B&H started shipping Nikon D7000 kits today

I just received multiple reports that B&H has started shipping Nikon D7000 pre-orders today.

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  • Wow.
    nice news.
    but in website the warning is still the same:
    “New item – No arrival date known
    This is a new item. It is not available yet. We have no arrival date at this time.”

    • yes – they are shipping only the pre-orders at that point and probably don’t know when the next shipment will be

  • Paul

    Key word being “kit”
    I’m still waiting for body only to ship.

    • Danielvb

      Same here. Got the body on only on 09/16 and on tracking it still shows “backordered”.

    • The invisible man

      You could buy the kit and then sell the lens “new” on ebay.

      • WoutK89

        But the lens loses its value fast if everybody does it like that. Most people already buy a lens like that + body, so the demand will be too high soon.

  • Fenst

    Hola! First containership arrived? 🙂

  • DaveyJ

    Well at least a real camera store has them!! I am waiting for the body only version at B&H.
    Sure hope the dead pixel issue is better than I have heard something about.

    • No dead pixels on my D7000. No issues (yet).

    • Jim

      no dead on mine either

      • Aaron

        ditto for me.

    • JB

      No dead pixels on my D7000 either.

    • Koypucara

      were did you hear about dead pixels? I have had my camera for about 4 days already and I haven’t noticed anything wrong with it, no dead pixels.

      • JB

        There’s one person (posting on multiple forums) claiming to have returned several to BB for hot or dead pixels.

        • Patrick

          I’m one of them. 12+ hot pixels.

          • WoutK89

            With first batches there is always a big chance, and at the start there is always more people acquiring one than later on in the life so things like this seem to be large scale, when there is only a small portion of the total amount of cameras having this issue.

    • mike

      No dead or hot pixels here either. I checked stills, live view and video, and all is perfect. This camera has exceeded my expectations.

  • Welcome to Live Chat at the B&H Consumer Photography Department … connected to Yossi O.

    Worldcrossings : the grip for the d7000, do you have it in stock as of yet? Is there a price yet? I’m about to pre-order my d7000 but want to pre-order the grip and an extra battery at the same time … thoughts?Blair Thomas: hey yossi

    Yossi O: just a few moments whilst I begin working on your inquiry

    Worldcrossings: grip> mb-d11

    Yossi O: Nikon has not supplied us with the grip for this camera as of yet, no cost or date of availability have been established. It is not yet featured on our website. Currently we are not accepting orders on the D7000 camera

    Worldcrossings: any thoughts of when the camera will be available?

    Yossi O: likely sometime in November, we have not received our initial shipment as of yet, our initial shipment will be fulfilling pre-orders we had accepted already.

    • NikonUSA just put the grip and battery into the database for dealers to order today. That usually indicates that it’s not too far off from shipment. But as far as I know, none of the dealers who jumped on this and ordered have seen the status change to shipped.

      • Gary

        Thanks Thom for all of your valuable input.

  • DeathKnight

    Wonder when we’ll see reports of Amazon starting to ship orders….

    I’ve got a body on order and an established set of lenses so the kit is worthless to me. I really wish Nikon wouldn’t put as much emphasis on kits as they do, especially for these higher-end models. You’re just pissing off your well-entrenched base of customers. They’re forced to either buy the kit and flip the included lens (devaluing it greatly) or wait an inordinate amount of time to get just the body. With the lower-end models I can see how kits can be really attractive because there are always lots of P&S people who are looking to move up to a DSLR. But really, how many people who spend over a grand on a camera are new and would want a kit?

    • The Man from Mandrem

      I do feel your pain, but I do think there are alot of yuppie soccer moms/dads willing to spend good money on a high quality consumer V-DSLR. But there’s no strong pricing advantage of the kit vs. buying that lense separately which makes me wonder why they even bother with a kit. There are sooo many 18-105 kit lenses on the used market, that even the new prices are very competitive. I needed an 18-105 anyways since I’m moving over from film and don’t want to buy another 2.8 zoom right now just to handle 18-28, but I would say noone wins with this “kit.”

