First images of the Nikon D5100

I am not sure where those Nikon D5100 images came from - my guess is that they were part of the press release from Nikon Romania:

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Detailed list of Nikon D5100 specs is available here.

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  • Me


    • LGO

      The photos shows that the D5100 controls have been relocated and optimized for video use.

      • choiMatthew

        i’d say that there’s not enough space for the buttons to appear at the same place as they are in the D3100 due to the swivel screen – but I’m not too sure that is is a better solution

        • LGO

          If one considers the D5100 as the model primarily intended for video, then the relocation of many of the controls is understandable and even expected.

          The controls on the D3100 or D7000 are better suited and ideal for use in still photography.

    • LGO

      NR Admin Peter – is the articulating screen a touchscreen (like the Panasonic DMC-GH2)?

      This could be one way to make up for the loss of many of the control buttons.

      • I don’t think it will be a touchscreen LCD.

        • The invisible man

          It’s a fingerprint screen.

          • no, im pretty sure its a nose smudge screen..

            • LGO

              This is why I like the Fuji X100. It was designed for photographers who have a nose! I will be picking up my unit today. 🙂

  • patrick

    Looks good. Assuming the screen will fold back in the body both ways (with screen out and in)?

    • CFH

      Just like my Canon G1…..of how many years ago?

  • ilovefreestuf

    Interesting layout of the buttons..

    Image Review might be a little cumbersome with the zoom buttons next to the control pad, but besides that it seems like this is more streamlined and accessible.

  • emmkayfive

    I knew it, side swiveling screen makes for an ergonomic disaster.

    No left side buttons – moved to the grip side like any other Canon.

    Bu hu!!!

    • The bad about button layout is , placed under thumb muscle. As far as easy to move joystick and thus change AF-point when you don’t need it in D5000, as far would be bad to push that button without demand. But it seems that grip is willing to be slightly handy for those who has huge hands.

      • Ow, there were ‘delete’ words in message. I’ve managed to place them in which led me to silly typos, sorry.

  • K

    SWEET! photos

    Finally it’s being announced/leaked!


  • K

    effects/scene – seems interesting! now im curious

  • Trevor

    Wow, disappointing that the drive selector under the mode dial that the D3100 has is changed to a live view selector.

    Also, this has an 18-55 on it. Does that mean the 18-105 is not the kit lens? Hmmm….

    • James

      I was expecting a live view lever surrounding the record button as with the D3100 and D7000. This seems like a step backwards.

      • I have to say I prefer the D5000’s live view button over this arrangement (I’ve never hit it by accident, and it’s nice to be able to see it when looking at the rear screen), but oh well.

        • Oh and the record button is up top now too. I need to hold one in my hand to really know. Maybe it will all make sense when you actually use it. (I guess having a video record button next to the shutter release kind of makes sense, although the ergonomics of a DSLR for video will always kind of suck.)

          • LGO

            The video recording button at the top will take some getting use to, specially for those with a D3100 and D7000 (like me). But I think this makes eminent sense once one has gotten used to it as it is seldom that video is often shot from a mid to low position rather than from a full-height position.

            • LGO

              Let me correct and rephrase the above post:

              The video recording button at the top will take some getting use to, specially for those with a D3100 and D7000 (like me). But I think this makes eminent sense as video is often shot from a mid to low position rather than from a full-height standing position. It will take some getting used to but it is not a show-stopper.

            • Stu


      • WoutK89

        D5100 is older design than D7000/D3100?

    • That’s me

      “Wow, disappointing that the drive selector under the mode dial that the D3100 has is changed to a live view selector.”

      Yes, I noticed the same, and I don’t like it.

  • mandrake

    Looks like the small cheap plastic body of the D3100. Now that the 3000/5000/90 have been updated it’s time to update the GOOD stuff. 😉

    • Knockwell

      🙂 but these not-s0-good stuffs are the money makers. Look around, most of the people wearing black & gold neck straps are using el-cheapo DLSRs. Nikon most likely sell 100s of these before selling a single ‘good stuff’.

      • Narna

        Oh this is sooo true.

        We sell dozens of D3100’s a few D7000’s but hardly any of the D300s, D700. What sell a D3s/x? Never! Pity really.

      • i_still_want_a_D800

        these plastic stuffs are all made in Thailand, which is in no way affected by the recent disaster.

        the “good stuff” (outside of D300/D300s) are all made in Sendai. tsunami damage aside, now they have 4 nuclear reactors that just blown up not too far away to the south.

        if i were one of those Nikon Sendai employees, I would be worried about contamination in waters, milk, vegetables and indeed, everything…

        it might be for the good of everyone to move the plant somewhere else. western japan?

