Amazon cannot deliver Nikon D7000 pre-orders on time, offers $25 discount

It seems that for whatever reason Amazon will not be able to ship the Nikon D7000 on time and they are now offering $25 credit to existing pre-orders - not sure if this discount is valid for all pre-orders or only for those that cannot be shipped on time. This is the email that was sent just few minutes ago:


We're writing to let you know there's been an unexpected delay in shipping your Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera.

This camera has proven to have an extraordinary demand and we're shipping orders as quickly as possible. At this time, we're not sure of the exact date your camera will be shipped.

We're very sorry about this, and to make up for the inconvenience, we'd like to offer you a $25 discount. You don’t have to do anything; the discount will be applied to your account when your camera ships.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Customer Service Department"

It seems that the $25 discount was applied automatically:

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  • itznfb

    yuuuuuuuuuuuup. Just got my F U email from Amazon as well. Thanks a lot Amazon. I can guarantee I was one of the first 5 people to order when it became available. I had a script running that utilized the one click purchase and literally the second it became available I got my confirmation e-mail. Now they tell me I have to wait…. that’s awesome.

    • appledisciple

      I also got the shaft! I ordered very early! Amazon confirmed I was in the top 20, and would be in the first shipment. But NOOOOOOO! I got bumped as well. I complained to their customer service last night for an hour, but it did no good.

      Funny thing, I was able to walk in, and buy 2 complete D7000 kits, at a Utah Best Buy last night. They were the only 2 that came in to Utah, and I snagged them. But I may just sell these for a profit on ebay, as I only need the Body-Only version I ordered on Amazon.

      • Ryan

        What a dick move. You’re the reason no one is able to buy these cameras.

        • Joe D

          Sounds like to me, if he is reselling it, two people, who would not have otherwise got the camera, now get to buy it. For that opportunity, they pay a little premium. What’s wrong with that?

          It’s not like he bought them and is hoarding them.

          • Char

            The wrong part is that two other guys, who would have paid no premium, do not get the two D7000 kits now. I just hope noone will buy them from appledisciple for any premium. I agree with Ryan, its a dick move.

            • Jumbonas

              Capitalism baby!

          • Richard

            If you must blame someone, try N*I*K*O*N for not having the ability to produce products in a quantity to meet market demand, not that they are under an obligation to do so for you or me, but you would think that their ownership group would be sick and tired of losing sales because the company is not up to the job of producing product sufficient to meet demand.

            • Mock Kenwell

              So we have a dude who is doing the equivalent of what scalpers do with tickets and you wan to to blame Nikon? What a retarded thing to say. Should Nikon assume there are hundreds of a-holes out there like this guy and compensate? If they did, they’d have to make more than they could sell by your genius rocket science. Give me a break.

              Instead of blaming Nikon, why don’t we blame the people who THINK they need this camera within the next 14-30 days? If you don’t already have a DSLR, you’re not a serious photographer, and you can either keep on using what you had or get along without one for another couple of weeks. If you are a serious enthusiast, you already have something you can keep shooting with. Those who ordered from Amazon first are getting theirs. Those who didn’t order in time are having to wait. That’s the risky game of ultra-early adoption. Tough shit.

              Nikon is a small company and cannot afford to over-produce their products. And once again, IT’S ONLY BEEN A COUPLE OF DAYS that SOME people haven’t been able to get product. Nikon released it ON-TIME and thousands of people now have the product in their hot little hands. And we still don’t know how long it will be for the wave two shipment. If it’s only a couple of weeks as is being said, HOW IS THAT A BIG DEAL?! Honestly, the whining and armchair idiocy flying around this forum is mind-boggling.

      • Suckitutah

        What an arsebungler, Mr Utah – hope you get caught in public when you squeal in glee and pee your pants with the joy that comes with making profit at others expense…

        • Mock Kenwell

          Awesome screen name.

      • The invisible man

        What about the Ebay + Paypal + shipping + insurance fees ?
        You need to sell if $2000 to make any profit on it !

    • Ducatdad

      I got the same email from Amazon Friday. I canceled my pre-order today when I found a D7000 kit at my local Best Buy in the norther Chicago suburbs. They got them in Friday, and put them on the shelf this morning. This store received 20.

  • lightsaver

    I was just about to post this. CTRL-C’d it to my clipboard.

