Nikon D800 tested at DxOMark, gets the #1 spot

After the Nikon D4 got the second best DxOMark overal score on Tuesday, today there is a new king - the Nikon D800 is now the #1 rated camera - it even got a higher score than the Phase One IQ180 digital back. The detailed stats are available on DxoMark, here are few screenshots:


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  • djh65

    I’m loving these results… great job Nikon and ha ha ha to all those D800 doubters out there. Privately though I wish the news was not this good so that maybe some of those pre-orders ahead of me would cancel and I could move up on the list. I just want it in my hand today but I’m going have to wait my turn.

    • Sonny

      Goto to best buy. Picked up right from the store today. Forget the preorder.

      • NoFunBen

        smart, i feel like i maybe on a wait list for 3 more months.
        It is great the camera is so good, but now it will be sold out till after Christmas!
        nikon needs a bigger factory.

    • Nope

      Sorry, but once you use it in the real world, you will see that the D800 compares to the D5000. Here’s a simple task for you. Go to dpreview, download the raw full size file of the d800 at high iso 6400, then the same studio raw file for the d5000 at high iso. Then open both without resizing, in photoshop side by side. D5000 has same performance, and D800 looks terrible compared to D700+. Also, the D800 has already gained a repuation for terrible low light iso performance outside of the lab. So go ahead and get a D800 and shoot a wedding without staging the photos with models like Cliff M does, and I’ll use my D700 and lets see who wins more clients.

      • christi4n

        You must be joking.
        Nope, just trolling.

        And in any case, it’s not the camera that wins more clients. Maybe it’s the eye.

        • You can have the BEST camera in the world or an old KODAK Brownie. It’s NOT the camera!! It’s the person behind the camera. If the person thinks he is a “Pro Photographer” because his camera dose better than that camera. WRONG!!!! A good photographer SHOULD be able to take ANY camera and produce the same results no matter what. I would take that type of photographer if I was a client any day of the week.

          • @Walt

            Dude, you are SO RIGHT ON! While, sure, I would love to have the latest and newest shiny camera body, a new camera is going to do NOTHING to make me a better photographer.

            I see images on Flickr everyday that take my breath away and the cameras they use list are old D2x and D40, or Canon 30D and 1Ds. Screw DXO.

      • Andrew

        Yeah right.

      • catinhat

        Exactly right. At print resolution it looks like D4 and at screen resolution it looks like D7000, because it essentially has an upsized and perhaps slightly tweaked D7000 sensor. And by the way, at screen resolution D700 looks a lot like D4. 🙂

      • Well – I just did that – at iso 3200 with my own picture. Didn’t compare to a D5000, but to a D7000 – and processed the raw pix just like any other raw I would work on – so as ‘real world’-y as it gets – and the D800 wins hands down in the finished product.
        And btw: what are you doing comparing a 16mpix raw to a 36mpix raw 1:1 side by side? what is that test supposed to reveal?
        You can check out DXO’s normalization calc’s – they have that linked in the d800 test iso section.

        live long and shoot well.

      • Bozo

        Stop being a cheap little girl. If you want a 16mp sensor go buy the D4, otherwise work harder so you can afford to buy what you want.

      • Yup


        Are you an expert on sensors? Hmmn, you said words on the interwebs so I must believe them!

        You should start a wikepedia page to explain the “science” behind your hypothesis of how horrible the D800 is in low light. We must spread your gospel through the interwebs so the masses do not get tricked into buying this awesome camera…

        According to this article, the D800 wins. You say the D5000 and D800 have the same light performance? Was this a controlled test with the same light of the same subject with both cameras? Keep in mind too, there are different types of light and the lens you are using can make a HUGE difference too.

        And for your final comment I leave you with this quote:

        “Buying a Nikon doesn’t make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon

        I am pretty sure we will see plenty of great wedding photographers with D800’s. Either way, use the camera that is right for you.

      • The Manatee

        Poor Nope, he’s butthurt :*(

        • Ernesto Quintero


      • Ralph

        Well I expect that the D5100 and the D800 will have similar low light performance (not sure about the D5000) because its much the same pixel density and I would assume similar technology.

        This camera is ideal for landscape photographers like me. If you want to shoot Bridezillas in dank, dingey churches it probably isnt for you. As weddings are the last place I ever want to go I’ll enjoy the fresh air and use my D800E to make beautiful landscapes.

        I think wedding photographers have become a lazy lot, great wedding shots were taken back in film days, way before high ISO availability. I suggest all wedding photographers switch to Canon. Canon is so much better for you – Really!!!

      • bert

        Shooting weddings is for sissies.

  • Rich in TX

    D700 replacement? D700 killer.
    canon owners just crapped their pants

    • steven8217

      For me, it doesn’t make sense to buy the D700, now just waiting for my D800, come on, Amazon, ship me mine !

