Weekly Nikon news flash #118

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  • D7000 User

    Nice case!

    • ArthurH

      If that lens case is said to be bombproof, why can they so easily cut it in half? 🙂

  • kaze kaze

    first in? saw more cylinder looking things at their website, shapes too funny for practicle use. IMOO anyway.

  • Andreas

    Is that AF-S 24-85 G an existing lens? I know there’s a non-G one t hat focal range, but not this one. anyone?

    • ZinhaEq

      24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 is a fullframed gelded (G) AF-S lens, that was produced during 2002 and 2006 period.

    • BornOptimist

      That lens was a kit lens with the D100.

    • First AFS lens I owned. Not bad on film. A little soft wide open. Small, quiet, and not bad though. Nikon has better though.

  • The invisible man.

    At first I was very excited about the Nikon lens mugs, but then I was thinking;

    That may not be the best idea, my kids will get use to see the lens mug on the table, and then, the day I put THE REAL lens on that table, guess what happen…..

    • Mike

      I have the 24-70 thermos and I still cover it up when I leave my car for fear that someone breaks into my car thinking they are about to steal a lens, when in actuality it’s a $35 thermos mug.

      • Jabs

        @Mike – LOL!
        Art imitates life and fools a thief.

      • The invisible man.

        Just write CANON on your coffee mug and you’ll be OK

        • Paul

          Haha, well done.

  • Mo

    Nikon pillows are sold out. I can only deduce from this that Nikon fans tend to sleep more than Canon fans, and now better 😛

  • Jabs

    About the Nikon -vs- Canon thing – from my perspective.
    I started photography ‘professionally’ in the 80’s and then had to now decide what body to buy. Since I was not committed to any system whatsoever, I decided to look around, read magazines (Modern Photography, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photography) and then ask people whom I know. At the time both of my brothers were aspiring photographers and they used different brands (one Canon, Leica and the other Nikon) and they chimed in with their perspectives as to what I should get. I shoot Industrial equipment with multiple bodies/film types then and I need to shoot very fast as time is money to me while they were not focused on Business but more artiste bent. I researched and concluded that technically, Nikon was what I wanted due to the immense flexibility of their system then and to me superior performance. One brother shot with Canon F1’s with smaller prime lenses, various Leica’s and Minolta CL bodies and the other with Nikon FM2 and exotic primes like 35 F1.4, 85 F1.4, 105 F1.8, 135 F2 and 180 F2.8. I thus tried all or most of their gear before deciding the merits of either systems and settled on several F3’s with MD4 and MN2 Nicads. They asked me why and I also asked them why as to their decision.
    Brother 1 – said that Canon reminded him of Leica, as they focused the same direction giving him consistency of use from body to body, meaning the focus ring turned the same direction to manually focus on both systems.
    Brother 2 – said that Nikon focused ‘logically’ to him and that Nikon had superior optics and better bodies than any other brand plus he had the Magazine covers/shots to prove his point.
    I chose Nikon because of their systematic approach in their Pro bodies, their extensive lens filter systems, focusing screens and camera body heads as I shoot mainly stainless steel equipment in weird locations and not about to waste all my time with light meters or elaborate setups when I only have a few minutes to photograph a lot of things – shoot quickly and disappear (as in go do something else) was and still is my motto. Right now, I see the same divides as in Leica focusing on artsy issues, high contrast for black and white while Canon focusing on specs or perceived specs while delivering great gear BUT their latest gear suffers from Red channel flaws and bad sensor response (as in they optimize for a narrow area of performance and not the whole spectrum of colors/performance) while I see Nikon obsessed with exceptional/total performance only in the Pro ranks while not as concerned with specs nor marketing as Canon/Leica are and have always been. Since my background is Engineering, then specs AND tangible performance has always been important to me and thus Nikon fills my needs better than any other brand though I prefer to make up my own mind as I am able to decipher specs myself. I don’t need some Internet ‘guru’ to think for me nor ‘hoodwink or brainwash’ me into a decision as it is my life, my time and my money – so I choose to the best of my human ability and then live with the consequences or buy something else.

    • tldr; nobody cares dude.

      • Jabs

        @Harold Ellis.
        If you fail to learn from the past, then you are bound to make the SAME mistakes over and over again.
        Hence you are WHAT?

      • photo-jack

        @Harold Ellis
        at least Jabs had something to say when he shared his choices and experiences. He did some research and comparison. When I see some youngsters in my surroundings making their choice according to the best price per MP and maybe which DSLR has the lighter body weight, and spread in every blog they can get hold of, that they have the best camera of the world, I rather go through the lengthy report of Jabs.