      • Misu

        Buy the 16-85 mm VR lens instead. It’s better than the 18-105.

    • Akira

      Like The Man said, Nikon markets these high-end consumer bodies to amateurs. Soccer moms have no business with a camera like this, but rich ones will by it anyways, even if they never get another lens and use it to take pictures of their kids.

    • WoutK89

      I dont agree with your point of view. You sound spoiled to not be able to wait for a camera to be available. You know before the camera is released that there was no real fixed date of release! You should be lucky seeing this camera being sold to so many people already in a kit, supporting Nikon, and so making room for people like you to buy the body only when its available more easily.

  • gt

    anyone know how long after a camera’s release it typically takes dpreview to review it?

    should we expect a review 6 months from now? or sooner?

    • WoutK89

      Sooner. I expect them to be working on the review already. At latest by Thanksgiving it should be out I would say.

  • nikonuser

    I gave up on the waiting game and bought a D300s!

    • Edwin

      I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I’m going to wait it out…at least for a while longer.

    • Down Under

      A good choice. You will be happy with the D300s

      • 🙂 They will be happy with the D300s but always thinking about the d7000… 🙂

        • I’m not so sure. I currently shoot with a D700 but had a D90 last year. I picked up a D300s recently and was super impressed – the D90 doesn’t touch it though the D7000 closes that gap somewhat especially on the build quality. I still think overall the D300s is worth its money and status as the better camera….

      • cockburn

        for 500 more, id rather get a d700 and go FX!

  • I see Amazon has started taking orders for the kit again.

  • tiarnachutch

    Can you clarify whether the orders are body or kit? My body-only preorder (placed on Sept 15) is still showing backordered.

    • yes, only D7000 kits were shipped

    • Ditto what NRAdmin said. According to one Nikon sales rep, they’re hoping to have initial body-only boxes in the US by the end of the month.

      • d7K Less

        Now we are talking!! The end of the month is coming real soon.

  • Phil Cassidy

    I just hope the body only kits don’t have dead pixel issues.

    • WoutK89

      body only KITS?

  • From B&H regarding Kits.

    Al Marschke : When my Nikon D7000 body only be shipping? Order Number: xxxxx
    Jack L: Hello Al. My name is Jack, and I will be glad to assist you. They are expected in toward the beginning of next month.
    Al Marschke: Thank you. Are the Kits shipping yet?
    Jack L: They are expected to arrive at the same time.
    Al Marschke: Thank you.

    • please do not post real order # – someone may cancel your order 🙂 (I edited the post above)

  • Woohoo, *Henry’s* is shipping Nikon *D7000 bodies* today you say?! : D

    • ukj

      just call henrys they said no shipping yet please tell me where you got your info

      • It was a joke lol

        • ukj

          I know i just read the first few words and got excited and then i read the rest.

  • Yodo

    This morning (10/20) around 1:30am, I couldn’t sleep and went surfing for the camera kit and stumbled on the Best Buy website. From there, I noticed they had the D7000 kit in stock. I had to hit refresh a few times in the browser to make sure my eyes were not tired and missing the “backordered” label. I immediately grabbed my credit card and ordered it. I just recieved email it’s being shipped today. I would have waited to order out of my state and pay no taxes, but I have an event this weekend that I want to try the camera at.

    Word of advice…surf the early morning hours since websites usually update the database with stocked items. I lucked out because BestBuy.com now shows “backordered.”

    • Judy

      I ordered my kit from Best Buy on Monday Oct 18, and the status was in stock and ready to ship in 0-1 day, with an estimated arrival date of Oct 21-26. Then I called them Oct 20 morning to see what’s going on when my order didn’t ship yet. They claim that there was a problem verifying billing info. So I had to give them my info again and I even called my credit card company to clear the transaction. My credit card company claims the transaction went through smoothly on Oct 18.