      • Qandak

        You’ll be shocked but I’m going to buy a D700 next week 🙂

        I use D300s for now. I reserve about 1/3 of my images I shoot, print less than 0,1% of them, and the maximum size for me is about 20 x 30″. (All we need in general is just 800x6oopx final image size for the web 🙂 )
        So, should I get a D800 instead of 700? If…
        1) I don’t shoot video at all, 2) I never use crop not for recomposition nor getting details like a scratch in a wall in the background building, 3) I don’t usually say “Wow” watching 100% on camera LCD screen, and 4) I do not need to manage tons of digital information waste I will never need!

        D700 do the same job it was doing many years, it’s the same great 12mp, with same great tonal range and great colors, nothing’s changed!

        The only thing I really like in D800 is 100% viewfinder (instead of 95% of D700), not 36 million pixels!

        • I use a D700, too. It’s a fantastic camera. Simply fantastic. but I will probably save up for the D800 – a year to 18 months from now.

          I’m like you: I don’t crop to recompose, either. If I crop, it’s to change its aspect. I personally think a lot of individuals are going to use the 36mpix as a composition crutch.

          I do like the D800’s increased dynamic range and color depth, though. And its metering – from what I’ve seen – is a noticeable improvement over the D700. But that doesn’t make the D700 any way detract from the venerable D700!

    • Jack Grant

      I am really happy for all the Nikon users and I didn’t crap my pants as a Canon user. Why would I? One thing I noticed about some Nikon boys, that their comments are childish when comes to Canon. I personally love to see Nikon making great cameras, that competition is good for me and all Canon users. Enjoy your brand new D800 : )


      • El_Pickerel

        They aren’t necessarily nikon users if they are floating around on here. (For the record I’m in a café in Reykjavik getting caffeinated before more street photos)

      • Fishnose

        Oh, I definitely agree. I’m a Nikon guy at the moment, used to have Canon in the film days. And on video I use Canon. My problem is not with Canon, or their cameras, it’s with the incredibly stupid attitude I get all the time from Canon owners, that Nikon is just crap. Even over the counter in a pro shop would you believe! So it’s so cool when Nikon can make those Canon jerks shut up.

        • I’m sure there’s a Canon-user out there saying the same thing about us. 😉

      • Matt_XVI

        Very good point, although I would like to point out that I see a lot of Canon fanboys also putting out childish comments. Both are great systems though and they are only getting better.

      • joey

        I agree with your comment. I have invested in Nikon, but don’t see the reason why some individuals are so passionate about the company. They produce a good product – arguably better or worse than Canon, but able to produce similar results in capable hands.

        • Mike

          I still see amazing photos from people using D40’s and D60’s. This pissing contest about which camera or camera company is better…well, it is just pathetic really. You nailed it Joey with the comment “produce similar results in capable hands.”

          Do I want a D800? YES. Do I need it to take amazing photos? NO. Will I get one anyway? Yup… I cannot wait to have one. Congrats to all that purchased theirs already and GL to those who want it.

      • Mike

        +1 to Jack,

        I am a Nikon owner but I still love to see other companies do well. The competition helps drive inovation and better tech. I do not like fanboys comments much either. Normally, they are rude and state overinflated facts.

        • D

          One might wonder (or hypothesize), however, whether or not fanbois ‘help’ create a culture (an iReligion?) that pushes companies to legendary status, and helps them stay there for the forseeable future. Whatever the mechanism behind that ‘help’ might be …

          One might wonder at point a fanboi becomes an evangelist. Does Nikon have a Guy Kawasaki out there somewhere?

          [lets contrast with say, Kodak]

          • Sahaja

            The F1 & F2 are what pushed Nikon to legendary status.

      • We’re Nikon users – because of my wife. If I had my way, I’d be shooting Canon. Well, let me rephrase that: I’d shoot with BOTH Canon and Nikon. I love both systems: both system have their pluses and minuses. I just wish there were more FF options out there in the market.

    • Jeff


  • Rich

    Take that, to all you anti D800 whiners.

    • Art

      I have to admit, it seems strangely quiet around here. Where are all the people who are convinced that Nikon really screwed up with the D800? Where are all the people who are angry that they didn’t get the ISO sensitivity that they wanted in a D700 “replacement” ?

      Hmmmmm….. Maybe they all went over to that -other- camera maker…..

      Actually, it will be interesting seeing the results for the D4/D800 compared to Canon’s new lineup.

      • nope

        The 5DMIII appears to have much better ISO. Look, it’s not magic, it’s science. When you try to get 36mpxls out of a full frame sensor, you are going to get worse ISO performance, this is not a guess or opinion, it is a law. Thats that. Sorry, but once you use it in the real world, you will see that the D800 compares to the D5000. Here’s a simple task for you. Go to dpreview, download the raw full size file of the d800 at high iso 6400, then the same studio raw file for the d5000 at high iso. Then open both without resizing, in photoshop side by side. D5000 has same performance, and D800 looks terrible compared to D700+. Also, the D800 has already gained a repuation for terrible low light iso performance outside of the lab. So go ahead and get a D800 and shoot a wedding without staging the photos with models like Cliff M does, and I’ll use my D700 and lets see who wins more clients.

        • Andrew

          You sound like a Canon sales man.

