Weekly Nikon news flash #109

This has been a slow week, which is typical after an official announcement. Here are few links and videos worth mentioning:

  • Samyang 35mm f/1.4 AS UMC lens now available for sale (Nikon mount).
  • PMA/CliQ show now moved to January, 2012.
  • New "Welcome to our world" website from Nikon is now online.
  • Painted Nikon D7000 cameras.
  • DIY: how to replace the bulb/tube on the Nikon SB-600 flash unit. See also this link.
  • This photograph was taken with the help of 1000 hand-held flashes + Nikon D3x + 14mm lens.
  • Behind the scenes at Nikon UK's temporary service depot for the royal wedding
  • "According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, some 60% of Japan’s major manufacturers victimized by the March 11 quake and tsunami have resumed operation by April 25, and some 30% will restart operation by July. And some 70% of the manufacturers surveyed have found other suppliers for components and materials but only 40% said they can secure enough amount by July. Thus the recovery to normal operation of the supply chain will be delayed until this autumn." (source: PEN Weekly News)
  • Nikon D300s bent pin replacement time-lapse video:

  • Nikon is a sponsor of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) & World Swimming Championship. Here are two videos recently uploaded by Nikon Corp:

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  • kaze kaze

    yay, first for once ^^

    some amazing stuff, but on the nikon lens simulation site, according to the “simulation” DX lens match to FX body will have no vignetting? (I’m pretty sure it’s a no-brainer to have, and I’ve done a few test myself just for scientific purposes)

    • kaze kaze

      oh, my bad, there was a “blacken out” crop button which can’t be unclicked. sorry

  • I click this link – Samyang 35mm f/1.4 AS UMC lens now available for sale (Nikon mount).

    and get these resaults

    Not Found
    Apologies, but we were unable to find what you were looking for. Perhaps searching will help.

  • Well,it appears the simulation is wrong 😉

  • That picture with the 1000 flashes… sucks.

    • TommyDe

      Indeed it does, Mr. Molin. Indeed it does. 😛

      I have a feeling they haven’t achieved the desired effect and it turned out to look like a picture taken with a typical p&s with a really, really big bulid-in flash. But if taking the picture itself wasn’t the purpose of this event, but to actually gather so many people in one place and have fun for a couple of seconds, everthing in the name of photography, than they can consider it as a success. If not, and they ended up with a failure… Well, we learn more from failure than from success. Maybe next time it’ll be better.

      • Jason

        The Big Shot, wasnt just a couple of seconds, everyone was there for about 2-3 hours. And though it might not be as good as some of the ones in the past, i think everyone involved takes it as a success. even though it might not be an incredibly strong image there were still so many things we couldn’t control in the area. So saying that it sucks is just insulting to hear.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      The building is simply lit up too well. It looks like it is lit by the normal floodlights.
      distributing gels and having groups of 50 with no gel with FL and then with CTO would have made it clear that there is actually a different lighting involved.

      just my 2 c

    • I think they did a GREAT job with it. The actual shot doesn’t matter one bit but the free publicity that their approach created is admirable. See! we are talking about it on a photography website. I don’t think that this was done to create a compelling photo but to gain publicity.

  • bjrichus

    “Painted Nikon D7000 cameras.”


    Ah! That’s better.


  • The invisible man

    Mother day, father day, president day, what about a D800 day ?

  • The invisible man

    How can you bend a CF card pin (inside the camera) ?

    There is guides to slide the CF card perfectly inside the camera slot.

    The only way I could think is not carring about your CF cards and having dirt inside the card’s holes.

    Anyway I still prefere the CF cards vs SD cards.

    • +10

      I was just talking about this on a Facebook post with this video yesterday.

    • broxibear

      “Nikon cameras are protected against inserting CF cards the wrong way. Inserting a CF card back to front is prevented by guide rails in different widths. This protection mechanism however can be overcome using force. Also CF cards might accidentally be inserted into the memory card slot by being turned 90 degrees (with a narrow side first). ”
      Must happen a lot if Nikon’s got a dedicated article about it on their site ?

      • The invisible man

        Very interesting link, thanks !