        • Stu

          no… I suggest to my country 🙂

  • Nam

    There is almost nothing new about it, as far as styling. Just a few new extra added features…

  • The invisible man

    Peter, you’re the BEST !

    • agree

      you are like the KGB/ CIA/ SIS all rolled into one (Nikon special devision)

    • Stu

      Yeah, thank you for all the suspend and excitement then ..comes the relieve 🙂 Good job and God bless

  • Pen Pockwell

    Admin wrote: “In case I run into some server overload issues in the next 24 hours, you can follow the latest NikonRumors updates on Facebook and Twitter.”

    Note to Admin: yes, you are having server overload issues today. Within the past hour, I have had trouble accessing this site (completely impossible at times). Perhaps you should upgrade to a dedicated server. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not flaming you. I’m just trying to be helpful.

    • @Pen Pockwell: currently I have a top of the line dedicated server, the next step will be to get a second dedicated server for the database.

      • mandrake

        What about bandwidth?

  • TBO

    Hah, this looks like a scaled down version of the Olympus E-620. (Properly done) movable screen, ‘art filters’, etc. Too bad it presumably doesn’t have an AF motor or I would consider getting one… but only one of my lenses is AF-S. Oh well.

    Does look pretty cool for people willing to spend $$$ on AF-S lenses.


    • LGO

      Most of my video work is with manual focus so the absence of a built-in focusing motor on the D5100 which has been optimized for video is perfectly understandable.

  • jimb

    Where is the drive mode switch…?

    • Pen Pockwell

      I was wondering the same thing. I think it’s cool that a low-price DSLR like the D3100 has a drive mode switch. For example, it’s very useful for a limited-budget freelance photojournalist who needs to be able to quickly switch back and forth between regular mode and motor-drive mode.

  • rl

    I wonder if they teamed the sensor bc pressure from pentax’s k5 outgoing the d7k

  • JR

    Looks like a D5000 with a few add ons, definitely consumer, night vision? sounds gimmicky, what about the price?….looks plastic and small, for small hands. If it don’t fit and feel right in your hands, its not for you. Night Vision and 16.2MP sensor, sounds like the D90 is history…….what’s next infra laser sighting with military camo paint as an option…


    Nikon Romania has now blanked their page… with an English error message.

  • WoutK89

    ML-L3 support (see front side grip)

    • LGO

      Good catch. I wonder though whether this will also support video operation using the ML-L3.

  • Hunh, the turny hinge for liveview eh?

  • smiert

    Seems like a reasonable set of improvements. If it gets the D7000’s improved live view (ie, with no irritating mirror cycle), it will be an especially nice second compact body for a lot of us. If it manages to get CLS (even a crippled version), all the better.

  • Z-Man

    What’s the D5100’s monitor resolution?

    • OMR

      Like D7000

  • Replacing the drive mode selector found on the D3100 with a live view switch is a big step backwards. I’ve never yet been in a hurry to activate live view, while I often want to change drive mode on the fly.

    It looks as though “menu” has been moved to the top left, where the “delete” button is on the D5000 while the “delete” button is now bottom right where it can be inadvertantly pushed with your thumb. Bad on two counts – you may want to access the menu while shooting (eg to change drive mode) and it would be nice to be able to do this one handed. You should never need to delete images one handed. And if you are going to push a button by mistake, rather it be the “menu” button than the “delete” button!

    And they still haven’t figured out how to combine the “info” and “” (setting) button into one (or replace the “info” button with an eye sensor as found on the D60) to free up a dedicated button for ISO. (Yes you can program fn for ISO but it’s not in a very accessible place).

    So underwhelmed, except for that beautiful sensor…

  • RR

    I wonder if this body will be able to take in old AIS lenses like the D7000 or will it be like the old D5000 that needed AF-S lenses and up. Any news on this?

    • JED

      Given that this appears to be pitched as the Nikons “video” SLR then you would think access to all those AI lenses would be included. Sadly I suspect not though.

  • Luca

    May Nikon produce a professional SLR with swivel screen? no rumors about it?
    (apologize for my english!)

  • A swivel screen would be a fantastic feature for a professional level D-SLR. Hopefully.

    • LGO

      An articulating screen for a pro dSLR is a very nice feature but this would mean deleting all the buttons normally located to the left of the rear LCD screen. Many users will cry bloody murder if such buttons are removed. A relocation of these buttons to an easily accessible location is not easy unless one is working with a D3s/D3x type body.

