Another upcoming lens with Nikon mount: Samyang 24mm f/3.5 tilt-shift

Another interesting lens for Nikon DSLRs that is expected to be announced in the next few months - Samyang 24mm f/3.5 tilt-shift.

This lens will be a cheaper alternative to the $1,979 PC-E 24mm f/3.5D ED offering from Nikon.

Image via Megapiksel

Update: check also the upcoming Samyang 8mm f/3.5 IF MC Nikon F (Video Aspherical) VDSLR lens:

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  • That’s an ordinary PS job…that guy just modified the Nikon 24mm f/3.5 PC-E

    • Global

      Its just a mock-up. Samyang really does expect to make this lens.

      By the way, if its $800 or less, I’ll buy it.

      Over $900 starts to kill it….

    • Carsten

      Yes it is a fake – hopefully: I would like to have the mechanics from the Schneider lenses

      Read the sources first, this seems to be legit. And it isn’t exactly the same as the nikon lens, this one is longer. You could do all this in Photoshop, but as Samyang confirmed it..

      Nice to see electronic coupling on this lens! If this is <1000euros I'm maybe going to get tis 🙂

      • Frank

        You can get just as much DOF at f8 in Photoshop as with tilting the lens?

        • a

          Yes, if you do focus stacking. But it’s an enormous pain in the ass.

    • Aldo

      Front: Samyang 14/2.8
      Rear: Nikkor 24 pce

      = pure fake

  • Me gusta

    Any price estimate at this point?

  • scurvy hesh

    Samyang is killing it lately! Go Korea!

  • R R

    for a lens I would like to have and not use much.. I would buy it if the price is low, real low, under 1k at least. (thats just me of course)

    • Tsy

      I agree, If this comes in around 600 dollar bucks I will buy one for sure.. Ive always wanted to try out a PCE lens but they are too expensive. This is probably the best way for me to actually own a lens and not feel too bad if I dont end up using it a ton.

      • Global

        $600 is the right price for me. $600 with superior optical quality would make Samyang a winning brand in my book.

        • Samyang lenses haven’t faired so well in the “superior optical quality” stakes for me but there is no doubt room for a bit of competition in the Tilt/Shift market. I own the 24 & 45mm PC-E lenses and they are both truly magnificent – nothing would make me sell either but I would be very interested in how a product like this compared nonetheless…

  • xscream

    Lousy photoshopping on the image, but the lens is very interesting nonetheless!
    I find I want to have a T/S lens, but not for the current nikkor price, or even worse, the Schneider-Kreuznach price!

  • Christopher

    Why not release something that we nikonists really miss?!
    Like a combatant to Canons 17mm Ts-e 4.0.
    The 24mm is a great release but there really should be a wider one as well.
    I even considered getting a adaptor ring or one of the cheapest full frame cameras just to have that!

    There you go Nikon! 🙂

    • Global

      + 10

      Nikon is missing a 17mm PC-E badly. Samyang should have made at least an 18mm or 20mm PC-E. 24mm is too conservative.

      Maybe they don’t have the technology for much wider? It probably tough.

    • Sahaja

      You considered getting an adapter ring? An adapter ring from Canon lens to Nikon mount needs an optical element which changes the focal length -and I’m not sure any of those would allow the use of a tilt-shift lens.

      • nebus

        It’s not possible to mount Canon lenses on Nikon .

        And if Samyang made it it would hardly compare with Canon’s offering.

        Nikon should make a competitor though. It would perhaps make me stop using a 5dII for interior architecture shooting.

        • fred

          Yes, you can get an optical adapter to mount Canon lenses on your Nikon! I find the results to be almost on par with my Holga.

    • jorg

      get an L-bracket and stitch together two pictures from your 24 pc-e.

      • You do have shift movements with the 24PC-E, I think you get something like 14mm if you shift in both directions 5mm and then stitch, possibly more. With Canon’s 17mm TS, I think it ends up being like 10mm with the shift movements. I have the 24PCE, but I don’t use it this way. I use it for tilt movements to increase the DoF for landscape shots. I have also used it for making parallel lines on buildings I am shooting up at, but never for stitching the shifts together. I have thought about using it vertically and then using the shifts for stitching landscapes together, but I haven’t got around to testing this application of the lens. I imagine when focusing at infinity, or the HyperFocal point, you could use it on an L bracket with a pano head, but why bother with such an expensive lens at that point, just use a prime lens instead; cheaper.

