Nikon’s mirrorless plans to be disclosed next month?

The Austrian broadcasting company ORF published an interview (in English) with Wolfgang Lutzky, the head of Nikon Austria.

When asked when Nikon would enter this market (i.e. mirrorless), Lutzky referred to the next presentation of financial results in March and mentioned that Nikon's top managers might lay out their (mirrorless) plans at this occasion. FYI, Nikon's financial year ends on March 31, 2011.

Furthermore, Lutzky noted that "The market of compact cameras with built-in lens is saturated and we expect that it will shrink next year".

Mirrorless is rather unimportant in Austria so far, the market share is only one percent. Lutzky: "In Japan and Great Britain mirrorless has a market share of 10%, we see a huge potential here."

According to this article Nikon was able to keep its number one position in Austria with a market share of 20,38% (152.011 units, total: 729.830 units sold - all kinds of cameras).

Lutzky further said that he does not think that the small compact cameras will be driven out of the market by mobile phones.

Thanks for the translation PTG!

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  • Myles

    It’ll be a fail just like their p&s

    • Tonny

      Absolutely agree with you.

      How Nikon make themselves a follower lately. When I consider to buy P&S, Nikon is my 3rd or 4th choice all the time in almost every class of P&S. Disappointing.

      • Banned

        Agreed same here, I don’t even consider them. Panasonic, Canon, etc… are way in front.

        • So true. And I don’t buy some of the comments above either about mobiles not killing the market…

          3 years ago, my wife asked for a compact, I bought her a nice Canon. 2 years ago my daughter asked for a compact and I bought her a Panasonic. Last year my wife got an iPhone and my daughter got an iTouch and since then both compacts sit unused in their cases. I shoot a D700 and a small collection of four primes…

          So, if we want ‘nice’ photos in our house (lol, their words not mine), they come to me, but if they want a shot while they’re out and about they choose Apple.

          I just can’t see how the interchangeable market is going to dampen the conusmer interest for ‘all in one’ on the go devices especially when you consider the ever increasing quality of the capabilities of the onboard cameras in those devices. So I agree that Nikon are already late to market and actually I think it’s a market that will also shrink regardless. Am I wrong? Maybe Nikon should be looking to make a phone with an ‘amazing’ camera capability?

          You only have to look at something like the Nokia N8 which of course has a 12MP camera (a device I considered myself ahead of all of the crappy P&S options out there), though the popularity of Nikoa devices seems to have been brought into question even by their own President as reported only yesterday:

    • gt

      what’s surprising about the p&s fails is how obvious and easy it was to create something at least semi-useful

      F4.9 at the long end?? No Raw compatibility? I just don’t get it – who makes their decisions?

      • gt

        edit: not that I’m in the market for a P&S or anything – it just makes me worry about the types of decisions Nikon has been making and what that means for their DSLR line (or even EVIL line)

        • Richard

          I think you are exactly on point. The problem is Nikon’s management. To an outsider, it appears that their process is slow in getting products to market compared to their competition and, worse yet, their decisions about what to bring to market are, at best, seriously flawed. As Thom Hogan recently opined on his site, the new P&S offerings from Nikon are solidly aimed at the previous generation products from Canon. Even worse, Canon will be two iterations ahead before Nikon has any chance of releasing a new product. That is a formula for failure.

          This raises questions about management’s ability to deliver on the other product lines as well. And then there is the nagging issue of quality control.

          One has to wonder how long this will be tolerated before the current management is shown the door.

      • scurvy hesh

        Did it ever occur to you that they might know more than you? Nikon is going to sell a shit load of these cams. And thats a good thing because they are profitable. I’m sure nikon knows that most people buying point and shoots dont want or need raw. Also most point and shoot buyers dont care what freakin F stop the camera is at. They are going to put it on the green setting , and forget about it. LOL RAW!?! You and I know that 99% of these cameras will be used for taking snapshots babies and drunk friends at the pub. Why do you need raw for that?

        • Ned

          Spot on

        • gt

          I’d counter with: maybe.

          I agree that consumers don’t know what RAW or Fstops are…but the thing is, reviewers do. And consumer websites do comparison reviews, and a final “recommended product.” And that recommendation becomes “the camera to get.”

          In this day and age, most people don’t spend $300 without at least looking up online comparisons or online reviews. I don’t think it helps their sales to have a product that is inferior to others in its class.

          • gt

            want to add one thing: I’m not comparing nikon P&Ses to DSLRS…I’m comparing them to other, similarly priced P&Ses…which offer, well, more..for less money.

          • gt

            (or a similar amount of money)

          • pavel

            people shooting babies and drunk friends don’t read reviews. 99% of people i know never ever thought about reading any review before buying their camera.
            it has to be small, nice looking and preferably cheap.
            we, people looking for a serious compact camera, are like <1% of buyers. i also wish they do it right but it's probably better to do small steps than to kill that segment completely in the eyes of stock holders.
            Keep in mind, they're doing business not us a favor!

