Nikon press conference scheduled for February 9th

Nikon will be holding a press conferences in multiple countries on February 9th, 2011 (Wednesday). For all US readers this means that new products will be announced between 11:00pm and midnight EST on February 8th (NR probability rating: 99%).

As of today I am certain only about two new point and shoot cameras to be announced on February 9th - the Coolpix P500 that will have 22.5-810mm (x36) zoom, 12MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor and will cost 299 EUR. The second Coolpix model will have a 24-100mm zoom and fast f/1.8 aperture.

There was a good chance that Nikon will announce a successor of the discontinued Nikon D5000, but since I haven't heard anything till now, I doubt it will happen.

As I mentioned before, this announcement date precisely matches the opening date of the  CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan (February 9-12, 2011). Expect all new Nikon products to be on display at that show. If you are in Yokohama and will be visiting the show, please send me some pictures of/with the new Nikon gear.

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  • R R


    • Anonamouse

      FOR GOODNESS SAKE, Nikon. The D300/s is nearly 3 and a half years old. Release its replacement already.

      So, finger crossed for that, R R.

      • texasjoe

        Dont get your hopes up…

        • Discontinued

          No, I wouldn’t do that.

          On the other hand, just a P&S-announcement
          isn’t really worth a conference.

          • N.exe

            The D300 line is gone, forget about a successor,
            get a D7000 if you want DX.
            semi pros & pros are going FF and they don’t
            wants to have a small(er) sized sensor Dslr when
            they can enjoy the benefit of a ff sensor.
            The prices of the D700 will go further down and
            will make the FF affordable for those clients.
            you’ll see

            • Cristian

              I hope DX sensor format will not be confined in consumer-only cameras: many nature and sport photographers are still enjoying the 1.5x crop factor on telephoto lenses. I use FF on D700 and I know the benefits on noise; I also know that a dx crop from a ff 24mpx image will be widely usable, but if Nikon would announce a tropicalized D400 with dx sensor I think I will buy it as a second body.
              If not, I think I will go D7000 without buying a second ff body: the 12Mpx ff of D700 are more than enough for me.

      • Exactly- it’s only 3.5 years old now. Another 6 months to go.


    Just had to be first once…lol
    What about the replacement of the d700???????????

  • LeBleu

    I bet if there’s a replacement to the D5000 it will be the one to have the projector option. It’s an entry level option. Upgrade the D700 with 1080p video, probably an upgrade of the D3 series???

  • Bonetti

    It is probably The D5100

  • Mock Kenwell

    Who cares what kind of camera it is, as long as there’s a projector in it!

  • stop crying for the d700 before the d4 or fx sensor is released!

    • freshprinceofholyoke

      the d7000 has a better sensor than the d300s… why not do the same thing with fx?

      • Ronan

        D300/s still takes better pictures.

        Durp durp durp.

        • freshprinceofholyoke

          nope. its the user. the differences between the image quality of a d300/s and d7000 are negligible.

  • Paul

    Only one announcement this time?

  • Nathan

    I’d love both of those point and shoots if they turn out to be good performers.

    • freshprinceofholyoke


  • mandrake

    Any pro body replacements would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    Look, uncle sony is not ready with the new FX sensor and as we know Nikon can’t do anything without sony. Sorry guys but lately it does seem to me that sony is the one who innovates and actually delivers new technology. I am afraid Nikon is way too sensor cripled. What did they do lately, nothing but crap. If sony didn’t give a sensor we would not have the D7000.

      • Anonymous

        You are talking about 12MP!!!! Nikon cannot produce FX sensors beyond 12MP.

        Besides you are showing me the shitty D3100’s sensor? Give me a break, if this crap would be so good then I think we would have seen a Nikon sensor in the D7000.

        This company is sensor cripled. Otherwise it would have responded to the 5DII. It’s been 2.5 yrs … Now go and find me an Nikon FX sensor that is beyond 12MP.

        • Ronan

          Nikon design their own sensors and has Sony produce them.

          So what?…

          • aetas


        • gt

          lol I’m waiting for t he D700 replacement as much as the next guy…but for reasons that have nothing to do with Megapixels

          MP junkies make me laugh. Why do I have a strong feeling that this guy hasn’t made a print in ages?

          • Anonymous

            You are like every other 1MP funbois. You make stupid assumptions!

            • gt

              Actually, you make foolish assumptions. For example, that a 24MP will change the quality of your print in any visible way.

        • Best full frame sensor out their and it’s in the D3X. 24mp.

