$500 price reduction for the Nikon D700 in the US next month

In March, the price of the Nikon D700 will drop to $2199.95 in the US. This is $500 reduction from the curent $2,699.95. The price in Europe was already reduced few days after the D800 announcement. The Nikon D700 will be available for sale at least for few more months, maybe even till the end of 2012 (considering that the D90 is still listed on Nikon USA website and available for sale).

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  • I should be shooting

    It’s such a great camera and so different from the D800, Nikon should keep it around at the lower price. For what it does, it’d be hard to improve upon.

    • texajoe

      There is plenty to improve on. I love my D700 and wouldn’t give it up anytime soon but there is always room for improvement. But I’m getting a second one for sure!

    • KT

      Well, they could upgrade the sensor with the D3s sensor and give the D700 a new life, then they wouldn’t need to lower the price. Now that the D3s is about to be discontinued when the D4 become available anyone knows what will become of its sensor. They can’t just mothball it like that?

      • This is exactly what Nikon should do. Are you listening Nikon?

        • +1^∞

          • Jake

            They won’t. They are running a business, which means they need to make profit. Why would they make a new body that is very close to a D3s/D4 for thousands less?

            I would want one to but you have to think about these things from a business perspective.

            They are still selling new D3s, D700, and even D90.

            • Besides, they also have to get rid of the current stock of D700’s. I doubt they are making new ones.

          • 1^∞ = 1

            just saying =P

            • HDR


            • ; D

      • +1! Great idea. Give it the D3S sensor, ISO and video capability, and I’d cancel my D800 order for one.

        • Yagion

          That’s the exact reason they won’t do it

          • St.


        • +1
          I want D3s price to be reduced.

        • Toecutter

          …and a free holiday perhaps

      • alex

        This is what I’ve been saying, a D700s or D800s, but of course Nikon won’t mention anything about it for 1-2 years so that once all of the initial orders of D800/E and D4s are already filled, then they could get all of the current D700 owners who didn’t upgrade because of the 36MP sensor and D4 price to upgrade to the D800s approx $3,000 camera. I still expect the D4s however to have two QXD card slots if in factQXD cards are proven to be reliable over the next two years since I’m guessing a D4s in a couple of years (like the D3/D3s) But anyways, exciting times with the latest release of cameras.

        • St.

          We have UDMA 7 CF with 1000x speed.
          How faster they say XQD can go up to??

          • @St., the XQD on launch will be introduced at 833x, or 125MB/Second. From there, the bandwidth goes up with much more headroom for speed increases. Right now, at 150MB/Second, I believe we are near the ceiling limits of UDMA 7; I think the top speed for that specification is 166MB/Second, where as XQD is is 1.5GB/Second limited.

      • while they are at it, make it a Phase One IQ180 but with the ISO of the D4 and put it in my D700 body and sell it for $399, make it happen Nikon, dont be greedy!

      • biho

        This is probably what will be called D400 (a D3s in D700 body = D700s). Thom Hogan says:

        “I keep getting vague hints from anonymous sources that the D400 is indeed not a DX camera but something akin to a D700s. To date, no information I’ve received about that has the clear ring of authenticity to it, though”

    • Alan

      Good cameras never die, they just get cheaper.

      You’d think they’d try bringing it below the magic $2k level. That would help it fill the missing “entry level FX” position.

      It’s a great camera- there’s no sense discontinuing a great camera and putting the R&D into developing a new “entry” camera that will wind up being the same or worse…

      • Andrew

        I am sure Nikon has done all of the R&D for an entry level FX camera. They are lowering the price for those people who cannot wait but need the D700 now. Once Nikon has filled all the early demand for the D4, then they will consider releasing the entry level FX camera. The current poll shows that there are a lot of people who like the D800 but are waiting for the 16 MP (D4) sensor and high frame rate (7 to 8 fps) in the D800 body. I have a D80 and I skipped over the D7000, and will keep waiting until the D800 with a 16 MP sensor comes out. The high ISO and Video performance makes this the perfect camera. Then in the future, I will consider the D800 with the 36 MP sensor, but not before I buy a 16 MP full frame modern camera.

        • Huh?

          You’re still using a D80 because why?

          • Calibrator

            Because it works?

          • Andrew

            Because it works (borrowed from Calibrator)! I nearly bought the D700, but when the D3x came out, I lost interest in the D700. The irony is that the D3x was “too big” and too expensive, so I waited. By the time the D7000 came out, I had settled on the fact that my next camera would be full frame. I agree that the D7000 is an awesome camera and its image quality (IQ) is simply better than the D80. But the D80 is no slouch, and with the introduction of the D7000, it is beginning to show its age.

            After the D7000 was introduced, I decided to wait a little bit longer to see what was around the corner. Then came the rumored D4! The D4 has everything I would want in a camera (16 MP sensor, high ISO, awesome video, quality build) except the price and its excessive bulk. I am waiting for the lighter D4!

        • John Richardson

          You will NEVER see a D800 with 16mpx, dude, seriously.

          You passed the D7000 why? To wait for the NEXT thing to come along that meets your specification?

          Ring … ringgg…
          “Hello, Satan? is it snowing in hell yet? No? Ok thanks, I was needing a reality check.”

