Nikon D7000 body only now shipping in the US

I received multiple reports that various stores in the US (including Amazon, Ritz and some small dealers) are now shipping the Nikon D7000 body only to existing pre-orders. Here is the proof:

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  • Update:

    Henry’s just sent me an e-mail stating that they received some orders and that they were shipping my order up here in Canada. I should get it early next week! : D

    • Sebastien

      I just received an email from Henrys because my pre-order has failed ARRRRGGG!!!! I thinks It’s because I paid with Payal and I recently updated this account with new credit card. I think also the paypal has cancelled the transaction because of the delay….

      Anyway, I re-ordered and sent an email to Henrys to process this order in same priority than my first order as September 20th!! I hope they will process my order soon!!!!

      • I also just recently got an e-mail stating that my order was cancelled, again, argh. Sent another e-mail back so they could reconfirm it.

  • DeathKnight

    I ordered my D7000 body from Amazon on 9/18 so I have a feeling I won’t see it for quite a while. I’m surprised at the amount of people that have ordered this camera.

    • Feras Abdul Majid

      We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on September 15 2010 (Order# 102-9311339-4625032):

      “Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0 Inch LCD (Body Only)”
      Estimated arrival date: November 02 2010″

      I guess you’ll get a notification by Monday..

  • JD

    What are you guys saying to get the free one-day shipping? I tried asking for it and the agent said that I already got a $25 credit for the delay so there’s nothing else that can be done. I did get a free tripod out of the deal though, I wanted a tripod added to my order and they added it with no cost to me.

    • Rob

      My 1 day shipping was not free. I was on a chat with Amazon this morning and asked them to discount my shipping that I had already switched to 1 day. They said they could not discount it until it had shipped. That was before I got my shipping confirmation. It’s almost a wash with the $25 credit they applied so I’m not too worried about it.

  • Adam

    Just got my ship notice from Amazon for the body only. Estimated arrival date is Nov. 1. Ordered on Sept 14 with next day shipping (Amazon Prime). Can’t wait for my upgrade from my D80!!!

  • matt

    I ordered the body from Amazon on the 28th of Sept (kinda late, I know)

    I just got the “warning, in 30 days we’re just going to cancel your order if we haven’t fulfilled it by then.

    Has me thinking about just getting a D700… huge step up from a D40 (: )) but it might be easier to get, but I just have a nagging “You’d be a poser” feeling about buying such a bad ass piece of equipment.

    • JorPet

      You would love the feel and quality of the D700. If I don’t want to stand out I put my 50mm f1.8 on it and I always have a Black Rapid strap so it doesn’t scream D700 to everyone and hangs it upside down at my hip. That said, I love the images it produces.

    • RMT

      Don’t forget to throw away all your DX lenses and by new (more than) $1000.- lenses.

    • Eric Pepin

      so why exactly are you buying a new slr…… like not to be a dick but those are two completely dif cameras and the d700 is heads and shoulders above any dx camera

    • 7000 if you have money into dx glass. 700 if you just want one of the badassest cameras ever made.

      50/1.8 will not make you happy on either of them, and the price diff for the 50/1.4D is negligible (If you buy used anywhere but amazon). I’d personally go for the 35/2 though. I just picked one up and it is on a body being shot more than any of my other glass.

      Also: your d40 has a way more quiet shutter. If you shoot in quiet situations, the cheaper bodies are a better bet. I don’t know about the d7000 shutter yet.

    • jonnyapple

      That warning doesn’t mean they’ll cancel your order.

  • ClickChick

    Last night I changed my Amazon order to one-day shipping. (Ordered the body only on the morning of 9/15.) I had forgotten that with Prime (which I have) 1-day shipping is just $3.99 extra or I would have ordered it to begin with. DUH! Anyway, so far, no change in my order status. FWIW.


    • jg

      Wow, you placed your order on the 15th and are getting it. I placed mine on the 14th and still no word from Amazon.

