Nikon to start a new “I am …” advertising campaign on April 11th *UPDATED*

Update: Nikon Australia will also launch a new advertising campaign:

"Nikon is set to re-launch their brand in Australia, with a major multimillion dollar marketing campaign, featuring Robbie Williams. The Japanese Company is also introducing several new digital cameras’ ranging in price from $99 to $2,000."

Campaignlive reports that Nikon will start a new "I am..." advertising campaign in Europe and South Africa. The ads will be displayed online, in print, on TV and outdoors. The first ad will air in the UK on April 11th, 2011.

In the past, the "I am..." campaign was mainly promoting the Coolpix product line. The interesting part is that the advertising will start a week after the rumored product announcement on April 4th.

Behind the scene video of the ad:

Thanks broxibear!

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  • Jeffrey Knight

    Bless to all in need……….

  • Everlast

    I AM Porn Star

  • pethunia

    I am Nikon for 24 years now.
    But somewhat fading out of that existence right now.
    Twilight zone between a very productive life with F3/F4 on slide film and retiring from a less-and-less productive period with the aging D200 sensor. And unwilling to jump to D700 right now. Many of you might recognize.

  • WoutK89

    Seems late if this advertisement is for S3100, and why start at april 11 only?

    If this is all, I would say nothing to see here, move along…

    • my speculation is that this campaign will be for whatever will be announced on April 4th (probably D5100 and maybe the mirrorless camera)

      • WoutK89

        so the behind the scenes video is of an “old” commercial? As I didnt see that one aired yet.

  • Dan

    I AM is also the name of God.

  • james

    I am bored with Nokon’s forplay. Give us a real camera already !

    • ja

      have you not seem the news ?
      where is your mind at ?
      nikon will deliver , but there is something far more important happening in there homeland right now . . . . . .

  • maddog

    So evidently Nikon did not suffer that much damage the last couple of days and the show must go on….

    • WoutK89

      This was already planned before yesterday’s Tsunami!

      • WoutK89

        And what will come, will probably not be made in Sendai anyway.

  • bjrichus

    And if Nikon US knew how to do advertising, we’d see them do something… anything… even just replaying the European adverts would be better than the current policy of hide from the public…


  • broxibear

    If you’re in India you might see Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra advertising the up coming cameras, apparently she’s been signed up as “brand ambassador of Nikon India”…

    Something she already does for Tag Heuer…

  • Geoff1

    They had better not say “this ad was filmed entirely with a Nikon D5100” or whatever.

  • Bruce

    Folks motivated to make a donation to an organization already networked in and working on the ground in Japan right now on disaster relief may care to check out CRASH:

    There is a link further down the page for instructions on how to mail a donation to them, just be sure to mark checks “CRASH”.

    CRASH has a high level of preparedness for this kind of disaster event and as a small organization can move much faster than many of the larger relief groups.


  • iamnomad

    I AM very tired of waiting for the D800; the 5D Mark II is looking better all the time.
    I’d snag the D3x, but simply can’t justify $7,600.
    I AM saying: get to it already Nikon!

    • Iorick

      + 1! Subscribe entirely! Already sold all my Nikon gear, so Im free to choose…whatever comes first!

    • hybris

      same here but,
      it looks like the earthquake and the flooding of japan is whorse that first anticipated, to me it looks like its gonna take a while b4 japan vil get things in order.
      i love japanese people and their way of living, so right now i cant think about anything else than their survivel.

      the.800 will proberly be postponed for at least a half year

  • Michael

    It looks like a campaign for a smartphone… Give me a pro small camera or I AM leaving Nikon.

    • ja

      bye bye then why tell the world what your upto just do it ppl like you lot full of your own little world were nothing really happens
      go on trot on

  • broxibear

    Nikonto re-launch their brand in Australia…
    “Nikon is set to re-launch their brand in Australia, with a major multimillion dollar marketing campaign, featuring Robbie Williams. The Japanese Company is also introducing several new digital cameras’ ranging in price from $99 to $2,000.
    The move to re-launch and re position the brand in Australia follows a decision by Nikon Japan, to take over the distribution of their products in Australia from Maxwell Optics their former distributor.”

    • did you see this:

      “The Japanese Company is also introducing several new digital cameras’ ranging in price from $99 to $2,000.”

      • broxibear

        Yeah, I’m not sure what that means really…and the article was posted after the Japan earthquake ?
        $2000, Aus dollars, is about £1260… must be the mirrorless ?

        • WoutK89

          What is the D7000 price Australian Dollar?

          • broxibear

            $1280 Aus for the D7000 body from an online authorized Nikon retailer.

  • Art

    I really don’t like these “I Am” campaigns…

    Perhaps I Am way too analytical but I am many things but I Am certainly not a camera nor am I an operating system with a propensity for bloat and security holes. For Nikon to come out with their “I Am” campaign after Microsoft, it smacks of “Me Too-ism”. Nikon should have moved on instead of relaunching this campaign again.

  • Mock Kenwell

    LOL. These Philips Lifeline ads are cracking me up.

    • anton

      Install an ad blocker and you will not see them.

  • Rel 205

    I am tired of waiting for D series but still love Nikon bodys

  • With more bad news coming out of Japan by the hour, the prediction game is getting a lot tougher. All it takes is one supplier with a necessary part being down and the entire line stops. It’s worse than a war zone over there.

  • Jodjac

    Sendai has been devastated. Think about the infrastructure, the loss of life, the sadness of the survivors. The fallout from the reactors. This is going to put a lot of negative pressure on Nikon. I pray for those people.

  • baked bananas

    I AM tired of waiting for the D700 replacement.

    I AM a proud owner of a 24mm 1.4

    I AM going to donate to the red cross for the tsunami relief

    I AM going to still take pictures with the camera I’ve got now.

    Therefore I will wait patiently for the d700 replacement… matter how long it takes.

  • They spend money on TV ads but not on functional video for their upper end DSLR’s?

    They produce a behind-the-scenes video showing some other camera used to produce their TV ads?

    Meanwhile — feature films produced on the 5D and 7D are winning awards.

    Perhaps two years ago it was reasonable to expect Nikon to respond to the HDSLR revolution. Perhaps a year ago it was reasonable to expect Nikon to respond to the HDSLR revolution. We’re now at the point that it feels like Nikon is truly falling apart.

    The only good news being that it appears that Sony and Panasonic are ready to compete with Canon — because a world in which no one competes with Canon is a world of high prices and no innovation.

    If Nikon doesn’t come up with something relative to pro DSLR video at NAB 2011 — they deserve a funeral.

    All of this was written by a guy with over, over ten thousand dollars in Nikon gear sitting in a nearby drawer — and a Canon 7D and two cheap Canon lenses in my camera bag. And, when it is time for me to use something made by Nikon — it’s a lens without a “G” on it connected by a $13 adapter to my 7D.

    • Lola

      Let me get this straight, you’ve got $10,000 worth of Nikon gear, a Canon 7D with lenses and you’re still complaining.
      Instead of moaning about what Nikon should have brought out perhaps you should concentrate on buying the right gear for the job ?

      • ErrolskiE


      • Windsor

        spoken like a true “coolpix” owner

        ever invested in glass?

        people invested in Nikon have the right to expect their gear isn’t rendered obsolete

        yet another ex-nikonian

  • Theo

    This *update* sounds intriguing. Last ~$2000 camera was D300/s.

    Wait… does this mean?! 🙂

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