Nikon D5100 test data released by DxOMark

Today DxOMarkย published their test results for the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera. First, a comparison with the D7000 and D300s:

The second comparison is with the Canon T3i and Pentax K-5 (also uses the same 16MP sensor from Sony):

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  • Still waiting for 60 fps video on my D7000 heheheh!

    D5100 sensor rocks! Come on Nikon, itยดs justa a firmware, simple task!

  • Nek Wellrock

    Margin of error between 7k and 51oo…

    • Chase

      Yeah it looks like they use exactly the same sensor. I think the differences in the numbers likely fit within standard deviation.

      • Robin Edgar

        Especially since there are absolutely minimal differences in the numbers in any case. . .

        Still I would have preferred that the D7000 had a swivelling screen. .

        • AlphaPuma

          Jesus Christ no. If the D7k had a swiveling screen, I would’ve gone with a D300s. Thank god for leaving that screen on entry level SLRs.

          • 1+

          • malez

            hmmm i understand how you feel that swivel screen gets in the way of photography.

            but i believe cameras with a swivel screen isn’t just in the armature market anymore. a light weight body with swivel screen is needed in professional videography. and that’s where i think the true market of d5100 lies. considering video only, its a very good choice when compared with a camera of an even higher class like the canon 60d.

            as for me? i’m waiting for my d400. and NO swivel screen please!

          • gregorylent

            i blast my d7000 from all angles, all heights … swivel screen MUST be standard on any camera, from here on out.

            • Soap

              And I blast my camera from all angles, all heights … swivel screen MUST NOT be on my camera, from here on out, if it means the fucking mess the button ergonomics have become on the 5×00 series.

          • James

            +1, but without the profanity.

          • whatdoesitwant

            I don’t get it, if you don’t like it you don’t have to use it. What do you actually gain with the lcd not being able to swivel? I would love a swivel on a weather resistant body. It’s ideal for near floor and over crowd photography. There’s a fine line between professional and dinosaur. Please don’t stand in the way of progress.

        • andi


          There’s no reason to refuse a swivelling screen:
          If you don’t want it, simply don’t svievel it!

          • PHB

            I think that as with video and CompactFlash vs SD there is a group of people who are more interested in whether their camera is ‘professional’ with ‘professional features’ rather than its value as a tool.

            A swivel screen is essential for video and the DSLR is currently the best option out there for taking pro-video. They are still a disaster ergonomics wise, but thats the situation.

            If I was going to get a pro-video, I would go with the D5100 rather than the D7000 because you can’t use screw drive lenses for taking good video anyway and because I would not be expecting to use the body indefinitely. At some point there is going to be a professional body optimized for taking video rather than stills that takes interchangeable lenses. So any DSLR is going to be a stopgap. Once EVIL is launched I think we will find that EVIL+dedicated video back does 95% of what professionals want and is half the weight – rather important for hand held shots.

            So all things being equal, I prefer a swivel screen, preferably one that will fold back flat against the body. Its a bit bulkier, but not a lot. I really like the idea that the screen is protected when it is folded in.

            On the SD card thing, of course they are superior. No stupid pins to bend or break. And with the media halving in cost every 12 months I really don’t worry about the idea that my existing media might become obsolete. I have an 8Mb CF card from my original Coolpix 9500, but I never use it. But there is still the crowd that yammers on about how they want the obsolete CF format as they want to think that their ‘professional’ equipment makes them ‘professional’.

            • Holden

              “At some point there is going to be a professional body optimized for taking video rather than stills that takes interchangeable lenses.”

              Professional video bodies do take interchangeable lenses. But for what you mean, there’s already is.

              Panasonic AG-AF100 (micro four thirds lenses)

              and a lot cheaper…
              Sony NEX-VG10

          • James

            And how do you get back the left-hand row of buttons?

  • I’m waiting for my D400!

    • Me too!!! I want to upgrade from my D90.

      • I wanna upgrade my D40… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • If you have a D40 the D5100 is a no brainer,especially now that nikon prices haven’t gone too much high yet
          Really,really,consider it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nope, I’m done with DX except for Birds. I will upgrade from D300S to D800

      • enesunkie

        So your saying DX is for the birds? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • sirin


    • malez

      feel ya! the d7000 just doesn’t cut it for me bought one, sold it. i’d rather stick with trusty d90.