    Good think I hit BestBuy this am for the camera! My thought this morning was I’d buy it and leave it unopened; if amazon started delivering over the weekend I would return it. The D7K kit is still unopened and I don’t have time to open it til next week so I guess that’s still my plan. But I’m guessing amazon delivery is a long way off! Good times!

    Its amazing that BB is the go-to for a Nikon release, no?

    • itznfb

      Now way in hell I’d pay that price for the D7000 + kit lens though. You’re basically paying $400 more for just the body. Most you’ll get out of that lens trying to resell is $200-$250.

      • lightsaver

        To each his own. If I sell the lens, my premium is $50-$100 going by your estimate. I’m ok with that. I’d rather pay a little more and have it for the next couple months, especially since I have a trip coming up. (The coupon helped!)

        • DiZzy

          I pre-ordered with Amazon, but couldn’t take it and hit BB this morning. I used the coupon that floating around this forum and it saved me $180. Total, with tax, was $1442. It would have been $1229 (overnight shipping) from Amazon. That means if I can get $225 for the lens, I’m right where I would have been it I stuck with Amazon…except I’m playing with it tonight (the camera that is).

          • Richard

            What coupon is that???

            • DiZzy
            • DiZzy

              Oh yeah, I also signed up for the Rewards program, so I’ll be getting a $30 gift cert (1 point for ever $1, $10 for every 500 points). It’s not much, but it’ll get me a memory card…


            • Addie

              I was just successful with this coupon as well, they price-adjusted it for me. Thanks for the tip!

            • Richard

              Thank you DiZzy!

              I think I may just use that tomorrow. Now I need to look up their no interest financing deal as well.

              I am not sure whether I will keep the kit lens or not. Any opinions?

            • GvD

              Thanks Dizzy! Went back to Best Buy after having my cousin buy it for me since I found one at one close to him. BB let me repurchase on my CC and ge the discount! 😀

          • justin

            Can I use it online? Or have to use it in store? Thanks, Dizzy.

            • DiZzy

              I’m not sure about that. I used it in-store. The guy I was dealing with had to call over a manager to get it entered. I don’ t know how straightforward it was to redeem. I do know that it expires on the 17th, so don’t wait too long!!!

            • ƒalco

              Coupon is in-store only. coupons are extremely rare.

          • Richard


            I just read the coupon. Are you a “Reward Zone® program Premier Silver member” or did they just take it?

      • Wrong. $1,499 minus $1,199 is $300, not $400.

        Secondly, there’s 12% off the camera from the Best Buy Coupon (-$180)

        Then you can sell the lens for well under retail cost. (I found a guy at work who bought it for $250. As it retails on amazon for $350)

        By my math, I will have gotten the camera $1069 dollars – $31 less than retail value for the body alone, and three days before street date.

        • Segura

          No sales tax?

          • Not in Oregon. (Got lucky)

        • itznfb

          + tax = $400 difference. And that lens retails for $275 tops. It’s currently being price gouged at several retailers because of this kit. They do it every time a new kit comes out to over value the kit lens so people don’t opt for the body only + lens. In a couple weeks that lens will be back to $225 on Amazon. And most people won’t be able to get rid of it at all.

          I just can’t see paying $400 more for something especially when 99.9% of you don’t need this body at all. $400 in instant gratification is a little over the top… even for me who pays $80/yr just to get $3 overnight shipping.

          • DiZzy

            I feel ya. I felt the same way, but it was killing me that people where getting their hands on this camera even though I pre-ordered within hours of the release. Going on what was being shared here, I printed out the coupon and signed up for the Rewards plan, so the difference between what I would have paid on Amazon for body only and what I paid for the kit at Best Buy is less then $200 (tax included). I can get $180 for the kit lens tomorrow, I’m sure of that.

            If nothing else, I can put the kit lens on my D70s when I sell it on EBay and someone might actually buy it! 🙂

            • WoutK89

              so impatience to have the latest is what drives you to buy and be one of the first people? Are you actually in need of using it now, or just want to have it?

      • ƒalco

        Depends on sales tax where you are, but my out the door cost @ BB after 12% coupon was $1385. Sold the lens for $250. Not including the $25 RZ certs I’ll get, my out of pocket cost for the body is $1135. That is a heck of a lot better than the $1179 I would have paid if I stuck it out w/ my Amazon preorder and I have it the first weekend of availability.

