Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens

Most of the Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G lens specs are already know. This f/1.8G lens will have a new design with one aspherical element (the old f/1.8D version did not have an aspherical element) and it will also come with a lens hood and a case (with the old version those were optional).

Here is a MTF chart comparison between the new f/1.8G and the old f/1.8D versions (see all 50mm MTF charts here):

I do not know the Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G price yet. No 0ther products will be announced with this lens.

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  • Stephen

    lens hood optional on the 1.8D? Mine came with it from Amazon… didn’t know it was an extra. No case, though.

    • SZRimaging

      I didn’t get one with mine last year.

    • Eric Pepin

      Its optional, perhaps amazon had a deal going. Canon is the worst though, none of there non pro lenses come with lens hoods and they want sooo much money for them.

  • Now let’s wait for the 85mm 1.8G AF-S

    • i’d love a VR versión of that.. but we’ll have to wait!!

      • Global

        Even an 85/2 VR could work well.

    • Worminator

      Just use a 50mm on APS-C, get essentially the same result.

  • Damn! No sigh of a FX replacement!!

    • Kelly Jones

      I’m pretty sure the new 50mm G is an FX lens, are you asking about something else?

      • Iris Chrome

        He probably meant a replacement to an FX camera…

        • D700guy

          It’s coming. So is the freezing of hell.
          They’re both scheduled.

      • a FX camera! 🙂

        • Global

          “Damn! No sigh of a FX replacement!!”

          But I hear you SIGH-ing quite a bit! 😀

    • D40-owner

      You mean MX? 😀

  • D40-owner

    Here’s a quick and dirty comparison of the 35G vs 50D vs 50G MTF charts.
    I extended the DX chart to match the others, just open the link you’ll see.

    From those charts, the new 50G is quite better than the old 50D wide open, and is on-par with the 35G DX in the DX frame.

    • If the 50/1.8G focusses like the 35/1.8, I’ll sell my 50/1.4G in a heartbeat for it.

  • E

    I’d love to be able to read/interpret the MTF Chart… can anyone point to a resource that shows you how to read them?

  • Vlad

    I can’t wait for that lens to hit the stores. I’ve been desperately waiting for it and not buying the old dreck 50mm D :))

  • Kaze kaze

    yah, worth the wait, AF-S manual overwrite, o-ring seal (electrical tape and HD plastic bag was the solution in the odd cases should the need arise) and ASPH, only thing is now i need to get some new 58mm filters, sigh may be i can borrow some from the C-camp since it’s been around for a while.

    Is this going to mean a new kit lens for the entry mass/es to accomodate the “default” change? Just a guess, doesn’t bother me thou, as I have been using only those of 52, 62 and 77 now.

    • SZRimaging

      I buy mine in 77mm and use step-up rings to adapt to them. Just a thought instead of buying all these different sets.

  • D40-owner

    To be honest, the hopefully cheap 50mm 1.8G is the lens I have been waiting for since I got my D40 4 years ago…
    If the bokeh is any good, it will be an excellent DX portrait lens.
    As in the 35 1.8G, it will most likely be significantly better at 1/3 stop slower than wide open, at F/2. And at F/2, it will be the equivalent in FX to a 75mm F/2.8.
    For a tight head shot, I find that more appealing than f/2, or f/1.4, as the DOF is too thin.

    • Ronan

      Get yourself a D5100 and a 50mm 1.8G.

      • pooparty

        why bother… just get a d700 and be done with it. guarantee you that youll quit eyeing any new camera comming out, and will be more than satisfied shooting. Sometimes i take mine out just to hold it… it feels thats damn good.

        • Ken Elliott


          After I tried the D7000, I realize how much better my old D700 is. So I bought a second one before they stop making it.

          • hj

            everytime I double up on anything I regret it. I would never do that with a camera.

        • +1

  • The invisible man

    D800/900 tonight with the f/1.8 50mm AF-S announcement ?
    If we all pray at the same time, I’m sure it will hapen.