      • Mike

        Weird, I’m the opposite. My D7000 is a far nicer camera than my D90. It’s not just image quality either. The metering, the viewfinder, etc.

        • malez

          don’t get me wrong d7k is better than d90 n everyway. justnot beter enough for me.

          i’d prefer d300s with the d7k sensor. so for th time being, i’m still rocking on d90.

          • jack peirson

            What you need to do is move vertically when buying a camera not horizontal.

            • jack peirson

              That was for mike sorry..

  • DF

    almost makes me consider the D5100 over the D7000 I’m about to buy. D7K still wins obviously, but interesting stats.

    • iamlucky13

      It’s all about the body differences and the price. Even if they had ended up using the cheaper D3100 sensor, the actual perceivable difference in image quality would have been small, but since they have the same sensor, the difference is all about the other features.

      Do you like the flip screen and compact size on the D5100, or is the partially magnesium body and weather protection, added external controls, slightly faster framerate, and bigger viewfinder worth the extra cost.

      Either purchase will give you great pictures for years.

    • comicalalien

      Reply to DF….
      “almost makes me consider the D5100 over the D7000 Iโ€™m about to buy. D7K still wins obviously, but interesting stats.”

      Why don’t you get both?
      That’s what I am doing. I have had the D7000 for two months, and have just ordered the D5100!

      Do you realise that you can pick up both for just under $2000!

      Use the D7000 for serious work outdoors and the D5100 as a general fun type camera with all its effects.


      • Mike

        Seems like a strange thing to do.

      • preston

        Not enough differences to me to justify getting both bodies. I’d rather buy the D7000 and then use the other $800 on glass!

    • malez

      the d7k will captures more photographic opportunities.
      the d5100 swivel screen is an absolute must for videographers.

      make your choice.

      • well what would videographers do with such crappy video functionality but swivel screen?

    • whatdoesitwant

      @df The D7K has an internal focus engine. This means that you can use a lot of high quality lenses on it and not limit yourself to mf. Most modern lenses with built in focus engines, as used with the d5100, are smaller and lighter but will not be able to port to a full frame sensor body later because their usable surface correlates to the crop factor. So you would have to swap all your lenses if you decide to upgrade to a full frame body in a couple of years. Also the D7K has better protection against bad weather conditions than a plastic body. Unfortunately, it misses the swivel. Things to factor in to your decision.

  • martin horn

    nikon d5100 comes out very well in DxO well done nikon another superb camera

    • WoutK89

      should read “another superb sensor”, they dont test more than that in this stats.

      • Amen! And I’m not even convinced they test sensors in a very useful way!

  • James

    An interesting comparison is the Canon T3i vs. Nikon D5100 vs. Sony A580, which are all direct competitors that sell for around $800 body only. Canon really needs to get their sensor tech together in a hurry.

  • Lol @ Canon. Glad to see the D5100 already scored. That Sony sensor is a beast. Noticed the D5100 out-scored the D7000 in the low-light ISO(just barely) but scored under the D7000 in dynamic range. Sounds like more noise processing in the D5100 to me. Either way, Nikon is on top again.

    • Paul

      Yeah, that score isn’t one to get excited about since it comes at the expense of texture and detail most would want (see the higher ISO comparisons between the D7k and D51oo over at ).

      • no, it’s just within margin of error and sample variation. take two other bodies for d7000 and d5100 and scores will likely be reversed. they are exactly same sensors and processors.

      • In which photo?I don’t see any difference apart from a slightly different(not worse,different) color response.
        The metal handle in front of the crayons at 6400ISO for istance is better renderend on the 5100.

    • I don’t get why canon fanboys are always bashing Nikon for using a Sony sensor.

      • Nek Wellrock

        Canons use in house sensors,…and they figure that’s better,…even though it’s not.