          • Andrew

            I am a perfectionist. The minute the D7000 (DX) came out, I knew that Nikon had developed the technology to give us an awesome full frame camera.

            Yes, I own and use the D80. I also own the Nikon N2020 (35mm) film camera, and I bought it with a lot of nice FX lenses for which I have been waiting for the perfect full frame camera. I knew that camera was around the corner, and that camera is now the D4. But unfortunately the D4 is too large and I cannot justify spending $6,000 on a camera. Hell is not going to freeze over, and my D800 with 16 MP will come. Did you see the latest NR survey for a D800 with 16 MP? Nearly 60% of respondents said they will take it (i.e. 16 MP) over a 36 MP camera. Nikon will have to oblige. The D800 with 16 MP is coming.

    • Banned

      It’s funny, YEARS ago I paid less than that for mine, and it was BRAND NEW… Don’t you love those new Nikon price policies? Now they can do what they want and all you can do is switch to Canon.

      • Alan

        The yen has lost something more than 30% of it’s value against the dollar. You probably paid just as many yen back then as people are today.


        • Chrisgull

          Surely you mean the opposite – the dollar has depreciated since I got my D700 in January 2009. The yen however has strengthened.

          • Alan

            Or that… =)

            The point is that a dollar buys fewer yen today. The camera price in yen probably hasn’t changed much.

            • ZoetMB

              The dollar has actually increased a bit over the last weeks (it was 77, but buys 81 yen today), but it’s still down 32.6% from 2007 when $1 bought 120 Yen.

              So any camera that costs the same today as it did in 2007 is actually 32.6% less expensive (in the U.S.)

              Don’t blame Nikon for these U.S. price increases. Blame the Government, who under a number of administrations, both Republican and Democratic, have reduced the value of the dollar, both purposely, in order to make American goods cheaper overseas to increase exports, and as a by-product of our debt.

              Having said that, Canon has held down the price increases much more than Nikon has. Perhaps Canon does a better job at currency hedging.

            • Sahaja

              “Quantitative Easing” was just gobbledegook for “Printing More Money” – and doing that sends the value of any currency plummeting. Mind you the US economy was already a disaster zone when Obama took office and he probably had little choice in the matter.

              At least it makes the cost of goods still produced in the USA cheaper overseas – which probably did something for American jobs and exports.

              Given the decrease in the value of the US Dollar against the Yen, it is surprising that the D800 is being introduced at the price it is.

              The $500 drop in the price of the D700 will mean that camera is now $500 cheaper than the list price Sony’s A900. But with this $500 price drop the value of used D700s will probably also drop by a similar amount, which is going to disappoint those who were planing to sell their D700 to pay for an upgrade.

        • Sahaja

          Alan – “The yen has lost something more than 30% of it’s value against the dollar.”

          Actually it’s the other way round – The US Dollar has lost about 30% of it’s value against the Japanese Yen. Anyway I’m sure glad you’re not my financial adviser.

      • Yeah, I paid $2100 for mine. I’d pay $3000 for a D700 with a D3s sensor and buffer. Doesn’t even need video.

      • You’re right — having their entire business turned on its head in less than one year’s time is no justification for trying to stop the bleeding by pricing their cameras at a price the market will bear.

        I think we should Occupy Nikon and demand they sell their equipment at a loss, or we’ll go to Sony who’s doing it already.

        (flame away, angry little children)

        • Anthony

          I just hate people with the ”Occupy” idea… It is very much the same reasoning as the Marxists of the 50’s…

          • zoetmb

            You do know he was being sarcastic, right?

          • Calibrator

            I hate haters!

          • “I just hate people with the ”Occupy” idea… It is very much the same reasoning as the Marxists of the 50′s…”

            I would have worded it differently. But you and me, Anthony — we’re not so different.

        • Sahaja

          @ Ron Adair

          “….or we’ll go to Sony who’s doing it already” Well, with this price drop, a new D700 is now cheaper than a new Sony A900.

          I think Nikon sell their cameras at whatever price they think the market will bear for their product. The D3x was sold at a ridiculous price – but it still sold.

      • Andrew

        The price of the D700 was briefly selling around $2,395 on Amazon when the financial crisis hit three years ago. This was a temporary price reduction. With the D800, and also a future D4 (with it’s awesome video performance) in a smaller body, Canon has nothing that can interest me.

    • mojo

      Nice! but it kills d700 resale value – for d800 owners

      • Toecutter

        Exactly.The people who were looking at second hand will now buy new

        • dwd

          This makes the used market more enticing for me. I’ve been watching EX to EX+ condition used d700 bodies going for about 2k now. I’d expect in a month or so, when this price drops hits, excellent condition d700 bodies will be around $1,800.

    • tigrebleu

      Now that the D4 and the D800 are out, why not put the D3s sensor inside the D700? The D800 is obviously more D3X-like in terms of use, and the D4 is supposed to be as good at ISO 51200 as the D3s is at ISO 12800, so it shouldn’t suffer too much from the competition of a possible “D700s”.

