Nikon V1 + FT1 adapter + Celestron Reflex 2000mm f/10 = 5400mm

I cannot get enough of those crazy Nikon 1 lens combinations. This setup was sent by Peter Korp and includes Nikon V1 + FT-1 adapter + Nikon T adapter + Celestron reflex 2000mm f/10 which makes this a 5400mm weapon (FX equivalent). Both objects were approximately a mile away. Electronic shutter, self timer at 10 seconds and focus magnification were used to take those two samples - the first one was captured at ISO 100, the second at ISO 800 (click on image for full res version):

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  • Brock Kentwell

    Holy Mole. Please don’t aim that at my apartment window.

    • venancio

      …shock and awe, and then delight, if it were on a D800 instead of V1 capability only (yet)… and aimed at a different gender, err landscape, of course…

    • THAT IS EPIC !

      • Everlast

        That’s epic … … optics!

    • jorvan

      Holy Mole, did he find his wife in that building?

    • guiri

      Why? What are you doing that you don’t want us to see?

      Hey, not bad quality for 5000mm

    • nothing what P&S with glued AF-S G 50mm cannot do.
      try that with moving subject.hhahahaa

    The Paparazzi are back in town !!!!

    • AM

      Yeah, I just imagine one of them lugging around all that gear chasing LiLo. LOL.

  • Art

    That is amazingly clear given the distance. I’d expect a moderate amount of atmospheric interference at that distance. On the other hand, it may have been taken at night to reduce mirage.

    • DaveC

      True. I have that telescope and have attached my d300 to it. There was tons of distortion from all of the air it had to look through although this was in the summer, so I was mainly seeing heat coming off of things. In the winter it’s probably a lot better.

      • Art

        I used to do competitive rifle shooting at 1,000 yards. The rule of thumb was to buy the best optics you could get (typically NightForce — the optics were made by Hoya incidentally) and then not get over 20 power. Anything above 20 power would make the target bigger but all you would see was mirage.

      • that’s actually why the VLT’s have adaptive optics 😉

    • arT

      You think” it may have been taken in the night?” What a guess..

      • janjan

        I think he meant that the shot was taken – on purpose – at night to reduce mirage…

  • El_Pickerel

    Pretty sure the main reason I would ever get a Nikon 1 is to do goofy stuff like this.

    • T.I.M

      @El Pickerel
      I bet I could easily see Palin’s little Russia with this thing….

      • Sue


      • Carl

        we can even see Obama’s birth certificate with this!

    • Hg

      Pretty sure the main reason I would GET a Nikon 1 is to do goofy stuff like this

  • whats next?? i bet palin could easily see russia with this thing

    • lk


    • Nic

      Palin knows where Russia is?

      • ShaoLynx

        Uhm,… Nah.

        • Not Surprised

          Palin: “Why are all the signs in French?”

          • Does she even know what Russia is? Maybe she thinks its vegetation or a type of tree. Never seen someone as ignorant attempt to run for president.

            • arT

              You spent time analyzing her? You could be in the same league.

            • szara

              Idiots have nothing useful to say so they pick on a patriot like Palin!! Get a life you MORONS, the discussion WAS about lenses, not your hatred of a woman who could wip you at target shooting and fishing and running a state!!

            • “… Never seen someone as ignorant attempt to run for president.”

              She ran for vice-president.

              Pot, meet kettle.

            • Steven Georges

              “target shooting and fishing and running a state!!”

              You mean running from a state.
              {sorry, I couldn’t resist that one}

              Okay, back to the topic. Anyone out there ever use the Sigma 500mm zoom f2,8 with the 2x?

      • D!

        Juss tell her Its a lil bit up north Alaska,she will scream when she figures out that they are the closest,right at the battle front,if there is an Attack from russian crazy post soviet!!!!!!

        • Art

          Some people can’t let things go……

        • arT

          Here is someone still living in 2008…

      • Marat

        Greetings from Russia, Moscow. 🙂

        Is Palin going to become a president in 2012? Or does this jokes on her last from 2008? =)
        Sorry for my poor english.

        on the subject: it’s amasing.