        Just bragging rights really,…as Canon can afford to do it…where as Nikon can focus on making the rest better…:)

        • PHB

          Its particularly silly since neither ‘Canon’ nor ‘Sony’ are likely to own 100% of their fab anyway. Japanese industry is organized in a very complex way and the big brands like Canon or Sony are actually groups of companies, many of which are independently listed on the stock market.

          The Sony parent will have a large holding of the fab shares but it may not be a majority. I would expect that Nikon has a significant investment as well. So it really comes down to naming rights.

          Nikon probably has a capital stake in the glass makers as well. Its just a more efficient way to manage capital. The demand for sensors and high quality lens glass is rather small. If Nikon had a single in-house supplier there would be a risk that they fall behind the curve technically. An external supplier facing competition has to be much more responsive to the customer.

      • malez

        they really need to understand, that i don’t care if the sensor is from a local electric store, as long as its the better sensor.

  • ulysse

    I’m also waiting for a firmware update for my d7k. Not only for higher framerates (it would be awesome), but especially for histogram/Aperture Control in LiveView and eventually for a clean HDMI output.
    It still is a great DSLR.

    • ffaabb

      I hope the engineers working on that more than awaited update were not in sendai…..

      I’m shooting a fashion video this Monday… would look great in 1080p, but I will have to use 720p (sights)…

      Over the comments about new features for d7000 found on NR., here are my favourite :

      – 1080p @ 25fps (i’m French pal user)
      – even higher fps
      – live view histogram
      – change aperture while in live view
      – no aperture change when zooming (when f/5.6 or higher)
      – ISO change on fn button
      – audio level on screen? Audio monitoring in a/v minijack plug ? (I’m being greedy here!)

      Anyway, thanks you nikon for implementing video on dslr, i’m not going back to dv tape ever ! Plus I can make great pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • good numbers for baby nikon

  • ConcreteSnowman

    The functionality of the D5100 looks like a bit out of place. Canon’s T3i has only its video trumped. Why would Nikon decide to promote constant AF in video and not allow over-cranking to 60p with the Expeed 2? Too bad it’s a kids toy.. or is it? It has better numbers down the board than the D7000 (other than FPS) and that’s including resting at almost half the price..

    • Nikkorz

      “better numbers down the board” doesn’t include AF points, a bigger and brighter viewfinder (pentaprism), 100% coverage, 1/8000 shutter speed, 1/250 flash sync, 2016-pixel exposure metering system, stereo sound recording, environmental sealing, and better battery life on top of the only thing you mentioned was better about the D7000, fps. DXO mark only grades on sensor performance alone and the D7000 and D5100 have the exact same model for a sensor. And yes, I’ve made good use of all these features on my D7000 and would not give them up for a cheaper camera that only touts the same sensor. Bottom line, don’t disrespect the D7000.

  • Ben

    So how come DxOmark got theirs before anyone has the body-only package in stock? Did DxOmark buy one with a kit lens, which were released earlier? Or did they get one hand-delivered from Nikon? If the latter, I assume that their tests are invalid.

    • John

      tests from DXO have been a little odd lately.

    • PHB

      DxOmark have no doubt considered that risk.

      If I was doing that sort of work I would find a friendly camera store to borrow the gear from. Most stores have demonstration models on display.

  • Anna

    The consumer level D5100 also got the same dxo score as a full frame pro body, the D700. Wow.
    According to dxo mark, the D5100 beats the D700 in every category except for ISO performance. Is it time to question dxo’s methods, or is it even worth spending three times as much on a full frame body?

    • bobos

      DSLRs improve dramatically from year to year. D700 is from 2008. Wait to see D800 vs D5100.

    • Johan

      When comparing “lens with camera” you get much higher scores on the full frame bodies – it seems that although the new DX-cameras have good sensors they are still crippled by the fact that it’s impossible good DX-optics. Like 17-55 f/2.8 on D7000 vs 24-70 on D700 – the latter gets a score of 23 vs 13 for the APS-C camera. Is full frame really that much better?

      • Nek Wellrock

        Yup,..larger sensor areas,even at the same megapixels,…produce sharper images.

        A 12 meg medium format looks outstanding next to a D700 and DX image…it’s physics.

        • PHB

          Provided that you have the same f-ratio.