      I think the Amazon shipping system programmers smoked a few too many when they wrote the shipping code.

  • A modified conversation with Amazon (I ordered in the PM of 9/15)…
    Me:I would like to find out how many orders are in front of mine — it seems that some went around me because they paid for one-day shipping. Thanks.
    Meenakshi:As to now I do not have any information about the shipping estimate and regarding the already shipped status.
    Me:Are orders with one-day shipping given priority?
    Meenakshi:Yes , they are
    Me:I see. I would be willing to upgrade to one-day shipping if my order is shipped before the 1st.
    Meenakshi:We are awaiting for more stock now. Please do not modify the order.
    Me:How many orders are currently in front of mine?
    Meenakshi:We do not have any such information.
    Me:Really? Amazon has no idea how many orders for an item it has or their place in line?
    Meenakshi: I am unable to view the list of orders placed for this item. I’m unsure as to how many orders we have for this item and where does your order suit. However, I can confirm that we are working this out with the supplier of this item and we’ll start fulfilling the orders.
    Me:Why do you advise me not to modify the order?
    Meenakshi:Sometimes modifying the order may misplace the order.
    Meenakshi:So please wait for the order . We would confirm you with email when we have shipping estimates
    Me:Are YOU able to modify it to one-day shipping without any issues?
    Meenakshi:I would do it for you.
    Meenakshi:i’ve changed the shipping speed to One-Day Shipping.

    • …and, yes, I was charged for it!

  • jrcustomer

    J&r just did a temp authorization for the full amount on my credit card. I ordered on 9/24 and was told I was 16th at the time….

    Hopefully they are shipping it and not just testing my credit card

  • EErock

    So… I change my shipping from 2 day to overnite on Monday… I pre-ordered on Sept 14th about an hour or so after it went live. I just contacted Amazon CS and this is the response i got.


    It looks like something caused our chat about the status of your order #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to be disconnected. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

    I see we sent you an e-mail message about the unexpected delay in obtaining Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0 Inch LCD. I realize this has been a frustrating experience, and I’m sorry about this.

    I see you made multiple changes to your order after this and I wanted to let you know that if you make multiple changes to an order, it might affect the inventory that has been reserved for you. Unfortunately, your order is still be delayed as we haven’t been able to get stock as we expected to fulfill your order. When we ship your order, we’ll send you an e-mail confirming the date, contents, and tracking number.

    If you’d rather cancel your order, I understand. To do this, go to the URL below and click the “Need to cancel an item?” button:

  • Mike Mudditt

    When i saw this post I jumped on the Amazon bandwagon, about a hour later from my local camera store asking if I still wanted a body, picked it up from New York Camera in PA last night, canceled amazon

    I love working with specialized stores !!

    • Matt

      How many did they have in stock, are they constantly selling them?

  • Linc the Sink

    congrats to all those who received their cameras! Does anybody here have news when the D7000 will be available in the UAE/Dubai?

  • Mark

    So, I called my local Ritz camera just now and they tell me they’ve received the body only’s in their warehouse, however, when I contacted (where I ordered 9/27) I was told the following:
    Patrick P: The D7000 camera on your order is a pre order camera.
    Mark: np
    Patrick P: We are yet to receive an update from the manufacturer regarding the arrival of this item.
    Patrick P: We will ship the item as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer.
    Patrick P: You will receive an e-mail confirmation once the item is shipped.
    Mark: hmmm. interesting, because I called my local ritz store and they have received the cameras in their warehouse
    Patrick P: We are expecting the camera in stock shortly.
    Patrick P: We will ship the item as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer.

    • SZRimaging

      Ritz online may not use the same warehouse as the B&M stores. Just a thought. Or they may not even do any of the online store processing, some companies do this through 3rd parties.

