Weekly Nikon news flash #131

  • Latest iamnikon video:

Nikon 1 product tour:

Nikon 1 lens tour:

Nikon D5100 commercial shot with a D5100 camera:

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  • Canon User

    …thanks Peter…still waiting for more D800 rumors 🙂

    • The invisible man

      @Canon user
      Don’t worry, as expected the D800 will make all the EOS look like toys.

  • Artur

    Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 G

    Any rumors ?

    • Wasn’t their some rumor about that months ago? That sure would be nice, as long as they don’t skimp on the quality and get beat by third-party lenses again…

      • Artur

        The rumor was 18 months ago. The point is that, the patent was filed on July 2008. So, It is more than 3 years ago.

    • shadow

      IMO it will remain as a rumor: look at old f/1.2 Ai-s lenses’ rear element – it’s already cut to pass aperture coupling. And now you’ll need to cut another side to put contact group in there, thus making lens of about f/1.4. -OR- switch to all-electronic communication, just like PC-E Nikkors do, making lens unusable on anything older than D300 and all film cameras.

      • It’s a myth. Look at current f/1.8 and f/1.4 lenses. They have elements much smaller than older models with equivalent apertures. Amount of light, coming through the lens remains the same. Current technology can provide f/1.2 and even f/1.0. The question is do you have enough money to pay for that? I sure, if Nikon had to have f/1.0 lens (they had it, actually! Repro 85 mm f/1.0 ), it definitely could release it. But what about performance? Canon EF 50 mm f/1.0 was not a tool for real photographer, it just had to define the line-up: ‘Look! We can produce rockets!’.


        • PHB


          The Canon f/1.0 lens was crap. Every review said that it had to be stopped down to f/1.2 to perform remotely well and the depth of field was too shallow for the camera autofocus capability.

          Nikon does not throw stuff over the wall just to have something in the catalog. They did all of that thirty plus years ago. If there is a 50 mm f/1.2 from Nikon it will be superb because they wouldn’t release one that was not.

          The thing with the rear element of the Noctilux was unique to the design of that lens. There is no particular need for the last element in the lens to be so far back, that was just a design choice made when the coupling setback was not a constraint.

  • James

    I don’t know why dxomark bothers with point and shoots and ILCs. They all take the same shitty pictures, we don’t need lab tests to show us that

    • I for one don’t carry my 20+ pound backpack of camera gear around all the time. Not to mention the bulk and weight, it’s more valuable than I want to take to every place. So I welcome tests to show me what the best options are that would make a suitable carry-round camera.

      • Rick

        A dslr with a kit lens is way better than a p&s, but go ahead waste your money and take photography halfheartedly.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Oh give me a break. There are some amazing pros who only shoot compacts. It ain’t the camera, dude.

          The sad thing here is Nikon came out with a cam that can’t do anything better than their main competitor’s older model.

        • My D300S died on my 1st day of vacation in Aruba due to condensation. All I had then was my my wife’s Panasonic TZ5. It was not the best camera but it took decent pictures. The images were not anyhing that I could sell our use in competition but great for family travel memories. Now I’m interested in shooting raw and having manual control in a P&S. Soooo, the assessment is useful information. Besides, Trey Radclift and Tony Sweet also shoot with iPhones.

        • arizonaSteve

          I bought my wife a Canon G12 for Christmas last year. It is no slouch. It fits in my pocket, and we take it a lot of places. My D700 isn’t quite so discrete.
          Plus from a technical standpoint, if I wanted to use it for a modeling shoot where the lighting was controlled by the photographer, I really don’t think you would see much difference between images from a G12 and a D700.
          In fact, now that I think about it Fstoppers has some video where they do a fashion shoot with an iPhone. The images looked great when the lighting was controlled.

    • kongqueror
    • andi

      On such comments I always wonder – who is ‘we’ ?

  • the visible man

    135 f2 dc replacement….