      • Luca

        LGO you’re right. In fact, a swivel screen give the idea of ​​a camera for amateur photographers, even if the swivel screen can be very useful on many occasions.
        Another question … Why Nikon doesn’t produce a SLR with CMOS sensor more powerful as Canon, for example, a 18 megapixel???

      • Phil

        You wouldn’t have to lose your left side buttons if Nikon copied the swivel screen design of the old Fuji S9000. I don’t know why Nikon is so bent on copying Canon’s design when the Fuji design is so much better.

        The Fuji used a double-hinged screen that allowed to flip straight up for waist-level shooting, or angle down for shooting over a crowd, and all this without affecting it mounted on a tripod. It also kept the screen centered with the sensor instead of to the side of it as in these Nikon and Canon bodies.

        Infinitely a much more intelligent idea:

  • The Wallbanger

    So advanced it has a Baseball Hat setting and a Sun Hat mode. Can’t wait!

  • padlockd

    Sorry Nikon, but this is just fail… no drive mode selector, live view in a weird spot, recording button in a weird spot, and the 18-55 as a kit. It better blow the Canons and D7000 out of the water in video…

  • Hanzo-Photo

    re site overload, receiving you loud and clear here in Tanzania … …

    BTW what’s Twitter?

  • Luca

    Why Nikon doesn’t produce a SLR with CMOS sensor more powerful as Canon, for example, a 18 megapixel???

    • Mock Kenwell

      God, what a dumb question.

      • Sek

        He’s probably a newbie… So Luca let’s put it simple! The number of pixel does not tell you the quality of a camera! And right now the 16 megapixel sensor of the D7000 and D5100 is one of the (if not the) better APS-C sensor out there!

        Lua mettendotela semplice il numero di megapixel non ti dice assolutamente niente della qualità di una fotocamera, e attualmente il sensore da 16 megapixel della D7000 e D5100 è uno dei migliori (se non il migliore) dei sensori (di pari dimensione) che ci sono in giro!

        • Luca

          thanks, especially for the translation!
          yes I’m a newbie but I love photography. I own a Nikon D300, a fantastic SLR. The only thing I’d like to have, is in a swivel screen. but is it so essential?
          just one last remark but not the least, Sek’s answer is the most correct and true answer that I ever wanted to hear!

      • Stu

        Mock Kennwell, let not be so harsh. We are all learning from each other. and thank you Sek for the patient and understanding. Courage Luca

  • alex

    I’m thinking it might be a good addition to my D700 while waiting for a D800 – because I’d really like to get started on DSLR video, and wouldn’t mind something a bit smaller and lighter (ie plastic)…

  • Mock Kenwell

    Anyone know what the D7K was going for before the Tsunami? I’m thinking of getting one to tide me over until the D800 comes out, but I want to be reasonably sure I’ll get a good amount of that back when I sell it. I wasn’t really tracking the prices before the disaster.

    Admin, do you have a price-track over the last two months or so for the various Nikon bodies and lenses? Curious.

    • as far as I know the price of the D7000 has been the unchanged

      • Stu

        Wow.. the price D7000 in south east asia dropped about 20% as of now

  • NikonJoe

    The first one looks weird. The Nikon logo is distorted, and the D5100 name plate looks strange, too.

    • SEB

      Interesting. Additionally, I don’t see any “Nikon” printed on the LCD as is the case with other Nikon DSLRs.

  • Elliot Jenner

    Dang it! No Front dial! That was my main complaint with the 5000.
    I really like the articulating screen, but I am not getting one without a front wheel again; I work in manual too much. Fumbling for the exposure comp button to adjust my Aperture has cost me too many shots, and caused to many misfires.
    Also, I like the LCD on top. I wish they would release a higher end camera with good controls and a swivel screen.

  • Pen Pockwell

    In the first photo: what are those icons to the left of the “D5100” name-plate?

    • Tasos

      I believe that would be the programmable function button and the pop up flash release button.

  • Tasos

    The photo of the front of the camera looks retouched. The contours around the 5100 and the red around the grip look very weird. Just a thought. We’ll know soon enough.

    • Tasos

      also the back of the camera (when the screen is popped out) looks exactly like the 600d with some cloning done. I willing to bet that this is a fake.

  • Pen Pockwell

    @Admin: You said “I am not sure where those Nikon D5100 images came from…” Please explain how you how you could get photos without knowing where they came from. And, by the way, where did they come from?

  • Roya

    Would have prefered the Drive-mode selector a la 3100 rather than the Lv switch.

    • Pen Pockwell

      I totally agree. The drive mode selector is a fantastic feature of the D3100. I’m sure you can switch drive modes via the LCD menus with the D5100, but who wants to mess with that when it can be done far more quickly and easily on the cheaper model. This is crazy.

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