      • Mark

        No, they probably don’t use the same distribution centers. In fact, technically, they aren’t even the same entity! But I would have thought the online business would get them at the same time or even earlier than the B&M stores.
        Just a little frustrated ATM.

        • dave

          According to my local Ritz, the received a big shipment at the central warehouse. He said first they will fill the online pre-orders and then ship to stores… He doesn’t know what they will get, but he expects to receive something next week.

  • Proud owner of Nikon

    Just got a call from j and r to pick up my Nikon d7000!!! Going now. I know it was me and i think 10 others who ordered from them.

    • ndlbox

      When did you order? I ordered a kit and they keep telling me “we expect a shipment in a few days, yours will ship then.” It’s been a couple of weeks now…

  • Hooray! No charge for the one-day shipping!

    …because they don’t expect to ship it until between November 30th and December 1st. Augh!

  • Marc Novakowski

    Just got a shipping confirmation email from Henry’s (Canada) – apparently my Nikon D7000 body is on its way! Order was placed 9/15/2010 7:16:55 PM

  • Anonymous

    So, where is the big surprise from Nikon? No FX or Pro cameras in 2010? Also, we may stick for another 5 yrs with 12mp?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you are stuck with a 12MP for 5 yrs. Now go out and start shooting with your 12MP camera.

      • Anonymous

        I just came in from shooting and tried my friends D7k. Darn it, even that one gives much more details than the my D700. Why can’t Nikon release a high res small body FX?

        • Because they’re still perfecting the details to make it more awesome, kay?

          • Anonymous

            heh heh, in that case we can wait forever! there is no such thing as perfect camera. Somebody acn and will find a problem with it.

        • Huh? I’d like to see images to back this up…

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      Awww poor thing… why don´t you cry in the corner? booh-booh-beeh-booh.

      Buy a D3X and man up.

      • I think your statement needs to be backed up by some pics from your D3x. You’ve “manned up” yourself, right?

        I’ve bought a new body every year for the past 4 years. Haven’t taken much of a loss selling and buying the next. But I think I’ve just had good luck and timing. And of course they pay for themselves and it’s a business expense… But $8k really is too much. Too much for a difference my brides won’t notice. Good glass lasts and makes life easier. Digital bodies are just a money suck.

        • Eric Pepin

          some people spend 500 for a light, some 2000, too much is relative. End of day some wedding photographers charge 10 grand and up, a 8k body is expected.

  • Ed Cartwright

    UK Update: Release date for the UK is meant to be today. I spoke to two big dealers:

    Jessops (Big 72 yr old UK high street & online store, was near insolvency, now 47% owned by HSBC Bank, 33% by the Jessops Pension Fund), they have had no word from Nikon, but have 200 kit orders and 200 body only pre-orders in place and expect to send out the pre-orders 2-3 days before the stock hits the shops. They expect stock in the next two weeks but couldn’t claim a date. They were confidant of having enough stock in the first run, but you have to wait for them to have stock if taking the 1 year deal of 0% finance (free money-you can tell they are owned by a bank). If any problems you can send stock back through the post or take it into a store.

    Warehouse Express (Big cheap online store) They have been told by Nikon that they will be receiving stock on the 5th November. They have 70 body only pre-orders in place but they have no confidence that they will be able to meet all of these in the first batch of orders from Nikon. Returns policy: No questions asked return for 7 days, if fault up to 28 days and after that then back to Nikon for Repair under Warranty.

    It doesn’t sound like many people have pre-ordered in the UK, not sure what to make of those pre-order numbers. The other big player is obviously Amazon, but I haven’t spoken to them.

    • XL5

      Warehouse Express just phoned me to say they will be receiving the D7000 body only on 5th November (confirming the above) and it will be with me on Monday.

  • AC

    just got notice from Amazon my order shipped. I had asked to switch to 1 day shipping last night at 3am. They charged my 3.99$ for shipping but gave me a $5 credit for a future purpose

    • webward

      Yes AMAZON STINKS.. They are charging folks money for 1-Day and then shipping it by Ground so make $20 on it I guess..cheapos…

  • Mark

    Bodies are now shipping in Canada as well. Got an email from Henry’s today that mine is on it’s way.