    • Hive mind on LOIC targeted to all Nikon workers around the world. 😀

  • I am not in the market for one of these as I already have the f/1.4 G 50mm. None the less I see this as positive. More than an 85 f/1.8 I would love a 35mm f/2 that performs better wide open than the current AF-D model.

  • Trevor

    Admin, maybe you’ve addressed this, but what is your feeling about the timing of the website leak and this announcement?

    Do you think the web leak really was to generate hype for an announcement they were already planning (seems they could have just emailed you), or do you think they rushed this announcement after they accidentally let the cat out of the bag?

    This just seems hurried and unusual for Nikon. It makes me think this really wasn’t intended but is more damage control.

    • I think this was a mistake and Nikon was forced to release the lens earlier. It would make sense to announce this lens with the D700 replacement. Just my opinion, we will never know the truth.

      • Roger

        Nikon isnt forced to release anything earlier. They’re releasing the lens when they planned.

  • The invisible man

    The AF-s 50mm f/1.4 is “out of stock” at B&H and Adorama, what’s the point to release a f/1.8 that will probably be out of stock before it come out !

  • I know that this is a dream… but maybe this 50 would be the kit lens for a small factor FX frame that will be announced in the same time! It’s unbelievable that Nikon ignores this kind of market request… I want a portable FX with no bells and whistles to pair with a couple of primes and to take it for street & travel… Please Nikon!

    • John

      Yep, I’ve had these thoughts as well, though I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • All cameras should be sold with ‘standard’ lenses. Just my thoughts.


  • I wish that we see soon an 50mm or 85mm at F/1.2….

    • John

      I’ve got a 50/1.2AIS and I just don’t see how one gets CPU contacts and such in there with such a large rear element. Maybe Nikon can work some mechanical/optical miracles to pull this off, but I just don’t see it.

    • 50mm 1.2 AF-S version is pretty expected from nikon but the 85mm 1.2 don’t think this will happen.

    • Roger

      keep dreaming…

  • camaman

    Great! I will buy this one!
    Now I wait for the 85 f1.8G! Seeing how many crop users would buy an 85mm 1.8 for portraits since it is cheaper than f1.4 I would really like the new f1.8G version to have VR.
    it is cca. 130mm on a crop sensor so we could really use the VR benefits, much as the 105mm f2.8 has it, and many FX users get that lens.

    • Trevor

      (as a DX user) I agree. I will probably hold out hope for the 85 f/1.8 and not look at the 50 too longingly. 130mm is just much more useful to me.

      I hadn’t considered VR in an 85 f/1.8 until I saw the patent for it. With that aperture I won’t often need it, but I won’t turn it down!

  • The nikon Sweden store is almost out of everything

    the quake in Japan but be really starting to hurt supplies

    • broxibear

      Hi James Keogh,
      Just had a quick look at that link with google translate and you’re not joking, they hardly have any stock at all ?
      What about normal Swedish retailers do they have stock or are they also running out ?
      As I’ve been saying here for weeks, if you see it in stock and were considering buying it this year then get itnow…if you wait it might be next year before you see stock again ?

      • InfraRed

        This is hopefully going to be a lesson for Nikon (and others). Most hi-tech companies in the US have the obligation to manufacture their products in at least two different facilitied located in two different regions. HP is an excellent example of that (…and I don’t work for HP): most printers and PCs are produced in three or four different locations to avoid discontinuity. Same for Intel with manufacturing set up cost that are in order of magnitude higher.

        This self-centric and nationalistic behavior of old guard japanese companies is about to generate a real problem for the economy…
        c’mon: Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese and many other countries like South Africa, Russia, Lethonia, etc. can produce sophisticated equipment.

        I hope Nikon execs learn the lesson and replicate their manufacturing facilities (or contract manufacturing) in several regions in the future.
        My two cents (free consulting to Nikon exectutive team!)