  • The picture definitely is not the real thing. It is a composition with the rear part belonging to the Nikon PC-E Nikkor 24mm f/3.5D ED , while the front part is taken from the Samyang 14 mm lens.

    Besides that, these news sound very interesting!

  • Sean

    Although I liked the Samyang 85 1.4 optically, and especially for the price, I had to sell it because it lacked auto-focus. I just couldn’t work it rapidly enough for moving subjects. This on the other hand will be just fine! No need for AF, just good optics and a good value.

    • Ralph

      I’m interested in what the samyangs are like mechanically? The Nikon PC-E adjustment for tilt and shift is clumsy at best, a nice vernier screw drive adjustment would be brilliant.

      • +1 “clumsy at best” — plus the holding screw are useless, and using it a D700 has its challenges. I hope when Nikon releases a contender to the 17mm TS from Canon, it will be better designed.

  • Diol

    I think that the image is not original, but created in PS. I recocnize parts from Nikkor 24mm PC-E and Samyang 14mm. But worst, there is aperture markings without the aperure ring

  • obican

    Not bad at all, I’d buy one for my Sony Nex. I’m currently using the Canon FD TS-35 but 35mm on an APS-C sensor is not really useful.

  • Ralph

    If they make it like the Canon where the tilt and shift can be changed from horizontal to verticle in relation to one another this could be a Nikon killer. That restriction and the poor mounting on non pro cameras are real issues with the Nikon PC-Es.

    I’m hoping the fit for my 24 PC-E is ok on the D800. Built in flash is nice but with that lens, no so much.

    • jorg

      you can mod this yourself. open the bottom (4 screws) and rotate the lens 90°, but watch out: only one direction is possible due to some cable. i would let nikon do that for me, saves the warrant and some sweat. no idea, what they charge. but since i am currently on the look for this lens, i will find out soon…

      • Ralph

        Yep, you can on the 24mm (which I have) but I believe you cant on the 45 or 85 because the cable is too short.

        Its a real pain to change on a regular basis though. I’m mainly landscape and its not much of an issue but if I had the 45mm (which I will get) and use it for macro the Canon solution is far more elegant. If Canon can do it surely Nikon can also.

        Also Nikon, please make the adjustment a better screwdrive mecahnism, venier drive with a positive lock would be nice. PLEASE

        Also please build a 20 or 21mm version.

        There we go – all my gripes addressed. Still my favourite lens

    • jorg

      about the flash-housing problem:
      nikon is a little shy on that side, which i think is not good communication.
      the lens fits on a D700. but there is one tilt/shift-combination, when the screw hits the flashhousing. you can avoid this problem by swiveling the lens the other way around. it is not cool, but it is no show-stopper. on a D3 and D4 it works fine. i do not know about the D800, but would guess is will be similar to the 700.

      i rented this lens for a week and really liked it. very sharp. very solid handling. only trouble is the locking-screws: too small and not very solid.on my rental-lens those screws showed some abuse…

  • I think the picture is a fake, the front of a 14mm samyang + the nikon’s rear but the idea is nice, I’d like to test one…..

  • jorg

    i will buy this at once!

  • Hopefully this one will be fully usable with the built-in flash D700/D800(E) Nikon bodies… (Nikkor TC-E are somehow limited).

  • Gordon

    I already have the Nikon 24mm PC-E, I just wish they would release a 16mm & 20mm PC-E lenses to their line-up. It’s been 4 years since the current PC-Es were released, there also was that ~17mm PC-E patent published last year. I’d buy them in a heartbeat, just about to add the 45mm PC-E to my bag also, will make a nice pairing to the D800.

  • Now this makes sense, since all tilt shifts are manual, I’m gonna scoop up one of these when they come out…

  • Craig

    Just as soon as Samyang figures out AF, I am there. They make an interesting line of lenses with the exception on no AF.

    • Ren Kockwell

      BIIIIG exception, though.

    • Ralph

      In case you missed it, TS lenses are by necessity manual focus. AF is not an issue.

      • NoFunBen

        I have been wanting to play with a TS lens. If it is 800 or less it would be nice, more then that and the nikon would be my choice.

  • T.I.M


    I want that lens really bad, but $2000 is a little expensive if you don’t shoot the eiffel tower everyday (even if I’m French).

  • Benjo

    I wonder if they’ll be able to include the electronic aperture as implemented in Nikon’s PC-E lenses. If not it will have to be manual (ie you compose with aperture wide open, then close it down manually before shooting, ala Nikon’s older PC lenses like the 28mm 3.5).