          • anonymous

            My trusty D2Hs still snaps wonderful photos. If Megapixels are your main concern, I strongly suggest you get a Mamiya with a digital back or switch to Canon since they are in the lead in this Megapixel rat-race.

            • Anonymous

              be happy with 12mp. If it would depned on you, humans would still live in caves. I do not want to be offensive but where do you live? 🙂

              That was a joke, but hope you get the point

        • Rich

          Right now Nikon has the lead in the megapixel rat race ,24 mp D3X vs 21 Eos 1ds mark III. If I was going to go medium format it wouldnt be Mamiya It would be the Hasselblad H4D-60 at 60 Mp you have all the resolving power you need.

          @ gt “Actually, you make foolish assumptions. For example, that a 24MP will change the quality of your print in any visible way.”

          When it comes to doing prints larger than 16×20 youre going to see a huge difference in quality of print from higher megapixels cameras.

      • thanks for the links Željko, I was looking for those but could not find them yesterday

  • Just hopping for the “D400”

  • Suzan

    Hoping for a prosumer telephoto lens such as a replacement for the 80-400mm, or better yet… 100-450mm f4-f5.6 DX, under $2500 and under 4 lbs.

    • PAG

      Add an update of the 300mm f/4 to that, please. And although I wouldn’t be buying one, it seems like there’s a real market for a 400mm f/5.6.

      • Rick

        Why would a 400mm f/5.6 be important when the 300mm f/4 with 1.4 TC (420mm f/5.6 equivalent) can produce excellent images?

        • PAG

          The only reason I can come up with is price. From Canon, a 300mm f/4 + 1.4x TC is about $1,600. A 400mm f/5.6 is about $1,250. I personally have no interest in a 400mm f/5.6, but I’ve seen enough birders carrying them that it’s obvious to me that there’s a market for that lens.

          I have a Nikon 300mm f/4 and TC1.4 II tele on order. If they update the 300mm, I’ll buy the new one and sell off he old one. Same thing goes for the 80-400mm which I already own.

  • Geoff_K

    While I will check asap to see what they are going to offer, I am really only interested in moving to FF and would like 18MP minimum in a D700 style body.

    I am still interested in what they are offering as my wife is more than happy with a P&S to have in her purse.

    • I hope we will soon see a D700 succesor with 16-28Mp and D3s-like or better low-light performance,

    • hybris

      im in the same boat as you.
      i wount settle for less than 18mp.
      18mp would actually dissapiont me

      24 with 1080 x 30 in a d700 body would make me happy

      • Anonymous

        Sony has for almost 3 yrs the A900. Nikon uses basically the same sensor in the D3x. If Nikon can’t give us 24MP then sony will.

        • twitsmiter


        • PAG

          If you hate Nikon sensors so much and think they are so archaic as to be nearly useless, why do you even bother commenting? Go buy Sony or Pentax or Canon and be happy. Nikon is obviously not for you.

          Personally I would not trade my trusty little D90 for a Canon 7D. I shot a small dark bird against the ocean side by side against one in the hands of a much more experienced photographer. The 7D at ISO 640 was a freakin’ noise machine. My little 12MP consumer grade D90 dusted its ass. 18MP with a potential for massive noise above ISO 800? You can keep it.

          • PAG

            My mistake. I would be worried about shooting a 7D above ISO 400 in less than stellar conditions. Above that, the 18MP will let me see all that noise in much better detail.

      • Amen. I’ve been holding on to my D300 for a couple years now, resisting the urge to upgrade to the D300s, D7000. I want Full Frame in a D700 body with 1080p @30fps. I don;t care about megapixels as long as the ISO performance meets or exceeds the D3s.

    • i think i really just want a 100% viewfinder… throw in the option of a split-prism screen and im all set!

  • K

    I hope the D5100 will be announced…

  • iamnomad

    Enough with the Coolpix tweaking and small sensor stuff, please.
    There’s just WAY too many point & shoots out there already that are all basically the same.
    Wider, faster lenses are more important than a ‘vegan food mode’ preset.
    No one really wants/needs 9 face recognition modes and 7 pet modes,
    (3 pet modes are just fine – cat, dog & reptile).
    So come on Nikon, push up your time table and announce the D4 & D800 already.
    And keep rolling out the FF lenses.
    It’s time to really kick Canon’s a**.

  • Rick

    I sure hope they release an update to add VR and Nano coat to the 300mm f/4.