  • The invisible man

    Ok, I entered all the datas in my thrusted ZX81 computer and here is the result:

    D700 shortage + new 50mm + spring sales + D7000’s 16MP = D800 tonight !!!!!


    • Slightly visible man

      Hmmm, interesting, my ZX80’s calculations say your result is 0.2 seconds premature.

      • The invisible man

        You have a Sinclair ZX80 ??????
        It worth $$$$$ now.

        Few years ago I was fixing broken ZX81 and selling them back on Ebay for good money, but your ZX80 is very rare !

        Make sure you’re wife don’t get rid of !

        • D40-owner

          I played Ikari Warriors on my 25 year old ZX Spektrum 48k last weekend with my brother. Oh yeah!….

  • The invisible man

    BTW, will it replace the AF-D version (as the f/1.4 did) ?

    • chuck

      The 1.4D is still available.

      • The invisible man

        Cool, where ?

  • photonut

    too bad! No VR!?

  • I’ll stick with my 50 1.8D

    • broxibear

      I’m with you there Joel C… the 50mm f1.8 AFD is a stunning lens.
      There are a lot of gullible people around who get sucked in by the marketing…

    • Sure, it’s a good lens, but this new 1.8G version should perform better. The 1.8D’s bokeh is terrible because of the non-rounded blades. I’m thinking of ditching my 1.8D for this new version or go with the 35 F1.8.

      • Roger

        Incorrect. Blades have nothing to do with it, bokeh is terrible because of the optics.

        • Maybe I should have been more clear. Any light source in the bokeh is terrible because of the non-rounded blades. At least on my copy the blades don’t come together in an even shape either.

  • ceedubya

    anybody got a good guess on the price on this?

    • broxibear

      £160…what’s your guess ceedubya ?

  • Admin, if this is an accidental announcement, then do you think there’ll be another announcement for lenses some time later, or will the announcement be focused on bodies later on? 🙂

    • I think the rest of the announcements will be concentrated on DSLRs. I was told not to expect any pro lenses this year (=made in Japan). I am curious to see where the new 50mm f/1.8G lens will be produced.

      • NiR

        China, where else?

  • Brandon T

    I hope this drives the price of the 50 1.8 D down, the prices are really inflated. What’s the predicted date for it to hit shelves?

  • MMM

    I have some feelings that it’s orphaned product in this announcement.

    Its mate vanished somewhere during the quake or tsunami. I hope it doesn’t ended burried somewhere under radioactive rubble…

  • Peter

    I must admit I don’t get it. There are two 50mm 1.4s on the nikonusa web site. Why on earth would I buy a 1.8 when they have proven there is a market for a faster lens. A 50mm 1.2, now that would be news. Could they really sell enough of this lens that it would be like the dreaded coolpix line and they can add that much to their bottom line?

    • broxibear

      Hi Peter,
      There’s only one thing to get…price.
      The 1.4 AFD is more than double the price of the f1.8, the AFS is three times as much…Nikon are slowly phasing out the AFD lenses.
      As I’ve said in another article the next generation bodies after the D800/D4 will probably not have af motors so won’t focus AFD lenses.

    • One More Thought

      One more point which Broxibear has made before: this lens probably is not made in Japan. The more expensive faster lenses would most likely be made at the facility in Japan that has been crippled due to the disaster there. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any new 1.4 pro lenses for a while.

    • Roger

      Then dont buy the 50/1.8, get the 50/1.4. I might just buy the new 50/1.8 if it’s good.

      And yes, they can sell plenty of these babies.

  • Peter

    Broxibear, you are everywhere!

    Sad if true the AF motors are going away. Glad I got my D300s when I did. Yes, I do see the price and I am sure they have some folks over in the land of the rising sun that figured out who can afford what. Truth is, even without the ability to buy them, I only drool over the super fast lenses anymore and just save, save, save, until I can get just one. Yes, I also understand that all those cool pix cameras are funding the D800, D900, D1K (oops not that again.) Still wish they’d throw us a bone so I don’t have to keep trawling ebay looking for older cooler Nikon stuff up for sale… Bet it will make some wicked shots though.