  • Art

    Shipped today. I ordered the body only on 9/14. I did not change anything. I used patience. I will not open until after I read from Nikon about any possible rebates w/ either the 24-120 or 70-200. If these are available I will return this and save me some money.

  • Twinmoons

    I just chatted with a salesperson at and according to him they have only received a “couple” so far and no large shipment. My order from amazon is still pending. *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, this is boring please post something else. Any news about FX or Pro cameras?

  • Justin

    Anyone know any news about Nov. rebate?

  • ja

    is nothing happening in the nikon world this post has been up fora few days now

  • PugZilla

    “Has me thinking about just getting a D700… huge step up from a D40 (: )) but it might be easier to get, but I just have a nagging “You’d be a poser” feeling about buying such a bad ass piece of equipment.”

    Two things: 1/ get some black electrician’s tape and tape over the “D700” & “Nikon” labels. 2/ buy a high quality strap such as the UpStrap, which has no flashy logo at all.

    The D700 has been my go-to camera since its release.

    • Akira

      Anyone who knows how expensive the D700 is will know whether or not it is taped.
      People who don’t know photography can barely tell the difference between a D40 and a D3s unless they are side by side.

      • Nah, most people can’t tell the difference between the 700 and 300, even those who know.

        I tape up all my gear. And it leads to lots of stupid questions.

        Hmm…maybe I need to come up with some better stock stupid answers. “It’s a Wurlitzer!” or “It’s an F5” or “It’s a Toyota”. I usually just say “It’s a camera.”

  • rezonate

    I ordered on September 14th, minutes after pre-ordering was available. A few minutes ago, I got some good news:
    Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0 Inch LCD (Body Only)
    Sold by:, LLC
    Shipment 1 of 1
    Delivery Estimate: November 1, 2010

  • mike

    just checked my status, says shipping soon. I ordered on 9/15, but don’t remember the time. Does shipping soon actually means that i’ll get it with in the next few days??

    • Lu

      Same boat here. Has anyone see the shipping soon and later got the shipped?

      • ahab

        Mine was “shipping soon” and is now “shipped.” Getting it Monday. Thanks, Amazon. Tax-free and $25 off.

  • Rob

    Just picked up my body only from Henry’s in Ottawa. Sales rep there said they received the majority of the bodies coming to Canada, but still did not have enough to fulfill all pre-orders. I ordered 9/15.

  • Ekimc

    WOOT! I just got an email telling me my body only is sent out. ETA 11/1.
    I changed to 1-day shipping as soon as I got that email telling everyone that Amazon might not fulfill the order in time (the 30day email thing?) But it’s 1-day shipping… ain’t I suppose to get it tomorrow? lol

  • Andre

    just bought mine today 10-29-2010 8:35pm East.. Instock on ritz.. can’t wait…

    • Mark

      I noticed too that their site changed from “Pre-Order” to “Order Now!” today. However, the site shows they are out of stock. I ordered mine on 09/27 from Ritz and I’m still waiting.

    • Rick

      I ordered one from Ritz around the same time. Have you received a confirmation email with an order number yet?

      • Mark

        Scroll up a bit on the comments and I posted my chat with them yesterday. All they will say it that I will receive e-mail confrmation when the item shops. WOW! That really answered my question! Order still shows “Backordered” as it has from the beginning.

  • RMT

    Dammit, I also ordered on Sept 15th, No change in “Not Yet Shipped” bla bla yet. I did not choose or change to 1-day shipping, still on “free shipping”
    How does this work? Do 1-day shipping cases have priority?

