Nikon rangefinder camera expected to sell for over 140,000 EUR at Westlicht Photographica Auction

The next Westlicht Photographica auction will take place on May 28th in Vienna, Austria. Here are some of the highlights in the Nikon section:

Nikon I No. 60924 (1948)

The earliest known surviving production Nikon in the world! Nikon started in March,1948 to assemble (serial number 60922), this is one of two cameras made in April, 1948 and the 3rd of all Nikon cameras ever produced. It comes with the matching lens (Nikkor 2/5cm no. 70811) and is still in fantastic original condition. Published in: 'The Complete Nikon Rangefinder System' by Robert R. Rotoloni (pgs 51-52), ex-Tad Sato collection.

Opening bid: 70,000 EUR | Estimate: 140,000-160,000 EUR

Reflex-Nikkor 11/2000mm (1972)

The very first 2000mm Reflex-Nikkor, the largest ever built Nikkon lens for 35mm, AV-1 tripod mounting unit, this lens (total weight 25kg) - donated by Nikon Europe for the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

Opening bid: 9,000 EUR | Estimate: 18,000-20,000 EUR

Nikon Underwater Housing for RF (ca. 1958)

One of only three existing underwater housings for Nikon rangefinder cameras (see Rotoloni \'The Complete Nikon Rangefinder System\' pages 514-519 showing no.32587 from a private US collection, the other item is owned by Nippon Kogaku), ex collection Tad Sato.

Opening bid: 12,000 EUR | Estimate: 20,000-25,000 EUR

See also the Leica cameras that will be offered at this auction.

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  • Matt

    I’ll take two.

    • texasjoe

      You’ll have to get the chargers seperate.

  • PAG

    When it comes to cars, computers, and cameras, I think I’ll stick with new.

    • Banned

      I tend to agree.

      • I disagree. I just bought a medium format SLR for less than the cost of a vertical grip and can get 300+ megapixel images out of the negatives.

        Oh- the SLR is a couple years older than I am, too.

  • labrudarier

    Nice looking camera… but I have as much use for that as I do with a 5d mkII…lol

  • Kasper

    Ohh… I like!!!

  • The invisible man

    Does it come with the box and the warranty ?

  • i wonder how much my minolta maxxum 9000 would sell for in this auction house, lol

    • Craig Houdeshell

      To me, this valuation mean Nikon (and others) should pay attention as there is still interest in rangefinders.

      Thus by corollary, each camera company should be paying enough attention that they should come out with digital rangefinders, true rangefinders, to give the red dot company a reality check and honest competition.

      • Banned

        I don’t think you can infer from the high price of a collection piece that there is interest in the rangefinder category. In collections, rarity is what drives the prices up. Nobody that is going to spend 140,000 on a very old camera has the intent to use it.

        Now I’m not saying that there is no interest in rangefinders, just that this auction alone doesn’t prove or disprove it.

        However, my personal opinion is that the relatively low sales of modern Leica rangefinder cameras such as the M9 makes this a no-go for mass producers such as Nikon.

        • Craig Houdeshell

          Make a digital rangefinder/interchangeable lens combo that is more like US$2K ans not US$10K and see if it sells. I bet it does – and sells a bunch.

          It is Leica’s price that is keeping buyers at bay, not the desire for a rangefinder.

          • I totally agree. I’d love the opportunity to have a digital rangefinder someday. Might grab an Epson R-D1 if I get the opportunity, but would rather have a brand new one.

            • Walking with you


  • The invisible man

    We all love Nikon and Japanese people, that’s not a secret.
    Why not do an “open” donation on Nikon rumors (with Payplal).
    I’ll be happy to be the first to donate.

  • Pete V

    Guess I should start thinking about swelling my No. 60923. I’ve had it sitting in it’s box under my desk since ’48.

    • PAG

      How do you “swell” you No. 60923? Do you pour water on it? Or do you show it pictures of the underlying construction of a D7000 … i.e. naked camera pics?

  • Phil

    I remember in the mid-70s going to Nikon House in Manhattan and checking out that 2000mm monster. They also had the F system that went to the moon. I think they may also have had some of the earlier rangefinders on display, but I’m not entirely sure. That was Nikon’s “invincible” era, and their 35mm SLR systems ruled the photographic world!

  • jack

    This camera would make for a wonderful episode of “Will it Blend?”

    • Vince


  • Zen Sockwell

    If I was alive when that 160K Euro camera came out, I’d review it and say it’s the best thing ever.

  • I miss my Nikon model M. It was very early, but the amount a Japanese businessman offered me was enough to buy a Noctilux at the time.

  • Art

    I’m confused. I can’t find in the rangefinder’s specs whether it takes Compact Flash or SD cards. It talks about needing film though which is even more confusing. Why would a nice camera like that need Scotch Tape?

  • Kendall Curtis

    I had the opportunity to buy an unsynced (identical to this one) only a few hundred numbers past this one for only…. $550 on a largely unknown online auction. I lost track of time rearranging my room while I was waiting for it to come up and then typed my password in wrong when I hit to bid. I lost it by 5 seconds. That was a sad day. I had to bury it in my mind as not to want to kick myself 100 times for the mistake. I was going to resell it for mega bucks (it was wroth around 5-9k). This happened only a few weeks ago. 🙁

  • E-Nonymouse A

    Someone buy me a phase one IQ280 and i’ll think about offering a used camera in trade. =^-^=

  • E-Nonymouse A

    Someone buy me a phase one IQ280 and i’ll think about offering a used camera in trade. =^-^=

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