          Which means that your ‘full frame’ camera is using glass thats twice the size. Which means that you are paying about three times as much for the lens.

          If you take a 70-200 lens and mount it on a DX and FX body using the same technology with the same number of MP and take the same photograph from the same position, the results will be identical (within the performance variance of the lens). The DX at 70mm will give the same results as the FX at 105, the DX at 130 will be the same as the FX at 195. What matters is the amount of light that falls on the sensor pixel, not the size of the pixel.

          That is the physics.

          There is a difference between FX and DX when you are at the wide end, you can’t use the 14-24 wider than 21mm equivalent. If you want to get the equivalent of 14mm your choice is limited to lenses like the 10-24 which is much more limited. There is also a difference due to the fact that Nikon does not make a tele prime with superlative bokeh shorter than 85mm which makes taking full length portraits with DX a pain. The upside of DX is that what you lose at the wide end, you gain at the telephoto end. They are also better for Micro photography.

          There is no physics that makes a bigger sensor better than a small one. What the physics says is that a bigger lens is better than a small one.

          The point at which DX becomes moot is when you can get an FX sensor with DX sensor pitch. At that point you have a camera that can provide the benefits of both formats in the same body. I could certainly use a 24MP DX body because I do micro work. But that is kind of a niche and EVIL will be much better still.

          Once 24MP FX sensors become affordable there will be a good reason to make the switch. Until then its a tradeoff.

          • Jabs

            You said – There is no physics that makes a bigger sensor better than a small one. What the physics says is that a bigger lens is better than a small one.

            You are wrong on both counts.
            A smaller sensor means that after the signal leaves the sensor it is subject to greater magnification to get the same image size, so smaller sensors have that disadvantage. Larger sensors have greater light gathering surface area, so they also respond better in low light situations.
            A smaller lens if you are talking about the mm size also magnifies the image less. If you are talking about comparing within the same mm size like a 200 mm F4.0 -vs- a 200 F2.0, then there are many variables. Most smaller mm lenses out-resolve longer lenses until you go below a certain mm size where image compression and geometric distortion comes into greater play in wide angles and fish-eyes for example.
            Both of these optical items are already well known facts!

    • Ben

      Full frame body will get you narrower depth of field, higher framerate, tougher, bigger viewfinder, more manual controls… And Rockwell seems to think that the d7000 is not as sharp as the d700 or d3. But if you shoot outside a studio, Nikon full frame is pretty horrible–it weighs a ton. But then, I backpack with an SLR, which most users of this site–or Nikon–don’t do. For me the d7000 is too heavy.

      • ianz28

        “I backpack with an SLR which most users of this site – or Nikon – don’t do.”

        Seriously? That is a pretty arrogant statement. There are a lot of people who use Nikon and backpack. Trust that you are not the only one.

        I even bet that the kit I backpack with weighs more than yours.

        • PHB

          Most users of this site don’t take any photographs at all. They just collect gear and whine about the non-appearance of the D5.

          • Rahul

            ROFL !

      • I hike with my D300s and I even keep the vertical grip on unless it’s a multi day backpacking trip or something especially gnarley. I plan on getting a D3s or D4 (whichever I can find in stock first) but will keep the D300s for hiking. The weight is something I can deal with as long as I don’t lose functionality of the camera. My wife has a D5000 and I’ve tried it a few times and it drives me nuts trying to do the simplest tasks like change ISO, or aperture. Forget trying to use the self timer. I have thought about selling the D300s in favor of a D7000 to save a bit of weight but I probably never will.

        • Young Boy

          Oh, and I hiked with D5k and I haven’t lost any functionality either! Great shots and great fun to use it! Oh, there was no wife around – so probably here lies the problem? ๐Ÿ˜›
          For one charge I can make around 1000 shots – enough for weekend trip including multi-shot panoramas. Already tested in rain and snow without cover, and – voilla – even without weather sealing all was working (I just let camera dry itself afterwards). Oh, and simplest tasks are really simple – in A mode you set aperture by command dial! ๐Ÿ˜› And ISO you can set by Fn button. But I agree, it deserves own/programmable button like Can, Pentax and Sony have. ๐Ÿ™
          And 5100 again same problem with changing ISO… ๐Ÿ™

      • F Master

        I think that the D7K is perfect for backpaking, I go hiking almost every week and the D7K always comes with me, I was using a D300s but the DR and tonal range of the D7K wins, but the body is a crap compared with the D300s anyway.
        I dont think there is a better camera for backpaking than the D7K.