      I could live with 720p HD video and the one stop gain at high ISO! 😉

      I’d even pay $2700 for such a “D700s.” Maybe the D3s will drop around $3500 as well? Hey, nothing wrong dreaming a little! 😉

      That said, the best news about the D800 for those who don’t need 36 Mpix is the price drop on the D700. 🙂

      • Twoomy

        More likely following in the footsteps of the D3 and D700, I bet we’ll see a D4 sensor in a D700 body less than a year from now. D710 perhaps?

        • alex

          I think we might see it in about 1-2 years from now, maybe when the D4s replaces the D4 and the D800s will use the old D4 sensor.

          I’m pretty sure Nikon will try to get the D4s native ISO up to the same numbers to compete with Canon’s numbers on the 1D-X regardless of the actual performance of the current D4 sensor. Plus I don’t think Canon does minor camera refreshes at the pro level do they?

          • Andrew

            A smaller body D4 in 1 year, yes. In 2 years, impossible.

            Most people do not want to carry the D4 around, it is too heavy. But its high frame rate is a must for action photographers, so the D4 will continue to sell well to its target audience.

            A D4 in a D800 body will have a massive sales impact. Most D700 photographers will upgrade, and many prosumers will also buy it for its high ISO and awesome video performance.

            Waiting for two years for a smaller D4 might cause me to lose interest. This will be a bad move on Nikon’s part!

            • Calibrator

              > Waiting for two years for a smaller D4 might cause me to lose interest. This will be a bad move on Nikon’s part!

              Now this is a MASSIVE threat!

          • alex

            Wasn’t it also mentioned somehwere that the D800 is not the replacement for the D700 but to be different segment along side the D700? I can’t remember after watching all of the videos and stuff. Who knows what Nikon will do, but I’m still happy with my D700 and don’t have plans to upgrade anytime soon. It does everything I need it to do at the moment, so I’m content on what I have for now. I still have a long ways to go to get my photography to the level where I want it to be, and I believe that the D700 can still help me get there. ;D

        • St.

          agree with alex.
          they have 3 more dslr to upgrade first. d710 if there is such thing will come in more than a year from now.

    • Roger D

      What about the D3s, I hope they keep it around for at least another year. I prefer that over the D4. I have no interest in shooting video.

  • ActionJunky

    This is the camera I have been waiting for, but I really need 14 Mpix…

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

    • karl

      take two shots – you’ll end up with 24 megapixels 😀

    • Alan

      Megapixels are a myth: just add noise and upsample and you’ve got your 14MP camera!


  • Chimphappyhour

    Dang! I think I need to pick up a second one!

  • burgerman

    >>> It’s such a great camera and so different from the D800, Nikon should keep it around at the lower price. For what it does, it’d be hard to improve upon.

    Its a good camera. But the D800 DOES improve on EVERYTHING it does. And then some.

    • no, it doesn’t. the d800 sacrifices fps for mp, which is fine for studio photographers, but seriously 36mp is not something most event photographers want to have, especially when it comes at the sacrifice for fps

      • El Aura

        How many D700 users got the grip? I’d say less than 10%, that means fps was not of primordial importance for 90% of D700 users.

        • Shasta_D

          90% of statistics are made up.

          • Shasta_D

            But seriously, we don’t have the true figures for how many people have the grip. I’ve seen many sports photographers with a D3s as primary and D700+grip as a secondary camera.

            I for one one FPS with the grip, but yes, the D800 won’t do it. So I’m keeping my D700 for when I need FPS or either when nikon releases a d400.

        • …I’ve got the grip. And a couple EN-EL4s from my D2x days. Works a charm. There are plenty of things the D700 will do that the D800 won’t. I’ll still get a D800, but it will take a back seat to the D700 most of the time. Heck, it’ll probably take a back seat to the D7000 most of the time.

          I’m sure the D800 will pay itself off faster, but the D700 will always see more use.

        • …also, I used to have the knockoff grip. It only lasted a year, but still…it worked! And for $60 and the price of some AA batteries, you get the extra 3fps. AF is a bit snappier with the grip and the right batteries too.

  • neekone

    Such a good time to be in digital photography. Almost any camera is going to get some great results.

    • tigrebleu


      D800, D4, D700, D3s, D7000. Great stuff! Even the aging D300s isn’t too bad.

      And if Nikon doesn’t offer you what you’re looking for, Canon has its fair share of great products as well (besides the 5DII crappy AF, that is which could be improved with the upcoming 5DIII and/or 5DX): 7D, 1D Mk IV, 5D Mk II, 1DX.

      Add a few great products from other manufacturers and it comes down to a simple conclusion. There never was a best moment to shop for a digital SLR. And things will only get better in the future. I mean, even the iPhone 4S has a decent camera! It’s sure no DSLR, but it just shows how fast things are improving.

  • JerryAdamson

    If that’s the new MSRP I wonder what the new street price will be?
    How far down will this drive used prices?
    Maybe more than $500.

    • zoetmb

      Nikon’s margins to dealers are so slim (see the other threat about Nikon pricing), there’s no room for discounting. The margin is only about 10%. Used prices are another matter: obviously they have to be substantially less than the new price.

