New Holga and Lensbaby add-ons for Nikon DSLR

Holga is now selling lenses for DSLR. The Nikon version HL-N is a 60mm f/8 all plastic lens that costs $24.99 and weights 38g. Other Holga lenses and accessories are compatible with the HL-N (Lomography has a similar solution). The lens is also available on eBay.

In my Lensbaby hands-on report from few weeks ago, I mentioned that I did not like the lack of a built-in aperture ring in the Composer. Two days ago Lensbaby announced the new Sweet 35 Optic that features a 12-blade adjustable aperture. The lens is compatible with the existing Composer, Muse, Control Freak and Scout lens bodies.

Via Photographybay

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  • I both like and dislike the lack of built-in aperture in the Lensbaby optics. This new optic looks pretty awesome but it does lose one feature I think is awesome in the Lensbaby’s. With a removeable aperture, you can place in your own custom shaped aperture to get some awesome bokeh effects.

    • Gen

      Lensbaby :bringing legitimacy to blurry OOF photos since whenever…

      • Ronan

        Agreed with Gen hahaha

        • jb

          I find its cheaper to jump up and down when taking photos then add some photoshop blur afterwards.

          • Jens

            Not if you actually PAY for your Photoshop!

            • Anonymous

              who pays for photoshop? i never paid anything for photoshop or all the other addons.

    • JNpixels

      i dont think you lose any thing the Optics can is swap out in all the new Lensbaby

  • ZDP-189

    Ah, the perfect pairing for a D3X.

    • Spleen


      • Global

        D4 kit lens! W00t.

  • Jan

    Brandon remember to take your medicine boy.

  • Bruce

    … and works great on the Sony NEX5 too (with adapter).

  • So what you’re saying is that I shouldn’t have cannibalized my Holga for the lens last week.


  • R!

    f …..g stupid!!!!!!!

  • Imagine a gui with his D3x and 35 1.4,gluing a sheet of plastic to the lens to get “that great lensbaby effect”

    Double facepalm.

  • Phil

    That’s awesome chutzpah on the part of Holga. Total riot!

  • Xanadu AW18

    Plastic mabe fantastic don´t think so

  • sirin

    60mm on a medium format camera is almost a super wide angle lens. on a cropped sensor, it’s a narrow midrange at best. so you’re not getting a “holga” look either way.

    • Eric Pepin

      60mm is not near super wide angle on a 6×6 camera, its a more like a 35 to 40 equiv. normal is 80 after all.

  • Manfred

    I’d rather buy a body cap to protect my sensor from dust…

    Now, does really anybody seriously push the shutter button with that plastic trash there, where a lens belong to be?

  • Kingyo

    would the optical quality on one of these Holga lenses be a little better than a Canon EF lens? 🙂

  • Henry

    LOL at the silly amateur gearheads who think that you have to put only the best lenses on your cameras…

    These are lenses just for the hell of it. The holga is $25, what do you expect? It will get you the toy camera look without the cost of developing, printing, and scanning medium format. Same with the lensbaby, you buy these lenses because they’re NOT sharp, and for the lensbaby, you buy it for that warped look, which is difficult to duplicate in photoshop, especially when you’re trying to do bokeh tricks like what you can do with the removable lensbaby aperture’s.

    i’ll buy one of these and rock it on my D700, not everything has to be tack sharp..sheesh..have fun with it!

    • Mock Kenwell

      IMO, if you want the Holga look, shoot a friggin’ Holga. On film. It’s part of the whole experience. The analog and the unknown.

  • FM-2 fan

    is it really worth while to debate about the usefulness of these devices? they exist and anyone can “play” with it as with any other gear – it’s no rocket science – it’s about fun

  • SUPER, preoderered

  • Mock Kenwell

    Sweet. This will look as great on my D800 as Yosemite Sam mud flaps on my BMW 5 Series.

    • Geoff_K

      You have those TOO ! /snickers

  • bjrichus

    I remember the days when you were told to smear a ring of Vaseline round the edge of an old UV filter to get a soft-focus ring effect. Now you pay someone money to buy a lens that’ll do almost the same thing. How far we have come?

  • Geoff_K

    couldn’t I just put saran wrap over my current lens to get the same effect ? ;-p

  • Genuine plastic, wow, but what about the light leaks.

  • Joe

    I just ordered the Holga lens to give it a try on my D700. I always loved the images made with my Holga cam, but that 6×6 film thing always meant a lot of work and cost to get 2 or 3 okay images from one film roll. Man, it’s only 13 Euros on Ebay from Hong Kong, I couldn’t resist it.

    • Jim

      Take your chances on fleabay… I’d much rather buy from a licensed reputable online store like the one mentioned, even for a $25 lens like this…

      • Joe

        That online store is from Hong Kong, my Ebay seller is from Hong Kong, I don’t see the difference. I never had any problems with any chinese seller for accessories. Even it fails, that few bucks won’t make me cry. I wouldn’t purchase my D3X from Hong Kong, though.

  • dan

    Where did that dislike button go?
    No more of these please admin.

  • Nat

    Isn’t this Holga lens came out years ago???

  • ben

    I have Holga one since January and it’s not bad (too good from my expectation) when the focus gets right ( I sometime struggle to get it right with this F8 lens on D200 focusing screen). I was expected a very bad corners but it disappoint me.

    Infinity focus was not good on my copy so I modified to go fuhrer than the mountain picture mark.

    • ben

      Oh, I also screw in 46-52 step-up ring in front. I can use filter too.

    • Joe

      “I was expected a very bad corners but it disappoint me.”

      Remember you have a DX sensor! I guess the blurred and vignetted corners are only fully visible on medium format, while your D200 uses the lens’ “sweet spot”.

  • I’ll pass

  • Ron

    This looks awesome! I’m getting one. Dude’s stop complaining about a $25 lens. When you buy a $1000 lens and it doesn’t perform or is not sharp then you can start complaining. These Holga lenses are meant for fun or as a change from your normal photography. Of course you aren’t going to use them for commercial or fine detail work but that’s not what they are intended for…

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