      • Toughen up. I’ve hiked rugged land with 2 bodies and 3 lenses in backpack..

  • fotomani

    D5100 is cool camera, only engine AF-S lens… ๐Ÿ™

  • Wish the forthcoming D700 replacement to have even wider dynamic range. I appreciate DR capabilities of my D5000, but in common situations sensor is going to burn overexposed areas too early.

  • The invisible man

    Funny how on the picture the D5100′ DX sensor look bigger than the D700 FX one !

    • Iris Chrome

      In the comparison above, it’s the D5100 VS D7000 which both are DX. As for the sensor size, if you look closer you’ll see that the D5100 image was magnified to fit the same proportions as the other cameras.

  • Dang, the D7000 is killing it. It looks like the only competition is the Pentax.

  • What do some of the survey questions have to do with Nikon Rumors?

    • P.S. The T3i looks pretty ugly compared to the D5100.

  • Valdemar

    Proof of its value as a compact backup camera. I’m sure even the D3? wielders may consider picking one up and having it on the extra lens now.

  • Ed

    I find it strange people put so much into these dumb tests. I’ll take my D300s ANY day over that 5100 or even the 7000. I have a feeling though the people worried so much about these tests never get out and actually utilize the full potential of any camera they actually own.

    • Vladi

      Ofcourse not. We all talk and collect gear for the sake of it, god forbid to take our expensive cameras and lenses out and go shoot something ๐Ÿ˜€

  • photonut

    D7000 vs D300s I hope that’s an indication for the performance of the D700 successor: more MP and better ISO perfomance at the same time!

  • broxibear

    These DxOMark numbers don’t mean anything unless they show up as difference on the images you take.
    Do you think you could tell the difference between a D300s and a D7000 20 x 16 print on a gallery wall ?…there’s a test you could do for the site Peter ?

    • I can do a jpg test of two images at full res without EXIF data, but not a print comparison.

      • broxibear

        I know, I wasn’t being serious.
        Tests like these DxOMark numbers just annoy me as they have no real meaning in actual picture taking.
        Ignore me I’m just having a rant lol.

        • the interesting point of those tests is that Nikon used the exact same sensor in both D7000 and D5100, they did not tweak down any of the specs

          • WoutK89

            Why would they tweak down? They did the same (or even better) in the D300-D90-D5000

            • F Master

              Is not exactly the same sensor, there are changes, and the AA filter…is not the same at all. Even the pixel count is diferent!

            • WoutK89

              Huh? You want to tell me the D5100 and D7000 do differ from each other?

              Oh wait, you mean to say that the D300-D90-D5000 don’t have the same sensor as the D7000 and D5100? Then you misread what I said completely.

              I said that the D300 and the D90 and the D5000 shared the same sensor, while they even got a bit better in each body. So why would Nikon do it different with the D7000’s sensor and cripple it in the D5100, while proving that the older strategy works fine.

            • F Master

              What i say is that the sensors of the D300, D90/D5000 are diferent, the D300 sensor is wa sharper than the one on D90/D5000.
              The D300 is sharper than D90/D5000 but has less DR and more noise… I can say it because i have used them.
              The pixel count is diferent as is the sharpness
              And its clear that the D5100 and D7K have the same sensor.

    • so so

      If you take a shoot with ISO1600, one with D300 and one with D7000, I think you’ll see the difference. That’s why I wait for D400. I see the limits of my D300, but I like big body camera. I tried a D90 but it’s to small for my hands. I’ll like an D700 but it’s a little to expensive and I don’t have FX lenses.
      I am patiently waiting for next semipro body (if D400 will be FX I’ll buy it).

      • F Master

        For me the limit with the D300s is ISO 2500, and with that setting you have to go Black & Withe, with the D7K I use ISO 3200 in colour and if i dont need too much detail I go B&W at 6400.