        • DRAKSA

          The truth of the matter is that you are not trying to convince others, you are trying to convince yourself. If you truly believe the rhetoric coming out of your pie hole, you wouldn’t even bother posting.

          • Nope

            That doesn’t even make sense. It’s a comments section. We are all commenting. I cant even understand what you are trying to write.

        • Yagion

          Wait. You already said this a few comments above… ???

        • Nope, as a studio photographer that shoots low ISO, I could care less.

        • Greg


          Yep, it’s science– science that DXO does very well. Look at the high ISO comparison with the D4: in screen mode you’ll see exactly what you’re describing, more pixels means lower SNR. But, once you scale to print, the D800 recovers almost all of its lost ground.

          You’ll notice it doesn’t win back all of its lost ground, because physics still reigns, but it clearly answers the concerns that I had– you lose very little light when you break one pixel of this size into two.

        • Jess

          The troll just wants us to cancel our amazon pre-orders so he can move up the line….

          • Denis

            LOOOOOOOOL :D:D:D

        • lol

          every canon user became a low light warrior this month when in the past they had been raving about how their 5DmkII was sufficient and that the extra low light perofrmance of the nikon’s was “overkill”.

          oh how the wind changes 🙂

          • Denis

            I’m not sure if 5d mk iii is any better in high iso (I mean usable high iso, i don’t see any advantage of canon up to 25600, where the 25600 is unusable on both).

      • Bert

        The 5d mkiii will score 82 or 83 points, with around 2600 on low iso. The heavy NR is killing so much detail, the scores will disapoint.

  • SoftonDemand

    that’s my baby there!

  • Mark J.

    Great, poor salt in the wound why don’t ya! Want this camera now, and all B&H will tell me is “I’m really high on the list for the next batch” Which is REALLY messed up considering i placed my order with them about 5minutes after the pre-order went up on Feb 6th…. Guy basically said im looking at weeks, maybe even months now before i get it…..

  • Turus

    I spoke to a B&H rep at a Kelby Seminar a couple of weeks ago and he said they had over 7000 D800’s on the the pre-order list…so enjoy the wait…

    • Calibrator

      Is it really that surprising?

      I mean how many big chains for ph.eq. do you have in the US? Three or four including Adorama, Amazon, B&H and ?
      And how many of you run to these exact few places for preordering?

      Is Best Buy really that bad compared to the “dedicated seller” Amazon?
      Are you ordering at Amazon simply because you want to avoid shipping charges on a $3000 product or is it just comfy?
      If my highest priority was to have it as quickly as possible(*) I’d buy it where I get it the fastest as along as it is reasonably priced – and to my experience this is not where “everybody” runs to.
      As I can wait I personally order usually at smaller businesses to keep them around — I don’t like the small specialist suppliers to get killed by “Walmartization”.

      (*) = How anyone can preorder a $3000 piece of equipment without it going through rigorous practical testing and at least a few throrough professional reviews is totally beyond me, by the way.
      Especially with Nikon’s recent track record of necessary firmware updates (D7000, One).

      • Best Buy gets a bad rap because they cater to the lowest common denominator… and they generally don’t expect their sales staff to be more than one-step ahead.

        Most sales people at Best Buy are not experts on the stuff they sell. Not to mention their prices are generally higher than just about everyone on accessories and smaller items.

        • …which is exactly why at some point in a photographer’s life time – especially if they start to make a career out of it – eventually only purchase from pro-shops. You can buy a camera almost anywhere; service, now, is another story…

        • Calibrator

          Sean, you are surely right about Best Buy (with MediaMarkt we have something similar in Germany) but Amazon isn’t really that better.

          Amazon fights mostly with via price. If MediaMarkt has a sales special you can bet that Amazon will reduce their price to be one cent below it (happened countless times with DVDs and Blu-rays).
          Amazon is generally cheaper than MediaMarkt, of course, but it’s an online seller without trained staff either (in fact in most cases you won’t even notice that Amazon has staff). The only helpful thing about Amazon is the customer reviews – but you are never sure if these are from actual customers, the manufacturers/authors or the competition.

          You also don’t buy accessoires at MediaMarkt if you can help it. The only exception I can fathom is when it is Saturday 7 PM in Germany when every pro shop has closed (we don’t have 24 hr. shops) and you absolutely need a new HDMI cable (or whatever) for the weekend.
          Then it’s only right and fair to pay three to five times what it’s worth at MediaMarkt…

      • D

        “(*) = How anyone can preorder a $3000 piece of equipment without it going through rigorous practical testing and at least a few throrough professional reviews is totally beyond me, by the way.”

        You might be overlooking the fact that you can return that $3000 piece of equipment if you don’t like it (to lets say, B&H; or someone else who will gladly take it from you for $3000).

        • Calibrator

          I’m aware of that – and it’s of course your good right – but why should I beta test something without getting paid for it?
          Note that I don’t say that the new bodies are faulty – it’s just that I don’t know for sure that they work as intended (future optimizations not taken into account).

  • Got my D800 yesterday after 25 years with Canon since the original EOS cameras, took a few shots last night
    Should be able to begin to learn the camera properly over the weekend.