        Honestly, based on what Amazon is saying by the time they do get them in stock what do you want to bet the D7000 will be discounted everywhere. I’ve seen that movie & know how it ends.

        Let’s be fair here. There is zero reason for anyone to be P.O.’d at Amazon. They never promised a ship date. They never said they would be first to stock it. BB is a viable option w/ the coup. If you decide not to go that route, OK, but that is your choice. Don’t be mad at Amazon for promises they never made.

  • Jay A

    This is going to be a REALLY popular camera.

  • JCap

    FFFUUUUUUUU… still no word from B&H. I’m such a sucker. Could have bought one at BestBuy but didn’t.

    Also to note: I called every pro-photo store in Manhattan today and no one could give an answer as to when their shipment was coming and had no idea why Best Buy, of all places, would have them ahead of time.

    • kithic

      Yea I feel like a sucker for ordering from BH too..

    • Rich

      For all you New Yorkers, West Nyack BB has several in stock I reserved mine an hour ago and will pick it up in the AM.

    • ƒalco

      Oh, come on. Let’s not be naive. We all know why BB got them first. They are the biggest specialty consumer electronic box store chain in the U.S. That pulls a lot of weight toward getting first shipments of new stuff. Nikon wants the D7000 out in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Nikon doesn’t get that at a NY camera store or online store. The D7000 has pro features, but it’s still a consumer camera.

      When Apple released the iPad — who was the first non-Apple B&M reseller: BB. Wh0 was the first non ATT B&M reseller for the iPhone? BB. Same reasons.

      • Only one problem with your scenario: Best Buy didn’t sell iPads before Apple did. The sale date embargo was respected. This time it wasn’t. And by quite a few days.

        Nikon, by the way, has to follow FTC regulations on dealing with a large dealer base: you can’t favor one over another. If Nikon does not discipline Best Buy in this case, they’re essentially disrespecting their dealers and running really close to what’s legal in the US. I’ve talked to three dealers so far, and the BB D7000 problem isn’t the only one that’s come up with Nikon’s recent product introductions. Given that a camera dealer right now can get 5% more profit off the same sale with Sony equipment than Nikon, what do you think disrespecting your dealer base is going to do for Nikon?

        • ZoetMB

          Is the issue that Best Buy didn’t respect the embargo or that big independents like BH haven’t even gotten any inventory as yet?

          And since BH sells a much larger variety of Nikon equipment than Best Buy does, who do you think sells more (including online sales)? My guess is that Best Buy probably sells more of the low-end models, but BH might have bigger overall sales.

          And does BH get purposely screwed by Nikon because BH also sells grey market lenses?

          You would think that with all of the chains that have gone under in the last ten years, Nikon would treat the large surviving independent specialty camera stores better.

          • The issue is that Best Buy didn’t respect the on sale date. They were selling cameras before Nikon had even shipped any to other dealers.

            As I note in other responses, Best Buy sells a fair amount of Nikon equipment, but they are not a big enough slice of Nikon’s sales in the US to allow them to screw up Nikon’s relationship with their main channels. B&H sells far more Nikon equipment in a year than Best Buy.

            • Richard

              BB does not sell unauthorized imports, but most of the “big independent specialty stores” do…so just what has Nikon done about that?

  • I guess to cover overnight shipping right?

  • Mike Gunter

    I got the same email. 🙂

    Isn’t Prime great?

    My best,


  • Well at least your still ahead of me and everyone else waiting for a d700 upgraded camera, and $25 to boot!

  • Ant

    I suspect Nikon’s putting their production into the kit, in an effort to win new customers. Who cares about those who are already locked into the system?

    • kithic

      Yeah, but even new-to-nikon users might be ordering body only. I shoot Canon right now and am switching to Nikon for various reasons. I ordered body only and this is giving me a horrible impression of Nikon.. At this point I don’t even know that I want to switch anymore.. I don’t really like the Canon alternatives though..

      • lightsaver

        I’m curious what the story is with BB getting at least a 2-4 week jump on the competition. Must be interesting.

      • Ant

        I guess. If I were coming at this as a new to Nikon user, I’d go for the 35 f/1.8 rather than any of the kit options.

