Nikon D800 official pictures leaked

You can read all the Nikon D800 details on this Brazilian website including seven official images of the new camera. The full press release (Google translated) is available here.

Additional images (click on each for larger view):

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  • Ball_Lightning

    Still hoping for more fps in DX mode…

    • Allan

      True. For shooting moving birds 7+ fps is essentail.

      • Jan

        It’s called D300s.
        Or did you want a camera that does everything in the world and costs only 10% over the entry level?

  • Bernard

    Wait till you see the manual !!! 🙂

  • God

    It’s ugly

    • NotSurprised

      A bit “droopy” — but not ugly. Call it: The Droopy800.

      Just sadder than previous Nikons……..
      (The MPs are probably weighing it down).

      Anyway, it looks fine. I’m sure it performs well.
      I hope Nikon is keeping standards high in the D700 line.

      Still want D700S, not D700X/D800.

    • Bob Wilber

      It’s GORGEOUS!!!

      I’m excited and can’t wait to read some reviews and see some sample images!!!!

      If you want more speed or lower light for sports, then wait for the D400 and throw it in your bag along with this Beauty!! You will have the perfect combo to do anything and everything!!

      (Oh, BTW, if all you guys want to do is moan and complain, take it over to the Canon forum, we aren’t interested in listening to your negative bull-ony.)

    • Manuel

      Agree. It’s not really a beauty. Nikon has done better before. But don’t judge a book by its cover!

  • David K.

    The 36 megapixels is more than I can use (my lenses don’t resolve well enough to take advantage of 200 lines/mm).

    If I shoot at lower resolution (ie: 19MP) will the camera give fewer artefacts at high ISO? How does the camera treat unused pixels at lower resolution (average or ignore them or what)?

    • Camaman

      Noise will be less visible when you reduce resolution. Best results will be achieved by shooting RAW than PP noise reduction, sharpness and then reduce resolution.

      To bad there are no way of making smaller resolution RAW files with a few of these steps already included… That would be a cool feature that some would use.
      Just wait and cry before these 50MB RAW file monsters…

      • Gra

        D3x @ 24mp has 50 mb RAW files…expect them to be quite a lot larger at 36mp… probably – 65mb uncompressed and lossless….

        • QQMoar

          Doesn’t matter. I have monster gaming rag that is ready to take on these files!! Bring it on!

        • rhlpetrus

          If D7000’s files are any indication, expect about 42MB RAWs, 100MB 8 bit TIFFs and 200+MB 16bit TIFFs.

  • Doug

    was calling nikon brazil earlier their lines are busy all the time lol, lots of trolls calling them now.

  • Camaman

    Looks nice and compact. That hideous 24-70 b east really sticks out.
    24-120mm looks like a perfect match.

    Anyone calculated dimensions by comparing known diameter of the lenses in the pictures? 🙂
    How heavy will the body be?

    • Global

      The 24-70 is beautiful in person. That’s just a bad angle.

      Interested in knowing what Tamron’s new 24-70VR is like though.

    • Manuel

      The 24-120/f4.0 may be a waste for this camera (or vice versa), due to its nasty vignetting.

      • RC

        Not everyone is concerned about vignetting. I know I’m not, and it often adds an interesting feel to photos. The 24-120mm F4 would probably be my all-purpose lens on an FX camera. I had the original 24-120mm F4-5.6 back in the film days, and that lens was almost always on my camera next to the 80-200mm F2.8D.

    • QQMoar

      Put on the hood then we will talk. 24-120 hood is a joke compares to 24-70 hood

  • I hope those specks are right. I got sick after reading all the nonsense I read here, more MP it’s a good thing not bad, one you get it you will never like you D700 anymore and I’m talking from experience I have been shooting with Phase one 39Mp on Hasselblad for past 4 years and I also have D3X which blows away in terms of ress D3, D3, D700, I had them all and I will be glad if those speck are true because I nee another camera to my D3X and D800 will do just fine.
    As soonest this camera hits the shelfs you will be selling yours D700 for $500 because that is what it’t worth in this days.
    By tomorrow it all will be clear not a roomer.

    • Daniel

      Get a vacuum to clean those ‘specks’. It is never nice to have ‘specks’ in a camera!

    • Hey ppl! have you heard that? so start selling your D700 for $500, I will buy the D800 anyway but for $500 I would get a D700 too 😀

      • Pierre

        at $500, ill just keep it

    • PeterO

      Bah! Fuggetaboutit. A $500 camera. I always knew that the D700 was nothing. At least you’ll have money left over to feed all those “roomers”.

    • You should work on your spelling as well as your website. There are many incomplete pages.

  • PAOKG4

    I hope except photos will see video samples in the presentation

  • The top of the camera does look somewhat cramped, as seen from the front. I guess that’s mostly an optical illusion, formed by the more slanted shoulders, as otherwise the amount of space seems very similar to the D700.