      So I called Best Buy back, and they said they’ll put that into their system that everything’s ok. They claim that sometimes the system randomly selects orders to verify billing info. Thinking that everything is cool, I receive an email just hours later that my order is canceled. No reason given at all. This is infuriating since they were advertising in stock when I purchased it!

      I am not dying to have it in the next week, but I want to make sure I have it before my Patagonia trip. Hence, I’m willing to buy the kit and resell the lens at a discount.

      Would recommend that you call Best Buy and ensure your order is shipping…and they don’t give you any BS about not being able to verify your information.

      • Yodo

        Thanks Judy. They did send me the UPS tracking number, but the UPS site hasn’t been updated yet, and usually gets updated in the evenings. I will be watching the UPS tracking for the estimated arrival date, because I expedited it to 2nd day air.

      • TR_T-Rex

        I am in almost exactly the same situation, with the The following exceptions: 1) I need this item ASAP because my friend will bring to me –I do not live in the States- as I will use it in my honeymoon, and she will leave the States on the 4th of November 2) considering this item is in high demand and in order to be on the safe side due to my urgent situation, I called BB before placing the order and was ensured that there is quite a lot of this item and one of them will be reserved for me right away when I place the order.I placed the order on the 19th, and accordingly my estimated time frare was October 22 to October 28 (my initial day is one day later than yours as I placed the order one day later than you), 3) On day later, on the 20th, the item’s own status has changed as “backordered”, but my order’s status remained the same, i.e. to be shipped within 0-1 business days. I nevertheless called BB and asked them whether the fact that the item is backordered on their website would affect the status of my order. I was told that it is applicable to people who will place their order from now on as they have to wait BB to receive the next batch, but mine is along with 22 people has been reserved for shipping as we placed the order before it was backordered. Cool. I also asked why it has not been shipped yet and they told me the same thing about credit card verification/clearence as I am using an int. credit card. Like you I called my credit card company and they told me everything is OK on their side. I called BB again and let them know that the ball is on BB. I did not care so much for this verification process anywyz, because after all I was told that one of this item has been reserved for me. 4) Yesterday my order’s status also changed as “backordered”. I called BB again and this time I have been told that there is nothing that can be done. On the other hand, according to their system, estimated time of arrival (Oct. 23 to 28) remains the same. Considering that BB website now says that the earliest time this item from the backordered batch can be purchased is November 4th, I asked how come this could happen. Their answer was not satisfactory. At the same time they said they for some reason cannot make any changes to the order, which is a good indication as to either the item has already been shipped out or it is being prepared for shipment. At this point I asked them to contact the relevant department or the warehouse by providing my order number to obtain information on whether my order has actually been shipped, and if so what the tracking number is, and if not, whether it is actually being prepared for shipment, in order to substantiate this “good” indication, but despite speaking to the supervisor I was told that they cannot access any information with regard to the concerned warehouse as their system does not even show this information with respect to my particular order. So I am open every possiblity. It may show up on my friend’s now while I am typing this entry, or will be delivered by the 11th of November, the last estimated date for backorders, or even later.

  • Mark

    No dead pixel issues here either.

  • Mock Kenwell

    Patiently awaiting full frame, please.

  • If I have to see another post about the D7000, I will kill everyone in the world.

    13 of the last 16 posts on here have been about the D7000, and then another mentioned it.

    We get it. D7000s are coming. If I had ordered one from B&H I would have been the first to know.

    • Max Rebel

      We’ll get your gun’s ready… because there’s going to be A LOT of posts on the D7000 in the coming weeks as more of us actually get them on hand.

      But please… test those guns on yourself before you attempt to kill everyone in the world… we have D7000’s on they way and are more then happy to read about others whom have received or about to receive theirs.