        • JackTenSpades

          That is what I did. New user. Already bought the 35 f/1.8. It is sitting on my dresser without a camera teasing me

          • haha.. I’m already a nikon user wanted to upgrade my D40x.. I also bought the 35mm f1.8 last week and waiting for the d7000 to arrive.. this have been a painful month of waiting

      • st r

        > this is giving me a horrible impression of Nikon

        I think people should not get impressions about corporate entities. You really should only judge their products and services. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” brand, only brands that provide what you need and brands that don’t.

        “Loving” or “hating” entire brands is something invented by salespeople. I am from Italy and I think Ferrari did this very, very well.

        • WoutK89

          Indeed, judge a product on what it does, not how it comes to you! You could have known you had to wait to have it, so your story is just a load of cr*p.

    • ƒalco

      Isn’t that what they always do? I know it was the case w/ the D90. The body wasn’t released for a month or two after the kit.

    • Historically, body-only models for consumer DSLRs have appeared about a month after the kits.

  • svane

    Does anybody know if it usually is easier to get a body with kit lens rather than just the body when a new camera is released? Should I expect to have to wait longer to get only the body?

    • kithic

      Everyone seems to think it will be easier to get the kit than the body only. Call your local best buys and you may score a kit now. Body only might be a while. No one really knows because most places are either unsure or keeping it under wraps.

    • Joe D

      just wait a few weeks. Some good retailers will split the kit up, and sell body only and lens separate.

      I did that with 17th street camera on ebay. They are authorized for canon and I bought a T1i before body only boxes were available. Came with warranty card and receipt. I actually needed service on it, and it went without a hitch

      • Yes, some dealers will split up the kit. But not every kit they receive, as they don’t need that many 18-105mm lenses in stock ;~). The dealer probably paid something like $1275 for the kit. They would normally pay US$305 for the lens only. Thus, if they bust up the kit and give you US$300 for the lens, they’re still about the same as if they had ordered a lens directly from Nikon. Funny thing is, there are probably some at NikonUSA headquarters wondering why their 18-105mm lens sales this month are so low ;~)

    • ZoetMB

      It’s almost always easier to get the kit. I had to buy the D70 as a kit and I immediately sold the lens. I was able to get the D200 body only, but I had to pay full price. Since I think most of the earliest purchasers of a D7000 are probably upgrading, I think there’s going to be a lot of 18-105 lenses for sale, which will keep the price down.

      Note that BH sells a “white box” version of the 18-105 for $30 less. Those are obviously taken out of the kits, although they’re out of stock on the white box version right now. I suspect when they get in their first D7000 kits, that stock will be replenished, unless the demand for the D7000 is so high, they’re able to sell all the kits anyway.

      They say the U.S. economy sucks, but somehow neither Apple nor Nikon can keep their new products in stock.

  • The invisible man

    Imagine when the D800/900 will be release !
    I bet it will be 3 months delay !

    • Definitely more than that. My guess is half a year 😮

      • WoutK89

        Look at the D3s, it had same start up problems.

        • zzddrr

          and over a year the D3s is a hard to get. Nikon was unable to fix the supply issue of the D3s for over a year. (It was introduced on Oct 14 2009)

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Buy a Hasselblad and call it a day

            • The invisible man

              So what’s best ?
              Save money 2 years for a nikon and have to wait 3 months for delivery, or having to save money for 10 years to buy an Hasselblad and wait only 1 day for delivery ?

            • jdsl

              Or, buy Canon 60D.
              I hear there are lots of them on the shelves 🙂

  • Akira

    Ugh, got the email tonight. I ordered maybe 45 minutes after the release? $25 off an $1100 order is less a discount and more an insult. I should have tried Best Buy the other day. Maybe I’ll hit them up tomorrow and see if I can get crazy lucky.

  • David_H

    This is a paradigm camera. There is NOTHING anywhere in the market that competes with it’s performance at this price range. I doubt even Nikon expected how popular this camera was going to be (much like Apple underestimated iPad popularity). I don’t think this says anything bad about Nikon; in fact, I would say the demand is an indication that Nikon hit a home run with this body. Keep in mind, this camera has only been OFFICIAL for a month today.

    • Nonsense. If Nikon didn’t know how popular this camera was going to be, they weren’t paying any attention.

      But Nikon’s been playing inventory really coy for some time now. Even the stuff that’s in stock is in relatively thin stock, for the most part.