      • Greg Ferris

        Just had someone at my Uni do this to a 7D. Expensive mistake…

      • Rob

        I’ve seen a couple of bent pins in my time. Cards get wear and tear so their sides can become less than true. The tolerances are very close and there are many pins with only a few microns of leeway. The last one a customer brought to me I straightened the pin by levering it with a small screwdriver (no I didn’t want to, but the customer insisted). The customer was on holiday and didn’t want to pay a huge repair bill. The customer swore she would never take the card out again and just use the USB cable from there on in. I’ve had a dislike for CF cards ever since, luckily I’m prosumer not a pro, so I have the choice.

        • Rob

          So I than watched the video on how to do it properly. Didn’t realize the D300s was a film camera? See where he/she pulls the roll of film out at 0.35 seconds? Bit of a joker aye.

          • I believe that’s solder

            • Rob


        • The invisible man

          What I don’t like about the SD card is that they are TOOOO SMALL.
          I spend more time looking for the card than taking pictures.

          • iamlucky13

            Perhaps a little bit too small, but if you keep them in their plastic case or in a card wallet, it shouldn’t be a problem.

            The microSD are the chips that are definitely too small. Even for the tiny MP3 players and phones they’re typically used in, microSD takes miniaturization a too far.

    • I’ve bent a pin on my D300s before. I took a scribe and bent it back. It either bends back or breaks. After looking at the video, I’m glad I was able to bend mine back.

    • ben

      I had my CF pin bent on D700. I unbent it myself, but it happens. I dont know how it happened, nor have I seen dirt in there. No I carefully put in any cf card, and try to fill whether it is going in smoothly. Before that, I would just, without thinking much, slide that thing in and thats it. Be warned bent pin can happen to you too.

  • anon99

    The royal wedding link is very good. Always like to see those benind the scenes stuff… and press corps in action……

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    Any rumours of a price increase announcement at Thursday’s 2011 financial results press conference ?

    • No, nothing. Even if Nikon increases prices, they will probably not make an official announcement – at least they did not have one with the last official price increase 2 years ago.

  • Manuel

    The new Nikon website: OMG!

    Of course I wouldn’t mind winning a tender for a site like this, but who is supposed to use it?

    • The least I expect from a website is that I am able to easlily (a) see what it contains (b) navigate it.

      This new Nikon site fails in both respects. But I’m not surprised – when I worked for Nikon, several more or less “un-usable” websites were launched.

      Pity that they waste money like this.

  • Steve
    • thanks Steve, I added this alo this link

  • Samyang 35mm f/1.4 may be “available” but try to find one. The glass is made in Japan. I bet it is one great lens for the money.

    • Look for it under other brand names….Vivatar, Rokinon, Bauer.

  • the big shot in rochester was so awesome!
    I was so happy to be on the roof running one of the D3’s

    if anyone ever has the opportunity to partake I strongly recommend it!

    it’ll be the coolest 20 minutes of your life!

  • The invisible man

    This is my first mother’s day without a mother, special thanks to people who made photography possible for everyone.

  • Visualiza

    That Spider-Man paint job is wicked. I’d pay to have that done…if it wouldn’t void the warranty, of course.

  • To bad the painted D7000 are painted in Photoshop….

  • PricePointer

    I have to agree… the Big Shot is not impressive at all. As mentioned, it looks like a simple point and shoot image with completely “normal” flood lighting. I was surprised to hear “we got it” after seeing the final and very very boring image. It took 1000 people to achieve THAT? What a waste of time. I would NOT call that a success at all. Might want to reshoot that whole thing with gels as someone else mentioned.

  • broxibear

    I know many of you know photographer Tim Hetherington died last month along with Chris Hondros in Libya. Tim Hetherington’s funeral is this Friday in London and his parents have said all Tim’s family, friends and colleagues, past and present, are welcome to attend.
    The funeral will take place at 11am on Friday, at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3AH.
    A reception will be held afterwards at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, W1.
    For full details visit http://www.timhetherington.org or call JH Kenyon Funeral Directors on 0207 937 0757.

  • broxibear

    I see Nikon are playing musical chairs with their Directors and Officers ahead of their annual results…

    • yes, I was trying to make some sense out of it and I couldn’t

  • I’m the author of the CF repair video. The camera was my GF’s and the pin was bent due to inserting a CF card in a hurry. Opposed to popular belief, it is nearly impossible to insert a CF card backwards to the point where the pins are damaged without excessive force. There is, however, a small amount of play in the D300s’s CF slot that allows for the card to be inserted at a very slightly diagonal angle if pressure is applied to the very edge of the card. There are more photos and info about the D300s repair at my blog post here.

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