    • jg

      Yep, see above conversation with KSofW:

      Me:Are orders with one-day shipping given priority?
      Meenakshi:Yes , they are

      If Amazon had any sense whatsoever they’d post this policy blatently. Then people would be more inclined to spend more on shipping and in turn they’d make more money than they do now.

  • Order my body only from B&H which I was charged for on 9/14. When I found out the Best Buy down the street had received the kits I picked it up.

  • Peter B

    Im holding out for the D700 replacement. Until then I will be shooting on film for the most part. I have a Nikon F100. =)

    • As a former F100 owner I can say: holy crap. You seriously don’t know what you’re missing. Just go for it. If you want the high ISO’s, get the D700. If you want something that will bury film, get the D700. If you want to keep shooting film, then just do it and don’t wait for a digital camera to materialize.

      Whatever is coming for FX will have the D3x sensor and video. It won’t do high ISO any better than the D3x.

  • Twinmoons

    Just called ritz camera and sure enough they had it in stock. They said they received them today. Still not a word from amazon so Cancelled order with amazon. Pathetic.

    • Twinmoons

      Btw, I also had changed to 1 day shipping with amazon but it made no difference.

    • Mark

      Did you call your local Ritz store or .com?

      • Twinmoons

        I tried the local store and they didn’t have it in stock. I got on chat on their site and they had it in stock. By about 8:30 last night, the web site was listed as sold out too. Got my order in at 6:30.

        • Mark

          Interesting, because I have called and web chatted and was told it was still no in stock and yet I placed my order on 9/27 and still waiting

        • Mark

          What shipping option did you choose from Ritz?

        • ValdiviaENT

          I ordered my through Ritz online with a rep on 10/29 at 6 pm pacific time. They told me it would ship 11-1 or 11-2, and I asked at least 10 times if he was sure! Because he said they were in stock, I called in today and my order is on back order now! Great!! Did you get any info on yours

          • Mark

            Still backordered

  • I made my request, on 18 September. I’m in Colombia, and had only received an email from amazon saying the camera would ship on 17 November. However, today I receive an email from my courier in USA with the great surprise.. My camera was shipped by Amazon con 20 Oct and delivered 22 Oct in Doral… in th is moment, the camera should be flying to Colombia and I look forward to next week have it in my hands because I have a trip to Peru on Saturday 06
    Great news.. im happy.
    I just hope my camera is not in the bulk of which have dead pixels, because it is difficult for me to have warranty service

    • lucho

      Congrats, im in colombia too. I placed my preorder on sep 17, last night I changed my shipping option to 1 day. No emails yet except i got $25 discount.

  • zzddrr

    Admin, are you on holiday? Nikon has already started Halloween by not showing except DX. Really ugly 🙂

    • Ronald

      He can’t get to his computer….. when he will arrive at NY there will maybe be a new blog by sunday.

      source: Nikonrumors @twitter

  • Kingyo

    saw a few people walking around with D7000 today.. I guess the lucky ones 🙂
    one thing is for sure, after trying it out twice at the Photoplus Expo I can see the video quality is very good! The continuous AF during video recording is fast and works very well.

  • Ex-Amazon customer

    Well all, I had the golden orb in my hands and it slipped away. I had my amazon order upgraded to next day shipping, and poof! it immediately changed to Being Shipped. The amazon rep told me that it would ship on Friday.

    Then, I asked him if he could change the ship to address without effecting anything. Sure he says. Sure.

    2 minutes later, my shipping address is changed and my order is downgraded to OUT OF STOCK. I called back and there is nothing they can do, they say. The rep shouldn’t have changed the address they say. Now I have to start over.

    I was one of those people who was rolling my eyes at some of the anti amazon comments on here. Now I get it. Never again my friends.

    • Despised Icon

      Same thing happened to me when I changed my payment method.. I shoulda left it alone.

