Nikon at Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

The Focus on Imaging 2012 show is currently ongoing in Birmingham, UK. Nikon does not allow visitors to take sample images with the new D4 and D800/D800E cameras. Only one sample of each D4 and D800 is available on the stand and there is a long line of people waiting to try them out. Here are some images from the Nikon booth sent in by readers (above images credit: Garrett Hayes, Ireland):

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Above images credit: Pengranger

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Above images credit: Kelly.

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012 Focus on Imaging 2012

Focus on Imaging 2012

The last set of images is by Philip Clark.

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  • Just another place to brag about the D4 and D800 🙂

    But now some of us are waiting the D400! Yes a semi-pro DX body for sports

    • gravity

      I’m of the persuasion that the D7000 has replaced the D#00 line as the prosumer DX camera, I think the D400 is going to be an entry level full frame camera. At this rate, with the price of new D700’s dropping to $2200, and used ones being listed on Craigslist for as low as $1800, an $1800 DX sensor camera is a hard sell. I think that a D7100 with beefier features and a D400 with 12 MP full frame and Expeed 3 is very believable.

      • WoutK89

        But as you say, then the D7100 has to up the game! Right now it isnt a D300s replacement.

        • gravity

          Remember, rumors have it we’re expecting 3 more new bodies this year. NR said he thinks D300s, D7000, and D3100 replacements, I concur, and this would be a great opportunity to up the D7000 to D#00 level.

      • the_raze

        I don’t think the D7000 has replaced the D#00 line as the prosumer DX camera.. main reason it has a very small RAW buffer, and limited bracketing capabilities.

        The D7100 however, might change this.

      • Zeb

        The D7000 is just a back focusing D90.

      • KT

        Though I don’t necessarily disagree with your predictions, a D400 with a 12 MP FX sensor, probably the same one in the D3s and Expeed 3 will steal the show from both the aging D700 and newly released D800. For the right price, it might even eat into the sales of the D4. I don’t see how could Nikon make money on their new models if they released such a D400???? Who will pay $2200 for a D700 if you can get a far better D400 for less.

  • This doesn’t have too much to do with the show, but I can’t wait to get my hands on my D800! 😀


    • HMAlicea

      Me too!!! Once I learn this camera like the back of my hand the rest is frosting on the cake if you ask me. Sandwich that between vision and subject matter and forget about the rest for a few years. ISO seems to be equal or better than my D700 and the choice of resolution as well. For we all have to admit, all this gear talk is too distracting and nothing more than a means to an end… beautiful and creative images!

  • broxibear

    “Only one sample of each D4 and D800 is available on the stand”
    Not particularly good marketing is it ?…or maybe they’re just trying to get people used to exactly how rare the D4 and D800 will be lol.

    • I couldn’t make that one out either, but Canon were the same with their 5DMKIII. If I was Nikon I would have had at least 3 of each, and given there is no logical answer for this it suggests genuine shortages of the final product at this time. I was told that both bodies on the stand were pre-production models with no finalised firmware.

      One thing they were also at pains to mention was that the D800E would be in VERY short supply, at least initially…

    • Me

      One D800 but 3 D4’s on display.

    • Sahaja

      The other samples were stolen in Ireland

  • Ray Justice

    Is it me or does it seem like the new 5D Mark III isn’t selling out of pre-orders like the D800 did on amazon. The pre-order didn’t last much more than the first day until they were no longer able to be pre-ordered. Maybe a coincidence but maybe the price at $3500 has something to do with it….

    • GD

      Any analysis which measures how long preorders take to run out make the unwarranted assumption that the available number of units is identical…

  • Ro

    Why no samples? I don’t get it… They don’t want people to analyse it? But why?!