    Good shift lenses aren’t easy to design or produce, but I hope Samyang creates something good. Pitfalls include softness when shifted, massive color fringing when shifted, and distortion (distortion on a shifted lens requires much more work to correct than a normal lens…and if you’re shifting, you’re probably shooting things that easily show distortion).

    A wider T/S would have been preferable for me, but I’ll keep praying Nikon will eventually come through there.

    My 24mm PC-E is great, but the controls are fiddly, it still has a small amount of distortion, and on Nikon’s non D3/D4 bodies it’s either functional but cramped (D700/D300) or severely limited (D7000 and lower). I’ve heard the D800 has more room than the D700, which I hope is true. That said, I don’t personally find a 36mm equivalent shift lens terribly useful. At that focal length I’m usually not tilting the camera much, so minor photoshop corrections aren’t destructive.

  • Olaf

    It would be very nice but the picture is fake. Samyang never made a lens with AF. See al the connectors at the end of the lens.
    If they make one i will consider to buy it if it’s around 750 euro’s.

    • jorg

      the nikon has no af. those contacts are for the electronic aperture control and exif-data pipeline.

  • ben hermans

    why use canons shit names, its not a “tilt-shift” lens, its a “perspective correction” lens

    • Ralph

      Thats not quite true. Nikons original PC lenses were exactly that, they corrected perspective, I have the 35f2.8 PC, it does not do tilt, only shift. My Nikon 24PC-E does both tilt and shift. Tilt has nothing to do with perspective corection, its about focal plane correction.

      I have no idea why Nikon stuck with PC designation TS is more informative.

  • HK photographer

    I’m an interior photographer, i use the 14-24 the most to get as much in into the photo. The nikon 24 PC is not wide enough compared to the 14-24. Plus the 24PC is manual focussing, which my preference if auto, particularly as sometimes you are right against the wall to fit everything in and you cannot see through the viewfinder or LCD screen. I find that even with the 14-24 i sometimes cannot straighten wall absolutely vertical and get everything into view. I hate also stiching photos. The 13mm f5.6 would be perfect but not so good on your pocket!!! understatement. I wonder if a 17mm tilt shift lens would give a wider viewing angle when compared to the 14-24 adjusted for verticality in lightroom. guess nikon will not intro this 17mm as very low demand.

    • Ralph

      Switch to Canon, they do a 17mm TS lens. If it were my bread and butter occupation thats what I would do.

      Rent one and try it out.

    • Mike A

      For right against the wall situations use an external screen, like for video applications, and look from the side or the front (but move out of the frame while clicking…)

  • jorg

    anybody here, who has experience with nikon pc-e lenses + teleconverters?

    • ItsaChris

      the 85mm pc and 1.4TC works fine.
      I dont remember if i modified the TC before it would mount on the 85pc (you should be able to find that out easily) but optically it has no problems.

      • jorg


  • Steve Starr

    That thing sure looks like a 24mm Nikon PC-E lens clone. Even down to the 10 contacts, which I never understood as there is no auto focus and other Nikon lenses have as few as 6 or 8 contacts. Don’t know why 10 are there?

    They should have made it dual axis in the tilt though like Canon. Canon is cheaper and it goes further in their axis tilt setup. I think Schneider also is multi-axis tilt too.

    Hopefully it will fit on ALL Nikon bodies and not hit things like the flash head overhang as does their 24mm PC-E on a lens shift.

    • The contacts are for electronical control of the aperture as far as i know. I think only the D3- an D4-series are compatible with that function.

  • gui

    This is just a fake made by photoshop with a picture of the Samyang 14mm f2.8 IF ED
    Look at the imperfections on the focus ring that are exactly the same. I couldn’t believe of a 24mm with a front glass as spherical as that.

  • yao

    Its not fake actually to tell the truth… Samyang actually confirmed that this lens will be exposed in a few months….

  • MB

    When you combine this back:
    and this front:
    you have this monstrosity.
    Real thing would be interesting though …


    I work for a Dutch photography website where I wrote an article about the upcoming Samyang:

    As stated the picture only serves as an impression of how a tilt/shift lens from Samyang could look like. It is indeed a combination of their 14mm f/2.8 and a nikkor 24mm PC-E.

    With Regards,
    Jesse Kraal, DIGIFOTO Pro

    • Ralph

      Can you knock up a lens while you are at it?

  • Anurak

    🙂 i wannnttttt 1

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