German store sent invites to see new products on September 15th, 2011

This is the invitation a big German camera store has sent out about a product demonstration on September 15th, 2011. The translation goes something like  "..know everything about the current products... we clean your equipment, while you  inform yourself about the newest products".

In the past this store has sent out similar invitations when new products were launched from Canon, Hasselblad and others.

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  • texajoe

    Here it comes!

  • Exiting!

  • C_QQ_C

    They have those invites every month….
    Her is the one for last weekend with exactly the same text…

    • Oi you don’t spoil the moment!!

      • C_QQ_C

        I’m sorry Jackie, but ok, i’ll make it up to you..
        >> Wow , this must be an extraordinary event , get your sensor cleaned and at the same time you can drool over Nikons newest stuff !! YEAH n! 🙂

    • Paul

      busted, good work

  • Maybe I should leave Faroe Islands for a while, og visit Germany

  • There’s nothing special about this announcement at all. This is just standard text used every time a reseller does a check and clean. They’re a shop. They offer you a free service, and want to sell something in return. And of course they want to sell you there newest products. They are announcing an event 2 months away. It’s a fair guess that something might have been released by then, but I don’t think this invite says anything special.

  • Dieses ist groß! Jede Ankündigung ist uns immer auf die reale Sache. Hoffentlich werden wir bald realen Kameraspezifikationen und dann die Ankündigungen erhalten werden!

    This is good. Every announcement is getting us closer to the real thing. Hopefully we will be getting real camera specifications soon, and then the announcements!

  • C_QQ_C
  • es sorgen mir das ich wohne im die vereinigten staten

    • C_QQ_C

      Aber das machrt nichs, jeder hat seiner eigene probleme und eigenartigkeiten, das macht uns menschlich.. 🙂

      • The invisible man.

        Please speak english or go on Leica rumors.
        Danke !

  • Aaron

    It’s also funny that the photo features lots of old equipment! (look at the flash, the film viewfinders/lack of red triangle, AF-D lenses at the front right (85 1.4, too), etc)

  • Kingyo

    Vingers Krossten!!! 😀

  • broxibear

    Well, Thom Hogan’s pretty sure there will be a D400 in August in the article he just posted.
    Not long to wait now I guess ?

  • The invisible man.

    OK, here is the truth;

    September 15th is my birthday and my ex-girlfriend (who live in Germany) asked me to be in that store on September 15th to receive my present, the Nikkor AF-s 200mm f/2 VRII

    See, no secrets here (I was hoping for a BMW, but it could have make my wife a little jealous).

    Anyway, all Nikon Rumors readers are welcome, I heard the beer is already in the fridge !


    • Mock Kenwell

      IM, your posts are always a bizarre trip! Love it.

    • enesunkie

      Wasn’t your birthday May 25th when rumors were flying around about a D800?:)

      • The invisible man.

        True, but that day I was invisible so they deceided to make me an other birthday on September 15th.

  • Morg

    New camera to be announced in August with the camera hitting the shelves in September.Time to retire the old D200!

    • enesunkie

      D7000’s haven’t hit the shelves (for longer than a few days) at most of the Best Buys near me! 🙁

  • @ admin – your headline is wrong. The invitation refers to the lastest (= recent) products of the Nikon line, which does not nessessarily mean, that there will be shown new products (which don’t exist today).

    • Just A Thought

      “(which don’t exist today)”

      Go to Shanghai this coming weekend for a two week vacation and with a bit of luck see for yourself.

      • Wait, Shanghai? Why? I’m there now 😀

        • Just A Thought

          Anything happening there, oh say starting this weekend? Watching a photog could be rewarding, so the rumor goes.

          • Hmm.. cryptic response. Well, nothing happening here out of the ordinary. I’ll keep my eye out for photogs and Nikon-related parades

            • Just A Thought

              “Well, nothing happening here out of the ordinary.”

              Depends on where “here” is.

              Ever visit the center by the river?

          • can’t reply that deep for some reason. You mean the Pearl Tower/Mall area?

            • Just A Thought

              Anything going on at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center (next to Expo Park), oh say starting this weekend and running till end of July??

          • Oh right right – Nikon’s supporting some aquatic sports competition of some kind. I probably won’t go unless they’re swimming in D800s 🙂

          • Actually on second thought – it sounds like Nikon is heading up some really cool stuff and I guess it’s the grand opening of this place. I’ll check it out and post some pics. Nikon says they’re offering free sensor cleaning and loaner equipment for the professional photogs – which I doubt they’ll extend to me, but maybe they’ll let me hang around.

            • Just A Thought

              “maybe they’ll let me hang around.”

