Weekly Nikon news flash #122

  • Two Nikon D3 prototype cameras I have not seen before (from digitalcamera.jp, thanks broxibear):


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  • b

    always good reading…

    • Levi

      Man, I am refreshing my rss feed like 50 times a day waiting for D800 specs. I can’t wait.

      • Me too ….

        • Download Rockmelt and add it to your browser so you never miss another rumor 🙂

          before that i was just refreshing the site every two minutes! lol


        • Anonymous


      • RR

        I am buying a tent and I am setting camp on the sidewalk outside of B&H, forget RSS , get your credit card ready! And gentleman… Start your engines! Broooom broooooooom!!

      • PHB

        I can’t wait to see what you lot are going to be whining about next.

        I don’t expect a D800 this year, though an interim refresh of the D700 seems likely to me. So you have maybe another 9 months of grousage there.

        Once the D4/D400 are out the specs for the D800 will be pretty obvious. The B800 will almost certainly have the same resolution as the D400. If the D400 is 18MP then expect the D800 to be the same, if the D400 is 24MP it is pretty unlikely that the D800 will be less.

        So pretty much all the whiners will have to grouse about are:

        80-400 AFS VR
        300 AFX f/4 VR
        135mm f/2 AFS
        10.5 AFS, 16 AFS (fisheye)
        50mm f/1.2 AFS

        That is pretty much it. There will still be some AF lenses left in the range but those are all the older models that I would not expect to be updated anyway (the f/2.8 primes for example).

        The only lens I really want out of that set is the 80-400.

        Of course the EVIL range is going to be totally underserved so there will be plenty of scope to grouse there.

        • Levi

          Just FYI, I don’t know about everyone else that posted on this part, but I’m not whining about anything. I’m just expressing my pure excitement for what Nikon is going to do next.

          I’m extremely happy with the D700 I shoot with now, and if Nikon doesn’t come out with the D800 soon, I won’t be complaining. I understand it would make sense for them not to, for the sake of the D4. I’m just excited to know what’s next!

        • Jabs


          and 105 F2.0 or 1.8 DC-AFS FX and NOT a ‘G’, but probably will be
          24 F2.0 or 2.8 AFS FX
          35-70 F2.8 AFS FX
          400mm F4.0 ED-IF AF VR2

  • Bartek

    “Nikon D5100 silicone skin”, eh? Then why does the picture show a Canon EOS 400D? 😛

    • I guess they did not have any nikon pics.

  • EvanK

    Haha, I like how they had pictures of the 400D’s silicone case, the D5000’s silicone case but no pictures for the D5100.

  • Good to see that ugly prototype and love Nikon more than ever because they didn’t use it in real D3. 😛

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin, only 2 weeks left to the announcement and I was wondering whether you heard anything? I mean so far we know nothing which makes me worried a bit.

    • trust me, if I hear something I will post it online

      • AnoNemo

        I trust you NR Admin, I just wanted to point out that at this time around things are completely different.

        • No, maybe everything is normal and we will just see the new Nikon mirrorless and Coolpix cameras since those were the only real leaks so far.

  • The invisible man

    Hi Peter,
    I’m at Orlando testing the new D900+SB950 do you want we have lunch together ?

  • broxibear

    Here’s a close up of another Nikon dslr I came across. This is a more recent mock up, after the D3s I think, although I don’t know which show or event it was http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_TcD66xYqWD0/TI3N3ZeacOI/AAAAAAAAE_o/9PwsQsIrtyw/s1600/DSCN0338.jpg

  • Oopps

    And they promised the lens hood would block out any stray light ……….

  • Capture nxFAIL

    LOL, who in their right mind would put themselves through the pain of using capture nx? Brand new macbook pro and the thing crashed on my second file. DEAR NIKON, KILL CAPTURE NX2. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

    • Jabs

      GET a real Workstation video card, as Capture NX flies with OpenGL – try enabling that and see the huge difference, as it RENDERS its’ effects.

      -or- get a Mac PRO desktop and put a Nvidia or AMD-ATI workstation card in it and dump that crappy consumer video card as they don’t do OPEN GL well, often and that is the real problem – the built-in Intel video ‘mess’ even on the newest sandy Bridge processors.

      Workstation cards:
      Nvidia – Quadro series
      AMD-ATI – FirePro series

      I use it on Win7 64bit PRO on a laptop (lol) and it works fine but better on a desktop. I have not used it on a 32 bit system, so don’t know!
      I just need more MEMORY on that laptop and plan on installing at least 8 gigs soon.

  • ladies and gentlemen get ready to break your piggybanks and be ready to say charge it

    • The invisible man

      piggybank ?
      When you use Nikon, you need an elephantbank !

      • Canon User

        Well he said “piggybanks”, maybe he meant hundreds of piggybanks 🙂

  • Vinicios

    Admin, have you seen this one’s book? search on google for the below…

    ISBN: 2100541021

  • Jabs

    Nice prototypes – they remind me of an F5

    All in the Nikon ‘DNA’ it seems

  • Jabs

    These prototypes remind me of the difference between an F3T ‘Chrome’ and an F3T ‘Black’ and are really nice but I prefer the all black version they released. Maybe Nikon was thinking about a Special Edition or one of its’ Anniversary specials.

    Look here.


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