    • rhlpetrus

      No, I think it is smaller than D700, this is the 24-120 f/4, not that large a lens.

  • suresh

    no 60fps video in d800?

    • Mandrake

      yes at 720p

  • Luis Brito

    Hello Peter
    Why do you think these photos are official?
    The link is not from de Brazilian Nikon site.
    I think the pictures are strange.
    Some angles do not seem correct

    • because they are official, trust me for once

  • alvix

    is there a small RAW or sort of ?? …

  • low light

    will the D800 have better performance in low light condition than the D700???

    • KT

      I seriously doubt it can better the D700 but it’ll hopefully improve upon the D3x performance in high ISO performance.

      • QQMoar

        Is the D3x worse than D700? LoL

    • the visible man


    • Mikes

      same performance in iso as the D700 but with kick ass resolution and video.

  • Shkacas

    Looks good. Can’t wait to see official spec… 🙂

    for all those low FPS whiners: ever wondered why Rolls Royce phantom can’t do 350 km/h…? Because it don’t need to… So SHUT UP! And go buy Canon 7D!

  • Ken

    0600hrs, they’ll be waking up now……polishing the D800’s…mmmm…

  • newnikonshooter

    I just bought two d700 bodies in the last month and sold my 5d Mark II bodies to fund them. Actually, switched completely to Nikon knowing full well a 36 megapixel beast was in the pipes. And you know what? As a full time shooter who makes his living from nothing but photography, I’d rather have a pair of D700 bodies than a pair of D800 bodies. So whaddyathinkaboutthat?

    • glenn

      Now whats the big surplus about your post?
      whine ,whine. . .

    • I think the d700 is a great camera, but the d800 will be a great camera, too!

  • F


    • ISP


  • Nick

    I like the fact that it has a dedicated bracketing button on top.

    • Shasta_D

      +1 on that. Went from a D2x to a D700 and had to dedicate a function button to the bracket mode. Glad they put it in this one. Especially as a camera targeted to landscapers who either HDR or just bracket.

    • FX Fanboy

      Agreed, although I’d still love to see a “USER 1, 2, 3, 4” settings switch somewhere on future Pro bodies. I’ve been using the D7000 a bit lately and I love this feature for quickly switching settings without having to dive into menus.

  • Great work as always Admin! Appreciate it 🙂

  • richard

    I think the D700 prices are going to go up or stay the same. I was hoping that when this was released the prices of the D700 would drop. I don’t think many D700 users are going to want 2oMB raw files. The ISO performance is the same, the FPS is less. This camera is a different animal. Not an upgrade to the D700. This is a second body for D3X users

    • Orestor

      The D700 already drops 21 mb files.

    • jon

      D700 owners will sell to get used D3s’s from those who sell to get D4’s…

  • livefree

    Stop complaining.
    Watch it. If you want it. Buy it. Use it.

    If you don’t want it.
    Use D700 or D300s.

    Or being a Ca**n boy.


  • DimaL

    Isn’t that 70-200 f/4 on second picture??? It looks much smaller than 24-120. Any idea what that lens is?

    • It’s a 24-70/2.8.


    • Jack

      That’s the 24 to 70 f/2.8. (Maybe its the 24-70 VRII)

      • jorg

        sadly, there is no VR-switch on this lens….

        • nikonnut

          A VR version would be so sweet

  • jodjac

    Thanks Admin-
    Just to be clear, tonight’s the night? It happens this night at midnight? Cause I thought it was going to happen tomorrow night. Time zones are confusing to the untraveled.
    Please tell me it’s tonight! Please!

  • Richard

    This baby will not support the WT-5. There is no port for it 🙁

    • Shasta_D

      The SD card slot will support the eye-fi card and it is only $99 for the pro version.
      No need to get the WT-5.

  • D900


  • Stupidnikon

    STUPID NIKON!!!!!!!!!!! Going to canon all the way! 36 mp are we joking??

    • bitch 02


      Also the “700s” isn’t happening get over it.

  • Hey Admin, any idea about the memory slot situation on this bad boy?

    I’m wondering if it’ll be the same part from the D300s…

    • jodjac

      compact flash and SD.

  • Eugenio

    I’m a fashion photographer and this is a dream come true with that massive megapixel count!

    • miguelpablo

      Yes Eugenio, this camera is for you and all portraitists.

  • My order is in! My camera shop, which is the only Nikon agent here, has promised me one from the first shipment. this thing just makes so much sense. I have used a d7000 and my lenses can easily handle its resolution, so having res that over the whole frame seems logical. Why to people think they need new gear? I do alot of wildlife photography the DX crop will be perfect and landscapes will get that fine detail which I would love. Low light, and fps lovers have always got a d4 . The d700 d3 range always confused me. for the most part, why have a d3s when a d700 is almost as good. this range seem more logical and gives us far more options than we have had before. Good move Nikon!!

