Diego Defilippi

    I’m waitin’ the D800 from first days of march…I already paid it… I think I now will get the D800E since I waited ’till now and I really want it.
    Somebody knows how is the situation in Italy?
    Did some D800E already be delivered?
    Thank you

    • T.I.M

      @Diego Defilippi
      Well, living in Italiy does not mean that your D800e will be delivered like a pizza !

      • Joaquim Prado


  • Dweeb

    Ooooooooooohh, NX2.

    No donuts?

    • Dweeb

      I thought when I got NX2 with my D300 that they were getting rid of it before NX3 came out. That was a long time ago.

  • CB

    Hey Admin or anyone else – any information about new D800 shipments comming up this or next week? Waiting for mine desparately…

    • T.I.M

      I’ll sell you my D800e (brand new) for $1,000,000.00 (free shipping)
      Do we have a deal ?

      • Diego Defilippi

        Well i never thought it will be delivered like a pizza… what a funny reply.
        I just asked if someone livin’ in Italy already received a D800E…just to know..if the shippin’ to Italy already started.
        Thank you anyway

      • CB

        No, I don’t think so… 😉 no deal like that. I ‘d rather wait and spend the money on more glass…

      • Anxious Boy

        Where do I send the money?

    • it was suppose to be this week but I have not heard of any shipments yet

  • F64photo

    Actually, the F/stop has quite a bit yo do with moire. The Aa filter on the D800 actually blurs the image somewhat to get rid of moire. If you stop down to say F/11-16, diffraction does the same thing by blurring the image. Since the best resolution of most lenses is around F/8-11, you can expect moire there. Wide opera, you have other chromatic problems.

    • Ignacio Felatio

      What’s opera got to do with it?

      • Anonymous

        opera could mean aperture 🙂

        • ninpou_kobanashi

          open + spell check = opera!

  • So far from what I’ve been reading every NPS member in the U.S. have gotten theirs without CaptureNX2.

    Also people need to quit blaming Nikon for this pre-order fiasco. They don’t do pre-orders, BH, Adorama, Amazon etc do. It’s their fault they allowed so many pre-orders before they even got word on how many camera’s they got and even then with such a hot ticket item they knew they were obligated to give it to NPS members before hand so why even bother?

    Also as for NPS, yes some of them abuse the privilege but NPS is not the bad guy in this scenario. NPS is for working professionals and it’s in Nikon’s interest to keep them happy and cater their needs since they are the ones that can afford those lovely 600mm f/4s some of us can only dream about.

    And I hate to use it as an excuse but it is still true, Nikon did get hit by a Earthquake, Tsunami and Flooding in a short period of time and still managed to crank out cameras and their about to crank out another camera, the D3200. Give ’em a break!

    • Art

      One way that the disasters may have affected things beyond the obvious is that we were expecting an August announcement and/or release. The word certainly got out at that point to most of the pro and serious amateurs that a new camera was on its way.

      At this point, Nikon surely is faced with 6 months of pre-orders and pent up demand that is far beyond what would normally be expected from a new release. Combine that with the fact that the D800 is a truly game changing camera and Canon’s MIII seems to be a minor upgrade / more of the same and you have a perfect storm as far as Nikon is concerned.

      • WaityKatie

        All the apologies for Nikon ignore their abysmal lack of transparency. They have horribly managed this roll-out and even encourage their dealers not to say anything according to some of the dealers who are trying to stay mum. The Tsunami delayed the launch but Nikon then botched it badly when the finally released.

        The demand is a reality that had to be dealt with by transparency about when quantities were shipping and where. That has not happened and so all the rumors and angst are understandable.

    • Queue# unknown

      Nikon is absolutely at fault for much of this mess. Nikon’s problem was stocking Best Buy’s shelves before shipping to dealers like B&H and Adorama. It’s unconscionable that pro dealers would get second-tier treatment in the face of Coolpix-slinging generalist stores like Best Buy.

      If Nikon’s goal was to “support local retailers”, that’s fine. Ship to the small town Nikon authorized dealers who stock more than consumer-grade zooms on their shelves.

      I’ve gotten absolutely no positive feedback from B&H, other than the obligatory “are you sure you don’t want a D800” and “we don’t know how many Nikon is shipping us” emails. As a customer of theirs for more than a decade (as my “local” store, now shipped), I would like to see more proactive customer interaction. If Nikon is to blame here, let the customer direct their ire where it’s due.