              Stand outside where NPS will be located – close but far enough away that they will not see you from the NPS counter.

              Prior to going, buy a LowePro ID strap. Sorry not sure of model or name – it hangs around your neck and holds your media pass. Also visit an office supply place and get some pin on badges.

              Create a Media Pass Card for yourself to place inside the LowePro strap. That way security will see the strap and less likely to ask what you are doing.
              Create an ID badge which might say oh something like NPS Newsletter. Add a large yellow triangle in the corner of both the badge and media pass. Do not violate any trademarks by using one without permission. NPS Newsletter could stand for Newbie Photographing Swimmers Newsletter.

              As the official photogs approach the NPS rooms, you approach them. Stick out your hand to shake hands and introduce yourself as being with the NPS Newsletter. Tell them that you would like their thoughts on the New Camera body. You could also ask how they like using the D3S replacement but that could limit you incase more than one model toy arrived there. The rumor is that new lenses could also be there – 300mm and longer. Ask them to show you what feature they liked best. Don’t worry if they did not get to play with the new toy – yet. Per rumor one guy will have and it may get passed around. When the photog finally get his turn with the toy he will rush to you to discuss it – photogs like seeing their names in print – bring a notepad to look good and look serious when taking notes especially the spelling of the photog’s name…

              This way you get a nice closeup. They likely won’t think about any NDA because you are from the NPS Newsletter.

              Make sure that before you go there, that you change the no name neoprene camera strap and put on the mint condition bright Yellow Nikon one. If you don’t have a Nikon brand camera, go buy a Nikon logo strap. Leave the camera in camera bag, but let the Nikon strap hang on the outside. No one will ask to see your camera anyhow, unless you ask NPS for a free check and clean of your Canon (my sad attempt at humor).

              The official photogs will be adorned with Nikon logo stuff. Take some pics. Since the event lasts a few weeks, you will have time to create/clone your own version of the stuff that the official photogs have. That way, on your return visits they will think that you are really an official of the NPS Newsletter and one of them.

              They might even let you into the room behind the NPS counter for a show and tell session…Never say never. Just have to have the testicular fortitude to give it a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

              Send pics to the sysop running this site – could end up as a “Guest Post”…May the GODs shower you with Good Luck on your quest for enlightment….

          • Wow! Now that’s a detailed response! Well Just a Thought, I will do my best to get in there and shoot around with the NPS folk. I’ll be honored to be among them 🙂

            You have a lot of info on this.. Is it because you’re NPS or will you be there in Shanghai?

            • JUst A Thought

              It’s a very BIG deal for everyone concerned especially the gentlemen from Japan. Olympics level stature event and lots of “firsts” associated with it. Have fun…

          • Will do! Just gotta get in first…

          • Well, I went to today’s event. Hung out with the NPS crew at the diving competition and no one knew anything of a Nikon announcement or any prototypes floating around. Visited the reps at the Nikon booth and they were just as interested in finding info on the D800/D4 as I am. Nikon put a lot of effort into their booth on site – lots of cameras and there were quite a few booth models showing them, but it was all just the same ol stuff we know of. It’s a week long event, so it’s entirely possible that people from Nikon hq will come by later for some fun stuff, but I didn’t see any evidence of it. Sorry dude.

  • STOP torturing me! I want my new D4 or my new D800 – NOW!
    Please please, my D300 is falling in pieces and I don’t know how long I can still wait!
    Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

  • Rob

    PLUS you do get a coffee – or Latte. So I should pop by (since I’m living in Germany) and enjoy a hot beverage.

  • nichts

    nothing to see here. move along. move along.

  • Delie

    Also saw thom hogans prediction. Currently own a d300, would be very happy to replace it with a brand new d400 if that’s what’s coming in august 🙂

    Had fancied a d800, but all the recent rumors seem to be pointing to 2012 for that one. Still, I guess the d400 will be a good stepping stone in the mean time 🙂

    • My D300S could use an upgrade while I wait for a D800 or I can justr shoot like crazy and upgrade my technique. I can even upgrade from Lightroom to Photoshop even 🙂

  • Rob

    It would be nice if the admin would update his “rumors” once they’ve been proven false.

  • sh3t0r

    I hope they hand out free Lederhosen.

    • Michael

      I dont know what the value of a 40mm micro would be… taking photos of Petri dishes??

      Have to get too close, maybe its a typo and its actually 400mm micro??

  • R R

    ok now I am saving seriously for my D800/900 or in the expensive scenario a D4 … common Nikon BRING IT!