        • Tonny

          I think you miss the point. Point is they can make a better P&S camera with the same price. They can be No#1 in P&S if they want to. But they do not seem to want to.

          If you are not a Nikon fan, and you review enough comparison test in the internet before you choose your P&S camera you will go for Panasonic, Canon, Sony or even Olympus for sure.

          P7000 is crap. You look into any review in the internet they always come as 3rd or 4th.

          • Richard

            More to the point, when a purchaser goes into Best Buy or whatever and says “I want a small camera”, the clerk is very unlikely to point them in the direction of a Nikon. Ditto for a camera store simply because the clerks know that they can put the customer in a better camera at whatever price point and the company stocks the ones that move the best.

        • +1. Though I most of those shots these days are now taken with a mobile anyway…

        • Scott Moore

          thank you…..was hopeing someone was going to chime in….

      • yk

        i just got myself a P7000. why not S95 0r LX5? simple reason, i can use my other nikon stuff like remote trigger & flash 🙂

    • EE

      I wholly agree; Nikon’s EVIL will fall short, wayyyy short–just like its P&S.
      Why is Nikon choosing to be substandard?

    • ZoetMB

      They’re a failure from a leading design standpoint, but they’re definitely not a failure from a sales standpoint, which is why Nikon keeps producing these largely boring cameras. In fact, I wish they would start failing, so they’d change their product strategy and do something a little more unique and risky.

      In fiscal 2010, Nikon sold 11.51 million P&S cameras, giving them an 11.2% market share. For the first 9 months of fiscal 2011, they’ve sold 11.6 million, giving them a 13.5% market share and for the full fiscal, they’re projecting 14 million units, a record.

      That’s up from 8.55 million units and an 8.7% share in fiscal 2008 and only 5.9 million units in fiscal 2007.

      Considering all the players, that’s a superb performance, although I don’t know how it compares to Canon.

      • Good point!

        The Nikon P&S cameras look better this year than in 2010, and I expect P300 to be succesfull.

        P300 looks interesting for the price.

        However, they launched 9 P&S cameras / year and 1 DX prime lens in 10 years(not counting speciality lens).

        Considering the success of 35mm f/1.8, what are they thinking?

      • Scott Moore

        nikon P&S are not supurb………sad they they produce such well made dslr’s and choose to always come in third.

  • How do you know it would have a viewfinder?
    (unlike the GF1/GF2/E-P1/E-P2/E-PL1/E-PL2/NEX-5/NEX-3/NX100 cameras)

  • Hmm or is it more likely that the announcements will be made in the new financial year instead?

    • WoutK89

      And he used the word might not even will. It’s again a lot of smoke and small fire.

  • KC

    Admin, when you said you expected one big announcement (perhaps d700 replacement) before the summer, when exactly is that? march/april.. And do you think Nikon will announce the replacement in March along with its mirrorless disclosure?

    • I do not have exact dates. I was told that the D5000 replacement will be announced in the next two months. The “big guns” will be announced in the summer and by the end of the year the complete Nikon DSLR line should be replaced.

      • where_the_H_is_D800

        Admin: Apparently the source is trying to say D4 and D400 in the summer. D800 to follow almost at the end of the year.

        • Gohan

          hope like what u said..

      • D700guy

        I am actually a little despondent over the timing of these high end DSLR’s and not because they are late to arrive, but that they are all arriving simultaneously.
        I currently shoot with a D700, and I have a fair number of good lenses, but this year is the year I plan to retire my workhorse of a camera body with its 70,000 + shutter count. It’s also the year I plan to equip myself with a viable sports body and comparable lenses. In other words; if possible, I will be acquiring both a D4 and a D4x. One for sports and the other for portraiture/landscapes. Additionally, the 35mm 1.4G, 200mm 2.0, 300mm 2.8 and 600mm 4.0. These will be a huge investment and probably the last bodies and lenses I buy. From there I hope to capitalize on these toys and see some revenue from them.
        So, to have them all become available at once is a bit overwhelming. I wish they had spaced them out somewhat.

        • Bullsnot

          Why not look for some used teles in good shape when others upgrade to the latest stuff? AFAIK, the only noteworthy change in the pro teles last update was “N” coating and VRII up from VRI – not exactly “have-to-have” upgrades… the optics on the previous gen lenses were terrific.

          • D700guy

            I might just do that. It’s still a high price tag.
            From what I’ve seen, the used lenses are usually about $1000 less when it comes to the high end telephotos.

        • To-mas

          Why you want to retire your d700 after only 70 000 shutters?
          I made on D3 around 160k, my friend had shutter changed on d3 after 118k and continue to use it.

  • jason

    I thinks its gona be something like the kenko c mount camera.
    NIKON want to be special in a bad way.

    • Banned

      Kenko? How about Barbieco?