  • Vladi

    When did Nikon change the focal lenght multiplier from 1.5 to 1.53?
    My 300mm lens on D300 acts as 450mm, is it 459mm on D7k?

    • WoutK89

      If you read carefully, it has always been approx. 1.5x. Do your calculations. 36×24 is considered full frame, 24×16 is considered APS-C (DX), but the sensors havent been that exact in size, but about the same. Just like the focal lengths of lenses arent exactly the mm they say they are.

    • Manolito

      It’s always been 1.53 since DX appeared, just rounded.

  • Seems the old nice days of D50 vs D70 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nir.exe

    not as interesting as a test of the upcoming new FF cam
    heading our way with a wishful thinking of 204,800 ISO night vision!

  • Tony

    The new sensor is very good no doubt about that, but I like to see something like Foveon implement in the next generation sensor.

  • Kingyo

    that D300s is just itching to get replaced! D400 will be worth waiting for

  • Jabs

    It is great to see Nikon introducing three new cameras with above 12 megapixels and 1080 HD video resolution – so many have been shut up – LOL!
    Now for the same in the FX arena and then perhaps more groans quieted – maybe!
    I hope that they keep the D3s around for a long time and make a digital camera with the flexibility of the F3 series (removable heads, more screens and maybe removable sensors) and in newer ways too that we have not seen or thought of yet.

    • WoutK89

      16MP is the new 12MP, so before getting too comfortable, wait it out ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Gotta hand it to Pentax. They have quite a camera in the K5.

    • F Master

      The camera…but the lenses…

  • Is there news of a firmware upgrade for video features on the D7000?

    • WoutK89

      I don’t expect Nikon to do anything. The D7000 is like the D90, which never got a firmware for video as well. If you NEED video the D5100 is the one to go (at the moment).

  • Jim Trainor

    I’m waiting for D800. But I just got a D5100 for a light-weight walk-around camera. It’s small and weighs half a pound less than the D7k.

  • broxibear

    I see Nikon shipped some of the D5100s with the wrong plugs, who said Thailand quality control ? lol…
    “It has come to our attention that a batch of D5100 cameras have been shipped with battery charger power plugs suitable only for European sockets. If you have bought a camera with a European plug you can claim a UK plug for your charger direct via Nikonโ€™s support centre, on 0330 123 0932 from Tuesday 26th April 2011. Alternatively, you can also contact your retailer. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.”

    • yes, I posted that earlier on twitter and facebook, will add to the weekly Nikon links

  • The invisible man

    Ok guys, we’re going on a trip for the weekend, see you Monday, don’t call me unless the D800/900 show up

  • It looks like the D5100 and D7000 have a 2/3 stop improvement over the D300s in high ISO, but are still a full stop behind the D700. Of course this is using DxO’s methodology, which might not be perfect and may not take into account the quality of the noise. Still, it makes the D300s look dated.

  • Jide

    ISO100 in D300s? Nice test ๐Ÿ™‚


      yeah … EXACTLY, was just wondering whether & if I have missed smthg. but not me – THEM :-)))

      bit OT but still – any1 use 24-70mm on DX (D300-D300s) … + is it even worth to replace my 16-85 with 24-70 (optical wise???, I do know the characteristics, though there seems to be some Field Curvature while being used n DX format – any experience)?

      • tor8472

        I use the 24-70 on my D300 and D7000. All I can say is that after getting the 24-70 and seeing the difference, my 16-85 is likely going back to Nikon for a checkup or up for sale. The 24-70 is my new walkaround, the extra weight and more limited focal length is worth it to me.

        • jetelinho

          thanks for response – weยดve got a small sale atm in my country + I could include my 16-85 as a makeweight, so was wondering whether or not I shall do it … the weight is not (a huge …) problem …

      • Jide

        Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED 77mm filters, 31.8 oz/902g
        – heavy
        – silly zoom if not on FX
        + f/2.8
        + good quality on FX

        I’m going for this one:
        Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 VR 77mm filters, 28.1 oz./796g
        + low weight and big zoom
        + for DX and FX
        + good quality and performance for price
        + VRII

  • camaman

    Great camera!
    But it looks like a Canon! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • F Master


    • That’s until you open the raw file ;o)

      • F Master


  • ghyz

    So…running over the whole thing again : Expert/pros with D300(s) move to D5100 as an upgrade (??) What’s the use of DxO ?