      • Richard


        Have you considered the probability that Nikon is simply hapless? They would get a very, very poor grade at B school for their performance, and not just in this particular product introduction.

        • Hapless? As in unfortunate or unlucky?

          No. I believe you make your own luck by your standards and practices, amongst other things. Why is it, for example, that Best Buy respected Apple’s recent on sale dates (e.g. iPad) but not Nikon’s?

          Moreover, this is a big enough deal that Nikon has another problem now: they need to make a public statement about what happened, why it happened, and why it won’t happen again. That’s one of the ways you make your own luck ;~).

          • PHB

            Nikon has a channel management problem. I suspect that they can keep B&H happy by giving them favorable treatment on some other gear they are after.

            Amazon is likely their biggest problem. The D90 was their #1 selling DSLR only a few months back. That is even with the replacement expected. They are probably expecting to sell D7000s by the container load.

            I suspect that Amazon will be charging those $25 discounts to Nikon one way or the other for a start.

            Nikon can’t upset Amazon or B&H. But they might well just walk away from BB if they look like trouble. The margins they get from retailers like BB are not so good. The big box retailers don’t help them build their market like B&H and the specialists do. And Nikon lost quite a bit when Ritz and Circuit City collapsed.

            I am still kicking myself for not shorting CC when hey announced that they were sacking their highest paid sales staff (i.e. the ones who make the biggest commissions because they sell the most stuff) and giving themselves bonuses with the money saved. It was so obviously the sign of a company about to go Chapter 7.

          • Richard

            I have not seen the packaging and so this is just a guess, but I suspect that the Nikon packaging and labeling is something less than idiot proof. Apple, on the other hand, usually has everything marked “Do Not Open before (date)” and probably warnings about a slow and painful death to any individual who venture further.

            You have to remember that BB uses the “surprise grab bag” system of inventory management. Decisions are made at a level far above the individual store and the store will know what they have to sell when they open the surprise grab bag (package). They will then enter it into their computer inventory system and put it on a shelf.

            I saw this just yesterday at a BB that was too busy to have opened the box.

            There are great risks in taking action against a large store such as BB. Number one is the obvious part, they move a lot of product that is aimed at the consumer (rather than pro). If you take your product off their shelf, they will simply sell your competitors’ products. And then there is the legal aspect. BB is big enough to take on Nikon in court. There is great doubt as to the enforceability of many “fair pricing” restrictions in varying jurisdictions. Not only that, but some companies which have tried this in the past have discovered to their great horror and amazement that their revenue actually went up when the restrictive marketing agreements were broken.

            Nikon is not Apple. Neither are Nikon’s products so compelling that the competitors’ products simply get ignored. While we may prefer Nikon’s products, the competitors’ products are not so poor that you could not do a very fine job on your assignments with them.

            Yea, Nikon got burned by Circuit City, but that was largely their own fault. Nikon were “asleep as the switch” when it came to watching what was going on with CC. Not only that, but the financial arrangement was a high risk one to begin with.

            The bottom line is that Nikon are not able to put product on the shelf to sell when people are inclined to buy.

            • You are correct in that BB is still strategic for the camera companies. That’s 600 stores selling a lot of inventory. But as all you using those 12% discount coupons know, it’s inventory that’s being sold at a discount, which is not good for keeping your product margins up or your dealers happy (they typically only get a 15% discount off MAP from Nikon, after all). It is NOT a good thing to have a hot demand product selling out at a 12% discount on Day -3 of your product launch.

              You almost want to do with BB the same thing the movie studios are doing with Netflix: engage, but with a delay.

            • Richard


              You lumped two things together that really do not belong together. The margins which Nikon achieves are fixed by the prices they charge dealers. The prices the dealers charge customers have no bearing on Nikon’s margins, only their own.

              I referred earlier to a manufacturer which wasted a great deal of money attempting to enforce unenforceable pricing restrictions on their products, not to mention the loss of focus on product innovation, quality assurance and distribution. After they lost enough of the cases that even the dim witted among them got the message they stopped trying to enforce the agreements. Much to their wonder and amazement, their sales and revenues increased…because the retailers knew the market better than they did and priced the products competitively, thereby increasing sales and market share.

