Weekly Nikon related news/links #91

  • BCN camera ranking results for 2010 are out (based on sales in Japan) Nikon has the #2 and #4 spots:

  • Nikon Pocket Wizard FlexTT5, MiniTT1 and AC3 review:

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  • Kelly

    Good to see….


  • Charles

    Canon 5d is number 14. The Nikon D700 is not listed. Do think Nikon needs to replace the D700? Companies that are slow to focus on consumer needs die a slow death.

    • JBerardi

      Yeah, the 5D is 14th… with 1.6%. The lowest ranked camera has 1.2%. Meanwhile, mirrorless is eating Nikon AND Canon’s lunch. That’s the war going on. The 5D vs. D700 thing is a regional skirmish at best; it just seems important to the kind of guy (and yes, this is male-specific) who’ll never own either camera, but feels the need to tell everyone on DP Review why one is so much better than the other.

      • Jabs

        Here is a reminder for you – the mirror-less numbers are in ORANGE and the others are in BLUE.
        Add them up and you will clearly see that both Nikon and Canon have greater numbers.

        • Are you kidding? Mirrorless is only there for a very little while and already it takes over 20% market share. If that is not scary for everyone else in this industry I don’t know what is….

          It should be a really rude wake-up call.

          • Roger

            Camera cell phones have the largest market share. Canon and Nikon better wake up, right? :roll_eyes:

            • Dustbak

              Well, if you believe cell phones operate in a similar market as DLSR’s they should.

              The mirrorless camera’s could be used as a replacement for a DSLR. Much more so than a cell phone.

              Ever seen a cell phone with an APS sized sensor?

              No need for the rolling eyes unless to indicate you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • JBerardi

      Oh, and by the way, this whole thing will reverse itself as soon as Nikon DOES update the D700. When that happens, I’m sure the internet will decide that Canon is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!1111!11one!!1!

      • gabr

        Your are the shame of the nikon community.

  • PB PM

    Strange that the E-PL1 is listed twice…

    • preston

      I see the E-PL1 listed at #8 and the E-P1 at #20. Those are different cameras.

  • ZoetMB

    Think the Megapixel counts are missing the decimal point.

  • That Zoomar is a beast. Love to see some samples from it 😀

    • Roger Moore

      I haven’t seen any pictures from it, but the MTF charts are underwhelming. Wide open, it looks to be about as sharp as a butter knife.

  • Panfruit

    Zoomar Zoomatar from the planet Zoomanificia.

  • Arthur

    Wow, 180/1.3 means a diameter of 13.9cm!

    Me too, I’d love to see some photos with it!

  • preston

    The 60D coming in at #13 is actually pretty impressive since it had less than half a year of sales. I can’t wait to see the market share rankings of the 60D vs D7000 in a year!

  • mshi

    It’s far more cost-effective to use Photoshop to fake the ultra-thin DOF at f/1.3, IMHO.

    • JBerardi

      It’s certainly less visually effective, though.

  • Jodjac

    I think I am dying a slow death WAITING FOR NIKON to update the D700. Why does it seem to be taking forever? Are they even working on it? Am I a duffus for waiting??? I want the full frame with video. FX. I almost ‘settled’ for the D7000, thankfully my wife talkede out of it, cause I would surely regret not waiting and probably would have bought it later anyway. The new digitals are so expensive, I don’t want to buy a new one every other year just to keep up with the Jones. Buy one and keep it. Happy for a long time. Like the Hasselbald. Ten, twenty years and going strong. Some of my lenses are from the sixties and I love them. Wish I could afford the digital back for that thing- soo expensive. As much as a downpayment on a house? For real?

    • RN

      Duffus 😉

      Seriously, though, I faced the same quandary back in early October, and I got the D700 with a couple of decent lenses (16-35, 28-300, 50mm f/1.8), and I’ve taken about 4500 pictured with it so far, and improved my skills and eye quite a bit since then. I’d like video, but I’m not dieing for the lack of it. When the D800 (or whatever they call the D700 replacement) has been out for a year, and firmware upgraded, and kinks worked out, then I’ll convince the other half to get it for me for Christmas, and I’m shooting memories and ideas in the meantime.

      Buy one of them (they are both great, by all accounts, but if money is an issue the 7000 wins), use it a bunch, and upgrade if/when you need to – I mean, it’s not like you are having the DTs because you didn’t have video, no?

  • Jodjac

    The 5d Mark 11 is a serious camera , costly too, it is impressive to see it selling enough to be included on a list with Pocket- type cameras, like the Sony NEX. They must have sold quite a few of those big Canons. There is nothing viable to compete with it from Nikon. Not under $5k.
    For the love of God, get that camera to market (but get it right!).