    • Shutterman

      Did you HDR those photos or just pull in the shadows?

    • photo-Jack

      Seems you’re not only blessed with an outstanding camera but apparently with an outstanding location as well…
      grrrh …envy is a god-forbidden sin, isn’t it…

      • Dan

        Dang! Great shots! Wish I lived near such natural beauty.

        • +1,000,000.

          There are very few of us that are truly limited on access to amazing natural wonders… sometimes it’s merely a day or even overnight trip… but living in the dead-middle of the mid-western US… I am one of those unfortunate. We don’t have or are even remotely CLOSE to mountains, oceans, natural lakes, deserts, glaciers, old-world history, beautiful landmarks…. anything. We’re talking about requiring a week-long vacation for most anything worth-while.

          We have corn fields, a big racetrack, and some dense forests an hour south. Sure, there’s some great stuff you can get out of that… but the variety is killing me.

          • Travone

            I know exactly how you feel. I long for a city, or the country, but I have in between and its pretty lame

    • Calibrator

      Did you get a higher priority because you also ordered a 14-24?

    • pavel

      I own a Nikon but must say, your Canon photos just look better than those from D800.
      All are great, tho..

      • Denis

        It’s a matter of time.

    • mikils

      Mhhhh… Truly great pictures and a sweet country. Bournemouth: I was planning to fly have a stay there this spring, maybe I will visit some of these beautiful areas. Would like to know whether there is some good birding spot, I may bother you for this!

  • Mike

    I suddenly remember the Volkswagen commercial and sang to myself “Another day… Another dollar..”

  • Ben Dover

    The DxO Mark site has been hit with a DDoS coming from Canon, site is unreachable now…. or maybe France has rushed into place new anti-terrorist blocking because as you can see the D800 is an f…ing bomb!

    • C-anon-ymous

      we are Canonymous. We are legion. We will strip exif from any nikon files that cross our path. You will wait 3 years and pay a 30% premium for 1 additional .megapixel and autofocus.

  • jorg

    wow. did not expect THIS!

  • Csharp

    Yeah, no more worries or thoughts of a D400. I pick up my D800 today from my FVorite Brick and Mortor – Photocraft in Virginia . I’m loving it!

  • bobby

    This is all well and good, but when it can shoot 2 more fps then we will finally have a true successor to the d700

    • AnnoyingOrange

      4FPS vs 5FPS doesn’t seem like a big difference, IMO.

      I’d love to have this camera for the DR and resolution but it’s not yet available here and stores with pre-orders are overcharging by a very wide margin.

      • Tim

        D700 does 8fps not 5.

        • Andrew

          Even at 8 fps versus 4 fps, it is not much of a difference; at least not enough not to buy. Now if you are talking about 11 fps versus 4 fps, you would have a point, but then again, the D4 will give you 11 fps. So whichever way you look at it, Nikon has delivered! The only trade-off with the D4 is its size and cost.

          • Matt_XVI

            I own both the D700 and D3S and don’t find the size to be a negative at all. The D3S feels much better in my hands and more of a professional camera in my honest opinion.

            • Matt_XVI

              I assume it would be the same for the D800 and D4.

        • Mike

          8FPS with $200+ battery grip and a $100 EN-EL4(D3) battery to include $115 for the charger. Forget the AA batteries, you get about 200 pics from those. So yeah, it CAN shoot 8FPS but 5FPS if just using the D700.

          • Don

            Actually, I shoot weddings with a D3S and a D700 with AA grip and the eneloops in the grip last the day – Iv’e never had to change them. Usually shoot about 1000 shots on the D3s and maybe 400-500 or so with the D700.

            About the D800(e), it’ll be a great addition to my gear.

            Thom Hogan’s got a great article on why high FPS isn’t always going to get you great shots due to shutter blackout time not allowing AF to track as well. I shoot birds in flight and find that 4-6FPS is more than sufficient. That’s just me, though.

            • David

              Yup. Not to mention that I don’t think machine gunning the bride at 11fps is a great idea anyway. That just makes you incredibly annoying.

              I think the ultra fast burst rates have their places, but the majority of people don’t need it. I do weddings and portraits and rarely take my camera out of single shot.

    • goldaccess

      There’s always something to whine about. Isn’t it?

      • Andrew

        That is what makes us humans. And that is why Nikon will continue to release newer cameras. But the D800 at 36 MP, FF, and high ISO – we are getting a stunning combination of features. Simply awesome.

    • gbm

      Good grief… that horse is dead already, quit beating on it.

      … and honestly.. it was a pretty small horse to begin with.

  • On the one hand it’s Yahooooooo!! mine must come soon!

    On the other hand, Oh S**t, who’s going to pay me anything for my D3x now!

    • Craig


      I will give you $2,200US for your D3x right now. LOL!

      I mean you are right, it is less of a camera than the D800! LOL!

    • Merv

      When the weather conditions get really really bad, that’s when you can use the D3x

    • @MarkLF

      Just wanted to say I looked at your site and love your work. I hope to one day get to be able to create images similar to yours. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on improving my skills and networking!