    • Richard

      We will have an opportunity to see what becomes of Sony’s decision to open the lens mount for the NEX to anyone who wants to use it for lenses. It is not clear to me at this point whether the lens mount is also open to other body manufactures as the micro 4/3rds mount is. If that is the case, both Nikon and Canon may have a formidable challenger in that market segment.

  • Mike

    I think Nikon is doomed to fail with this mirrorless project. In the sense that the anticipation is at it’s bursting point right now and it’s stacked against them. If the sensor is less than m4/3 or even APS-C, there will be a collective “WTF is Nikon thinking”. Really, people are hoping for an M9 with D3 type AF speed, X100 hybrid viewfinder and 1080 p video. So by default, whenever this finally gets released, everyone will (at first take it in then all at once) yell “fail”. I hope I’m wrong but I’m betting just about everyone on here will be disappointed.

    • iWhine from Apple

      People on here will be disappointed no matter what, you’re right. Bunch of whiners all of them.

      Like the point and shoots. Most of the people here probably don’t want to buy one anyway, but they’ll whine about how it doesn’t have RAW and it’s too slow on the long end etc. etc. Then they’ll prophesy Nikon’s doom and threaten to switch to Canon if they don’t get their way.

      Reminds me of kindergarten. LOL

    • preston

      I agree that the expectations are too high, but the strange part is that this is completely unjustified! All of the patents showed a smaller than m4/3 sensor! It was just a baseless rumor (unlike Nikonrumors posts 🙂 that showed up on Mirrorless Rumors that said Pentax and Nikon were going to come out with “professional” mirrorless cameras this year.

      If you expect COMPLETE dominance right from the start then you are probably going to be disappointed!

    • Scott Moore

      Agreed…! Nikon will put a half effort like they do with their P&S. They will fall back on their name and people willbuy them for the name sake.

      Sad but true. Until people stop buying them, Nikon will be happy to be sub par

  • No more Nikon bashing please, it’s seriously started to get to me… I almost feel like I should have another brand of camera… all this Nikon bashing has finally made me feel insecure.

    • scurvy hesh

      They are just ass clowns Arthur. People like that will never be happy. Nikon has way too many good products, and has come out with some banger lenses this year. If these ass fools cant make quality photos with the their current gear, then a semester of Photography classes would be more beneficial and cheaper. Its so funny how someone would complain about F4.9 at the long end on a Rinky dink point and shoot. that must make the 18-200 a total piece of garbage then. its a 5.6! Did they even notice the price of this little bitty? And what kinda control freak absolutely needs raw in a point and shoot. WHO CARES. Its a point and shoot!

      • broxibear

        “what kinda control freak absolutely needs raw in a point and shoot. WHO CARES. Its a point and shoot!”
        I think you missed something scurvy hesh, the reason posters here (and reviewers on other sites) were amazed there was no raw is because Nikon are calling it an “enthusiasts camera”, and a camera for professionals to carry with them not a point and shoot for your average user. It’s direct competition from Panasonic and Canon do have raw…and yes people do use raw oin smaller cameras, I use it on my GX200.
        You’re right, there are some that will never be happy with whatever Nikon brings out, but there are legitimate and valid questions being asked too.

        • scurvy hesh

          No, thats not why they are doing that. This has been going on long before the Coolpix cameras launched.

          • broxibear

            Yeah you’re going to get people who just like to complain, that’s the price you pay for comments on blogs…what can you do ?
            That aside I think asking why raw was omitted from the P300 is a fair question ?

          • Mock Kenwell

            Well, I was one of the first to bash it. This camera looks like the S95, it apes many of its features, it’s flirting with the LX5 from a spec point of view—so why shouldn’t people be upset when it gets pussed out with a tiny sensor, more MP and no RAW? There is a difference between a compact and a serious compact camera. Perhaps you just don’t know what to do with a serious compact, but I do. And Nikon has an entire assload of mediocre, forgettable, unspectacular compact cameras. Oodles of assloads.

            Of course they’re here to make money, to turn a profit for their shareholders. Do you seriously think we don’t all realize that? I just want ONE of those dozens of cookie-cutter, competent but wholly unspecial cameras to be made for me! And you! And most of the people who read this board. I will pay for it.

            It is absolutely correct to display your dismay for a camera that comes THIS CLOSE to being competitive, and then screws the pooch. And you just know that a marketing drone found some numbers somewhere in a data analysis survey to justify crippling this camera. And I’m sure it will make them money.

            But it is also gutless. And great companies aren’t gutless. Great companies make lots of cameras that sell, so they can make that one that makes them ooze with pride. The camera they would want. The camera their peers will drool over with envy. Proud great companies do this.

            Nikon has a phenomenal DSLR line and amazing quality that earns them a following of pros and smart enthusiasts alike. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THAT ALL OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE POINT AND SHOOTS? That they go on vacation? It is simply insulting that they continue to ignore a market segment that stands by them year after year. It’s time to address all their audiences, not just the LCD.

