The best photo geek commercial of the year (updated)

I couldn't resist sharing this video (some Nikon equipment is involved):

Update: here is the behind the scene video:

Thanks Greg!

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  • Dominic

    Great video, wonderful made, very nice. Maybe you know that the idee of this kind of maschines is from the Artduo Fischli and Weiss: Der Lauf der Dinge made in 1987

  • Lars Öhlén

    Great fun!

  • Rob

    To all the people mentioning Der Lauf der Dinge, look up Rube Goldberg. He was around a looooooooong time before that was made.

  • AnoNemo

    and no news from Nikon ….

  • avi

    dear god! all this time he could have been taking pictures.
    how knows, maybe it’s for the best he didn’t?

    • avi


  • Chris Malin

    Hilarious! Awesome… It’s not about having too much time – it is just creativity and soo much fun to watch. I like the part where the Canon lens is kicked out, hahahaha!

  • IanZ28


    I think you broke the site code with the last update. I can’t see past the headline to the second article and it hangs with a loading icon.

    says “read”

    • Are you stil having this problem? I cannot reproduce it on my end.

      • IanZ28

        Yes, I’m still having the problem – but I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.

        I’m think it has to do with the advertising content. It isn’t wanting to load.

        I am using firefox 5.0

        I pulled up the site with no issues using IE so the problem is on my end and I think I have identified the issue. It’s more than likely a firefox addon called “adblock plus” that I believe is interfering with the website loading properly. It was never an issue previously.

        Sorry for raising alarms on your end.

    • broxibear

      I’ve had this happen a few times, refreshing a couple of times usually works…the other thing I’ve noticed is after posting a post doesn’t show up until after refreshing.
      I’m using Firefox 5.0

  • aetas

    This was pretty neat. I brought my wife into the office to check it out and she thought it was amazing also. Plus commented on all the gear used.

  • Kevin

    nice one.

    omg’ed when the hammer hit the lens

  • Mark

    Some mums believe their children have too much time on their hands. But in this case, it was well spent. Great humour and great effort. Thanks, Admin, for the laugh. Cheers.

  • Mark

    The credits in the ‘behind the scenes’ video suggest Nikon did not help – in the hand-written list of sponsers at the end was this: “Nikon ??? 🙁 “

  • joe schmoe

    i like how at 0:18 it hits the canon lens. (sure, it’s one of those replica mugs, but still funny.)

  • roy

    This is like a Micheal Bay film… Lot of action but that’s all…

  • Tony

    ……after this all the equipments will be auctioned as new?? 🙂

    • Tony, those are two different “stories”.

  • Stan

    Man, we need news. What this neccesary?

  • Love it!

  • Chen


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