    • The (great) use of Dxo is a scientific,repeatable,metric measurement.
      Of course you cannot find a substitute for human brain and perception, so those numbers aren’t the alfa on the omega,but are quite,quite something.
      Exit from lab tests and you will fall into the muddy path of amateurs opinions,qualities,analogues,pointssoffvieww, hifi nowadays.

      The world is big,the Gauss bell curve never fails,and surely enough someone will have a strong opinion that D1 makes finer images than the D3x. Fine, but you cannot judge quality by (pretty loose)opinions,and as in hifi today,nobody will know the answer to a (more than)legit question like yours:what the heck should i buy?D300s?D5100?

      The use of dxo(and lenstip,slrgear,etc) is to make a metric assesment of quality of a sensor,or lens,which is ONE aspect of the product.Others include features,speed,connectivity,reliability,weather proofing,accessories,compatibility,ease of use,depth of settings,price,and the list goes on.Then it’s up to you,to choose basing on which aspects are most important to you and which are not.

      Shooting in the studio for a magazine?D5100,better image quality.
      Shooting in Iraq?D300s,better reliability and speed.

      Hope I’ve helped.

    • TaoTeJared

      DXO sensor and lens tests = Dumb eXaggeration of the Obvious (so you say a new camera is slightly better than one released 2 years ago. humm you are a genius.)

      As someone who runs and builds analytical tools they “push” numbers (move decimals, arbitrary start points) to make the number look relevant. All of their numbers are only a couple of % points different from camera to camera. As a D300 owner I can tell you the usability of image improvement from the D7k is more than just 2/3rds of a stop difference that their numbers show.

      Just because their tests are repeatable and use science doesn’t mean they are relevant or are remotely the best way to test something.

      To their credit, they do state that is is just a sensor test and there are limitations.

      They do produce some good tools to correct wide lenses that have distortion but most everything else is rather pointless. DXO exists only to try to make people believe they are doing something and make others feel good about a purchase.

      • Great,then can you please upload two raw files taken with D7000 and D300 of the same subject at the same settings and with the same lens?
        So we can all see the big image improvements of the D300 compared to the D7000.

  • burutadul

    I am hoping D800 would be at least 105 ….not asking too much i think……finger-crossed

  • i’m still happy with my D300s ^^ not upgrading anytime soon

  • AndrewM

    im still believe the d300s capabilities than na mid level d7k

  • Great to see the newest Nikons, bodes well for the D800 and D4 bodies.

  • Brian

    Glad I bought the D7000 when I did otherwise I’d be entertaining the notion of ordering the D5100 while waitin’ for the D800 to come out. Saved me the gear-lust and a lot of money (for now ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    The D5100 should be one helluva camera. Nice and compact and the 16.2mp sensor is fantastic.

    Hoping a 20mm-ish 1.8 dx lens is coming soon… would be a natural fit for video.

  • Brian

    Dumb question… can you order the D5100 body only, or does it only come in kit form?

    • aaron

      You can pre-order the d5100 body currently. I placed mine the 4th and have been waiting on it since.

  • Valentine

    Geez, how can one compare the D5100 with D300s, and then say the first one is better? These are completely different cameras, different purposes, different class. One just can’t compare naked numbers such as iso, etc. But of course, that’s IMHO. Cheers)

    • Geez, how can one compare the Ferrari Testarossa with Caterpillar, and then say the first one is better? These are completely different cars, different purposes, different class. One just canโ€™t compare naked numbers such as speed, etc. But of course, thatโ€™s IMHO.

      “”naked numbers”” make buildings,medicines,cars,ccds,airplanes,shuttle,gps,phones,internet,mail,music,’s worth to give them a try ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dan

    Picked up my d5100 the other day. So far so good. Love it, great picture quality and nice and light. Packs alot into a small unit.

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