  • pat

    WTT> my canon stocks to your nikon stocks. Pm me. 🙂

  • NG42

    I saw a bunch of comments on DP Review talking about how bad the samples looked.

  • Spy Black

    We will have to wait and see how the new Canon fares at this, however. They’ve traditionally made noisier sensors in the past, but there’s been a lot of hype about their camera’s processor. So it’ll wind up either at the top spot, or just below the Nikon. We’ll see.

  • Ray

    Not impressed…I am waiting for the D900. The D800 didn’t show enough improvement over the D700 to justify, so I will wait………………Wait until Monday because that is when my D800 will be in my sweet hands……Sorry for the first comment as I am giddy after seeing amazon ship notice change just now………..

    • Nope

      I agree. Those that bought this as a replacement for the D700 should be ashamed of themselves because Nikon created the D700 with the SAME sensor as the D3. It was the poor mans D3. The D800 does not have a D4 sensor. MARK MY WORDS, in 6-12 months, we WILL HAVE A D4 sensor in a cheaper body, just like Nikon did for the D700.

      • Ashamed? why?

        wait, I was about to actually reply, then I saw who this was…

        Not going to feed the troll.

      • P&S_User

        Ashamed? why?

        you like it, you buy it.
        you buy it, you enjoy it.
        you hate it, sell it or trade it.

        If you are from R&D or have a crystal ball, i mark your words
        else it what you hpe for. Nothing to be ashamed of.
        Everyone have their same idea, live with it or die with it.

      • jorg

        what are you doing here? ashamed? what kind of mission are you on? hilarious

    • Jeff

      When and what time did you order? I ordered on 7 Feb at around 3:20 A.M. EST from AMZN and am still at 1Apr-30 Apr for delivery.

      • Ray

        My amazon order of the D800 was placed on February 7, 2012 at 12.57:45 am est. This shows on my confirmation which was emailed to me after placing my order. It even shows the second…

        • Jeff

          So I ordered two hours after you, and I have nothing yet 🙁 I hope I make it for the initial allocation.

      • Crimed

        I’m right behind you at 3:21 AM and also still have the same estimate

  • what is that bloody screen mode. In screen mode D800 looks just like D7000 on dxomark. what is that??? Does it mean when you stitch d7000’s 3 photos you will get the same results as D800?

    • Michael

      Screen mode = per pixel, Print mode = per area unit.

  • Hendog

    Ah brilliant!! Can’t wait for mine. At first I was highly skeptical about the 36mp beast, but it will be a truly remarkable piece of equipment. Joy!

  • Derek

    So I can’t believe I called my local Best Buy and they had a D800 in stock!! SO AWSOME! My pre-order from Adorama is now canceled. They still don’t know when they will get them. Crazy!

    • I’ve called every Best Buy within 100 miles of me and they have none and say it isn’t even out yet.

      • Jonathan

        I was told the same thing by a Best Buy sales person in Queens, NY. I made her check anyway.

      • I had a local Best Buy check their computer for adjacent stock. The closest one was 140 miles away. I immediately jumped in my car and drove.

  • cyclegrunt

    A box from Nikon arrived this morning, soon to be in my grubby little paws.

    For those of us who endured the magenta cast on the D1 and the less than stellar LBCAST
    sensor on the D2H, here’s to the new champ.

  • Bob

    From the DxOMark website: “Of course, we remind you that in screen mode — unnormalized, as is the case for 100% screen view, for example — the Nikon D4 comes out ahead, and by quite a large margin — with the SNR curves showing a difference of nearly 1.5 stops”

    screen mode — unnormalized = raw

    • rkas

      screen mode = not interseting when you look at PICTURES. Print mode is all that matters in the end.

      • Bob

        Convert the screen mode/raw image to print mode/jpg, and you end up with better image/more options, do you not ? In this case “nearly 1.5 stops”.

  • Congrats Nikon, great results, now if I could only get my preorder soon.

    • Calibrator

      You should correct your link if you want people to visit, Jimmy.

  • Andrew

    The D800, camera of the year!

    • Nope

      No way buddy. Do a side by side of the D800 with other cameras. Looks terrible at high ISO.

      • Andrew

        I understand, it is not your beloved Canon; I guess the incredibly high ISO performance of the D800 does not matter to you. I do not argue with people to whom facts do not matter. Bye.

        • Ray


      • bert

        I don’t know what you have been looking at, but if I view the samples from say: , I like the 6400 iso images better than the MKIII ones. They have more grain, but fabric texture remains fabric texture, and does not become the average Playboy skin texture.

  • sweet,
    I pre-ordered like a day after announcement, so no hopes of having one in march :s

  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting that good… But am pleasantly surprised! (I was expecting it to rank top 5 for sure, top 3 maybe but not the best.)

  • biho

    Let us wait for the D800E. Probably it will get even a higher score !! However, 5D mark iii will also compete with D4.

    • The D800 and the D800E have the exact same sensor. I don’t see the results changing, except maybe my sample variance. Regardless, they will be identical are within the margin of error.

  • Jabs

    YUP – told you so.