            • Darkness

              I dont have one, my SLR works just as well on vacation

            • Ren Kockwell

              Sure. And a DSLR works great in church, at the pool, and in your pants pocket on the way to work, too.

            • Karlosak

              Spot on. I couldn’t say it any better…

      • lol at “ass clowns”. I love America 😉

  • JNpixels

    what there to be insecure? if you not happy then move on

    • iWhine from Apple

      Even if you have a great camera, if enough people whine about some minor point it can make you second guess.

      Personally I’ve shot Canon and Nikon and I know what I want and what Canon lacks.

      Canon have the tendency to bring out minor upgrades 500D, 500D, 600D etc. all the time where Nikon try to get it right the first time. You can’t please everyone of course (some people think they NEED all those megapixels to post pictures of their cat on facebook).

      Every camp has it’s whiners. I mean Nikon guys say: “When will Nikon make a camera to compete with the 5DII” and Canon guys say: “When will Canon make an affordable FF camera with good AF like the D700.” You can’t please everyone.

      • JNpixels

        Nikon hold on to there D800 that just mean more money for lens hehe

  • broxibear

    March…focus on imaging 6th-9th of March maybe ?
    An “M9 with D3 type AF speed” would be too big…it has to compete against the NEX range remember so it has to be similar in size.
    Part of the reason for mirrorless is for a smaller, lighter camera…the M9 is bigger than a D3100, so it has to be closer to the GF2 or EPL2.
    The lens mount is going to be interesting, FX is too big, DX lenses aren’t much smaller so are they going to come out with a new mount size ?
    If they use their SP for design cues they might actually pull it off…

    • preston

      This isn’t a fair comparison (M9 size wouldn’t work because it’s bigger than a D3100). The D3100 doesn’t have a full frame sensor! Do you realize how many people would raise their hands to the heavens and rejoice if Nikon released a D3100 sized FX camera (which is even much smaller than what people are asking for in a new D700 sized FX)?

      What I’m getting at is that the acceptable size of a mirrorless entry completely depends on the sensor that it has. If it has a P&S size sensor then it had better be the size of a P&S; if it’s DX then people are going to expect close to NEX but if it’s FX people would be more than willing to accept it at M9 size.

      • broxibear

        “If it has a P&S size sensor then it had better be the size of a P&S; if it’s DX then people are going to expect close to NEX but if it’s FX people would be more than willing to accept it at M9 size.”
        I don’t think that’s right preston, the Sony NEX5 is smaller than the Nikon P7000 ?
        Sony are the market leaders in this section and it’s the NEX range that Nikon (and Canon as they’re also bringing one out) have to compete against…it won’t be an FX sensor.
        Are you thinking of buying a mirrorless camera ?

        • preston

          I am recalling the interview with the Nikon exec where he said that they were going to create a new market (or something very similar to this) with their mirrorless entry. I’m hoping that this means larger sensor (than DX) interchangeable lens rather than smaller sensor IL 🙂

          Yes, I am definitely thinking of buying of buying a mirrorless. I have a 4 year old Oly P&S but haven’t used it even once since I bought my D90 last March (spoiled by the image quality). There have been many occasions where I’ve wished I could have brought something smaller and lighter that still had good IQ. I’ve almost bought a used GF1 a couple times on ebay but am holding off to see what Nikon brings to the table!

          • broxibear

            Yeah it was Nikon’s president Makoto Kimura who mentioned a “new concept” last year…who know’s what that means?
            I nearly bought a GF1 a few months ago, instead I bought a Ricoh Gx200 (it was half price and inc a viewfinder)…it has it’s limitations and I’ll be looking to change it soon. The GF1 is dropping in price rapidly because of the GF2 but I’m going to wait and see what Nikon and Canon bring too.
            The fact that Sigma, Carl Zeiss and Tamron have decided to make lenses for Micro Four Thirds makes me wonder if Nikon are going that way ?

            • broxibear

              The GF1 and GF2 prices are now the same here in the UK ?.
              GF2 + 14mm is £480 and is about a stop better in high iso than the GF1…hmmm, I’m tempted ?

  • RiverRoadMan

    I think Nikon needs to stop following in the footsteps of Microsoft.

    Microsoft, like Nikon has had very innovative ideas but fail to bring them to market correctly or at the right time, if ever.

    Anyone who has read mir knows that Nikon could have had in-lens motors before Canon but they failed to be bold.

    Now is the time for Nikon to pull out all the stops and be bold. Canon’s latest announcements show that they are giving their customers everything they could want or imagine while we’re stuck here waiting and hoping for Nikon to play catch up.

    That should stop, we shouldn’t be playing catch up we should be leading the way.

    Nikon is soon going to become Nokia, if they don’t break this trend.

    • scurvy hesh

      What? can we end these ridiculous apples and oranges comparisons?

  • zzddrr

    Blah, blah,blah … another Nikon exec with another fairy tale. I am getting sick and tired with these moron Nikon execs and their promises.