  • Ray Justice

    I am just anxiously awaiting my D4 and my D800……

  • I visited yesterday – I wasn’t quite first to the Nikon stand, but a pretty close second 😉

    Not surprisingly Nikon had taped up the card slots on the D800 and D4 but it didn’t really matter, what I saw was spectacular even if they were pre-production models. The D800 body feels more assured in the hand, has a distinctly different and quieter shutter and ease of use is perfect. The 100% viewfinder is very different to the D700, a huge improvement and much more effective and even the LCD on the back seems just amazing. Believe me, all of these upgraded features add up to an absolutely superb camera – it is worth every penny.

    What I saw on the LCD though with my test shots defied belief – just stunning. When you magnify images on the D700 you run out of resolution fairly quickly, but on the D800 it just keeps going and going. You really have to see it to believe it. In addition from what I saw today, any noise was AT LEAST EQUAL to my D700 (I shot them side by side) but obviously the RAWs will just go to confirm this later. I took some shots all at neutral settings, switch noise reduction off and in terms of noise couldn’t see how the 36MP sensor was introducing any additional noise at all, albeit on the LCD view.

    I personally never use the higher ISO levels (I shoot landscape) but tried them out anyway and shots up to ISO6400 and the D800 retained incredible detail and just didn’t suffer in the way I had been expecting or how others might have you believe. I can’t wait to get my hands on mine when it’s delivered.

    The D4 is just incredibly refined, it’s FPS is off the chart and the quality was stunning from what I could tell, but then you’re going to expect that from the D4. I really haven’t got a lot to say about it because I have no real means of comparison – it’s light years better than my D700, that much is clear – it’s a fully professional tool.

    I also got my hands on the 5DMKIII, but I’m not saying anything about the camera itself in this post, it’s the wrong place. Suffice to say the only thing they have in common is that both Nikon and Canon pushed the idea very hard that the D800 and 5DMKIII were absolutely not replacements for the former incarnations and the D700 and 5DMKII will both be staying in production for some considerable time yet. From Nikon’s point of view this is a credible explanation, but where Canon is concerned their naming convention suggests a totally confused concept and delivery – most users were scratching their heads at that news on the Canon stand. Oh, and no suggestion of any delivery delays on the D800 dates from anyone I talked to on the stand.

    My only real disappointment was that I couldn’t get my paws on the highly acclaimed 85 1.8G to test as Nikon didn’t have one! I really wanted to see what that was like side by side with the 1.4G, alas not… Maybe it was on that van in Ireland – they claimed that Nikon didn’t have one in the UK!

    • What? 5DIII not the replacement to the 5DII? What would they call it then? That makes absolutely no sense. Especially in the sense that it’s practically the same camera, save for a few upgrades. It sounds like a middle-ground upgrade. But it sounds like they have a completely different sensor than the 5DII. Either way, I still would have considered the 5DIII to be the 5DII replacement..?


      • I know, it’s nuts. Nothing else to say, but that is absolutely the line the reps have clearly been primed by Canon to take…

    • Luis

      You’re killing me man… It’ll be a glorious day when I get my D800 with 85 f1.4G and 24-70 2.8G. Those are still in the box waiting on the camera… (I jumped from Sony)… Have all the gear ready just waiting on the little new toy… And reading all this makes me very anxious…

      • Jeff

        I jumped from a Canon 40d to a D4 with those same lenses plus a 70-200f2.8 and a 105 micro

        • david

          Wow, that’s a big leap. 40D – D4. I’ll be going from a D90 – D800.

          • Brian

            I’ll be jumping from D80 to D800

    • Mike

      Russ, thanks for the review! What you have mentioned has not been addressed by one “professional” previewer. They all seem to be regurgitating the sales material. Your perspective is refreshing. Thanks. I cannot wait to try my 14-24, 24 & 85 1.4G on my D800!

      As an aside, I think it’s easier for Nikon to police 2 memory card doors than 6 or 8.