    • Ken

      hard to make promises when they don’t have a stock yet……but anyway did you get AA or non-AA and why?

    • miguelpablo

      You have a D3s for it’s responsiveness and build quality. Pick one up and shoot with it. You won’t want to pick up your D700 again. The anti aliasing option at 36 mp will make the Hasselblad crowd cry over the thousands they’ve spent. This will be one *&^&in sharp image maker!

  • Doug

    Yep 6fps in dx mode its ok.

  • Doug


  • Suresh

    Stupid question does this have the same sensor like D4? Is the ISO performance difference from the sensor?

    Will the d800 have the same image quality as d4 say at iso 100 ?

    • NewSonySensor

      What is this question? Of course not same sensor. New Sony sensor.

  • Camaman

    What is this HDR mode and D-lighting mode?
    The camera is to slow in FPS for in camera multiple exposure HDR… Only software comes to mind.
    New adition to D lighting perhaps?

  • Doug

    Quote from the press release:
    ” Photographers can also take advantage of the lenses in FX format lenses for more options and increased focal range (1.5X), while still maintaining the clarity and detail in high resolution of 15.3 megapixels (4800×3200).”
    is it just me or there is something wrong with this paragraph????

    • GregS

      I saw that too. Something was omitted. It’s talking about the ability to shoot in DX mode at 15.3 megapixels and 1.5 magnification factor compared to FX mode.

  • +1

  • Footlong

    People just don’t understand, Nikon screwed up with the D700 so much that D3 sales were a dismal. They aren’t going to make an FX that offers that much in little money.

    Good job Nikon!

    • I’ll bet you a cyber-beer that we see another FX camera within 14 months, and there’s a 90% chance it will have the D4 sensor and it will be VERY affordable. The D800 is great, but it CLEARLY doesn’t replace the D700 with it’s limited FPS and ISO capability. The D4 is great, but $6,000 is just way out of reach of hobbyist low-light action photographers.

      I agree that Nikon may have killed D3 sales with the D700. But that’s why they waited a whole YEAR, and practically everybody and their grandma had already bought a D3. Unless you have hard statistics that show how the D700’s volume of sales wasn’t enough to make up for the loss in D3 sales, I’m going to continue believing that the D700 was a GREAT thing for Nikon, and that they’ve got another such idea up their sleeves…


  • bobby

    Can someone help me out please:
    a. when you use dx crop mode with this camera does that mean you get more reach from your lenses too?

    b. Am I reading this press release right in that it looks like the same autofocus as the d4?

    • rhlpetrus

      a) it just crops the DX centre part of sensor;
      b) yes

  • kristoffer

    200,000 cycles, isn’t that a bit low?

  • PCC

    yeah! as expected, a smaller body! nice 🙂

  • Doug

    Pop up flash and HDR mode, well anyone here that knows something about anything that is photographic related know exactly what this means?


    Thay delete the thread in the Brazilian site…hahaha

    They said mistake…in 2.5 hours they will write it again…hahaha…

  • John

    I have a D700 and I want the D800. Not selling my D700 either. I also have a D300 and haven’t sold that.

    When and how much….I’ll take it.

  • marco polo

    some review:

    iso 2 stops better than d700
    overall picture quality higher than hasselblad H4D-40

    no bad at all!!

  • rhlpetrus

    Tera mas rango dinamico que la D700.

  • Arthur

    For all the people who complain: I will happily sell my D700 for 80% of the price of the D800!

    36MP and other enhancements are awesome for portraits/shoots/weddings! And I’d love to have video.

    • marco polo

      exactly… we can make out portraits as professionals. and all the landscape photography will start to be all new.

    • EnPassant

      Good luck finding a buyer. The price of used D700’s have been falling in anticipation of the D800 and now start hitting the €1000 mark.

  • Ray

    I wonder where all those “omfg it’s fake i can tell by the pixels!!! the D800 will not look like that at all and will have completely different specs you are SO WRONG NR!!!” people are?

    Would be nice to see them choking on their own misguided tears.

  • rhlpetrus

    He hasn’t seen or used the camera, so his comments about high ISO are useless. A careful comparison with D7000’s files x D3s’indicate that an FF sensor with same pixel IQ will produce better ISO than D700’s at same printing sizes.

  • KL

    Thanks for the link!

  • Doug

    and here is my latest trolling.
    Quote from press release note

    “Every aspect of the sensor of this model was designed to ensure clear images in low light, so it has enhanced features like OLPF converter and a 14 bit A / D to minimize the noise around the picture.”

    what does it mean admins., im puzzled with this.

  • KL


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