The latest Nikon patents from Japan

Those are the latest Nikon patent applications filed in Japan. I would like to remind you again that filing a patent doesn't necessarily mean that a specific technology will be implemented. The text is machine translated, no direct links are available.

Patent application 2010-145882 is for a clever way of implementing bounce flash:

"Problem to be solved: To provide an imaging device which can directly or indirectly illuminate an object of shooting by its illumination part having a simple construction.

Solution: The imaging device is provided with the illumination part 6 which can move between a first place where it directly illuminates the object to be shot by imaging elements and a second position where it indirectly illuminates it and a reflecting surface 10a which is opposed to the illumination part 6 which is in the second position. It also has a reflecting member 10 which can move between an open position where the illumination part 6 is open and an obscuring position where the illumination part 6 is shielded. When the illumination part 6 is in the second position and the reflecting member 10 is in the open position, the illumination light emitted from the illumination part 6 is reflected by the reflecting surface 10a and is guided in the direction so that it may indirectly illuminate the object of shooting."

Patent application 2010-147695 is for a synthetic camera with multiple lenses that can be pointed at different directions:

"Problem to be solved: To obtain a synthetic image corresponding to a field angle change from wide angle to telephoto.

Solution: An imaging device 100 has a plurality of imaging units 1-5, an imaging direction control means 7 controlling an imaging direction of each imaging unit n composing a plurality of imaging units 1-5 and overlapping an imaging range of each imaging unit n with an imaging range by another imaging unit, a field angle control means 7 controlling the imaging direction control means 7 so as to change a length of a diagonal line of all of the imaging ranges by a plurality of imaging units 1-5 by changing a size of the overlapped range according to a field angle adjustment instruction, and an imaging synthesizing means 8 synthesizing a single image based on a plurality of images obtained by each imaging unit n after the control by the field angle control means 7."

Patent application 2010-160335 is for a camera that will reflect infrared rays in order to keep the body temperature down:

"Photographing instruments, such as a camera, may be used under the environment which can irradiate with the beam of light containing infrared rays like sunlight so much like [in the case of being used for event photography in the outdoors etc.]. In the photographing instrument concerning conventional technology, when used under the environment where sunlight is irradiated so much, the problem that the temperature of a photographing instrument rises with exposure heat has occurred.

As conventional technology for preventing the rise in heat by solar radiations, such as a photographing instrument, what is provided with a reversible thermal-sensing changing layer, for example on the surface of a case is known.

Problem to be solved: To provide a photographing device capable of suppressing temperature rise of a casing.

Solution: The photographing device includes: an imaging part 140 picking up an image by an optical system 146; and the casing 4 where at least a reflection layer 24 whose lightness L in a Lab color specification system is less than 40, and whose reflectance to light having wavelength of 900 nm or more and less than 1,700 nm is 30% or more, is partially provided, wherein the casing houses the imaging part."

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  • chuck

    liking the flash

  • Mock Kenwell

    Interesting idea. Looks prone to breakage in the current form.

  • Huggs

    nom nom nom

  • Sweet to see some more creative concepts coming from Nikon. :]

  • Kevin

    woah. that flash is awesome!

  • tukang foto

    I want to have a live histogram attached on the optical viewfinder.

    • Jesus


      nice idea

      i’d like to use the viewfinder while recording a video

  • I’m liking Nikon’s forward thinking.

  • DSLRMania
  • CamaJan

    Flash: why not make the current flash a bit more tiltable to the back… Seams simpler…
    I saw that tldemonstrated on epl1 on youtube i think…:-)

    • Anonymous


      I even thought bending the side guides a bit to free the flash, but gave up since it may never shut properly again.

      Just a simple freeing button mechanism will do it.

  • Jesus

    That multiple lens camera would be really nice for panoramas

  • Jens
  • jk

    so a small flash and a small bounce surface..hmmmm

    this is really *no different* than using a bounce card

    • _sem_

      > Flash: why not make the current flash a bit more tiltable to the back… Seams simpler…

      > this is really *no different* than using a bounce card

      This is a mirror bounce-card in fact, I’ve improvised sth like this with a piece of metal tin once while waiting for the external flash to get shipped. Works great, but only at short distances and with low white ceilings 😉
      I think a tiltable flash head is a better idea.
      Notice the switch in the scheme; the default TTL-BL flash mode is not good if using an improvisation as it likely results in underexposure without attempting to use full flash power when bouncing or diffusing with the unsuspicious camera (workarounds: spot metering, FV lock).

  • I would like to use something as a thermos for the battery to have a little bit more energy when it comes really cold. The mechanical FM-2 works well within the frost -40°C but this is the fully mechanical film camera, it has no parts to fail. My three electronic film bodies Canon EOS 300’s worked without any failure for six hours under the temperature -20°C but them still have less electronics than any cheapest digital compact. No digital camera to work well under such extreme conditions. And the other thing is that the viewfinder growing misted when breathing. Any inventions to solve such a problem?

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