  • Carlos R B

    Admin..Peter…any, any other information about the 24-100mm camera? features…step zoom, horizon….maybe an optional EVF like lx5? 12 days is too much time, if someones is helding off a purchase to wait for the announcement (LOL)…

  • Todd


    What are the chances an 80-400mm replacement will be announced in Feb.?


    • PAG

      What are the chances if we say “pretty please”? Bring it on. I have a credit card and I know how to use it.

      • Todd

        No doubt PAG. Money in the bank specifically waiting for this lens. PRETTY PLEASE NIKON!!

        • PAG

          One thing is for sure, for people who don’t need a faster AF and aren’t shooting a D3xxx or D5xxx, there will be a pile of very nice and reasonably priced used super zooms available when the new 80-400mm is released.

        • Suzan

          You can add my name to this petition! And every other Nikon wildlife shooter I know. Though a 100-450 f/4-f/5.6 would be even better.

  • you mean wednesday february 09, 2011 not 2020

    • freshprinceofholyoke

      almost. it says 2010, not 2020

  • Chuck

    LOL, D400/D4 is coming end of year boys
    D800 is coming the following year!

    • Robert Stoffer photo

      No. D800 is this year. Nikon will loose TOOO many to Canon if they dont release it Q1-Q2

      • Oh Robert, I’m sure a few whiners will jump ship no matter what, but I think most people (as much as they whine) are at least somewhat to mostly happy with what they’ve got to hold them over a few extra months without ditching their massive investment in the Nikon system.

        My own D700 is 2 1/2 years old… and it doesn’t feel outdated. Anyone with a D700, D3, or D3s should feel the same (unless they really want video… in that case, go buy a freaking video camera).

        • Funduro

          (unless they really want video… in that case, go buy a freaking video camera).

          L O L

        • my D300s will be with me for many many years to come. It’s a great camera and will compliment whatever full frame I end up with. It still feels like I just bought it. I think I was the first one in my city to own one.

          • gt

            you know the d7000’s iso performance is killing you on the inside. the D90 being cleaner at high isos was insult enough, but now nikon did this to you?

            I feel your pain buddy. I feel your pain. but, alas, let’s hide it from the world

  • Robert Stoffer photo

    D800! PLEASE! i have the money. Just let me give you my money nikon and i get my 1080video and D3s ISO!

  • Joe bodego

    Nikon should pay a price for this BS with it’s releases. I am ready to switch to Canon but they are really the same company, i bet you. Sony would make a much better full frame camera than Nikon in two years that would take nikon lenses and I can’t wait to stick it to Nikon for all this waiting.

  • Blaze

    Oh please let it be a D800!!

  • Mark

    The D700 was announced on 2.5 years ago. I just bought a D700 and am stunned with its brilliance.

    Sales of the D3 may have been hurt because the D700 was built around so much of the D3. To seperate the D800 line from the D4 line Nikon may announce the D700 replacement early – in the next month or so and keep the D4 and D400 announcements together.

    • I’ve had my D700 almost as long as it’s been out, and it’s STILL brilliant.

      • MRPhotoau


        Anyone who has one and is not should learn to take better pictures!!!

  • Bruno

    Any chances of the announcement of the brazilian subsidiary (and other countries)?

  • Neurotox

    Please a D7000s 😉
    D7000 with the body of the D300s

    • Jose

      Actually, I’d really like a D7000 with 8+ fps and the focusing of a D300s. I can’t afford a D3s, and the loss of the crop moving to a D700 would require a tc to make up the reach, canceling out the better high ISO performance. D300s’s focusing, fps, and ergonomics with better high ISO and a few more megapixels to crop and I’d definitely upgrade.

      Alternatively, my D300s would be perfect if I could afford a 300mm F/2.

      • UA

        Actually, D7000 does not beat D700 on high ISO if compares 100% size side by side. The D700 is much much better at ISO 50-6400, especially if you switch off the noise reduction algorithm. The D7000 then produces very grainy (though easily usable) pics at ISO 6400, where as D700 has smoother and more appealing noise. My choice would be D700 atm. if the noise is the factor (and obviously D3s if the money is not a factor at all).

        D7000 makes remarkable pics even at ISO 25600 for a crop sensor and with the NR on, they are easily usable. Which is not the case with D700 even with the NR on, after ISO 6400. But who seriously needs > ISO 6400? You can shoot something like f/8 1/60 in a light of a freaking candle at ISO 6400.

  • Good job Admin! Looking forward to the announcement after the Chinese New Year 😀

  • Thom Rockwell

    I hope it’s a new 18-250 DX lens!

    • Rick

      Do we really need yet another 18-??? DX lens?