      I wonder how much of this nonsense is due to Nikon’s flat pricing strategies. If B&H, Adorama, and the like have fantastic dealer prices on Nikon gear, Nikon will make less for each unit sold through these vendors. I certainly hope that Nikon is more long-sighted than to screw over their best sales advocates for a few percent or grudges.

      Knowing my position in queue would be fantastic and let me plan for my new tool. Not knowing if my order will be shipped in three days or three months makes it impossible to coordinate other aspects of my work.

      • WaityKatie

        + Uno

      • Jetfire

        Nikon can’t not favor one dealer over another without violating US Fair trade laws. That’s why small dealers won’t get shutout by the likes of B&H. This also means Best Buy gets some too.

        • Queue# unknown

          I’d love to see exactly what part of “US fair trade laws” you construe to mean that vendors can’t play favourites. Priority vendors exist, and manufacturers regularly prioritize one outlet over another.

          Taken to the extreme, how would your imaginary regulation be enacted — would each store, regardless of dollar volume, be entitled to an equivalent amount of product? Or, would allocation based on dollar amount sold for the past (x) amount of time?

          Nik0n screwed the pooch on this one. The fact that Best Buy has boxes waiting for walk-in customers while B&H hasn’t received sufficient stock to fill pre-orders is not a way for Nikon to get their gear into the most loyal customers’ hands.

          Retail price maintenance is one thing. Stock allocation is another. Shame on Nikon for being short-sighted in their roll-out of this generation’s hardware.

  • Joaquim Prado

    My Hope is that nikon is delaying all orders prior to fulfill all of then by the next week!

    • D700guy

      Try; next year

      • Joaquim Prado

        trying to be optimistic!

        • D700guy

          ok, by Christmas.

          • pessimist

            …..of next year.

  • D3 Owner

    NPS Member friend of mine is getting his 800E delivered from B&H tomorrow 4/17

    • with NPS members the camera is shipped directly from Nikon, B&H doesn’t even package it – just the order was placed at B&H, everything else is done by Nikon

  • trialcritic

    I am happy with my D800. Being too new to this level of photography, I cannot imagine what I would get in a D800e. I am a landscape photographer. It seems like the D800e is a special purpose camera. I guess people who are pros in this forum must point out the places where there will be differences.

    • burgerman

      The d800 already has a very weak low pass filter. Turn sharpening completely off and take a few shots! It needs hardly ANY sharpening at all with a good lens. And looks better in jpgs from camera with sharpening set to 1 or 2 max.

      There isnt really much to be gained here. And I already have a few shots with some moire type colours on strands of hair etc, and on patterns as it is from the d800.

      So it may be a good idea for certain studio work where you can bin a few shots, or control everything well, but its not going to be a big difference. But I think e tiny bit of .5 100 0 unsharp mask has the same affect.

      • Daryl

        The weak AA filter is consistent with others are posting (who are knowledgeable) thanks for the information. Now I am wondering my D800E order is the correct choice.

        No word from B&H about my E, I ordered 17 minutes after the camera announcement.

  • Joe

    Hey, what is that guy doing with my camera there!?!? 🙁

  • D700guy

    And I am tired of all the whining about the damn earthquake.
    Yes, for those who were affected by it, I have sympathy, but Nikon isnt just a couple of hundred workers on Sendai, they are a huge global company who already has my money for a D800E. Its time they took their head out of their ass and put a damn camera together to ship.

    • money

      Perhaps they are the same people who put the D800 on eBay so they can get $5,000 for it!

  • d3c

    So pleased to see this. Seeing the D800E ship lays to rest the rumors of serious production issues. Normal shipping should progress now and in more earnest next week.

  • Ben

    I just heard that Nikon is about to dump 62,000 D800 units into the US market, so that they can capitalize on all the preorders. Nikon knows that many photographers have double and triple ordered their cameras in the hopes of getting one and cancelling the others.

    So be careful guys or you could end up with two or three D800’s…

    Three good things will come from this…
    1) Nikon’s stock will soar.
    2) Everyone will have their new D800 camera.
    3) There will be new D800’s on Craigslist for $2500, so that ppl can make their $9,000 CC bill.

    It’s going to be a great month!!!

    • What?

      “Nikon’s stock will soar”

      I don’t think that anyone at Nikon is smart enough to figure that out!

    • Barnswallow T Duck

      And the rumor mill grinds on. Yeah, sure, that’s what they’re doing and even their dealers don’t know what’s ocming. hahahahaha. Sad.