      But I doubt that Nikon is still producing the D700 – the lines are probably being taken up with the D800, so this price reduction is probably just to clear stock out and gain some cash flow. I doubt it will last long. B&H hasn’t had any for a long time, but I noticed that the other two big NYC photo dealers: Adorama and J&R do finally have some inventory and are currently selling it at the full $2700 price.

      • zoetmb

        Obviously I meant “thread”, not “threat”.

  • D700 is fantastic for low light, event shots, weddings, can´t go wrong with one.
    For this price, will be the best bang for buck Full Frame Camera.

    D800 is more studio/landscape camera, keep your D700 and buy a D800 if you need.


  • D400

    Ha, I bet all those folks at canon rumors will switch to nikon now. they will be saying “Wow! a full frame camera for $2200 WITH AUTOFOCUS”

    • Dchino

      Did they all of a sudden replace the sensor with a 20mp+ version, which most every Canon user wants in full frame?

      Oh, no, I guess they didn’t.

      But yeah, I’m going to dump $2200 on a 12MP camera, which wasn’t what I wanted 3 years ago, even though Canon is about to release a full-frame 7D/D300 equivalent in a matter of days at 22mp.

      • mikils

        We shall see how this statement will stand in few months… in the meantime Nikon cameras will blow Canon autofocus out of the water.

        • Dchino

          Nikon’s focus is better, I’m not going to argue that. So is their noise control. And fortunately I am not locked into Canon and am seriously considering the D800.

          But the point is that few to none Canon users would dump what they have to buy a three year old camera that didn’t spur them into pulling the trigger back when it was fresh and new (expect the 5DII to drop below $2K once 5DIII/X is announced as well).

          Anyone who is going to drop 2 grand to enter the Nikon full-frame market is either not invested in a competitor, or will go big and get the D800.

          I expect future sales of the D700 to be from people who need a backup body or people who are just getting into DSLRs.

          • Andrew

            Dchino, I agree with you completely.

            I do not think the D700 poses serious consideration for either Canon or Nikon fans. It is just too old to warrant consideration except for a pro Nikon user who needs a second body or is strapped for cash. In fact, many Nikon photographers who owned the D700 went and bought the D7000 as their second body. The D7000 is a much more modern camera than the D700 (though the D700 apparently has a number of great attributes). I for one find the D800 very intriguing and the D4 beyond this world (except its size).

  • burgerman

    >>> no, it doesn’t. the d800 sacrifices fps for mp, which is fine for studio photographers, but seriously 36mp is not something most event photographers want to have, especially when it comes at the sacrifice for fps

    Absolutely not true.
    It can be turned down to lower resolution, 9 or 20mp and it is then as fast as DX mode. And has various 3 x 2 or other moe square crop modes that are smaller. Same as d700 but with superior image quality. And even at 36 million its only 1 frame slower! But faster focussing too so likely faster in real world conditions.

    • NYikon

      Faster focusing in real world conditions may well be true, but (with the vertical grip) the D800 is 6fps in DX, while the D700 is 8fps in FX.

    • Andrew

      “superior image quality”? who says… where are the reviews comparing image quality?

  • crap…I just bought a used D700 with 67K shutter count with a heavily used 50 1.4g for $2000.

    • B-man

      Meh… dont fret. The body will keep going strong and just think you got a free 50mm 1.4g out of it for less that the price of the new priced body

    • Chrisgull

      Some poster here had 600K+ shutter count on a D700.

  • James

    Hmm, still not enough to keep me from lusting after a D800. Though, I hope it drives the used prices down so I can pick one up as a replacement for my D300.

    • davis

      +1 … a $1,750 EX+ condition D700 and I’ll officially move my D300s down a peg and have it be a video/backup body only.

  • burgerman

    >>> crap…I just bought a used D700 with 67K shutter count with a heavily used 50 1.4g for $2000.

    When a better, 3 or 4 year newer camera was coming out? With better everything and a warranty? For 50 percent more? Madness.

    • Andrew

      If you really want a new D700, you can sell your new system for $1,800. You will only lose $200! But you may need to act fast!

    • Andrew

      Make sure you first ask for $1,900 so you have room to go down an extra $100 to close the deal.

  • Markus

    The D90 is still produced. Fine camera for it’s price it’s now selling for.

  • Alex

    Nice! I resisted myself to buy used D700 on ebay for the price of $1900-2100. Yes after next month it will be around $1600.

  • That’s an indication that there might be a successor to the D700 that’s more like a D4 – like the D700 was to the D3.
    I’ve got a D800 on preorder, though.

    • inginerul

      Nah, that’s an indication that they could not sell all the D700’s they had piled in stocks and now they are trying to get rid of them.

      It’s a great camera, I love mine, but I would only buy one now if it had the D3s sensor, otherwise I’d go for a used D3s or a D800, depending on the need.

      • Nope

        Have you checked websites for D700? B&H had them in stock for a few days and sold out. That hardly scream AHH we can’t sell this crap lets lower the price $500 to get rid of them

        • NoFunBen

          it is nikon japan that has a pile of d700.

          nikon needs a better supply system to get them to stores.

          it maybe better once they get past the introduction of the d4 and d800 , they may be taking up a lot of warehouse space.