        • Jabs

          There are a lot of inexperienced or even experienced ‘know-it-alls’ all over the Internet and not making any money from their equipment.
          I give you an example,
          I usually have a two pronged approach to equipment that people often laugh at until they see the results. I usually have lightweight cheaper equipment to take into dusty or dirty environments (photo and video gear) or when you go into high crime areas alone. I usually have the expensive gear when I have someone to watch my back or at a more secure location OR if the results warrant the need for it. I use P/S and full frame as that two prong approach and people still laugh at it.
          1. Nikon L22 for p/s as the needs are for pdf presentations where much is resized/resampled to 800X600 or less and I already know how to properly convert/resize/resample/color correct things from years of use going back to Paintshop Pro, Photoshop and now FastStone Image Viewer 4.6 or IrfanView or such for quick work in non-critical situations due to the low end file needs.
          2. For high end work, I use Linux (Ubuntu Studio 64bit and Artist-X mainly) as I find them to be quicker and better than others that I have tried. I have most of the Operating systems around and use them all daily but I choose specific things for each job. Win 7 Pro or Ultimate 64bit is great but Win2003 Server Workstation version is even quicker as it does not have the ‘consumer crap’ in it. Win XP is also quicker on some things than Win 7 and I never went to Vista, as I consider it a bow wow, but I use all the above Operating System except of course Vista.
          3. For high end photography, I like a D3s plus a D3X but I don’t have them yet, so probably will get them later this year or wait until next year for a D4/D4X combo if they are released. I now have a need for both of those as they are less expensive to me than renting or using other photo and video gear combos. The problem is not letting people see you with them and then mug you or rob you and thus, I don’t tell people what I currently use. Gear has to be needed for a purpose to me, or I am just feeding my ego or worse. I like full frame as I came from 35mm film and not about to try and adjust now. I looked at the D3100 before it was released and was impressed but DX is not for me, as I do a lot of interior shots in cramped dark areas where a D3s would do much better.
          4. My needs are my needs and I also like the FF perspective as I shoot short video clips too. Flexibility in the equipment is paramount to me and thus perspective control lenses and primes are usually my choices. Right now, I can use Nikon’s ViewNX and such to do much, but there is a greater upcoming need to go higher end, so updating my computers and eventually more printers to do that.
          BTW – I use Canon printers as they do the job for me, especially when printing out things like Microsoft Visio files (wiring diagrams, floor plans) and now might need an HP plotter or at least a new 13×19 Canon printer, as I don’t or hardly print out photographs above 4×6 – lol. Every thing is about speed and suitability for a particular job and not about some apparent worship of gear, as I already have lots of that. Situations change and thus gear requirements also change as I don’t subscribe to the all things to all people philosophy and thus I don’t expect any gear to do every job perfectly. Different tools for different jobs is what I see!

          • Meh


          • If you put a line break between your paragraphs it might be a little easier on the eyes.

            • Jabs

              @Lewis – OK will do, but thought that would make it longer

        • Actually Jabs has nothing to say and nothing to show. Claims to be an engineer, but fails to grasp physics. Claims to be a photographer, but has no images to show.


          Wake me when he has some images to show…

    • D700guy

      So you bought Nikon cuz you like to shoot and run quickly? Are you shooting sn situations that skirt about legalities and present opportunities for conflict or something?

      • Jabs

        Not really – I am in a field where you are usually given a few minutes by busy executives/owners to shoot, as they are busy people and time is money to them and me. For personal shots, I then slow down but hate slow cameras.

  • Jabs

    The smugness of youth -vs- been there done THAT.
    Many people fail to realize that photography began somewhere and the past problems are now continuing even though some of them have already been solved. People often don’t like to be told that, so I often leave people alone as one day, they will perhaps finally get it.
    When you learn the why and the what as to why a certain thing now occurs or has evolved to, then you probably have become a better photographer and even Business person. Too many are stuck in their ‘isolated caverns’ thinking that all things are not relative and somehow new does not often bring about newer problems, decisions or even choices. You read it all over the Internet wherein people forget that there is a vast divide between Pro photographers working for themselves and those who work for others PLUS amateurs, semi-pros, enthusiasts or even rich people WITH or without common sense.
    People keep asking for the same thing over and over and WHEN they get it, they still continue to complain. What does that tell you?
    It goes like this – Nikon does not make anything (DSLR’s) over 12 megapixels or with HD video and thus they are ‘idiots’ – now Nikon introduces three DX bodies over 12 megapixels AND with 1080 video and they still are complaining!
    Dude, get over yourself and fix the problem – it is YOU!
    Go learn to photograph or take video with ANY gear and then make some money as a Pro or play with your shiny new toy and make Equipment Dealers rich – nothing wrong with that, but remember some people actually USE equipment and not put it on some pedestal as a toy or care about discussions about alleged differences that make something now obsolete and another better.
    THE job = suitability for its’ intended purpose to me and then what is YOUR purpose in life with Photography and this gear?
    Different strokes for different folks – no matter HOW weird or pointless it is to me or you personally. The world is filled with people of different aspirations and/or goals/needs and Manufacturer’s try their best to cater to that.
    Be thankful.