    • Jetfire

      “I just heard that Nikon is about to dump 62,000 D800 units into the US market”

      Where did you hear this? It’s already been reported that Nikon is only making 30,000 D800 a month. So that’s about 7,000 a week. They lost a week for inventory. So unless they didn’t ship all they had a launch there is no way they can make that many more units yet.

  • Al

    Im so sick of all the Nikon users that have turned into “whiny pants”.

    Want some cheese with your whine ???

    If you guys were smart, you’d know that getting a camera during its introduction is like playing the lottery…..25% of you will get theirs right away.

    Same thing happened not too long ago when the D7000 came out.

    So you paid a few months ago, big whoop !!! Be glad its paid for and eventually on its way.

    Im so sick of you guys waiting for the best new camera out there, and talking s#!t about the people who make em ?!?!

    You wanna cry about it some more ??? Go buy a Canon, I hear they have more MP and are in stock now……



  • fred

    OMG now I have a license for NX2 cause I can read the serial number off the sticker in the photo!

    12345-67890-12345-67….. oh…… OHHHH…..

    • sam

      Good one..I had my pen ready…:P

  • JL

    So now it is confirmed, the E stands for “it does Exist” … Great!


    ok, let me see if i have this understood.

    i can buy a D800 with a component that the D800E DOES NOT HAVE for $300 less?

    explain how that makes ANY bit of sense.

    theoretically, i can purchase a D800, remove the AA filter and it magically transforms into a $3,000 D800E?

    • malez

      the D800e’s sensor filter is replaced with one that doesn’t have anti-aliasing effect but retains infrared filtration properties.

      Nikon could have very well charge the same price for both options
      ie. they could ask a price for the d800 at the same price as what they would charge for a d800e. No one would notice anything, and everyone would praise nikon for playing fair game.

      I really don’t understand when people complain about pricing of a product.
      If you don’t think the pricing is fair, don’t buy it. Go get something that you think is worth your dollar. You can always vote with your money, you don’t have to complain or be angry at a manufacturer. In what ever way did they choose to price their products, will eventually reflect on their sales number.

    • Rock Mock Well

      mrgabe your world is very simplistic isn’t it. A bigger car can cost less than a small car, please go to the car forums and ask how that could be.

    • tonyc123

      I’m afraid the answer is easy… If you don’t like the price, buy something else! it wont bother Nikon (or or anybody else) in the slightest.
      The price is there because that is the price that the vendor has chosen. The rest is up to you. Same with the expensive wireless option for the D4.. the choice is yours.

  • I wonder if they resolved the focus issues, lock ups and LCD irritations with the D800E…. My D800 is currently under “investigation” with Nikon and it looks like they are scratching their heads. I’m starting to wish I waited……..

    • Nicolò

      I have made complaints about the terrible autofocus issue with my D800 and have not received any reactions other than: “Your complaint is being escalated”, “Your complaint is under investigation”.
      I think there is a really serious production problem and all shipments of D800’s are put on hold. People should be real happy when they have not yet received “their” D800.
      And the good news for D800E-users: use the left bank af-points and thanks to the unsharpness there will be no moiré-problems. 😉
      I think Nikon encounters a huge problem and a call-back action is urgently needed and as costly!

  • KnightPhoto

    Now what I’d LIKE to see included is Capture NX3 😉

    Plus full compatibility with NIK Silver Efex, HDR, and the all the rest of the plug-ins!

  • Jim

    If you don’t like Nikon buy Sony – they lost $6.8 billion recently and haven’t made a profit since 2008.

  • EnPassant

    I’ll skip on the D800E and will wait for D900 with 54 MP, no AA-filter and no moiré thanks to a more complex RGB-pattern on the sensor similar to the one Fuji uses in X-Pro 1.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Nikon throws in a free gift and no one seems to care. I think it’s awesome that they decided to toss in a bonus with their new flagships.

  • KnightPhoto

    Have to say I’m really with Al on this one 😉

    Listen you numb nuts, YOU MADE a critical strategic error ordering your brand-new high demand camera from one of a handful of online dealers! It wasn’t Nikon’s fault that you decided to line up like lemmings. Fiasco Smiasco LOL, good one indeed 😉

    EVERY TIME a new camera comes out this scenario is repeated with lots of blame thrown on Nikon. Huh? You didn’t learn this lesson with the 20 camera releases that came before with the EXACT SAME PATTERN?

