The best photo geek commercial of the year (updated)

I couldn't resist sharing this video (some Nikon equipment is involved):

Update: here is the behind the scene video:

Thanks Greg!

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  • Jabs

    Yeah – utter nonsense but cool – Edumacated jethroism at best – lol

    • Hmmm… “Jethroism”, huh? Not in *any* of the 75+ online dictionaries I use, including Urban Dictionary. Now I’m curious. I get edumacated, but jethroism, please?

      And… *very* cool, from my perspective – especially the Canon lens that gets hammered :-).

      • Mock Kenwell

        Jethroism is a reference to the uber-hillbilly named Jethro on tho old 60’s sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies. So Jabs is indicating that this guy is some sort of backwater moron with too much time on his hands. How you cannot give this guy kudos for an amazing one-take Rube Goldberg is beyond me. Impressive and fun.

      • Jabs

        Yes, Jethroism is from Jethro Bodine of The Beverly Hillbillies television sitcom in America or someone suddenly rich (nouveau riche’) and clueless (as in ambitious but incapable due to lack of exposure or education while lovable and naive) – lol.

        Seriously, I found it entertaining but odd as in sophomoric but quite nice. Looks like the ultimate College prank and thus plain mindless fun. Sort of what I would expect Beavis and Butthead (old show on MTV) to do or maybe someone like the late Ryan Dunn of Jackass infamy – to do.

        How to do something with the most elaborate and impractical plus laughable set up!

      • Jabs

        Here is an example

        Plus, I actually like Jethro myself (and NO,I am not like Jethro – lol) as he is perpetually upbeat and clueless but lovable – see what you get when you ask and don’t make assumptions.

        Jethroism to me = something outrageous that Jethro would do – like when he became a ‘movie star’ and rode the motorcycle through Jed’s house in imitation of Marlon Brando from Easy Rider or him always wanting to be a brain surgeon with his sixth grade education while older than anyone else in the sixth grade = classic humor.

  • The invisible man.

    I watched that video with gravity.

    • The invisible man.

      nobody ?
      never mind ๐Ÿ™

      • preston

        sorry – I tried (I really did!). But no, I don’t get it at all ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Dede

        You didn’t wait very long…but I’ll help Preston. Without gravity….the video would not have been possible.

        • The invisible man.

          Ec=1/2 mV2

    • Mock Kenwell

      Sadly, the no response from me was because it wasn’t funny, IM. You’ve done much better!

      • The invisible man.

        you are right, in English it does not make much sens (sometimes you can’t just translate word for word) seriousness is the right translation of french “gravity”

  • Mike

    Someone has way too much time on their hands…. to watch this video. :-). Must have taken a loong time to set that up. It’s like they were trying to advertise something.

    • The invisible man.

      You’re right some people have too much time in their hands, reading, commenting NR !

  • How many Gorilla Pods does one studio need?

  • Mandrake

    Definitely the longest lasting Rube Goldberg machine I’ve ever seen.

  • Out of all the “lenses” lined up at the beginning the Canon looking one gets booted! At around 16 secs. Totally AWESOME!!! haha

    • The invisible man.

      I think that was a coffee mug.

      • I’m sure it was, which is why I put quotes around lenses. I don’t think anyone would destroy a Canon Red Ring like that.

    • R R

      hit that Canon lens off the table! hahahaha

    • Apooo

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s right CANON! Go big or go home!!!!

  • Marc

    love what happens to the canon lens at around 0:15 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nathan

    First, this guy has a LOT of equipment, especially 64GB cards, unless Sandisk loaned it to him. Second, I was expecting the Bugs Bunny music to come on that they used to play when people would go up scaffolds and not fall because a girder and such would come and save them.

  • Nathan

    Oh, and third, this photographer has a LOT of time on his hands!

  • Camaman

    Amazing! A lot of time and idle photo equipment went into this one!
    That must be one idle, recession stricken studio! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Or one with every piece of equipment in at least double redundancy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Russell

    Did anybody mention that someone has way too much time on their hands?

  • Artur Kozล‚owski

    genius! to make all that work, genius!

  • FX DX

    0:16 is the best part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shasta_D

    If you watch the whole thing, you’ll see a list of sponsors at the end, which would explain the large number of CF cards, Joby, and Pelican. So I don’t think this was all extra equipment idle around a studio. Not to mention the embedded advertisements probably funding this effort.

    Though it was fun to watch.

  • PR

    he would have spend his life in getting everything synced. Amazing! But something really missing the final punch ๐Ÿ™‚

  • FM-2 fan

    credits should go to Fischli Weiss, who did something similar long time ago – “Der Lauf der Dinge” –

  • Olaf Deneberger

    Check out the 1987 arthaus-movie “der Lauf der Dinge”… that’s mayby their inspiration. But this is a cool movie anyway.

  • whmitty

    Bravo! An all around fun filled ingenious waste of time.

  • Bart

    So… don’t you think this/these guys have way to much time laying around doing nothing?

  • how long did it take to test it and set it up i wish i had all this time on my hands

  • Vic

    I guess business is not booming

  • Skeptic

    if they just had spent the same amount of time marketing their studio….. :-/

    • Vshs

      Umm they did obviously. Plus it was all sponsored.

  • Great!

    Wish they could send me one of those hundreds of joby used on the video hehe

  • Funduro

    Thumbs up.

  • Bob

    For the people saying he has too much time on his hands… Do you really think so? This is how advertising works people!!! This video will go viral!