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

  • Segura
  • Segura
  • pete

    It does not say “current products” but “newest products”

    • dgs

      The correct translation of ‘neusten Produkte’ would be ‘latest products’, so that might be a D7000 or a D3s if you are a Pro. Sorry…

  • You never can tell, but September 15th seems a long ways off right now.

  • rsdl17

    how come you dont have any rumor about a AF-S Nikkor Micro 40mm 1:2.8 G?

  • d300

    Rumors is behind again, missed second prime. Maybe Nikon got better at hiding tha latest developments. Anyway, happy new micro 🙂

    • The 50mm 1.8 lens was actually leaked by Nikon in advance. As I said already, I think something changed the way Nikon distributes information since the earthquake in Japan. You can see also that other websites that I follow (mainly Asian forums) were also clueless about this lens announcement. This is not an excuse, I am also trying to figure out what’s going on.

      • He’s trying his best. He is the MOST Reliable source of rumors.

        If anyone can do better, send tips to him but not after the fact.

        • D3S Guy


      • R R

        Thank you Nikon Rumors, we appreciate your work and effort. Cheers!

        • Nikonian Brutha


  • R R

    wow new Nikon Lens 40mm micro, nice.. but… another DX thing?? bring the real stuff Nikon!

    I think is great that Nikon provides good gear for DX format users, certainly good, but its time Us Fullframe users get something new pleaseeeee.

    D800/900 or D4 …. P L E A S E !

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon!

  • Just a side – funny – note:
    Did you realize what they are going to offer you are all “Italian” things (Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso are all italian words, although declined in a different way as we use them, usually MUCH longer?)
    Sorry, just wanted to share a smile 🙂

  • ShadowDiver

    Well, I´m German and I get exactly these invitations from all bigger photostores where I bought gear in the past. Means, this is one of those events that nikon performs with all bigger stores in Germany periodically….
    What do they do there? Well – easy – you can drink somthing and let the guys clean up to 3 parts of your equipment while you play with the ‘recent’ Nikon products. These products ‘could be’ new, but that is not a must!!!
    So IMO this is not a rumour, it is just ‘usal business’…

    Sorry! I hope and wait for myself for the D800 (and maybe a new version of 24-70/28 with VR or smaller in size, a new ultra-wide like 16/2.6 and a new micro around 150mm with VR)
    Let´s hope for other, real rumours…

    Cheers, Chris

  • nichts

    i for one see the new 40mm micro to be a nice addition to the DX line. it’s nice to know that if i want a cheap (and sharp) DX set for vacations, i can get a D7000 + 35/1.8G + 40mm micro + 50/1.8G for less than the price of a used D700 body.

  • Bring It On Nikon

    Hmm another macro dx lens. Long live the Dx format at affordable price.
    Nikon should make more dx lenses.
    70-200 f/2.8 af-s dx priced at $1200
    24mm f/2.0 af-s dx priced at $799
    135mm f/2.8 af-s dx priced at $799
    85mm f/2.8 af-s dx priced at $599

    • C_QQ_C

      Weel, maybe you missed the point here …
      A 35mm 1.8 as a DX equivalent for a 50mm 1.8 on FX
      A 40mm Micro as a DX equivalent on th 60mm FX

      So the 70-200mm should get a 45-140 equivalent on DX
      the 24mm ==> 16mm on DX

      Etc. Etc.

  • arturo Sánchez

    Everybody, should have a look the posted picture please:

    Has anyone noticed about the two balls embed to the flash bodies? It seems like a built-in led continuous light for recording…

    And what about the folding hot shoe from the further flash mounted to a camera

    Hmm looks like we will have surprises…

  • MMPG

    Dear Nikonrumors fans,
    I don’t want to disappoint all those who are waiting for the release of new Nikon products in the following weeks and months, but I can assure you that there are mostly two times a year (around April and September) Nikon check and clean services at special photo dealers in the bigger cities in Germany. This is the case every year, so it has nothing to do with “real” new product announcements in 2011 (although it can be the case, no doubt about that).
    Best wishes from Germany

  • Ole

    Yes! The D800 will not only be announced that day, but will also be in stock immediately at the retail price of € 1999 !!!

  • German Guy

    The text reads as follows in English:

    Nikon product demonstration on 15th September 2011
    with check & clean
    Experience and ask everything about the current Nikon products!
    On 15th September 2011 from 12noon-5pm there will be trained Nikon consultants at XXXXXXX to answer your questions about Nikon and its latest products.
    While informing yourself about the latest products, we recommend you furthermore our offer of the free check & clean of your personal Nikon gear.
    Choose between espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or a common cup of coffe and enjoy the day full of information and service at XXXXXXX. For questions based around photography we will be available as usual at any time.

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