    • Mock Kenwell


      And the longer you wait to get that puppy to market, the higher the expectations will be…

    • Bob Howland

      The 5DMk2 also killed the 1DsMk3. B&H has it listed at a heavily discounted price. Local camera stores report not having had any in house for more than a year, because no customers want it. Those customers would rather have a couple 5DMk2’s plus cash. Canon has to be really ambivalent about that. My guess is that the 5DMk2 would have sold nearly as well it had the video capability, high ISO image quality as good as the D3 or even D3s but only 16MP.

  • Matt

    Wide open at f/1.3 and at a distance of 23 feet (the 180mm Zoomar’s close focusing distance) the depth of field is just 3 inches!

  • Merv

    Does the Zoomar Muenchen Zoomatar 180mm f/1.3 come in a Sony mount? It would look perfect on the NEX-5

    Looking at where the EOS 7D is ranked, and also noticing the rank of the D5000 unit sales, it seems to me that a D300s update and the D5000 update is most important

    So would a Canon/Nikon mirror less camera if they got that right the first time they release their models

  • jerl

    Man, that lens is such a beast. I’d love too see what an updated version would be like with VR, AF-s and the works.- probably 20 pounds and $40000.

  • Mock Kenwell

    Wow. That lens looks stupid. Honestly? What the hell is it for? I can’t see that thing being sharp. What’s the point?

  • Eric

    It’s nice to see some sales stats… I switched from Canon to Nikon primarily for the lenses but I agree with the comments about waiting for Nikon’s successor to the D300. I guess I don’t understand the dynamics of bringing new cameras to market, I want it NOW!!! I refuse to get caught up in the pixel wars but Nikon does seem to lag a bit behind Canon……

    • Jabs

      The perception of Nikon being behind Canon is a MYTH!
      Canon has not even answered the Nikon D3, D3S nor the D3X yet with an equivalent full frame or FX camera since they were introduced.
      How many bodies and lenses has Nikon introduced in 2010?
      Who is now stuck at 21 megapixels with an older sensor, older electronics and a slow framing rate?
      Canon or Nikon?
      Have you looked at the files from a D7000?
      For your information – Nikon and Sony have the highest megapixel count in 35mm digital cameras and the Nikon D3X is the best high megapixel full frame camera on the market, unmatched by anyone.
      It is Nikon that they all have to catch now and not the opposite!!!

      • ed

        the thing is, what matters to the companies are sales figure. as long as the consumers bought it, why would they care about other things?

      • Jodjac

        I agree, it is Canon that needs to catch the Nikon or Nikon leading Canon, at least in terms of image making gear, if your talking about copiers and office machines- Canon wins hands down.

      • YHF

        Where are the D3, D3s, and D3x in those sales figures? Or the D700, for that matter? The olde sensor, the 21mp, the slow framing rate, and the old electronics don’t seem to produce a poor-selling product.

  • If the D700 replacement is to be released in Spring shouldn’t we be getting some more smoke from that fire just now? It does seem awfully quiet on that front compared to the build up of rhetoric around the D7000 we had?

  • Anonymous

    Nikon cannot do anything without the help of sony. Since sony is not ready with the new full frame sensor that is why we can’t hear anything. Once sony releases the follow-up of A900 and A850, in 3 months Nikon will release something very similar.

    • Bob Howland

      Not true! The D3/D700/D3s sensors were designed by Nikon but MAY be manufactured by Sony. Why shouldn’t the D800 be a 16-18MP general purpose FF camera with the D3s/D4 being a lower resolution Lord of Darkness camera and the D3x/D4x being a higher resolution MF competitor (>30MP??), with all new cameras using Nikon-designed sensors?

      • Anonymous

        I am sorry but I cannot see where Nikon invested billions into sensor design. I can see the 1.2bn Sony investment but not the Nikon. So, I suggest you backup your claim because I rather believe what I see …. such as the sony investment

        • Eric Pepin

          if it works…. who cares in the slightest. Also sonys camera timeline has nothing to do with nikons, and no one on this forum can even claim to have a copy of the agreement they have with each other, or how money passes between the two.

        • Bob Howland

          The Sony investment is for sensor manufacture, not sensor design.

  • The invisible wife
  • Kingyo

    I don’t see the D700, D3s or D3x on this list 🙁 makes me sad

    • Eric Pepin

      the d3’s never had a chance on this list, its a consumer list, which is why the 5dII is on here, its got a lot of things consumers like, and is missing things that pros like (BUILD QUALITY) , not to mention the most annoying sync cord plug-in ive ever used, and that damn sync alone means i will never, EVER use a 5dII in the studio again.

  • woble
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