      • Jetfire

        Actually, it’s more like all parts orders they have from their venders coming in for the D700 that are coming in. They got interrupted during last years disasters.

    • I wish it did mean that, but objectively it doesn’t. Probably the more likely explanation is simply to move existing stock off the shelves, making room for the D800/e.

  • Peter

    Thank God I just sold my 2nd D700 on Ebay a couple of weeks ago for $2,100!! I’m keeping the one I have and getting a D800 for my primary body. I agree with those who say the D800 does anything the D700 does…and better!

    • Rich in TX

      sold my D700 on ebay (35k shots) for $2350
      Great timing!

    • Chrisgull

      Yeah… I missed out on that opportunity, planning to post mine for sale this weekend. 20K shutter, looks great – asking price? $1700?

      • NoD400 Try D700

        what you say about $1350

        • Chrisgull

          I would say that for $1350 it would sell in a minute. Way too low – look at bids at ebay today.

  • Looks like the used market on a D700 just took a hit. I have seen them selling in the $1800-$2100 range recently (in Canada) but if you can get a new one at the high end of that range, used will need to come down a fair bit, likely $1500 or so.

    Still, not the beating a D3x owner will take if they decide to sell their camera.

    • HAHA! I’d take a D3x for $2000!

  • Looks like a great time to upgrade!! I have a D40x and for quite some time kept waiting around, reading the rumors, hoping for something new so I can get the latest. But if I can get a D700 for this reasonable of a price I will definitely take it, especially something used if I can get for $1500 or $1600. That would be a great improvement! I hear three more DSLR’s are to be announced this year by Nikon. We know the D400 is coming, what else could there possibly be?

    • Andrew

      “I hear three more DSLR’s are to be announced this year…” exactly! Unless you are a pro and you have an urgent need, it might be better to wait and see what is on the horizon.

  • fuzzy baubles

    if the used prices drop $500 along with the new prices, i’d snap up a second D700 like nobody’s business.

    imagine if you will the year 2012. a year in which a mint used D700 goes for $1300

  • Don

    Good news for all (unless you have one to sell – better unload it now). Used prices should also drop $500 to around $1,500 which is about where the new D400 will be.

    For about the same money you will be able to chose between a used D700 or a new D400.

  • Zeb

    Nikon D700 Amazon UK price history = http://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Nikon-D700-Digital-Camera-Body/product/B001BYMC5K

    Last year they were £1480 so I don’t think this basic camera is a bargain even after this price drop. Should be about £1,000 by now IMO.

  • Forget the $500 price drop on a new D700 – I want a $500 price drop on that pretty piece of glass mounted to it in the photo 😛

  • shivaswrath

    LOL, awesome! I was haggling on the used market for a USED D700 for $1900….I could probably get one for $1500 now!

    This is awesome

  • T.I.M

    Cool, the D700 is 3x better than the D800 with its crazy 36mp !

    Let’s make an other poll !

    1: do you want the D700 to be listed on Nikon website for an other 20 years ?
    2: do you want the D800 to be discontinued before it get available ?


    • Natan Lorenzi

      Hahahaha, do you belive in that?

      The focus system of D800 is faster than D3s and better in low light. D800 has better IQ, better image in low light, 2 slots, better auto-iso… The only aspect worse is fps, but, I don’t use 8fps.

      • Calibrator

        You are aware that pretty much anybody refers to the D800 as THE landscape or studio camera? What good is the focus speed advantage then?

        And who uses Auto-ISO on a 36MP body anyway?

        • NoFunBen

          i will use auto-iso

        • Natan Lorenzi

          I use auto iso. I can use 36mpx. I can use the best focus (with D4) in low light.

          Why D700 is better? Because your 8fps?

          So, You can wait for Canon 5D “X” or “III” and buy a faster câmera.

        • Natan Lorenzi

          Oh, i forgot it:

          Great video mode (because of that Canon 5D mkII is the world bestseller FF).
          33% plus of lifetime.
          Metering mode is better than another SRL without 91,ooopx RGB
          100% of coverage
          100g lighter
          Q-mode (is a great option to take pictures without noise).
          and USB 3.0

    • The Bear Jew

      1. Yup!
      2. Njet, I’ve got no problems to let others discover how hard life with a newborn can be.

  • Nikon is the best camera…

  • John

    I’m glad I got mine used (15K shutter actuations) for $1850 a few weeks before the EQ in Japan (total luck for me, not so much for Japan). Yes the price will drop a lot now.

    I really hope that Nikon makes a D700s – as I suspect there are a lot of folks like me who will not be buying a D800 anytime soon, if ever (unless it’s well used and/or a refurb), but would certainly plunk down some cash for a D700s. Sure it may take some sales away from the D800, but a lot more folks would be buying a D700s who wouldn’t be giving their $$ to Nikon otherwise.

    12MP is enough for me, but I’d take the video and likely improved high ISO (I’m always living at ISO 1600 for much of my shots).

    If the D700 price drops low enough I might just grab a new one and sell my used one just so that I get a brand new FX body with warranty that will last me even longer for not much price difference from what I purchased used almost a year ago.

    • Andrew

      I hear you. The more I think about it, the more I don’t like using flash. Some times it’s needed, but most times it just changes the environment.