    It has always been best to trundle down to your local bricks and mortar and get yourself number one on their list because they are going to get their first camera on the same day the big online dealers do. Remember this next time will ya? Nah… easier to blame others than yourself…

    • ShooterMcGavin

      This isn’t always true. I called my brick and mortar 6 minutes after they opened on the D4 release date. I was number three on the list. NPS member bumped me to 4. They got 2 cameras on the initial shipment, then one more a week later. I’ve been paid in full since mid January and still don’t have a camera.

      I don’t really care, as my D300 is working fine in the interim, but the “trundle down to your local bricks and mortar” isn’t necessarily any better.

      Some stats. Local brick and mortar has 6 paid for bodies, and has received 3 cameras, with absolutely ZERO indication from their Nikon rep as to when the remaining orders will come in.

      • Jetfire

        Still better than B&H and being 100 in line when they get 6 and have no idea when they will get some. Plus atleast you know where you are in line at you local brick and mortar. B&H has never said where I’m in line how many they have gotten. You know your next inline. I could be 10th or 6000th for my D800.

      • Jason

        I work for a bricks and mortar store, and we don’t have any prioritization for NPS members. I am suprised that they did and not sure how they even went about it.

      • ShooterMcGavin

        Ok, well, I guess I need to eat some of those words. Dealer just called me. He got notification from Nikon that a shipping label had been printed and the camera *should* go out tonight. I might have it by Friday. 🙂

        • KnightPhoto

          Good to hear Shooter – enjoy your new camera.

          It has been my experience now consectutively with the D300, D7000, V1, and D4 that bricks and mortar wins every time. I ordered D700 late so that doesn’t count, I just walked in and bought one off the shelf. Part of the pre-ordering secret is getting in first or nearly so on your local dealers list. I “ordered” my D4 in June 2011, thus establishing myself as number 1 on their list. Yah a few NPS guys got in front of me, but heck I do NOT begrudge them, it’s their living they are making!

          I’m already in discussion with my dealer about my DX D400 😉

          That’s what it takes folks, proactive planning. Either that or just sit back and wait, because the root cause (to be a broken record) is demand FAR EXCEEDS supply. And neither your dealer nor Nikon USA can predict when your camera is coming because nobody can say for sure 😉

          Back in Sendai when they are making the camera they don’t have it targeted to an individual buyer. It might be going to Iceland, Thailand, or Canada so peoples expectations are completely unrealistic about “getting info on their body”. And there is no real point phoning and emailing your dealer everyday.

          • Shooter McGavin

            Yeah, one of the folks that was in front of me had given the dealer a deposit of $5300 (not knowing when the release was, or what the price would be) almost a year ago b/c it was a budgeted project for a business that was use or lose. They were number one, one other guy beat me to the phone on the morning of Jan 6, so being third on the list (Pre NPS) was fine by me.

  • Jason

    I was told yesterday that we got them in at our retailer in the u.s. I never verified it, but apparently Jim Brandenburg has his in and ready to be picked up.

  • R.

    I hope this stuff is not RADIOACTIVE now !!
    We’d better check it BEFORE UNBOXING !!!!

    • T.I.M

      Just run it in the microwaves for one minute and it should be ok.

  • Q

    I hope we soon can see some shootouts D800/D800E. For example a moire software removed vs optical filter removed.

    • T.I.M

      D800e moiré is a real issue,
      I tried to explain the moire effect to my wife, and now she want to change all her clothes (about few hundreds) pretexting that old clothes have more moire than new ones !

      • jorg

        i am so glad, you did not die on april first!

  • frederic

    It seems a new batch of “filtered” D800s has arrived in Europe too, mine just shipped from Germany today.

  • So the 1st buyers getting the new Cameras are either gay hand models or dodgy ebay sellers? Come on guys, just go out on the field and shoot lots of photos and find bugs for the rest of us that are still waiting on the queue.

  • icslowmo

    Anyone in Europe reading this that gets their D800E looking to sale their un-used NX2 key shoot me an e-mail…….. just say’n….

    • icslowmo

      Found thx

  • mountain traveller

    Some D800E’s appear to be arriving with dealers in the UK. Just spoke to my bricks-and-mortar (London) dealer, who received 5 this morning.

  • FM2Fan

    I’ve got mine today – all the problems reported (focus, moire) didn’t show in my first session. Serial number indicates – no more than 1000 D800E have been produced until mine has been shipped from Japan. Lets say 10 days ago …

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