    Nikon’s Expeed 3 is the king and its digital pipeline has left all other cameras in the dust.

    • Nope

      Sorry buddy, not even close on the high ISO, do a side by side from raw images in the iso review on dpreview, not even close to decent, but once you use it in the real world, you will see that the D800 compares to the D5000. Here’s a simple task for you. Go to dpreview, download the raw full size file of the d800 at high iso 6400, then the same studio raw file for the d5000 at high iso. Then open both without resizing, in photoshop side by side. D5000 has same performance, and D800 looks terrible compared to D700+. Also, the D800 has already gained a repuation for terrible low light iso performance outside of the lab. So go ahead and get a D800 and shoot a wedding without staging the photos with models like Cliff M does, and I’ll use my D700 and lets see who wins more clients.

      • Yups

        quit it with the ctr+v (cmd+v) already.

        • Nope

          Haha. No way. My sister in law just called and asked me if she should upgrade. I told her to go with a D4, or wait for the D700 replacement.

          • Yups

            that’s funny because your sister just called me too

            • Matt_XVI


            • Sien

              LOL 😀
              That comment made my day! 😉

            • Barter

              Too funny……………

            • Calibrator


            • Whaaahahahahaaha!! Best comment ever… Made my day so much better. THANK YOU!

            • Scott M

              HAHAHAHAHA almost fell off my chair

          • Jabs


            LOL – your sister called you for info on a $6K camera – wow, we izz all stoopid, right.

            What then do you shoot?

            A D3X or a Hassleblad or what Medium format system do you shoot that would make her value your opinion?

            Why would a D4 buyer ask you anything???

            Geezzz – projecting authority or capability while unaware of what a camera really does or is measured by – LOL.

            Fun in the ‘nuthouse’ here.

            OK, let me shut up before I really get rude here as I promised Administrator that I would.

            Bye dreamer!

            Sometimes I feel like a NUT – Almond Joy makes – – – remember that old commercial???

            • Sahaja

              Nope seems to believe that the D5000 is as good as the D800 and that his D700 is better.

              I think he secretly wants a 5DMkIII

      • rkas

        Can you stop the trolling? Looking at images at 100% is not of any intrest at ALL for the final image. You can only compare two cameras with different resolution by resizing one of the images to the other, or by printing them at the same size.

      • Jabs

        Sorry pal, but their TEST objects tell me nothing at dpreview as a long time Nikon professional shooter from the film days shooting slides and they basically there are blind as a bat, do NOT know what real texture is or how to properly isolate a subject to really test ANY gear. Maybe PopPhoto is worse but that puts them in the lower echelon of Web sites trying to be relevant to those who actually know what an image is supposed to look like.

        Amateurs along with Imaging Resource = they both need to hire a real photographer and then GET a real Lab with instruments and not talk or postulate all day.

        Hey they are the ones that said the Sony A77 was so spectacular – WOW!

        Sweaters and Cityscapes tell me NOTHING, nada – zip!

        OK – which person wants to tell me which bottle has the best texture when is is a spherical object with very little real texture and very shiny too PLUS you have not used a polarizer on each camera and you have NOT centered each camera to shoot parallel to every SUBJECT, thus voiding each and every TEST.

        Basically a subject must be parallel to the still life test object or each F-stop is NOT accurate from the top to the bottom or side to side of the subject matter, as distances are not the same.

        That means you are testing your LIGHTS (ambient or flash), reflections, refractions and not the camera sensor = uninformed Web site editors and not real photographers NOR camera users with much experience!

        Bottles and their labels are NOT great test subject = reality!

        Similarly, test yarns are pointless too!

        I shoot mainly stainless steel objects of varying sizes and shapes for a living as part of my job and I get it right even with a lowly L22, so they have great cameras but do not know the basics of testing or reproduction = clueless!

        • D


          Thank you Jabs. 😀

      • Yups

        also, shut up

  • paul

    Im waiting to see how well nikkor glass holds up in the corners with this sensor. The d7000 does fine but it only uses the sweet spot on fx lenses.

  • kuiiho

    D800 has proved that it is not only a replacement to D700 but also a killer to medium format!

    • Nope

      Yeah ok. Not even close on high ISO in the real world. Do a side by side of raw images from the high iso test on dpreview, not even close to decent. Sorry, but once you use it in the real world, you will see that the D800 compares to the D5000. Here’s a simple task for you. Go to dpreview, download the raw full size file of the d800 at high iso 6400, then the same studio raw file for the d5000 at high iso. Then open both without resizing, in photoshop side by side. D5000 has same performance, and D800 looks terrible compared to D700+. Also, the D800 has already gained a repuation for terrible low light iso performance outside of the lab. So go ahead and get a D800 and shoot a wedding without staging the photos with models like Cliff M does, and I’ll use my D700 and lets see who wins more clients.


      • wes

        Sounds like someone is a hater! Shooting 3 weddings this weekend with it and so far low light iso is amazing 🙂

      • hexx

        what’s your problem? why do you post the same message several times??? go get laid!

        • Jabs


          Web site reader of Amazon owned dpreview, so guess what !!!