    • Thank you!!! Your post made me even more stoked for my D800. And no reports of delivery delays, icing on the cake. 🙂

  • Paddy New Gear

    Nikon must have a second van full of toys 🙂

  • WantsAD7000

    To hell with the D4 and D800, could Nikon PLEASE get some D7000 stock into the country?!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to all the “I AM COMING” adds?!? 😀

    • I think you’ll find that whole campaign is now post coital 😉

  • David R

    I was at the show yesterday. Nikon were showing a video of the behind the scenes with John Wright using the D800. Tried the camera and bumped up the noise to 6400, v impressive. Glad i did a pre order

    • Did you see the still he took with the model on the bed with the phone in her hand with the bloke by the window. Spectacular across that 8ft screen! I saw it on his website too ( if anyone is interested) there are a number of top class fashion shots on there, some others taken with the D800 too.

  • I have to say I was impressed, when they guy from Nikon was doing his talk on the D800. He actually mentioned B frame in conjunction with H.264 and he knew what it does, hurrah. This is a first for a Nikon rep as far as I know, cause when ever I spoken to a Nikon rep normally, all they know is that it has H.264.

    I have to admit that I am almost convinced now by the D800 and might actually buy one.

  • KEN

    went today….completely baffled as to why they only had one of each (D800/D4) on display as opposed to 4 o r 5 5DmkIIIs on show.
    shame also about the Nikon Rep lying on stage in front of 100 people about the D4 shipping date being changed (“we still aim for 15th March” – no reply when i reminded him that that is next week) . but all in all….the D800 will be worth the wait (it’s likely that it will be late also, i’m afraid)…i spent 7 or 8 minutes, much to the frustration of the enthusiasts behind me, going through the settings…ISO is a little better than the D700, the changeable function buttons work well and the AF-points pick-up so smooth and quickly doing justice to the 9100k sensor…all the staff we’re really friendly and were very patient with me trying to squeeze as much spec info out of them…all in all, the leap from the D700 to D800 is huge ( i know, it’s not a replacement) as opposed to the 5Dmark2 to the Mark3 being quite small and certainly not worth doubling the price (my proCanon using buddies were not sold on ‘upgrading’)…another interesting sight was seeing only 7 or 8 people out of a few hundred state that they were interested in shooting video on the D800/D4…video appears to be a dirty word amongst the Focus Nikon attendees….Focus as a whole was great…i recommend it anyone thinking of going tomorrow…

    • Good work Ken 🙂 I got the party line on the D800 being on time, they were very insistent with me, I guess they won’t admit to any delays until the dates have actually passed…

      • In Hope

        Was told by wex to day my d800 should ship march 22nd

    • Royster

      How do you know the rep was lying about the delivery date.
      maybe he knows something that you don’t

      • ben

        Does the UK have the same shipping date?

  • Waiting on V1

    Any sign of new 1 nikkor lenses?

  • Simon

    Hey, I’m in at least four of those photos. 🙂

  • As much as I always made sure I visited their stand this year was less so..

  • nikon number one

  • Daf

    Yeah – I asked if I could use my own card, they said no.
    With only 1 D800 no chance of being sneaky. (I can confirm there were several D4s.
    Upon asking, Nikon NPS guys said that D800 noise should be as good if not better than the D700 and I have a quick phonecam pic of a slide showing this,I’ll mail it.

    Else prices on lenses were disappointing,hardy a saving at all compared to UK online so I didn’t bother. Jacobs guy said that stock levels were still affected due to recent weather issues.

    I have photos of prices on my blog (2 shops) see link on my username.

  • Lori McCraney

    I’d like to get a grip!

  • Went to Focus yesterday and got ‘close’ to both cameras, but decided to go looking for some ‘available’ kit instead. I went to all the stands that would sell what I needed and not one of them could help. The supply chain for Nikon had certainly ground to a halt for D7000 batteries, 105 2.8 Macros and any PC lenses (and a whole lot of other stuff) Also couldn’t see any D3s bodies either. I normally come out of Focus weighed down with purchases. Yesterday, nothing but a couple of narrow soft boxes for the studio.

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