    Now, the reason why he did not talk about dslrs because they have nothing ready. Once uncle sony finishes the new sensor Nikon will get one a month later. I am very disappointed so far with Nikon.

    • broxibear

      Which camera are you waiting for zzddrr ?…the D800, D400 or D4 ?

      • zzddrr

        I think the new D4 will be much smaller and I would prefer that. If it is a tank size then i would go with the D800.

        As a sidenote, I kind of liked the size of the D7000 and if a D400 would be there in that size with better features I would consider it as second cam but first I would go for FX.

        • broxibear

          I think the D4 might be lighter than the D3 series because of the materials used (I recall carbon fibre being mentioned in an article), but the dimensions won’t be that different…remember it still has to have 2 cf card slots, battery, screen etc, and there’s not much free space left. Personally I like the size of my D3 (fits in my hand well) but I do understand for certain types of photography it can be cumbersome…I know a number of photojournalists have started to use Leica M9s because they are smaller and less intimidating.
          The D7000 v D400 I’m pretty sure will be the same as the D90 v D300…added features yes, but no difference in image quality.

          • Anonymous

            Yes I remember of the carbon fibre posting. At the same time, I think it is possible to reduce the size. I have a feeling that the new D4 will have SD slots not CF. If that’s the case there will be more size reduction.

            The D400 will have the same sensor as the A77 from sony, now if that’s 24MP then we’ll see a jump compared to the D7000. I think it will use the same sensor.

            We know that the D3x sensor share many things with the A900/A850 sensor. I would not be surprised that the new generation of that sensor would be in the D800/D4. Now here I am puzzled. If they reduce a bit the size of the D4 then many who use the D700 currently with a grip would go after that without hesitation. So maybe we will not see a D800 at all but see something like the D7000 in full frame.

            • broxibear

              Hi Anonymous…
              The only thing I can say for definite is that the D4 will use CF cards…there is no way Nikon is going to force all their high end users to scrap their CF cards and start over again with SD, it would cost thousands.
              I’m not sure about the D3x sensor being used in any of the bodies because although it has the resolution it has limited high iso capability which is one thing many want.
              Whatever happens it’s going to be a busy year because Canon and Sony will be bringing out their new dslrs too, not to mention the mirrorless ones.
              I’m not planning to upgrade my D3 for the next couple of years so I’ll just sit back and watch the bloodbath lol.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Wow, really? If I were a PJ with my livelihood depending on every shot, I can’t imagine I’d ditch an AF camera for a rangefinder. Despite its amazing Kodak sensor.

            • broxibear

              Hi Mock,
              Really depends on your description of what a photojournalist is ? I’m not talking about the paps you see chasing people leaving court etc, I’m talking about those who go and cover stories and need a camera that isn’t as intimidating, can be hidden.
              Michael Kamber comes to mind, he uses a M9 but I know a number of photojournalists who use Canon, Nikon and Leica…people shoot in different ways and like different cameras.
              I’m not a photojournalist I take editorial portraits and music images, a Leica would fit my work pretty well but I’m invested in Nikon and I do love my D3, I’m too scared to hire a M9 for a weekend incase I’m seduced by it ?

        • Renard

          What if the D800 was a smaller D3x and the D4 was a higher MP D3s?

          • broxibear

            Hi Renard,
            If anything I think the D800 would have to be a smaller D3s… It’ll be interesting to see If Nikon go down the S and X variations road with the D4. Looking back on ir maybe holding back on the D3s and instead adding 1080p, 18mp and calling it the D4 would have made more sense ?
            Whatever it is it’s going to be expensive.

  • Jk

    Nikon rocks in the dslr and lens department and that is all I care about. I don’t need to be wowed with every product a company offers.

    Their cameras are enough for demanding professional situations and for the gear headed crappy no skilled whiny “photographers”.

    Nikon is damned if they do and damned if they dont. If you want a feature then pay for it. If you don’t need a feature then dont buy it. If canon or so y or whatever offers something you feel is better in a p&s then buy that. Why do you need to have a nikon p&s?

    • Ludvig


    • Darkness

      They are damned on this site anyway, too many reps from Canon here, move along.

    • Art

      I think what many of us consider frustrating is that Nikon is so close to having a winning P&S but then cut some amazing corners. It would be _so_ easy for Nikon to have a significantly better camera here and yet for unknown reasons they decided not to.

      For example, how much work do you think it would take to output RAW? I’m a programmer (among other things) and know RAW would be just as easy if not easier to output than JPEG. I’m sure most of the code has already been written for other projects / cameras it is simply a matter of pulling over the source, plugging it in and adding a menu item.

      How much work is it to add another slightly larger sensor? Not much. Even with a larger sensor, it still won’t be a big sensor and the cost will not be huge considering that small sensors get sold to all sorts of camera companies.