          Probably never shot a camera or know what to do with one, except talk about specs and web site ratings like a Pro with a modicum of sense ever reads that crap except with a grain of salt!


          • hexx

            or just somebody really really bored and has a need to troll 🙂 there are a lot of them on Dpreview forums.

      • Mike M

        Dear Nope,
        Stop posting the same BS over and over. At 100% of course the D800 has substantially more noise at a given ISO level, but since it has so much more resolution you can always scale it down to reduce the noise, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but in this case you get the option of massive resolution OR low noise at higher ISOs, acting like you should somehow expect both is moronic.

      • You’re… misinformed, biased or blinded by some personal agenda.

        And that’s the best thing I can say.

        • Calibrator

          You have some great colors on those Autosalon images.
          I especially like the “Megapixel” one with the girl! Seems to be fitting in this context, too… 😉

          • Thanks man. An d most of the shots were taken with my backup D5100. Im not an expert, but I’m pretty sure the trick was using polorized filters.

            “Megapixel girl” was one of my favs too. Funny name for a car anyway, but her gaze made up for the motion blur and lens distortion that otherwise screams “NOOB!”

      • Andrew

        [NR] Admin, this guy is posting the same comment repeatedly on this blog.

      • Ralph

        I have to laugh,

        “the D800 has already gained a repuation for terrible low light iso performance outside of the lab”

        this is a reputation formed by people who have never actually touched the camera and based it all on the increased pixel count. Ive followed the discussions leading up to the release of the D800 and Ive never read so much tripe before.

        I hope soon we will have some real reviews by people who know what they are talking about.

    • regular

      you dont know what you say. It is like comparing medium-format and 4×5.

  • Gab

    Yeh right! d800 has roughly the same high iso score as the D4, very believable.

    • burgerman

      It matches it EXACTLY at the same OUTPUT size. Which is what matters on high ISO shots. At the same screen or print size.

      Of course at 100 percent its bigger than your front door so bound to look noisier. But you dont print 72 inch wide prints at ISO 25600 very often do you… And it does HIGH RES as well!

  • Old Amsterdam

    That’s remarkable good news, to put it mildly.

  • Dean

    I ordered the D800 from Amazon shortly after they posted it on their site. Here is my initial confirmation time (PST): Monday, February 6, 2012 9:53 PM

    I’m cheap and opted for ‘Free Super Saver Shipping’. I’m not in a hurry.

    Just got this from Amazon (Friday, March 23, 2012 10:03 AM) PST:

    Your estimated delivery date is: Thursday, March 29, 2012

  • AXV

    Oh my god! Come to papa!!!

    Amazon wtf? Half of your preorders have been cancelled because of best buy’s superiotity, and still you can’t ship the first day preorders? F-off!

  • Yep, I agree. Very disappointed in the EOS5D MK iii. After four years all they offer is better ISO? I’m renting a D800 soon and will buy as soon as I have the cash. I’ve been Canon for 25 years but now I’m making the switch to Nikon.

  • D800 – just got it from mediamarkt (of all places) in Germany. Amazon still doesn’t know when the pre-order from Feb. might actually be shipped. Reading the DXO report I am very surprised by the great low-light results it got – I was thinking along the lines of “well – I am ok sacrificing low light for resolution” – now it looks like I don’t even need to! Great – couldn’t be happier – actually jumping up and down – and doing my own ‘real world’ shots now to confirm.
    And Apple released the RAW update just in time… Loving it!

    • Sien

      Hi Lebenslustiger,

      could you please tell me what you paid for the D800 over at Mediamarkt? Would be interesting. Thanks in advance! 🙂

      • jorg

        i paid 2899,- € at media markt today

        • Sien

          Jorg, thanks for the information.
          Seems like I have to wait ’til summer when I’m hopefully in the US. Overseas the D800 costs about 2400 € and the D800E 2600 € (converted to EUR and including Frisco (CA) sales tax)… :-/

    • Calibrator

      > I was thinking along the lines of “well – I am ok sacrificing low light for resolution”

      Well, you do in a way.

  • rkas

    So now, can people finally admit that iso performance have NOTHING to do with the size of the pixels? The only thing that really matters is the sensor size.

    • Dean

      I believe the pixel size does matter. The great advancement has been the filters that Nikon has produced. From what I heard the D3 and D3s sensors are the same, with the filter generating the huge improvement in noise control.

      • Jabs


        Basically the D3 and D3s have different sensors. Nikon designed the D3S’s sensor and it is a newer design than the D3 sensor.

  • Dr.Pepper

    Seriously, people are idiots around here, complaining about high iso/low light performance.


    It’s really that simple, it is a camera that will be used to it’s best ability’s in controlled lighting and low iso situations, studio work and landscape work and so on, not low light indoors sports etc.

    People love to complain about anything and everything.

    • burgerman



      It matches the D4 shot for shot at the same OUTPUT SIZE ON SCREEN or PRINT as shown here, as tested on line, and as expected by anyone with a clue or understanding of physics… Only thing D4 does better is speed.

