Full size Nikon D800 sample images

I uploaded few Nikon D800 sample images on flickrย that I took during the weekend. There are few cropped images, some high ISO samples, with and without post processing. See the description of each photo for more details. You must check also the full resolution version of each image (go to->actions->view all sizes). Needless to say that I am very pleased with my D800 purchase.

Embeddedย slide show:

I will be uploading more D800 image to this flickr set in the next few weeks. Detailed Nikon D800 review and side-by-side comparison with the D4 and D800E are coming soon.

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  • Andy


    • Eastman

      where’s the DXO mark for 5DMK3 ?

      • Tom

        Not high enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Unyil

          I’m guessing 90.

        • Thai Tom


        • I’m not even trollin

          I guess 80.

        • derWalter

          i lol’d ๐Ÿ˜›

          ps.: just because it is funny, not because it might be true ^^

  • Gavlister


    the more sample we see from different people the better

  • Global

    No offense, Admin — but you look eyeful! =P

  • Distanted

    Oh, great…as DSLR resolution increases, the need for better looking photographers will increase…soon all the arguments over pixel counts will be replaced with arguments over the best hair gel.

    • Steven Georges

      Welcome to the world of TV weathermen, er, people, er, women, er, models.

      • Fishnose


    • Fishnose

      I wonder what feather gel that bird is using.

    • Jabs

      We may laugh but what you say is indeed true. We might need more soft filters like the old Tiffen ones, as with HD TV Broadcasts all the flaws of the TV hosts were now visible and makeup persons were now painting the faces of On-Air personalities and with the older ones they put soft filters on the lenses purposely.

      Photographer to Bride:
      Move right!
      Move left! – down a little – OK

      Bride to photographer:
      Who is that and what is that on your screen???

      Photographer – That was you but it’s just the before image and I’ll fix it for you right now – OK!

      Bride -owwwww! – I didn’t know that my face was so fat and that mole was so huge and shaped like that
      … [Makeup, Makeup, Makeup – crappy camera makes everything look weird!!!]

      Photographer – It’s OK, when I press this button, everything gets fixed – SEE!
      Bride – hmmm!!! … OK, wow, you’re a genius!

      Photographer – Thanks!

      Photographer to Assistant (next and in another room):

      Hey – remind me to NOT let people see my iPad or let them use it to Review stuff right out the camera, as their faces sometimes ‘creep’ them out and shows everything – OUCH!

      Mutters to self:
      Darn Retina Display on this new iPad and then this newfangled tethering on this new D4 !!!

  • John Richardson

    I see you used the rule of thirds on your placement inside the eye, gee, don’t ya know you can break the rules …n00b!

    Thanks!! A great shot and very informative!

    • Cha


    • silmasan

      Admin’s no noob — he was actually carefully placing himself closer to the golden ratio 1:1.618 within the bird eye’s frame


      • john Richardson

        Silly me, the golden ratio is indeed high faulting’ picture taking stuff.

        • Jabs

          ‘High faluting’ or hifalutin?

          Yeah sure is – LOL.

  • Very cool , really sharp and detail.

    • btdown

      Not sure what images you are looking at, I’m sorry..but most of them are a bit soft and its probably only partly due to shooting at f2.8.

      • preston

        The D800 is crap – where’s the D900!?!?!?!?

        • derWalter

          there is some truth in this sentence…

          one of the D4 testers was saying that he also already had the D5 prototype in his hands and THIS will blast everything away. It seemed like the D4 was just a toy between the D3s and the real revolution.

          • Mike


  • Jason Waiting

    Is that big eye looking at Nikon… for not shipping our D800 yet, despite the early pre-order?

    • Johnnymunro

      Tell me about it..

      Got the dreaded email from Amazon UK this morning informing me that my delivery date has been delayed… Sob!

  • Finally, a suitable replacement for Kodachrome 25.

    • Mike

      Yeah, and it was called Fuji Velvia 50…..

  • Very nice picture with the old woman en man on the bridge with the Canon 5D , 70-200. How symbolic!

  • FriscoFred

    Thanks for posting those. Did you shoot them hand held or with a tripod. Just wondering if you had any issues with blur when viewing the images at 100%. Thanks again for posting them.

    • everything handheld – yes, I had some issues with blur with the first batch of pictures, I since increased the shutter speed

      • Prajyot

        What you think admin that d800 is good for wildlife or not?? I am planing for D800 but cant decide. Not sure is it fast enough or D700 is best..

        • Depends, I prefer the D800 because of the resolution – if you need higher fps and ISO, the D4 could be a better choice.

          • Prajyot

            D4 is out of my budget so there go the D4 option. I am waiting for your incoming Post about D400. If D400 will have a good fps then it will be awesome. Did you try to shoot birds in fly. Can you please update some shots. If you can, then that will be awesome. If u cant, that’s ok too. U are already doing great job here. Thanks for the reply and NR.

  • DN

    Very nice set of shots, way better than DPreview sample shots

    • Jeff

      DPR tests the camera and does NOT use a lense recommended to get its full potential. Brain fart.