      A D4 in a D800 body at around $2,000 will be a stunner. Nikon would have to expand their production capacity to handle the massive sales. They will capture a big part of the camera market, and will maintain their lead for years to come. But very few companies make the right strategic decision to gain market dominance. Some clever marker may say, yes – we can give them 8 fps, but let’s cripple the frame rate (and give them 6 fps) so as to protect the D4. Or let us mess around with the video performance to distinguish it from the D4. It is amazing how bright people make dumb decisions. Sony is well known for this type of behavior (though I own many of their products: TVs, Computers, PS3, etc.). I believe this year is Nikon’s best chance to differentiate itself in the camera market in terms of the professionals and prosumers. Anything short of a D4 in a D800 body with a 16 MP sensor will be a lost opportunity that will take them years to recover if ever.

      • Rob

        And they’d take a loss on EVERY CAMERA SOLD, not to mention never selling a D4. Within a few months they’d declare bankruptcy and this site would not exist.

        Seriously do you people even understand basic economics? The D3 (D700) sensor has been out for 4 years. That’s 4 years of them to increase the yields on this sensor, driving the cost of producing it way down. The D4 sensor is brand new, probably has very low yields, and certainly costs a lot more to produce than the D700 sensor. Not only that, but they still have to recoup the R&D from every aspect of the D4.

        If they ever release the D4 sensor in a smaller body it will be much more expensive than $2000, and it won’t be for at LEAST a year after the D4 is available. They will probably also wait until just before (or after) an upgraded D4 is available.

        • John

          No, how would they lose money on a D700s and never sell a D4? Sure the sensor costs would be the same, but the bodies would be very different.

          Just like they make $$ on a D700 and sell plenty of D3/D3s.

          If the D4 sensor has low yields then the D800 sensor likely has even lower yields due to the much higher MP.

          This is a good argument for making a D700s with the D3s sensor (and maybe some tweaked circuitry to make the DR even better). They would get to keep the D700s price higher than the D700 is now and they continue to make $$ off of those folks who would not have bought at D800 OR a D4 anytime soon (folks like me who don’t need a lot of MP, but certainly want as good of high ISO performance as they can get). A low MP D700-like body will come out sooner or later – there’s just too much of a price/capability gap that needs to be filled, and if it’s not filled by Nikon it will by Canon or Sony.

          • Andrew

            John, I have added some more thought on why a smaller D4 can justifiably be sold at around $2,000 (albeit a little higher!), but it is targeted towards Rob’s reply.

        • Andrew

          Rob, I know more about economics than you may realize since I have been running a successful tech company for over 15 years which I built from the ground up. That does not make my position on Nikon correct, but it simply means that I am not clueless. But let us try to take you on for a moment and argue against your position.

          I understand that Nikon has massive overhead when it comes to research and development, manufacturing, logistics, and so on. But to argue my position, I posit that it is conceivable the a 16 MP D4 Sensor in a D800 body could be sold for $2,500 or less. I can understand your argument about yield, which may apply when talking about cramming 36 MP in a full frame sensor. But Nikon has been stuffing 24 MP in the D3x’s full frame sensor for years. And now we are arguing about putting only 16 MP in the same full frame sized sensor (though with different technology). Granted there is more to the equation than meets the eyes, but it is possible that the argument of yield could simply be a scapegoat.

          If you are arguing about economics (though that has partially been addressed above), then it appears that Nikon made a poor decision. Nikon’s decision to put a 36 MP sensor in the D800 instead of a 16 MP sensor appears to be misguided, though I am sure this will be rectified in the months to come (all we have to do is to have a little patience). The recent survey by NR shows that approximately 60% of respondents prefer a 16 MP sensor versus a 36 MP sensor for the D800. But I understand that this is shifting the argument a bit since we should be focusing on my initial statement of “around” $2000! When Nikon came out with the D7000 with Magnesium alloy body, they priced this 16 MP DX camera at only $1,200. To argue that Nikon cannot come out with a 16 MP FX camera for let’s say $2,200 (which is a markup of $1,000) is highly unlikely, the Expeed 3 and other technologies notwithstanding. Why don’t we just apply the same argument of yield to the D7000 and justify a much higher price? Now another thing that can affect price is the size of the target market; the smaller the target market is, the more expensive the product is likely to be. Anyway, I appreciate your feedback to my post. Thank you.

        • Andrew

          John, I have added some more thought on why a smaller D4 can justifiably be sold at around $2,000 (albeit a little higher!), but it is targeted towards Rob’s reply.

      • Sahaja

        The famous business case of a camera company introducing a camera at way below the price of their competitors was Canon’s AE1 – and, in that case, the strategy worked. They had to sell more of that camera than anyone else had ever sold any SLR, or they would have taken a loss on every camera. The sales figures for that camera exceeded all expectations – and Canon made a good profit and got many people into their system. That last part is probably till paying off for them today.

  • Natan Lorenzi

    Now I’ll buy two new cameras, D800 and D700. But I need sell my D90.

  • Reno Raines

    If a new D700 will cost $2,200, maybe factory refurbs from Nikon’s online store will be another $400-$500 cheaper. At $1,200 or $1,300 cheaper than a D800, I would make do with a D700 refurb and put the difference toward a new 70-200 f/2.8. Here’s hoping!