      So, yes, some of us are whining but at the same time please keep in mind that some of us have been wanting a decent pocket camera and have been holding off buying a Cannon or similar because we love Nikon and then to find out that the Cannon would have been a better choice and we could have had it _months_ ago. Additionally, it makes each of us wonder how many shortcuts will be taken for the D400 / D800 / D4 cameras when they are released that could have been just as easily avoided.

      It isn’t like the problems with the new P&S are fundamental technological problems but are simply problems caused by laziness or some paper pushing accountant.

    • I have zero brand loyalty to Nikon in anything other than F-mount. When it was time to buy the wife a P&S I bought a Canon. It’s not like I’m embarrassed to use it or anything.

      These days, most of what I would use a P&S for I shoot with the cell phone. Nikon has an incredible case of Kodak-like myopia if they think the smartphone market isn’t going to just whack the pocket P&S market. I’m there despite the fact that the camera on the HD7 phone *sucks*. It’s good enough for a Facebook snapshot.

      If Nikon had any real vision into their P&S market they’d be trying to form strategic partnerships with Nokia and HTC, etc and co-brand the cell phones. I’d love it if HTC had collaborated with Nikon on the HD7 imaging.

      The only reason I care about their P&S business is the free cash flow (or lack thereof) it throws off impacts their overall R&D budget and overall financial stability. The development of the D900, D5, etc needs a robust company behind it.

      • broxibear

        It’s interesting you mention Nokia Elton, Nokia have just announced a partnership with Microsoft to work on an operating system to challenge Apple iPhone…I wonder if any of the phone makers will buy Kodak for their sensor technology ?

    • Mock Kenwell

      Ha! You’re a riot. So here we are on a Nikon site because (most of us) like Nikons and you wonder why we shouldn’t be upset that Nikon has made HUNDREDS of compact models over the last few years and can’t build ONE for us? You’re hilarious. You’re probably the same guy who would denounce anyone who actually did go out and buy a non-Nikon compact. Give me a break fan boy.

  • Jk


    Brand loyalty is making you all bitter… How ironic

    • +1

      I would say more disappointed than bitter but good observation….

  • Ned

    Maybe it is time they started playing their reverse psychology bits.
    Just a hunch here.

    1) A lot of people say these new up coming smaller sensors will have worse noise control.. based on known facts.
    Has anyone done image reviews of the products yet? (P300 etc)
    Maybe Nikon has come up with decent enough new algorithms to sufficiently and nicely control noise together with the bigger apertures?

    Now if this is the case, then it just means there will be bigger things to come. Perhaps the next release will be with bigger sensors and even better refined noise control and that will just blow others out of the water…

    It’s marketing. You dont bring your full guns out until you know for sure you can win the war. And these days, you want to make sure you kill the opposition so that there is no revival… else keep some ammo for survival.

    2) Once again psychology… if they came out with very good pns now, then when the EVIL comes out, the punch is just not there.
    Also for those who stay on, the rewards could be ever so sweet.
    Those who jumped will bitterly regret.

    If the P300 is good will you buy it now, and then buy an EVIL later?
    It is perhaps their way of marketing the pns as mentioned above to those who dont need much sophistication. while the real value is in the EVIL for those looking for more compact performers.

    just some 2 cents.

    • Mock Kenwell

      So totally wrong. The fixed lens compact market and the removable lens camera market are totally different segments. Nikon would not lose market share to their own compacts. They will most definitely lose share BY HAVING NOTHING TO COMPETE in the serious fixed lens compact market OR (as of today) the mirrorless market. You self-purported marketing geniuses don’t understand marketing, nor do you understand the ages-old “quid pro quo” between Canon and Nikon.

  • Slick

    This mirrorless camera sounds interesting, but Nikon has already screwed the pooch by not coming out with a competitor to Canon’s 5DMII in price and specs.

    Nikon should have been announcing something this week at the show, and the fact that they didn’t says more about them as a company. They just don’t get it.

    All they announced was info about their coolpix line. Who cares – that’s junk. Canon’s been killing them in the point and shoot market for years with the elphs. What Nikon needs to be focused on, and keeps missing the mark again and again is in their DSLR line – matching or besting specs and prices against Canon’s releases – (and getting them right the first time).

    It’s the only way Nikon is going to increase sales and satisfaction. Nikon reminds me of Novell networks right now. Far behind the curve with a product that used to be great, still is to some extent, but overpriced or outmatched by newer market leaders.

  • Chuck

    People who say DSLR is too big and heavy should just use their iphone4. Let the real men use their DSLRs

  • On the P&S; in my view the P300 aims to get Nikon’s foot in the door into the serious compact market without spending too much money in R&D coming up with sector-breaking tech. Using a 1/2.3″ sensor would be cheaper than the 1/1.7″ sensor and the lack of RAW I think is just Nikon doing a ‘Steve Jobs’ in saying that ‘we know that most people don’t use RAW so let’s save all the costs related in updating all the codecs needed by s/w firms to use the P300 RAW files since 90% of people buying a US$300 cam won’t need/want RAW”. Plus, most people turn over their P&S every 2-3 years so P&S’ are more sensitive to price movements rather than pure tech.