  • Wow, incredible.

  • If only B&H ships my camera

  • Hasan

    I am speechless

  • wingmanchen
  • sj

    is the picture of the ‘eye’ which show you *real*.. can you give the direct URL to the original?

    • Nah, he faked it of course just to get one over on folks here.


      • sj

        I am not a PS expert nor do I have a D800 to try out something like this. If this is *real*, this look crazy. Now all new CSI episode can do the camera zoom magic. http://thechive.com/2009/10/20/csi-camera-uber-super-computer-zoom-in/

        • This is real ๐Ÿ™‚ I will upload some of the RAW files tomorrow.

        • Crazy? The camera got medium format resolution, so why would it be crazy? A friend of me had a Hasselblad H3D with a lot of megapixels (dont remember how many) A couple of years ago, he visited me at my hut, and shot a bird from a far away distance. When he zoomed in at the leg of the bird, you could actually read the number on the ring that was attached to its leg. THAT was crazy.

        • Gerry

          ha ha that CSI made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for sharing! Still waiting on the pre order list here in Canada.

    • Gerry

      Ah yes,but beauty is in the eye of the beholder ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • AlexsanderBB

      …just got call from local =Henrys= store, they expect shipment this afternoon …likely I’ll get it :)))…and most exited part the advertised price 3.169 for D800 drooped to CA $2.999 …woo-Oaa!

  • vilaroImages

    Hi, can we please get more straight out of the camera NEFs at 14 bit for download so i can run my own post processing workflow on them? Thanks, keep up the good work.

    • I will try to upload all of those RAW files somewhere online tomorrow.

  • hq

    Yes, if B&H would only ship… (even the 5D Mark III is in stock now)

    • That’s because no one wants the 5D Mark III.

      • Hong kong guy

        That sounded snarky, but it’s actually true. 5Diii is easily found here in HK, meanwhile d800 is sold out everywhere with people on waiting lists.

      • David

        Yup. 5d3 literally sitting on the shelf here in my little town of 20,000 people. There’s a tiny camera store and they have a brand new 5d3 just sat there. I asked about the d800 and the guy laughed at me. He said there is no way they would ever get one because Nikon treat small shops like crap. They never have reliable stock of anything.

  • SoftonDemand

    I can’t wait to do that with my d800 + 70-200mm

  • Pixelhunter

    Looking into the bird’s eye: Is this really a D800 in your hands? It’s a fake! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for having made a lot of guys quite happy over the last months, Admin !

  • Great party trick.

  • John Richardson

    The Hot Sauce Shot at ISA 6400 sold me, (I ran the original size through Define 2.0, which I do normally anyway) then dropped it down to A4 size, which is where I print….gotta say, more than impressed.

    • john Richardson

      oops ISO

    • iamlucky13

      Indeed, the results look quite usable at ISO 6400 as long as you don’t need to make a poster print.

  • Ian

    I picked up mine yesterday and am amazed at the image quality.

  • LP

    Hi ADMIN, great shots, pristine focus, awesome colors, thanks for sharing, great job.
    Do you have any word on MBD12 Battery Grip? Thanks.

    • I think the grip will start shipping the first week of April.

      • Hugo First

        Naw, the buyer for my local camera store e-mailed me yesterday to say that he’s getting “a small number” of D800s and 5 grips tomorrow (wed.). Thom Hogan also wrote that dealers should start getting grips yesterday. So they should start being available — keep checking!

      • Crimed

        So I guess the word from Nikon to all the angry, hair-tearing, teeth-gnashing, howling customers waiting for their cameras is——- get a grip!

      • Berty

        The grip was in stock at my local store in Montreal. LL Lozeau.
        Great shots. Still waiting for mine.
        BTW, all those people who have ordered through B&H as well as Adorama will need to wait a while longer as these stores are closed for the week of Passover. Bummer ’cause I wanted to get some high capacity SD and CF cards for much cheaper than what we have here in Canada.

  • Bryan

    Thanks Admin!

    Judging by the picture of the pebbles, it seems you can get useable tight crops all the way up to 3200. At 6400, and even 12800 everything looks usable at normal print sizes (without cropping).

    • Bryan

      Make that 25600, not 12800

  • Vic

    now we all know what you look like. very bad move.:)

    • HA! And we can spot him with our D800’s from miles away now.

  • CamaMan

    Want it sooo bad, but I had a chance to try it and it feels to big for me. Even with a prime.
    Grip felt a bit to fat for me. I just know if i got it would mostly stay at home cause of the kit size needed to do it justice, and that would be a shame…:-(
    Great photos admin!:-)

    • Fun times

      Don’t worry princess, I’m sure they’ll let you sit down on a float during the “pride” parade.

    • Esh

      The Crap people will come up with to justify their inability to purchase something ..