    • Rob

      The Nikon Outlet discounts a D300s refurb a whopping $170 off the price of a new one. I wouldn’t expect anything more than a $250 discount off the new price for the D700. They recently raised all their refurb prices after the US MAP policy went into affect. Perhaps you didn’t see that. The refurbs are now a HORRIBLE deal.

  • very good… i sold my used d700+mb10 at 195o$ few days ago …

  • Jc

    Imagine those with high bids on ebay right now. I have a D800 on order, but damn. Yes ma”am ill take 2 D700″s for 3000$!

  • Alex

    Sonofabitch! I just bought a d700 like 4 hours ago! Looks like i will be refusing a package in the morning.

    • Luke

      What do u mean refusing it ? I’m assuming u already paid for it ?

    • Rob

      Most major retailers have 7-30 day price guarantees (14 is what most use I think). They refund the difference in price if you make a claim after the price changes within that time.

  • Klaus

    If I can get it for 1500€ or less I’ll finally buy one :).
    Just hope the prices in Germany drop and some shop still sells it…

  • ST

    Hi NR
    Any info on a new 200 mm micro??

    • no, since the D800 everything is quiet

      • T.I.M

        too quiet ! what about a new poll ?

        • broxibear

          There’s a reason it’s quiet T.I.M.
          You know that little gentlemen’s agreement that Nikon and Canon have about products that nobody talks about ?. Well part of that involves not upstaging each other when a new product is released…Canon stayed out of the news during the D4/D800 launches, and now it’s Nikon’s time to keep quiet… the 5D Mark III will be here soon.

          • T.I.M

            5D Mark III….what a name !
            What about 5D Marcus Julius XXIV ?


            • Funduro

              LOL I also laugh at the uppity 5D Mark the Third name.

      • RondoX

        Has there ever been instant rebates on lenses during the years in which new bodies were released?

        I’m guessing there is no point in waiting for a lower price on glass this year, right?

        • T.I.M

          I already bought all the lenses I need, so I bet the lens rebates will show up anytime soon….

  • Please, God

    Just put VIDEO and GPS on the 700 and I’ll buy a dozen of them. Yesterday.

  • I have both systems. Do you guys realize that a D700 is way better overall camera but a Canon 5d II makes way better pictures if all stars come in one line? If it happens then there is no contest. Just a thought… Nikon 200mm F2 lens is the best lens in the world. And it is a fact as well.

  • I’m no Thom Hogan when it comes to market analysis and projection, but could it be that Nikon is in fact trying to sell off their stock of D700’s so they can move on to the D700s asap? Does anybody know if there was a significant price drop in the D300, D3, D2X, D2H, or D70 just before the “s” models were announced?

    One way or another, this is a good thing.


    • Andrew

      I cannot answer your question, but here are some thoughts.

      I think Nikon completed development of a lot of cameras last year but were impacted by all of the natural disasters from releasing a number of them. A lot of people expected a D700 replacement last year since the D700 had become a favorite among a lot of pro photographers. I cannot imagine that the D700s is far behind, and this recent price drop raises a lot of suspicion. I bought a few brand new Sony SXRD TVs over three years ago that were selling for $2,800 when they suddenly decided to drop the price to $1,700 because they were clearing their entire inventory (and discontinuing the product). And by the way the reliability has been awesome! Though I would tend to think that the same is happening with the D700, the only damper on this view is a recent comment from a Nikon executive that they will continue to supply the D700 as long as there is a demand for it. Unless of course, if they know that a replacement is imminent once the supply runs out, this might be interpreted at continuing to meet the demand, especially if the replacement has a significantly higher ISO.

      The fact that Nikon has three more DSLR announcements for this year makes it quite likely that anything is possible in terms of a true D700 replacement. At this point, I don’t know what to think, but just to wait patiently.

    • Darryl

      Yeah, you definitely aren’t a Thom Hogan. More like Ken Rockwell – sorry for insulting Mr. Rockwell.

  • Alex

    So, will this be like a first of the month thing…or what should we expect?

  • Doug

    Well does it mean that it is time for me to sell my Coolpix 2100!!!?????:


    • MojoJOjo

      I actually have that camera, its a brilliant little camera for its size…

      • Doug

        It costed me 1 week’s salary with the massive 64MB costing £70, those were the days.

  • broxibear

    Here’s an interesting quote from a hands on test of the D800 by Amateur Photographer magazine in the UK (March 3rd 2012).
    “Like in the D700 and D7000, the sensor in the D800 uses gapless technology to ensure that as much light as possible reaches the sensor. On-chip noise reduction in the sensor’s background architecture has been improved, meaning that despite having more pixels, the noise characteristics of images produced in the D800 are similar to those from the D700 and better than images from the D7000.”

  • Funduro

    Wel this is interesting. I was planning on buying the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII very soon and planned on buying a used D700 before the end of the year. Might just order the lens on Sunday, to make sure they don’t sell out when the D800 arrive or another disaster happens to the Nikon supply chain.