    • Art

      The thing is, I had a friend who used to live in Alaska and yes, on a clear day he could see Russia. (He lived in Dutch Harbor.)

      • gobsmacker

        At the nearest point, Alaska and Russia are only 2.5 miles (4 km) apart, which makes it easy to see one country from the other. You just have to stand on one or the other of the two Diomede islands and look across the International Date Line. NONE of you folks seem to know that, so it’s double POT MEET KETTLE.

    • Funduro


  • T.I.M

    So, did Neil Armstong pooped on the moon ?

  • fixit

    I can see Charlize Theron’s mole from here!

  • Ray

    That is utterly ridiculous, I love it.

  • Seshan

    put a tc 2.0 on it.

    • Matt XVI


      • T.I.M

        TC2 III !
        much better ! (I just bought one)

  • I’d like to see how good would the picture quality with once of those 3800mm reflex plus the 2x teleconverter

  • Josh

    Lucky he used a V1. A full size SLR would be quite bulky.

    • Nice comment!!

      PS While I’m here: I detest that ugly graffiti. I hate being reminded of all the mindlessness in society.

      • Graph

        Yeh, they should only have the good stuff mindless sprayed on walls.

  • Nathan

    That’s crazy cool. Love it! Thanks to the person who did this.

  • Nice guy

    Total win!

  • Steve

    Um… why photograph really dull crap ?

  • Darklight

    But what time took it to find that particular spot…

  • THIS is the combo that will capture the first D800 photos. 😀


  • Landscape Photo

    Wow !

  • chlamchowder

    It looks difficult to handhold

    • Steven Georges

      Just turn turn on the VR! 😉

  • Dan

    Other than a general wow factor, the thing that amazes me is how little evidence there is of any camera movement with this set-up. This seems to be a ringing endorsement of electronic shutters for this kind of photography. (According to the metadata, the ISO 100 exposure was 0.5 seconds and the ISO 800 exposure was 0.8 seconds.)

  • Eric

    Shoot the moon, dammit!!!!
    I realize it could be hard to focus/aim/avoid motion blur.
    Still, it would be pretty awesome!

  • Bahrd

    Those ‘extreme spotting’ guys who take pictures of the planes flying at 13000 feet will be in their seventh heaven!

  • Might as well not measure these in millimeters. How about 5.4 meter equivalent? The only thing is, the actual image is not enlarged by using a smaller sensor. All you get is a crop to a high resolution area. I doubt the resolution of the telescope is up to that of the sensor.

    • Jake

      The telescopes are designed to be used for astrophotography and such, and since there is very little actual glass in there (the primary optics are mirrors), they should have no problem resolving on even the Nikon 1’s sensor

  • Moe Jacknally

    such a great zoom – still no sign of the d800

    • Not zoom

      Not “zoom”, it’s a telephoto prime.

  • slovtux

    Celestron reflex ???? WTF !! Celestron made a telescope (schmidt-cassegrain optical configuration for this one) not a reflex. And there is nothing new to put a camera behind a telescope.

    • Donotfeedorannoy

      Catadioptric telescope = mirror lens = reflex lens. Reflex is shorthand for reflection. It does not just mean SLR.Celestron certainly does make reflex lenses.

  • FM2Fan

    pure madness – small cam and huge optics – some astronomic subjects please!

  • Jake

    We must now find someone who owns one of these:
    and give them a Nikon 1 so that they can take pictures at an 11 METER equivalent focal length.

  • Imagine doing macro photography with this thing. you’d probably need a thousand mm of extension tubes. lol

  • peter Korp

    Glad you guys like it ! I am having bad weather here at the moment
    so no new pictures of 5400 mm equivalent but stay tuned to
    Dp review Nikon series 1 threads there are some real pics coming from
    airplanes at this focal including liftoffs….and landings.. (detail) and
    moon etc……
    The magic behind the series 1 is that it has such great resolution and with electronic shutter
    no vibration !

    • Earl

      Gee… Did Nikon paid for your comment?

      • BartyL

        Gee…did haemorrhoids cause your attitude?