    On the EVIL; Nikon have an opportunity to make a serious EVIL if they take the Fuji X100 as a comparative model but integrate changeable lenses. Features like APS-C, use of the older S-mount with DX/FX adapters, decent Contrast AF like on the D7000 and styling like the X100 will produce a high-end EVIL that people will buy without doubt.

    Ultimately, Nikon is a business and corporate design is mostly a compromise between costs, profits, market sector and company strategy. Nikon know that their dSLRs are the main driver behind their brand, like when they released the D3/D300 which completely flipped the market back against Canon, the ‘cool by association’ effect will work when the new D4/D400 is released, shatter the status quo on dSLRs again and there will be the halo effect on all things Nikon like their P&S range. If their EVIL is at least competent and aims for the high end, that will only add to the overall Nikon brand.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Nikon take a cue from the X100? Won’t happen. Expect a fail if you’re looking for a decent sized sensor. I don’t see it happening based on everything that’s been said by Nikon leadership. It will be smaller than M4/3 most likely. If it can be pocketable, it’s a win. If it’s just smaller, but not pocket-sized, it’s a fail.

      Also, thinking Nikon doesn’t want to enter the serious compact market is another mistake. They tried. The P7K was all they could muster. Fail again. It comes in at a distant third to other better cams in the segment. Nikon is gutless for listening to marketing analysis all day long. Marketing data has its place, but everyone is looking at the same data. To truly innovate and grow, you have to have vision and a gut feel for the future.

      Nikon is conservative, slow and gutless in this department. They feel very at home in the DSLR realm, and do amazing things there. They blaze trails. For some reason, everywhere else they are late to market and only follow established trends. It’s amazing for example, that the same company that invented the unchallenged Nikonos underwater camera so many decades ago has no digital equivalent, nor have they moved that technology into the compact and sub-compact markets they seem so infatuated with. If they’re looking for a growth market with a poor field, they need look no further.

  • asdasd

    dear Nikon, dont bother, we have Fuji X100

    • If I’m not wrong, Nikon plans a part in the design 😮

      • iWhine from Apple

        Nice if we get essentially an X100 with interchangeable lenses from Nikon 😀

        • Richard

          …or anybody else.

  • Bozo

    How about a UFO disclosure instead?

  • DirkJan

    For me, I couldn’t care less for a mirrorless camera. For travelling purposes I have a D40 which is compact enough and has lenses that will fit on any DSLR.

    Well, if Nikon would produce some kind of EVIL to F-mount adapter, that would be a different story.

    And people, face it. Nikon is not really a technology leader. It never was, and never will be. It will never be a compact camera leader also, they just produce it because customers want a “Nikon”. They are adequate, but generally sub Canon/Panasonic.

    However, Nikon produces reliable, rigid, good, ergonomically superior DSLRs with an arsenal of lenses older than most of the readers probably are and still able to work on the newest of DSLRs…. They might not always be technology leading, but we want them to be. Why? Because what they make (DSLRs concerned) is just so darn good. Back in the 35mm film days, I chose a Nikon F65 instead of a Minolta or any other brand of those days. The Nikon was at the bottom of the list. Why? It was the most expensive and had the least features. But the moment I picked it up, I knew this was the camera for me. That, people, is the magic of Nikon. To this date, there is no affordable camera that can top that. Even the D3100 feels to me way better than a Canon 5DmarkII. And that feeling, gets me in touch with what I shoot, therfore inspire me to shoot naturally.

    Knowing that, makes me more patient. We want Nikon to be revolutionary, but they simply aren’t. But when it comes, it is darn good. I’m referring here to the DSLR’s, their compacts are ok. Mirrorless? I have no clue. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Ole Martin Helgesen

    There’s an error in the translation, the market share in Japan and UK is not 10% but “one third”, i.e. 33%, which “Drittel” actually means

    • asdasd

      who cares? there lives like 7 Milion people, mostly farmers. All what is sold there are P&Ss. It is 11 times smaller then Germany. Like tell me what in Iceland is hot lol.

    • PTG

      You are right, it must read: in Japan and Great Britain mirrorless has a market share of 33%.
      I have mixed that up with the preceeding sentence. Sorry. The 10% refer
      to the market share of mirrorless on interchangeable lens cameras in Austria.
      Admin, please correct.

  • They better make something good out of this mirrorless thing. They should NOT let the “compact-department” have anything to do with the developement of their mirrorless system.

  • Igorek7

    Wow. They didn’t make any announcement yet, but people already claim it would be a failure.
    At least some of the people in Nikon made some interesting comments, suggesting that they may go a way of creating an advanced mirrorless camera with a less than APS-C sensor. “Going APS-C would only make things bigger and would detract from the F mount’s market value in terms of IQ and features” (Nikon’s director of R&D at Photokina about a mirror less interchangeable lens system). A few recent patents by Nikon actually quite remarkable: for example, curved sensor that can simplify and shrink size of a lens.