    • ZoetMB

      Yes, the video will go viral. It will get billions of hits. It will show up on TV news. But it doesn’t matter because none of the people who watch it (or virtually none) will be potential customers. And that leads to another question: what were they selling? Were they selling photo services, an auction site or what? And since we don’t know that, from an advertising perspective, it failed.

      Now having said that, what they did was incredible, especially since it was recorded without edits. I can’t even imagine how long it took them to build and rehearse all that. But as wonderful as it was, the triviality of it all also disturbs me, because more and more in our society, we seem to be completely obsessed with trivia and completely ignoring the big issues. I think it would have been easier to cure cancer. But now having said all that, I will definitely be forwarding this to other people.

  • Who else feel the pain when the softboxes fell?

  • Canon User

    Good job! You are lucky you have the luxury of time for this project ๐Ÿ™‚


    This is brilliant!!….don’t confuse having too much time on you’re hands to create,with having too much time on you’re hands to post “too much time on you’re hands” comments to a blog that we all spend too much time on ;>)

  • p1n0yg33k

    This video is heavily ad sponsored and not even close to the dominoes in China. I cannot confirm the accuracy of how some the sequence triggered but some makes you think how that thing happened. Don’t get me wrong the video is okay that just about it and if you like it good for you.

  • Jack Mchdo

    Holy f sht this is EPIC!!!!

    I will share to all my friends

  • Steve

    I hate to be a pedant but “couldn’t resist not” ? A double negative ? So you could resist but decided to do it anyway ? Eh ?

    Sorry, but I couldn’t resist sharing that with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You hate to be a pedant but ‘couldnโ€™t resist being one’? And add spaces before the question marks? So you hate it and simultaneously like or love self-hatred enough to decide to be pedantic anyway? Eh? Huh?

      Sorry, but I couldnโ€™t resist sharing that with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Steve

        Thank you ! It’s good to know I’m not the most pedantic person here.

        • You’re the only pedantic pedantic person here :-).

          • Steve

            Oh, well that’s disappointing as I always thought of myself as chidishly, irritatingly, slightly abstruse pedantic hairsplitting nitpicker,…… but just a regular double vanilla ? Now you’ve really hurt my feelings !

            • Sorry, not even double *sigh*, though regular seems apropos…

  • Bring It On Nikon

    Hahahah Love it. The Canon lens that was canned, love it more.

  • Trevor

    Ha ha, I just saw this and was going to NR to email admin. Already up, of course!

  • Daniel

    Loved it! Thank you for sharing.

  • Loved it.

    Yep, it probably took ages to work out and set up, and yep, ultimately it’s just a bit of fun – but since when wasn’t photography about creativity and inventiveness?

  • AnoNemo

    I guess the photo business does not make enough profit… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stuart bryce

    I loved it and it just goes to show you can’t have too much gear

  • Peter

    Wow. So much gear.

    I have been thinking of buying that Lowebro watersealed backpack featured in 1:52 (the yellow one). Some lights and umbrellas would be nice too. Lots of stuff in this clip I want…not forgetting a beautiful model to practise with ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • broxibear

    Notice for users of the COOLPIX L23
    “the Nikon COOLPIX L23 digital camera may generate excessive heat, causing the top cover to become deformed. While there is no danger of fire, we would ask users of the affected cameras to remove the batteries or disconnect the AC adapter. ”

  • broxibear

    Nikon opens second Malaysian retail store…
    “Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd continues to offer hands-on experience for photography enthusiasts with the launch of its second retail store in the country at Suria KLCC, following its first at Alamanda Putrajaya shopping centre in October.
    Nikon Malaysia expects over 40 per cent growth in revenue this year with our two Nikon Shops, the Nikon Centre in Berjaya Times Square, KL, and the opening of a Nikon showroom in Kota Kinabalu next week,”

  • Watched once and is hooked! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • The invisible man.

    Here is the BIG question:

    At 1:20, is there someone hiding in the “portrait box” to push the numbers (5 to 1) ?

    I would call that cheating…..


    • I doubt he would shortcut this one small step after all the effort in making this. I think (from the sound) they are pushed out by electric solenoids triggered by an electronic circuit board that could also trigger the flash in the booth.

    • Cool!

      • The invisible man.

        well I was hoping to see more about the blonde girl’s behind (the scenes).

  • It’s not a waste of time when they just got thousands and thousands of people to watch and share which is plastering their name all over the internet.


  • JorPet

    Google search “Honda the Cog” if you want to see an amazing commercial. It’s a couple years old and was done at a professional studio, but it is a truly amazing piece of work.

    • Jabs

      Cool – thanks
      Ever seen the Lamborghini Gallardo commercial with two identical cars, one black and the other white – they (the cars) simulate a duel like bullfighters and its’ shot in what looks like film and then delivered in HD – amazing.
      I think this is it –

  • Jabs

    Seems like this has gone viral since posted here at NR, as now YouTube has a blurb or advert at the start in Red – watched it full screen at 720p and it was even more awesome! Is that a Canon printer in there amongst the Nikon D3X bodies? Hmmm!

  • PavementPilot

    The Canon lens hit with the hammer, is that a real lens or one of those cup lens?

  • Sebastian

    Surely its a cup. Who buys a canon lens?

    • The invisible man.

      Canons are used in the war against Nikon, but that’s nothing compared to the sharpness of our bayonets and how fast we can focus on the enemy !

  • sirin

    the video lacks a good punch at the end… like a ceiling collapsing or something like that… )

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