        • Pwnd

          LOL epic troll killer.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Gee… did Canon paid for your English lessons?

  • Earl

    What the hell is this guy doing? Spying on his ex mother-in-law?! Get a life!

    • Trying

      You’re trying too hard.

    • Hendog

      Wow… What’s with the attitude?? Awesome setup though, it does demonstrate the merits of electronic shutter particularly. I’d like to see an electronic shutter option for DSLRs for the same reasons, plus for totally silent shutter release.

  • BlackWolf

    Anyone fancy buying this 914mm (around 12000mm on Nikon V1) f/4 large format lens and putting infront of a Nikon V1?


  • MarkH

    These combinations suggest lots of great advert ideas for Nikon.

    Scene set – installation of huge telescope in some public place. Loads of on-lookers. Scientists abound. Final polish given to the glass.

    Then up walks a little guy from the crowd, and takes out, from his shirt pocket, a Nikon V1, pops it on to the telescope, and bob’s your uncle – a great shot of the moon or Venus.

    The bigger the contrast between lens and camera, or camera and location, the better. There is lots of potential for humour here.


  • Not enough, it needs an additional teleconverter.

  • nice picture of the Ringturm/Vieanna/Austria. In case this is a recently taken picture, the air was very clear during the last days here in Vienna.
    … very impressive.

  • broxibear

    Nikon D4 webinar on Wednesday, January 25, 2012, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT presented by Uzair Kharawala and Mark Higgins of Nikon UK, ask any particular question you may have…
    Details here

  • spy black

    Is it just me, or does that ISO 100 image look like total crap? What is that ratty mottled texture splattered across the image? I can excuse the high ISO pic, but the 100 ISO image quality is totally inexcusable.

  • Jabs

    Nice shots that show us the benefits of an electronic shutter.

    The future beckons indeed – go Nikon!

    Anyone for a 600mm F4 instead of the 400 F2.8 – just wait – lol

  • Best Photographer in

    It had just rained, so the atmosphere was nice and clear for these photos. Otherwise, wouldn’t have been as clear with that distance.

  • Ravikant

    this is truly Wooow!

    I have seen that Telescope!
    In f/10, getting such clear image at such slow shutter is pretty hard work…!

  • lorenzino

    I see dead people

  • Landscape Photo

    The updated version of that telescope with auto-tracking system for $2399:

  • Steven Georges

    Okay, now put this on one of the Keck telescopes in Hawaii.

  • kaze kaze

    Try aiming at the sun, and youtube when the flares start shooting out from the LCD side; then next up is aim at the moon and take a picture of ET picking his nose.

    someone find him a 650-1300 MF, to proove water on the mars.

  • Nikonisten

    Impressive to see, but I don’t think it’s “approximately a mile away”. That would be 1.608 meters. If the picture is taken from the place where the Celestron is placed (looks like the area at the bridge “Salztorbrücke”) and the objects is part of the building for the “Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG” at Schottenring 30, it’s about 500 meters. About a third of a mile. Please correct me if I’m wrong!
    But it is impressive anyway!
    Would like to see a picture taken in daylight.

  • Really, what are you supposed to do with this thing?

  • cafi

    D800 is going to have 16.3 mp, 99% viewfinder iso to 25.000

  • Alan

    Pretty cool! But there’s no substitute for shooting a someone within arms-length reach! Lol

  • 103david

    Oh, come on! A mile? 500 yards? Hardly. More like 150 to 200 yards at most.
    1000 yard/meter rifle shooters of any stripe should know better, and anyone familier with optics and angles of view should know you couldn’t get a forground-backround perspective much less the depth of field to keep two objects, one at 6 feet and the other at 5,280 feet even recognizable much less reasonably in focus.

    • Seb

      Well, i come across that place nearly every day, and i can tell you its pretty far away. So it was pretty accurate what he suggested ..

  • EvanK

    I have the same scope (Celestron C8), and often use a similar combo for astrophotos. This isn’t really anything new.

  • derWalter

    how many from vienna following this blog anyhow? 😀

  • cndlpwr

    I wonder what the minimum focusing distance is?

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