Nikon’s Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera could be announced at CES 2011

The latest rumor is that Nikon's Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera will be announced at CES 2011 (January 6-9, 2011). It is not typical for manufacturers to announce high end photography gear at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). If this rumor turns out to be true, expect the Nikon EVIL camera to be a consumer product (not really a surprise). I would rate this rumor at 40% probability, since it came from only one source.

Nikon had a giveaway at the PDN Photo Plus Expo and one of the questions on the survey was "Will you be considering the purchase of a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera within the next 18 months?"

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  • Eric Calabros

    you cant believe how fast this post shared in the web 🙂

    • Dormant3

      It’s very impressive when you Google for Nikon rumours – most of the time it returns multiple hits all sourcing NR.

      All Hail Oh Great NR!

      • Banned

        Of course it returns when you search nikon rumors on Google. lol.

  • Gonads

    smells like coolpix 🙁

    • WoutK89

      Maybe the name will be, but the game will be different 😉 At least, I do hope so after such a long wait!

  • sflxn

    Oh great, another “hope” rumor of the Nikon Evil camera. Man, after so much wait, Nikon better get this right. I sold my u43 system to wait for Nikon or Canon to do it right. Don’t disappoint me! All the u43 cameras have too many compromises. The NEX system is oddly balanced. I’ve been betting either of the Canikon would nail it on their first try. One word of advice – APS-C. If it’s smaller, I will not buy. Nikon, you don’t have much more time before it’s too late to take the market back from Sony and Panasonic. Another year, and it’ll be too late. Spring is your last chance to get in and take control. Also, do it right, come out with a good set of glasses from the start.

    • twoomy

      I have the same feeling about APS-C. If it’s smaller, then I’m not really interested. But I know a lot of people here DO want a smaller sensor and that’s fine. I’m waiting to see the supposed NEX-7 which may seem more balanced and geared towards high-end users.

      • sflxn

        I think Nikon’s first Evil camera will define Nikon going forward. Are they going to stay one of the two leaders or are they ceding to Sony and Panasonic, whom Luminous Landscape have declared the heir to the photographic kingdom. If they release a sub-APS-C, it will be a sign that they are no longer in the running. Anything smaller than APS-C will have a hard time competing with Sony, Samsung, and eventually Canon.

        I really disagree with the LL article. He based his opinion on the fact that these electronics companies are integrated. He ignores the fact that neither Sony nor Panasonic have come out with cameras that can compete with the Canikons in the pro market. That’s because up till now, only Canikon understood what those photographers really want. Look at the Sony and Panasonic cameras. All plastic, no weather seals, small lens lineup, slow continuous AF, no PC sync connection, slow flash sync, etc.

        Nikon’s D7000 shows they know what photographers want. Lets see if they apply that lesson to EVIL cameras. Or are they going to introduce a consumer gimmick.

        • PHB

          Smaller is better.

          At this point an electronic viewfinder cannot provide the level of detail required to make it viable as a flagship model. But that will certainly happen in due course and at that point an FX sensor EVIL body will make a lot of sense.

          EVIL is not going to be your preferred format for sports photography or for anything involving low light. But it will be ideal for landscape and video.

          I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to have to hold an FX pro-lens still for quarter of an hour to shoot video. And I don’t usually shoot video with fast shutter speeds (unless the issue is too much light).

          The 2.5x sensor being discussed is still much larger than the typical coolpix sensor and will easily support 12+MP without diffraction effects and be rated at ISO 3200. That is plenty good enough for most photography and waaaaay better than any 35mm camera that existed in the film era.

  • Paul

    Come on Nikon, out with it!

  • Conan

    I’m waiting for D700 REPLACEMENT!

    • WoutK89

      keep on waiting, this post is not about that camera 😉

  • Mark P

    I put this at 0% chance. I have been to CES the last 5 years and met with Nikon at all of them. They never have a booth, they just do meetings behind closed doors and never announce products. Last year they had nothing and two years ago they had a D3 with the 14-24 on it. If you could get into their private booths (invitation only) then you could see more equipment that was new.

    Nikon is so predictable. They never do things out of the ordinary. They won’t launch something this important to them at a trade show they do not take seriously. This event is so huge that it won’t be a blip on the radar.

  • Unless Nikon disguised it very well, it’s looking like it’ll be a maller sensor (17mm diagonal), from all the patents registered. If that translates into a smaller lens system, with some nice HQ glass, ok with me for a lighter travelling system. For everything else, the D7000 is looking awesome.

    • plusone


  • When a manufacturer sells a Coolpix (et. al.), they don’t get to sell lenses or accessories because there are none. If you have a low cost base camera where you can sell additional lenses and finders, then there is more money to be made. It would make sense to sell a more sophisticated camera to consumers, but offer upgrades for more money.

    • Huggs

      Also, one would be enticed a new camera body every couple years. So a consumer would spend over a couple grand on a camera system in that time. Well played, camera makers. well played.

  • Glad to be of service, I was shocked nobody else picked up on that survey question.