    • Roger

      In-body AF motors are going away, it’s amazing they still have them actually. Canon did it the right way, 25 years ago.

    • broxibear

      Hi Peter,
      Everyone’s got a budget to work with, I work as a photographer and there are plenty of pieces of equipment I’d like but can’t afford…it’s an internet forum myth that professional photographers have bags of cash and can afford the latest of everything as soon as it’s released.
      What really annoys me are the various photogrpahers’ websites who are sponsored by retailers, who then tell you that you must have this lens and this body or else you can’t possibly consider yourself a professional photographer… utter crap. Don’t be conned by these idiots…they’re promoting certain items because they’re being paid to do so.
      You mentioned the 85mm f1.8, that’s a great example…look at the side by side tests of that lens and the AFS f1.4G, image wise there’s very little difference between them, price wise it’s massive.
      You’ll get people talking about bokeh as if it’s the only reason to take images…again utter crap.
      I guarantee you if you looked at two fashion spreads in a magazine, one shot with the AFD f1.8 and the other AFS f1.4G you would not be able to tell the difference…you can look at all the MTF charts and corners of a 100% crop all you want, but if it doesn’t show up in your real life images it means nothing.
      People make their own choices about what to buy and what not buy, but they should be more careful about what information those choices are based on, and is that information coming from a biased source.

  • Rich

    Who cares? Spend a little extra and get the 50mm 1.4 G.
    I really need a to replace my D300. Going crazy waiting for the D700 replacement. But my heart and prayers go out to Japanese people (my camera problems or nothing compared to what they are going through) God bless them.

    • Rich

      I meant to say: “are nothing compared to what they’re going through.”

  • I will be in certainly try one. I have never been impressed with the 50mm 1.4G.

    • Roger

      Same here.

  • Bondi Beach

    Admin, maybe you could have a sort of “vote” option at the beginning of the comments section on your pages. It could have options like

    Where’s my.. / Nikon will be finished without.. / Canon has a much better.. / I’m switching to Samsung because they have a..


    D4 / D400 / EVIL / f1.2 / 4K video / 12-600 f2.8 VRIII

    Then maybe most people would just fill out the checkboxes – you could have an hourly poll on how soon Nikon will be bankrupt, how many people will switch to Casio, and which lenses everyone will buy in a heartbeat (on their way into intensive care for financial shock) if only Nikon could deliver a product this lifetime.

    And the comments that people -do- make might then actually be relevant to the subject being discussed?

  • NE

    US price is leaked. 269$

    • Where? Do you have a link?

      • NE

        It was joke. Sorry)

  • X-Man

    I guess there’s no point in getting this if you already have the 50mm f1.4 af-s right? I wonder if this will work as good on FX as the 35mm f1.8 af-s does. Now only if they’ll release the 85mm 1.8 af-s soon.

  • Rahul

    My guess is that the price of this lens would be around $175. Admin, do you have any info regarding the price yet?

    • Roger

      Probably more. 35/1.8DX is $280 at BH, 50/1.8G could have similar price.

  • spin

    the old 50mm 1.8D was quite honestly the best deal in lenses period and one of my favorite, it was my go to when I wanted subject isolation and sharpness (and this is from someone with the 24mm 1.4G, 85mm 1.4D, and 24-70). The autofocus speed was fantastic also. In contrast, the 50mm 1.4G was the worst purchase I ever made; for my line of work (documentary/photojournalism) the autofocus was simply unusable…it could have been my copy but I gave up on that lens after a single shoot. You could give me the best MTF chart in the world but it’s pointless if the autofocus is crap…I’ve since have been very reluctant to make the “G” plunge.

  • oKoLz
  • CamaJan

    Damn good price!:-):-)


    I wish they made the mistake on the d800 instead!

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