      Cigars for Everyone! The Stork is coming.

    • Well I for one am waiting for a collection of credible hands on user reviews. I heard promises of ‘D700 ISO performance’ before Photokina so we’ll see how good it really is.

    • jdsl

      So, you wanna kill Admin? 🙂

      • No, I will spare the Admin… for he will feel the full brunt of the carnage when he sees what I did. I shall cut off all his facial features except his ears, so that he can hear the screams and cries of his fellow man.

        No, honestly, I do want to see some credible reviews of it… but I don’t want to see all the ULTRA minor topics related to it.

      • Whatever happened to the idea of “Page 2” on here? Because 80% of these would be there.

        • Sean, the last time I discussed here the idea of having page 2, the majority wanted to have everything on the main page:


          I know those D7000 delivery posts were not vey interesting – this is why I kept them only one sentence long. There are many people waiting on that camera and since nobody else is giving any updates, I have to report on it. In addition, after several Nikon announcements before Photokina, it will be slow on rumors for a while. I am looking into different ways to provide fresh and interesting content every day. I may try guest posts in the next few weeks.

          • Your polling incorrectly weights my votes as only “1”. Please modify my weighted value to somewhere around 7 to 8 thousand votes.

            2nd page for non-rumor stuff? Done.

          • But honestly, that poll is crap. It doesn’t hurt ANYONE to have the same amount of content, but with the extras on “page 2.”

            This isn’t a democracy. You’re the boss, and no matter what you do you’re going to have people bitch. 🙂 So, just do what you think is best.

            • The problem is that people will not go to page 2 – how many times have you visited page 2 on MacRumors?
              I had page 2 in the past and I removed it for that exact reason.

            • That’s the beauty and sort of the idea of page 2. Of course it’s going to get less traffic. It’s the stuff that’s not important to the majority of viewers.

              It’s nice to have it there, some people will really appreciate it, but no one gets irritated.

              When I would frequent MacRumors, while I would read the full summary for most things on the main page, I would every couple days scan over Page 2. Sometimes I’d find something interesting, most of the time not. It did its job.

  • BillyO

    It’s true, B&H has shipped D7000 Kits. I ordered mine on 10/2 and it shipped today and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow according to the UPS Tracking. Yep, B&H overnighted the kit in lieu of the Standard Shipping(3-5 days) I had selected when I placed the order.

    • I ordered mine on Sept 16. Body only. Nothing yet.

    • Wow, if you ordered on 10/02 and got it shipped today, it means that B&H got a big shipment or they did not have many pre-orders.

      • The Man From Mandrem

        Or enough people cancelled their orders and bought from BB that it worked itself out.

        • DeathKnight

          Or there weren’t many orders for the kit. Most orders have likely been for body only.

    • Gary

      Typical B&H service. They are very good at what they do.

  • d7K Less

    Way to go B&H!!

  • Gary

    So it turns out that B&H preorder customers are having to wait only about 5 to 6 extra days than those who got it early at BB…that’s not too bad, and you’re saving sales tax…

  • zen-tao

    Finally Nikon co. has done just the opposite than they used to make up to now. They are announcing with noise something that they don´t really have. Let’s be cautious and expect for serious comparatives as in Dpreview so that we won´t have any surprise and know what we are really buying. One thing is real the 18-105 lens is a crap. I can’t figure out how they are trying to smuggle such a bottom of bottle in such a cámera.

    • Cminor

      It’s not that bad… I found it excellent with my D90, though obviously the distortion is pretty bad. Luckily tools like Capture NX take care of that for you, and the D7000 has a distortion control option built-in 🙂

  • tsnake

    Ok ok. So, lets get some info on the D4/D800 announcements.
    I have suffered through enough of this.

  • =140469073230 Great Deal!!

  • Alan

    I was #61 at B&H for pre-ordering the body only. To date, there is no news on my order. They tell me they are expecting them the first week in November.

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