  • Deepc

    So how is it related in real world? Is stitching going to give me the same results when I use d7000 or say d5100 :p?

  • Nope

    Sorry guys but I’m a jealous Canon troll. Nikon really knocks one out of the park and it seriously depresses me. all I have is an overpriced and underperforming Canon camera that way fewer people are excited about.

    THIS TIME my fellow Canon jerks have nothing to complain about. I’m also mad about the super high dxo score. my Canon will be 12 points lower but 500$$$ more. darn!!

    • Hehe. Ok, I LOLed. Maybe a bit of beer came out of my nose.

    • Calibrator

      “Sorry guys but I’m a jealous Canon troll.”

      No, you are simply an attention whore.

  • Oh/My/God. NEED. Not a Want anymore

  • No guys take a breath.. Something is definitely fishy with the Screen Mode option… I do not know why DXO is talking about Screen Mode for the first time here. Looks like Nikon paid them. I am a Nikon shooter and I have d800E on order but I am not convinced. If you are printing 20×30 and comparing that is like reducing the pixel size. That is not correct. You can stitch and make those kind of images. DXO needs to show the explain the Screen Mode clearly.

    • Sien

      Hi DeepC,
      there’s nothing fishy about DxO’s results. The difference between “screen mode” and “print mode” is all about looking at the picture on a per pixel level or on a scaled print. For sure the smaller pixels in the D800 perform worse than bigger pixels like the ones in a D4 as the can’t collect the same amount of light – thus needing a higher signal amplification which leads to higher noise, etc.
      The interesting part begins as soon as you look at the printed picture, where all pictures are printed to the same size regardless of their pixel count. This leads to an effective downsizing of the D800’s pixels; several small pixels start to behave like a single big one. That’s the reason why noise and many of the other effects are all about sensor size and not pixel count.
      For sure the matter is a bit more complicated than depicted by me – if you want to go in depth I can recommend the following site. (But beware – it goes *really* deep in to the details 😉 )

  • Joaquim Prado

    Ritz is saying that they expect to have in stock april 12. Yesterday they said a chance to confirm the order this week still and if not first week of april but now they don’t. Everytime the scenario changes!

    Now that DxOmark reviewed the D800 as the best everyone will go nuts about it. Need to find one soon!

  • Greenaroundthegills

    I pre-ordered mine and am #2 on the list at my local Authorized Nikon Dealer. Good news, right? Not so much. He didn’t get ONE camera, NADA, ZERO, and to make things worse, his rep tells him he won’t be getting one in the next shipment either.
    So excuse me if I turn green with envy at all you lucky SOB’s with hands on boxes, and at the same time turn puce, with Nikon for forgetting about the small town dealers.
    Yeah, I know, sucks to be me, but I am patient, and in the mean time can play with my new N1 V1, which, BTW, is exceeding my expectations, especially with the FT1 adapter and full size glass . . . Gotta love that 190-540mm f/2.8 VR @10 frames/sec.


  • broxibear

    Wow, I had no idea these graphs meant so much to people…each to their own and all that ?

    • Indeed. Funny how some graphs seem to convince more people than the data that underlies them: The actual photos (which is not to say that these tests don’t have their value).

  • Mock Ken Well

    Have I commented yet?

    • Ken Rockwall

      I got a good point to boast on my site ;). D800 beats Canon 5d III autofocus with its DxO score… great!!!!

  • InfraRed

    Amazon back-end is terrible: Last week, I was supposed to take delivery on 03/23. Then many of us receive an email with an ETA of mid-end April.

    I just checked the site and found out that that it has been shipped and will be delivered on Monday 03/26. I was just about to cancel and buy it from a local source.

    Mr. Bezos: You company back-end is spinning out of control 🙂

  • Bob

    DXO D800 test scores are fishy to say the least. They ignore it’s lackluster performance above ISO400 and still claim better than D4?

    I guess everyone there shoots landscapes on sunny days. If it suits what you shoot, enjoy it. . I’ll wait for the actual D700 replacement with low light capabilities to be announced.

    • burgerman

      No it doesent. It quite correctly compares cameras at the same print size. Which meand that a D800 has the SAME noise as a D4, SHOT FOR SHOT.

      The 100 percent on screen view is useful to see details of lens performance and absolute sharpness but is as big as a door. You are “zoomed in” further than on a D4.

  • News for UK Amazon buyers – I had an email today stating potential delay due to availability (I ordered as soon as UK Amazon listed it) so checked my order and the status now says “Dispatching Soon” with an explanation of

    “We’ve started preparing your parcel for delivery and it should leave our facility in the next few hours to a few days. We’ll send you an e-mail once your order has dispatched. The length of time your parcel spends in this stage doesn’t change your delivery date.”

    And the delivery date has actually been revised from 27th to 24th – i.e. TOMORROW!!

    Straight away checked CC and they’d taken payment, chatted online to Amazon bod and they confirmed delivery is scheduled for tomorrow.

    One happy chappy!! 😀

  • R!

    Yeah I knew it!!!!!!!!!
    D800 is da Sh…..t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …Imagine D800E test that’s comming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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