    • The invisible man.

      You should write a book (or an encyclopedia)

      • Jabs

        @The invisible man.
        And get rid of your invisibility cloak?
        Naw! – different points of view are what I have and don’t care what others think. Works for me too – lol

      • or lookup wikipedia what “a woman” means.
        then he will not have so much useless time writing on internet about rubish

        • Canon User

          Check spelling, your comment is rubbish!

          • Jabs

            Maybe he is trying to tell me or someone else to – get a life, maybe get a woman or maybe long conversations are effeminate or like a woman – don’t know and don’t care.

      • Mock Kenwell

        I would just love it if NR would adopt a character limit to posts.

        • Jabs

          Then it would dumb down to place to fit many here – lol

        • …or leave less room for dumb comments. The only thing worse than stupid comments is inordinately long stupid comments.

          Hey “Jabs”, got a portfolio online?

  • broxibear

    You know when you’ve thought of a great way to get a shot, but if you’d thought about it a bit longer you’d realise it’s actually totally crazy? Kai (Digitalrev) watches as photographer Graham Uden tries to photograph a bmx rider, using a D3s, a 14-24mm f2.8G, a SB900 with softbox while chasing the formentioned bmx rider on another bike, AND going down a bmx dirt track ???
    You know it’s going to go pear shaped lol http://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalRevCom#p/u/0/7By7FFfL_XI

  • Super


  • As for the Nikon v. Canon thing: just buy both and quit kibitzing about it.

    Why don’t we know more about what Nikon plans to do next (ala D4), since they should be in use by now at sporting events… shouldn’t they?

  • BTW, the 500mm f/5 would be a bear to focus without the reflex housing. Seems pretty pointless, unless the reflex (Visoflex) were available.

  • Jabs
    • So it is safe to say that in 20 or so years that technology will have found its way into consumer cameras. I wouldn’t be surprised if gigapixel MF backs appeared in a couple of years, followed by DSLRS soon after.

      • Jabs

        I don’t know, as I seldom like to guess about the future. Advances for sure but what, I don’t know. Interesting concept though extremely expensive.

  • Steve

    Has anyone shot a “I am…. frustrated” video ? The milc is a prefect example – when is Nikon gonna get their mirrorless cam to market ? It was rumored to be in March. I know the earthquake must have slowed things down, and the poor people have my deepest sympathy, but I’d guess it was gonna be produced in Thailand anyway. I see Pentax expect to get their Q to market in ate August….Canon are saying probably next year….but no word from Nikon at all ? 2013 ?

    • I AM

      You are frustrated so do it yourself.

      I AM NOT!, lol!

  • broxibear
  • Hansel Adams

    This question has nothing to do with this article or comment section:

    Why are photographers such an uptight/rude bunch? I have several “hobbies” where I interact with other amateurs and professionals on internet forums and in the field, and the incidence of negative types seems to be much higher in photography. Take a look at photo.net, nikongear, nikonians, fredmiranda and whatever other forum and there is so much berating and d*ck sizing, it is incredible. Is it just because there are so many of us that the odds of assholism are increased? Or is it that the artistic nature of photography makes it much more susecptible to eccentric (i.e. rude) personality types? Discuss.

    • Jabs

      Photography has evolved to people obsessed with specs, gear and quality images have fallen by the side. We live in a ‘Mac generation’ of wanting instant gratification, so patience and forethought went out the door – thus little civility or understanding of other’s points of view. Texting and cell phone use has also made people ruder and cruder like when they hide behind aliases on the Internet, they often feel that they can be rude or crude and it has no consequences.

      • I would argue that our cyber society has come a long way since the internet first became popular. I feel like there is a lot less anonymity on the internet today and where it still exists people don’t take advantage of it as much. I think most people understand that many blogs and forums have a community of followers and if you do anything to corrupt that community then you are also hurting yourself as a member of said community.

      • Hi “Jabs”, my name is Micah. I have a website with real pictures and real contact info. Who’s hiding? If there’s anyone who’s rude and hides behind the electronic courage of the internet, it’s you. Point that finger back atchaself.

        If you’re a photographer, lets see some pics.

        Otherwise all your ranting is academic (and weakly so at that!)

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