    I had to be VERY fast to catch a snap of it, the woman manning the station told me it wouldnt stay on long enough for me to grab a pic from my iPhone but then she got distracted by a question and I was able to do so, and right after I did it cut me off from further input and said thanks for taking the survey…

    • I waited on line for this giveaway but gave up after 20 min…. still was able to get a free Nikon lens cloth

      • After waiting in that damn line I made sure I got two lens cloths, a badge lanyard and a fancy yellow nikon pin. =)

        I also grabbed the D7000 printed brochure (which was kinda weak), played with an actual D7000 for 15 minutes (TOTALLY sweet, a LOT better than the chintzy feeling D5000 in comparison and much more like a ‘mini d300’ than I bargained for!), drooled all over the 400 f2.8 and other prime exotics, learned I don’t really want a 200-400 (the zoom range actually feels TOO SMALL), and got the VERY well done 2011 calendar. The calendar rocks!

  • Tare

    Just a simple thinking : If Nikon announce it before Christmas, this is boost the sales volume.
    Put it on Jan,2011? What’s the marketing purpose?

  • Also meant to add: sorry it’s so blurry. I can try to send the full resolution image to you as an email admin if you want it. The full text of the question is as follows:

    Will you be considering the purchase of a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera within the next eighteen months?
    If so please select which brand you will most likely consider purchasing.
    -I have no plans to buy a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera within the next 18 months

    Note that there was no ‘other’ choice.

    And maybe EVIL isn’t their acronym of choice anymore, but MILC?

    So let me be the first to say it:

    Got MILC?

    • sflxn

      Nikon’s surveys don’t always lead to near term updates. I received the D700 survey over a year ago, and yet, still no D700 upgrade.

      • WoutK89

        Too many people said to be happy with their D700, or were expecting more than they had planned.

  • Roger


    PMA is no longer booked for the Spring, which leaves no other photo show until the fall. Canon pulled out of PMA last year, and the reason is that they didn’t want to go to both PMA and CES, and CES is the larger show.

    The majors will be announcing new products at CES from now on. Otherwise they’ll just be issuing press releases in the middle of February for no reason.

  • safeg

    Good Rumor!
    I love RUMORs!! thanks.

  • john

    If it is not a Full Frame Nikon EVIL camera, then I’m not really interested.

  • In the end, what was the surprise that Nikon was talking about? EVIL, or D7000? Maybe both 😮

  • I for one would love to have an EVIL camera that actually fits in my pocket.
    Lately I have been carrying around an ancient (5 years old) consumer point and shoot for the snapshots (seperate from my D700’s for planned photography).

    I would love to have a small EVIL camera for snapshots that is actually _small_.
    If Nikon introduces that they can have my business.

    As small as the NEX-camera’s but then with a smaller lense.

  • acendfilm

    Nice. Maybe I can wait for the EVIL camera then and use it for video, keeping my D700 for stills. I bet there’ll be a converter for the lenses as well.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Two ways I’m interested:
    1) It’s an APS-C and can utilize Nikkor glass.
    2) It’s at least a 2x crop with a pocketable body and several sharp, fast, tiny pancake primes.

    Sadly, I’m doubtful either will come to pass. Nikon rarely does anything bold in their consumer lines, and they’ve built a grand total of about two pancakes in their long history.

  • EE


    If its not a full frame compact (like LEICA M9) then I’m NOT interested.
    Unfortunately, this camera will be APS-C because lets face it….Nikon is NOT daring and NOT innovating–ONLY responding to advancements of others. That means it will be another compact APSC, some sort of direct competitor to Sony’s NEX–probably using an APSC sensor as well (Nikon gets its sensors from Sony).


    • Mock Kenwell

      Wow. I would totally not find a compact APS-C boring. And I don’t see any practical way anyone is going to make a compact FF in the near future. Leica’s M9 is 1) far from compact and 2) though its price is red dot inflated, it’s very expensive to make. Most people in these forums clamoring for a FF compact would never buy it once they saw the price, even if it were reasonable. So let’s stop asking for it.

  • John

    It would be nice if Nikon made two versions:
    (1) Non-interchangeable collapsing lens 2x crop sensor that is very compact. A 12-50/2.8-4 lens would do just fine. EVF please. Probably cannot happen due to those damned laws of physics, but you never know what can be pulled off if it’s a fixed lens. This would definitely be part of the CoolPix line-up and would be the ancestor of the CP 8400 and of course would not be an EVIL camera.

    (2) Interchangeable lens APS-C that is not so compact, but has very good IQ (use that “old” 12MP D300s sensor) with a small assortment of wide-to-normal lenses – i.e., 12mm/4 + 16-XX/4-5.6 – plus decent video and an EVF. I.e., something to compete with the mFT offerings.

    Just my hopes/thoughts.

    • John

      I meant to say 2.5X NOT 2X.

      Yes if it only has a fixed lens system to compete with mFT it will in fact fail.
      That’s why I was hoping for a two-pronged approach.
      A larger sensor fixed lens to compete with the likes of LX-5, etc.
      an APS-C-based interchangeable lens body to compete with mFT.

      Both likely (unfortunately) to be CoolPix cameras (can’t Nikon come up with a better name for their camera line? It’s kind of dorky don’t you think?)

  • EE

    If Nikons EVIL is a fixed lens, it will be instant fail.

    • WoutK89

      how can an Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable Lenses have a fixed lens?

      • EE

        That is to say: if Nikon’s competitor to “EVIL” ends up being a non-interchangeable lens camera, it will fail.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Way to go out on a limb with that prediction…

  • Mock Kenwell

    2.5x crop is a total waste of our time.

  • rt
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