    • asdasd

      it is just confidence Nikon built upon it’s followers which says:
      anything non DSLR related will be pure fail.
      Based on 10years experience

      • Igorek7

        I believe by “advanced” Nikon means some mirrorless in the price-(quality-)range of their DSLRs.
        Well, since you mentioned FujiFilm X100. Based on my 5 years experience, I would rather expect Fuji to continue focusing solely on P&S cameras each year decreasing a sensor size, but they managed to slightly lift my hopes with X100.

      • +1

        please refer to the coolpix just announced

      • Mock Kenwell

        +1 to all. Once bitten twice shy.

  • Mark P

    If their year end is March 31 , they can’t release earning before that. DUH. It will take weeks or even a month. They may not release the results till late april or may.

    • You are correct. The Nikon executive is not only incorrect, but seems to be spouting random misinformation of all kinds.

      Nikon should report their year-end results in May, not March. Given this year’s calendar, I’ll bet May 10th.

      Mirrorless does not have a 10% market share in Japan and the UK. It’s been reported as bigger than that in both places, though the numbers from the UK are suspect.

      The statement that small compact cameras won’t be driven out of the market by cell phone cameras ignores reality. Just why does he think compact camera sales has been flat to declining for the past several years? (Hint: the other possibility is that the camera makers are doing sucky designs ;~).

      Basically, his remarks are a total spin, with no grounding in facts.

  • frank

    Be prepared to be dissapointed, there will be nothing mirrorless from Nikon this year.

    They may announce plans this year but there will be no products this year.

  • Pat

    Damn I have just wasted 15 mins reading your poor speculations…

  • Ashton Kutcher

    They will buy the camera because I am good looking, funny, and witty. As the spokesman for Nikon, does it really matter what f stop the camera has? What is a f stop anyway? Good commercials sell crappy cameras. Great spokespersons sell crappy cameras. And I have some news for you, I am a GREAT spokesperson.

    You can be really popular with the bridesmaids at random weddings if you buy this camera….

    • Demi Morre

      How do you think he got me? Bruce Willis never had a point and shoot from Nikon. He was always shooting with his huge SLR and it was such a turnoff.

      • Bruce Willis

        +100 ^

        • Mock Kenwell

          Jesus Christ this little triplet cracked me up. Proper spelling of Demi Moore and I would have lost it completely.

    • You won’t be spokesperson for long Ashton, I’ve already conquered Europe and now the US wants me, your days are numbered.

      • Bruce Willis

        Please say it’s true, please say it’s true

      • Ashton Kutcher

        Yeah, but the D3100 is a good camera. You have to bring in the big guns when trying to market huge pile of dung to unsuspecting grandmothers and lonely dudes who want to be popular at weddings.

      • Bruce Willis

        NR Admin – do you have any feeling on whether or not this will happen, when and the %%?

        If they don’t replace Ashton before summer, I’m selling this D3000 that Ashton recommended and switching to Canon.

  • Bruce Willis

    +1 ^

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Did you even see me in The Guardian? I rocked that movie. How will people be able to resist buying these cameras?

    • +1

      Social psychology: Popularity and humor are great ways to build instant trust in a product. Great job Ashton!

    • +1

      Bruce: what happened; you dropped the ball, big time.

  • Grazie mille!

  • D700guy

    Just curious; has there been any rumored information as to what the price of the alleged D4 will be?

    • Renard

      Whatever it is, they need to keep the price competitive with the Canon counterpart. That price will probably be announced first.

    • broxibear

      Well the D3x was £5000 when first released, so any D4 will be the same at best but more than likely higher.

  • Eric Pepin

    Meh, wheres my digital FM / FE body.

  • poizen22

    i hope there mirrorless line up is something of the range finder sort liek the panasonic gf series and the olympus epl series. Im almost considering going back to film just to do stree photography.

  • Nat

    If the Nikon mirrorless are capable with DSLR lens then it a win! So many DSLR owner wanna have lage sensor compact camera because we don’t want to go back to p&s but still want something small to have fun and so many people wanna buy DSLR for IQ but find it too big and don’t know how to use it. Also Nikon can introduce new smaller lens to fit the market.

    Nikon mirrorless camera can target 2 different market “Pro users” and “Ave users”

    Pro = Pro-controls, VF, etc.

    Ave = Touch screen, Friendly modes, etc.

    If Nikon can do it, this will kill m4/3 and NEX and increase their band loyalty customers will move between ML DXFX

    • Nat

      And thats not all once the Third party lens companies see that producing lens for Nikon cameras will cover 3 big markets, then they will come up with the new lens to fit Nikon. So when consumers see that buying Nikon system give them so many lens choices and cheaper price, who won’t want to join Nikon?

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