  • Remi

    I’m sorry to say that but even if almost all of the pictures of this set look outstanding when very small, I had a look at the greatest available resolution for them and most of them are sadly very blurry (from micro moves). A few of them are incredibly sharp though !
    This confirms what we already knew. The resolution is outstanding but if you want the best of it you got to be really careful. I sadly think that most of the user won’t get the best of it and produce a lot of unsharp images (at 100% but that will look awesome at lower size)

    • correct, I got several blurry images, must use faster shutter speed with this thing

  • Cyber

    thanks for the images
    so 24-120 f/4 is not a good companion for d800 is it ?

    • the 24-120is great with the d800.

  • Simply incredible. I thought the closeup was a crocodile eye and was amazed to see that it was the tiny eye of a bird. Well done Admin.

  • Banksie

    Thanks for taking the time posting these. But many of them look out of focus and not sharp. It would be nice to see some calculated exposures on a tripod at optimal lens resolution like 5.6 or 8 from one of your G 1.4 series prime lenses. At 7360 x 4912 pixels and at 300 dpi, it gives you basically a 16×24 print area dimension. Sticking one’s nose in the print is going to reveal sharpness issues. And I don’t mean with inkjet prints where dithering and screening come to play and where paper surface is an issue too, but with large C-prints from laser printers (Lightjet and Lambda, etc..)

    I see the D800/800E as a potential capture tool for large prints. On the monitor it will look good as will most current quality DSLRs/lenses. I’d like to see the best capture possible and how that file equates in a large print. I think that’s where this camera might shine (studio/calculated image capture) over an all around camera like the D4/D3s/D700.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to put them up.

  • LP

    I wouldn’t get one of those for this workhorse…

  • Stefan

    This will be the last time we’ll ever see a not-cropped Nikon FX image, enjoy it while it lasts ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s kind of sad actually ๐Ÿ˜‰ but remarkable nonetheless

    (Okay, slightly exaggerating, but you know where I’m going)

    • I’ve been shooting with my D800 since last Friday and have yet to publish a cropped image.

  • Wow, that’s quite impressive. 36MP is no joke. Looking at the DXO and DPreview image comparisons in addition to the ones in your flickr stream shows that Nikon has done a lot to make sure that image quality is their top priority. Bravo, Nikon.

  • Srini

    Nice and sharp shots. I checked out Flikr.

  • Can you take hand held pictures at night(high iso) with street lights to know whether D800 has sensor blooming problem or not .

    thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Congratulations, Peter!

  • SNRatio

    Is the 24-120/4 good enough to be used as a normal zoom on the D800? Not @120mm, I would guess, but, for example, in the 30-85mm range?

    • yes it is, that is the first think i checkt when i got my d800

  • fregoe

    I’d love to see more examples with the 24-120mm f4…

  • Chase

    Looks like the D800 poops on the competition. hasselblad your days as the studio king may be over (could already be over) in less than a decade if Nikon keeps it up at the rate are. Hasselblad is most likley going to be sitting next to Kodak.

  • laller

    Some CSI quality zoom&enhance right there Admin.

  • J Epkin

    I hate to say this, but… is that noise in the bokeh at ISO 200?!

    But on a more positive note, in the 2 years+ I’ve been following Nikon Rumors, this is by far the most selfish post I have ever seen from Mr. [NR] Admin. (That’s a compliment.) Bravo sir, for all your hard work!

    • Qandak

      Yeah, I didn’t like it too, it doesn’t seem, that is. There is no smooth uniform colors even in 200 ISO and nobody notices, or don’t want to…

  • Remember Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” ? When Deckard/Ford enhanced the photo he foud?
    I’ts possible now ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice photo by the way…

  • this is great admin!!

    i think so far this is the best and most detailed review of D800 on the web…checkout.., http://blog.mingthein.com/2012/03/23/first-impressions-review-the-nikon-d800/

  • Smudger

    Admin, please can you make the nefs available?

    • yes, will upload them later today, maybe not all – have to find a good place to share them online

      • When you find a good place, let me know. I’ve got people asking me, too… and I have no idea what host to use.

  • Admin:
    Not only do you have a great website here, your photography is also top notch. I enjoyed viewing the pictures very much.

    • Gorji, it’s not me – it’s the camera, seriously ๐Ÿ™‚

      • lolly

        I think your best shot is the old couple in B&W. Was the black&white done in camera ?

  • I can’t even see you…. must be my old eyes, ha, ha, ha.

    • Bjrichus

      He is there … Look immediately to the right of the eye ball and there is a light color vertical reflection (must have been wearing a grey outfit), that goes vertically down to the bottom of the eye.

      It’s not 100% clear, but he is with arms raised and camera on his eye “in the position” so well known to photographers.

      Enlarge the image a bit (use the control and plus keys in a PC) or zoom in on your browser and you will see he has shorts on (or our admin is a lady in a skirt) and has left foot slightly in front of the right.

  • Bjrichus

    [NR] Admin….

    Thanks for the pics.

    Way to go!!

  • ericnl

    is it weird if I say that even though this looks really good, that I will wait another year with my purchase, just to see if there is a D700s coming out as well?

    • Pixelhunter

      carpe diem !

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