  • I will be there

  • Exactly on my birthday 🙂 I hope for some great gift to me from Nikon. I am personally expecting some updates to the prosumer tele-lenses, as already mentioned above. 300/f4 with VRII, new TC14 III new 80-400 (or whatever it will be). Regarding the 400/f5,6, that is a very good lens from Canon and many birders in my country (and all around the world) are using it due to its quality. It is questionable whether it is better to use 300/f4+tc14 or not. It depends on the AF speed an IQ. I know people using this setup from Nikon and it is my current choise. I am only waiting for the replacements. I case the 80-400 will be good enough, I will switch, otherwise 300/f4+tc14 is my dream-team.

    • Andrei

      I have the Canon 400mm 5.6 and the IQ is stunning and AF is very-very fast, almost instant. The truth is, a 300mm + TC will never have the AF speed or the IQ of a bare 400mm lens.
      Nikon has great bodies and i really considered the Nikon system but i choosed the Canon mainly because of this lens, the 70-200 F4 and the MP-E 65.

      • PAG

        Actually, the reviews I’ve read about the Nikon 300mm f/4 paired with the TC1.4 II mostly seem to say that the IQ difference is not discernible without blowing the images up way past any usable level. So yes, there’s an IQ difference but then technically there is an IQ loss even if you put a neutral filter on. Practically speaking it’s meaningless.

  • Danonymous

    Im am sure it is the D800 there are various indications that it will be.

    • APB

      I’m not so sure. The Nikon website ( states:
      “There will also be “Nikon Performance Stage,” allowing visitors to experience the latest COOLPIX models, the D3100, D7000, D300S and D700 digital – SLR cameras. ”

      I’ll be upset if I make the effort to experience a D700 and they replace it with a D800.

  • Slick

    I’m an mp junkie and I love it !!! Its embarrassing that nikon is so far behind the curve in releasing cameras with such limited mega pixels. I own a d200 that I’ve shot with for years now. I’ve been waiting for nikon to release a d2 mark 5 competitor that actually beats it in quality AND megapixels and they still haven’t don’t it. Dissapointed with nikon. Need to get off their lazy rears and man up. Nikon wastes so much time on their D x000 line that’s junk and on their cool pix cameras that are junk. Canon’s got it going on. Thinking of moving over. Nikon is reminding me of Novell software fading into oblivion.

    • Ruaul

      It’s always amazing to hear whiners like you complaining about the low MP of Nikon cameras. If you don’t like it, THEN LEAVE and go to Canon! No one is stopping you from moving. But no- people like you will always complain and bitch and whine about everything in life instead of taking action.

      The D700 and D3S despite being 12 MP (more than enough for 99% of the population, whose photographic abilities are not upto the level of IQ these cameras can deliver) are fantastic superb cameras.

      Once again to all the MP trolls- GO and LEAVE Nikon already. Move to Canon, Sony or whatever. You all must be seriously brain damaged if you find Nikon so lacking YET choose to stay on with that brand.

      • MRPhotoau

        I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing worse than a winger that thinks it is someone elses job to fix their situation. If they just have this or that then their situation will be so much better.
        ‘Oh Mary, I am going to be a complete person (who is a famous photographer) as soon as Nikon bring out a camera with mega MP. I promise I will never complain about my situation even if they don’t bring out a newer model 2 years after that with super-mega MP’s. You know Mary if only I was the CEO of Nikon, it would be a much better company. That’s wonderful Johnnie, I think you should start making large prints. Oh, Mary I’d love to, but these Nikon lenses aren’t sharp enough, they’ll be so much better as soon as Nikon brings them all up to scratch in VRIII versions.’
        Blah, blah, blah!!!

        If you don’t like it then move. We don’t want to hear it!!!

        Sorry I got that wrong. Oh, please, please don’t go we need you. Nikon will turn to mush if you leave and us on the forum will end up on anti-depressants forever. Help me to pander to your needs so that I can be complete too!

      • Mark

        I can’t stop laughing at your post – it is very funny (in the humorous sense). Imagine if you had been a diplomat, how better the world would be!

        And being one of those poor slobs that has (as of Christmas 2o10) joined the ranks of the D700 owners (having used film since the second grade), I can only agree that the winers are missing the joy of this camera. It has a huge learning curve so lots there for even a great photographer.

  • D700guy

    I’m wondering if the price for D3x bodies will drop to an affordable level prior to the release of the new FX bodies? It’s a camera I’d love to own, but could not justify the cost.

  • jan

    I would like to see a D700 upgrade in the 24 mp range and something mirror-less.

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