    • jg

      Interesting effect. I wonder if it can happen to people other than yourself. Example: when one person upgrades shipping I wonder if it can possibly steal an existing order from another person. Say they have exactly 100 units. A few people on her reported that 30 seconds after changing shipping method to 1 day they got a notification it would be shipped. At the same time those people who chatted with Amazon were told it was out of stock. So the question is, from where did it magically appear? My guess is it steals someone else’s order. I can’t imagine they have stock sitting there with no one’s name on it.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    All I read is a bunch of moaners in the comments.. yawn boring!

    60% here will find the camera “too difficult to use” and will return it.

    25% willl bitch it has front or back focus (because they don´t know how to use it) and will return it.

    10% will claim the camera is “too heavy” because they have pasta wrists or they are too fat and will buy a D3100 and bitch on how “plasticky” it feels and they are going to “switch to canon” and buy a rebel.

    3% will actually use it to shoot photos and won´t post here at all.

    2% will actually resell it for a higher price in ebay to dumb people.

    And there´s always the odd douche who will ask for a full frame camera that won´t appear this year, they thing the megapickles will make them better photographers.

    • Awesome! LOL

    • BeefHammer

      Megapickles are delicious.

    • Eric Pepin


  • zack

    I would love if someone could do a quick review of video mode, not so much about AF, but the picture qualiy, moire, line-skipping stuff like that. Cheers.

  • Soskha

    when it’ll be available in Israel?

  • Alan

    I spoke with Amazon to get an estimated shipping date for my order that was placed at about 9:00pm on 9/15 (Next day shipping with Amazon Prime). They gave me a shipping estimate of Nov 30.

    • ahab

      I ordered about 12 hours before you. Amazon was initially estimating my delivery at December 1, but mine has actually shipped already and is arriving on Monday, November 1. I think they’re giving you worst case scenario. Then when it comes sooner you’ll be loving them, like I am right now — two weeks after it arrived at Best Buy.

      • Eric J.

        Man I ordered at 11 pm PST 9/15. Amazon also gave me Nov. 30 as the date in which I should “contact them if my order isn’t shipped.”

        I really need the camera in the next two weeks because I want to shoot a short documentary in that time. I’m tempted to order from Best Buy (All the local Best Buys are all sold out), but I’d be with an extra unwanted lens, and even if I could sell it I’d come out $100 short.

  • There are already enough words here to start a 10-episode parody.

    • Funduro

      You mean the angry short mustache guy stuck in a bunker somewhere will have an updated video soon? WU HU

      • Not from me.. but that will be a relief from the 300+ comments about shipping dates.

  • Anton

    “they thing the megapickles will make them better photographers”

    reminded me of

  • brad

    Adorama has some in stock for local pickup. They cannot use this allocation for pre-orders. If you live in NYC, call Adorama at 212-741-0466, and goto extension 2128. That is a sales guy Jimmy. See if he can get you one. He hooked me up on Thursday with a D7000 kit

    • BeefHammer

      Are you sure you’re not Jimmy?

    • brent

      that’s why I’m no longer an Adorama customer.

  • EErock

    well I gave in and started calling local shops. Found a kit at Samy’s camera Pasadena. went up and picked it up and I’m about 100 clicks in so far. Pretty blown away at this point having upgraded from a d5000. Quite happy.

  • Carlos R B

    Im worried about Admins (Peter)…no posts in any of his sites…nikon, PR and LR…i wonder if everythings is allright…

    • I was thinking the same thing. This thread has not been updated which is not like him.

    • Gary

      If you read NR’s tweets you will read that on Oct 28 he posted:
      I cannot get to my computer yet, there may not be another blog post while I am in NY (Sunday).

      So NR admin is simply in NY and cannot easily access his computer. That’s it…no mystery…

  • Gary

    There is an advantage to waiting to purchase: sources like Thom Hogan have reported that in November Nikon will begin rebates on lens + body combo’s that includes the D7000. So for instance, one could get the D7000 plus the 24-70 lens with $300 off, or about the same price as a D700 body.

  • karlbusa


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