    • SoftOnDemand

      I don’t believe the 135mm needs a replacement. What’s wrong with it?? Does it really need ED, N! And VRII? The dC function is awesome!

      • DarkNikon

        Agreed. Mine is perfect! I wonder if those who says needs replacement ever really used it for their work!!

        • SoftOnDemand

          Yeah the bokeh is AMAING. I think ppl will understand how great the 135mm is after it is discontinued…

        • Or used one period. Mine is awesome, even if they replaced it I would not waste my money when there is nothing wrong with the current model

          • Nikon fangirl

            For marketing purposes the new 135mm will be N LOL.

        • Anonymus Maximus

          Nikon builds more than 4 million SLR a year.
          Less than 18000 135 DC have been built.

          Users are clearly a minority.
          We should have a DC club!

          • I’ve got it’s baby brother, the 105DC it’s a cracking lens that i often miss use it as a fast “short” telephoto for sports

    • Nikon fangirl


    • the visible man

      Hey, you guys have nailed it! I in fact have never used one, or seen it for that matter. But, with all the new technology coming, Id like to get the most bang for my buck. So, if anything, Id like faster AF, as Ive read, and key word being ‘read’, that its slower than the 85 1.4d… thats not the fastest lens, when it comes to any other the new af-s versions, like the 24-70 and 70-200.

      • Mate, I wish I could shake your hand. Honesty and openess on an internet forum, RARE!

        btw I would say it is on par with my 85 1.4D for focus speed, and for the purpose they are used for, I for one have never thought, ‘boy, I wish this thing would focus faster’. I am very grateful for the afs on the 70-200 though as I use it for other things, heck, I’d love it if that one was instant or even focus before I even thought of what I wanted to focus on.
        I am hoping for a 50/1.2 release and don’t care if it’s best at 1.4 cause the 1.4 really needs to be shot at f2.
        Not sure if i’d buy either of the 300/f4 and 80-400 but there are a lot of people screaming for those.

        • SoftOnDemand

          80-400mm would be lovely….!

      • SoftOnDemand

        You should try the 135mm in the nikon showroom.

  • WoutK89

    Peter, are you keeping the 800 mm patent for the patent recap?

  • Mo

    at 360p high ISO pics look amazing I agree


  • The invisible man

    Better get a good life insurance if you plan working for Nikon.

    So, no pictures of my new baby yet ?
    I have a feeling that the LCD screen will be HD shape.

    • SoftonDemand


      • Tonny

        If it is really 300KY, it means more profit for Nikon. They don’t have to reduce price because of making it in Thailand or China.

    • Jabs

      @The invisible man.

      Yeah, probably 16:9 or wider rear screen and thus why I stated that this will probably be a wide and squat camera from that.
      Cinematic resolution has even gotten wider, so watch out – lol

  • Tonny

    D800 is going to be Affected as there are firm info that it is made in thailand where there is a disastrous flooding in industrial zone where nikon locates. What a year for nikon.

    • SoftonDemand

      Wow, D800 made in Thailand for ¥300,000 yen? Serious?

      • The invisible man

        The D800 is made in Japan, you can tell by the RADIOACTIVE sticker on the box.

  • Jabs

    A Little off topic.

    Many seem to forget that Steve Jobs also had an immense impact on the Film Industry via Pixar which he and a few started.


    WOW – talk about revolutionizing lots of areas!

  • Jabs


    More sad news – oh well, Nature at work but sorry to hear.

    I wonder if Nikon was really building the D800 in Thailand or in Malaysia?

    These Enterprise Zones spread all over the world have really attracted lots of Companies seeking Duty-Free Manufacturing bases.

    Maybe they need to move to Brazil and then Volcanoes would get them or something else.

    Globalization is a BEAR, for sure.

    If one thing does not get ya, another thing might.

    Remember we also have flooding and bad weather in China and India too, plus maybe Pakistan.

    Tough year in weather all over Earth!

  • Tonny

    it is at knee level now. All industrial estate stop working. God bless them.

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