    • fxed

      @Funduro. Why do you use the “Afghan Girl” as your avatar? That’s just so un-cool.

      • Sahaja

        Yeah NR is probably breaching copyright every time Funduro posts. If NR isn’t, he certainly is.

  • Whoops, there goes a couple of hundred off the resale value of my D700. What sort of nasty things will I have to do to make up the difference on a D800?

    • ActionJunky

      Sell some SCUBA gear.

      • Doug

        Do some around the block quick night time work.

      • Ronisafag

        The only thing he dives for is cock with a capital “C”.

  • Robin

    D700 price drop is essentially to clear Nikon’s stock, because when D800 is available and the truth about its magnificence shatters all stereotypes, no one would buy even a factory sealed D700 @ 2000USD ( even at +/- 200).

    • Batman

      Speak for yourself. I’ll be purchasing another D700 if it’s really dropping down to $2200

    • Batman

      Speak for yourself. If the price really goes down to $2200 I’ll be picking up another one

  • NikonAvenger

    Sweet!! Any price drop on the D3s??

    • Doug


  • Chris P

    Since the costs associated with the D700 camera and D3s sensor will by now have been more than recouped, Nikon could produce a D700s as the D3s is now, but fitted with a 100% viewfinder. This would provide an entry level FX camera at around £1,500, i.e. about 2/3rds of the D800 price. I don’t think it will happen as it would have a far greater impact on D800 sales than the D700 ever did on the D3/D3s.

    • John

      What matters is: (1) Will making a D700s make Nikon significantly more $$ than not making one and (2) will it prevent a competitor from stealing business from Nikon by offering something in that capability/price range.

      I think when the D700 is gone there will be a huge hole/gap in the capability and price structure below the D800 and D4 – I hope Nikon fills it with a D700-like successor (lower MP, best high ISO DR, somewhat lower-spec body than the D800).

      I certainly would be one of those to buy a “D700s” as the D3/D3x/D4 bodies are too large/heavy and the D800 is too expensive (and has too many MP for my needs).

  • David

    Glad I sold mine for $2K

  • FanBoy

    the next price cut is for D800E.

  • C

    How much would a D7000 drop in price when the successor is announced and released? Opinions?

  • New Guy

    Debating on getting a D700 with the price drop or holding out for the D400. Is there any chance the D400 will have better or equal image quality as the D700 when it comes to ISO?

    • jorg

      the newer camera will certainly have the better sensor. your problem might not, be “which camera”, but “when camera”.
      imho people who do not NEED a camera right now, need to buy a brand new model, otherwise they would not be happy with their purchase.

  • Doug

    We are all pretty sure that there is some communication between Canon and Nikon, but one thing i must say, if Canon by release a FX 5D Marcus the Fourth with a sensor anywhere between 28 and 40mp, i must say that canon new well before hand that Nikon was going to release a 36mp sensor, im saying since middle 2010 at least, i go from time to time to check the CM forums, and if you guys think that we sometimes look lost here imagine the guys over there, they are talking about a release date for Tuesday and they dont even know if the camera will really be released until Photokina, i was hoping that Canon released a very similar camera to the D800 layout, this way there would be a little more competitiveness on the first months, but we know that canon wont do that, a seller told me back in January that nikon would probably launch the camera first and canon would come up with something just after that, just like a miracle out of nowhere, it seems to me that canon is so scared of releasing any pictures from the 1DX, i remember to my instructor always use to tell us not to look on the screen after taking the photos that would make us lazy and less concentrated on actually taking the pictures, i think that’s exactly what nikon is doing now, they are not sure or they are pretty sure somehow that their new line up wont match up nikon’s, 2 things i’ve noticed, canon new that nikon would put a
    un-compressed hdmi output and also a headphone jack on the D4 but even so they choose not to put on the 1DX but i don’t really know why.

    • Willy

      I lost your message in that long sentence.

  • Ray A

    Im gonna make a prediction:

    D700 will be Discontinued after all the stocks are gone
    nikon will announce a D3200, D7100 and the D400 will be DX
    next year nikon will be coming out with the “D600”
    it will have 22MP, 39AF points, iso 100-6400 and about 5FPS full frame….. it will be like a D7000 but in a cheap full frame version for about $2200-$2400
    well me and my buddy were talking about this today

    • Canon killer

      Say hello to your buddy for me please ;p

    • Rob

      There is no existing 22MP FF sensor. Because of the low yields, you will never see a new FF sensor in a body priced near $2000 – it just costs too much to produce the sensor so the camera wouldn’t be profitable (see Sony). The only chance for a FF near $2000 is to use a very old sensor that they’ve already perfected the yields on (e.g. D3 sensor, 5DMkII sensor).

      It’s possible we could see the D3s sensor in a ~$3000 body soon. Short of some breakthrough in the technology, new FF sensors will always go into bodies around $3000 and up.

      • Sahaja

        Who says Sony lost money on the A900/A850 – or is that just a rumor?

        According to what I’ve read elsewhere , in Japan their A900 apparently outsold the Nikon D3 and “only” sold 30% less than the D700. And Japan is usually considered to be one of Sony’s under-performing markets.

        The biggest full frame winner, by a long-shot, was the 5DMkII.

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