              Best Buy’s management is, and always has been, vastly superior to that of Circuit City. About a year before Circuit City went belly up I commented to some people that the local store looked like it had died six months ago, but someone forgot to bury it. They never had things in stock (and didn’t care), the store was dirty, disorganized and not at all pleasant to go into. The help had become surly. No wonder they failed.

              As to the release date issue, Nikon very well knows, or should know, the distribution structure of their customers and should have been guided accordingly. They simply are not attentive and have no one to blame but themselves.

              A whole 10K units for the US of A, huh? What a joke!

            • > The margins which Nikon achieves are fixed by the prices they charge dealers. The prices the dealers charge customers have no bearing on Nikon’s margins, only their own.
              True. But you’re missing my point, which is that a great number of those “hot potato” cameras from Best Buy sold at near what other dealers would pay for them (12% off versus 15% off). This is part of the camera dealer’s anger at Nikon right now. To the dealer, it appears that Nikon is encouraging a discounter at the expense of the loyal dealer. I can’t begin to quote here some of the back chatter that’s going on amongst dealers right now.

              But directly to your point, yes, Nikon SHOULD care about what their product is being sold for. If the marketplace believes that the hottest camera on the market should sell for a discount when it first comes out (which is what it is if you apply 12% and sell the lens), then you as the manufacturer aren’t going to be able to hold your margins for very long. And no, Nikon can’t control what BB sells the camera for, but it can do a better job of making the camera available through more than a discount channel ;~)

              > even the dim witted among them got the message they stopped trying to enforce the agreements.
              Actually, they are all pretty much enforcing the agreements right now. Just try it: advertise below the MAP and see what happens to your Nikon account ;~).

              > Much to their wonder and amazement, their sales and revenues increased…because the retailers knew the market better than they did and priced the products competitively, thereby increasing sales and market share.
              Well, you don’t get a lot of argument from me here. I happen to agree that the camera makers (and many consumer electronics makers) are in denial about “best sales practices” and pricing for their products. In DEEP denial. But the problem for Nikon right now is that they have 2300+ people who sell their products mad at them because 600+ aren’t following Nikon’s arcane and silly requirements. Nikon has two choices: (1) enforce their requirements; or (2) get real with the distribution and sales. Personally I’d vote for #2, but the president of NikonUSA is going to vote for #1 ;~).

              > Best Buy’s management is, and always has been, vastly superior to that of Circuit City.
              That’s a bit like saying that the US Government is vastly superior to the government of Zimbabwe. When you establish a low bar, “vastly superior” means nothing.

              > About a year before Circuit City went belly up I commented to some people that the local store looked like it had died six months ago, but someone forgot to bury it.
              Actually, I get that feeling lately from my local Best Buy ;~)

              > As to the release date issue, Nikon very well knows, or should know, the distribution structure of their customers and should have been guided accordingly. They simply are not attentive and have no one to blame but themselves.
              No argument from me here, either. This is a NikonUSA problem, both in cause and in eventual resolution. But we aren’t done yet. Those shipments that NikonUSA’s database said they were being released on Friday do not appear to have made it any of the stores that I monitor today.

              > A whole 10K units for the US of A, huh? What a joke!
              Well, this seems to indicate more problems in more areas of the company. It’s strongly feeling to me that the D7000 announcement was delayed as long as possible before Photokina, but was announced at an earlier point in the actual production cycle than usual. Which means that production started late. The electronics locked back in March, so that would seem to imply that some key part–my guess would be sensor–didn’t deliver in quantity on the timeline they thought.

            • Richard


              Two things.

              One that you overlooked is that Best Buy is big enough to make Nikon “squeal all the way home” in court and I think Nikon knows it. They may engage in some saber rattling, but dare not do a great deal more. Besides, as you agree, the problem is of Nikon’s own making.

              You also overlook that the “big independent specialty stores” compete with BB and the local dealers without charging sales tax. Not everyone competes on the same terms.


  • Had an Amazon preorder within the 1st minute of availability and got the same email. Luckily my faith in Amazon is not exactly rock solid, and the D7000 sitting in my hands right now from Best Buy feels awfully good 🙂

  • kithic

    I’m having a hard time not taking some fault with BH because of their total lack of information or communication. All they have to do is shoot out an email saying our shipment has been delayed, we expect to receive it with in x amount of weeks, but it could be delayed even more. Honestly, I feel I would be satisfied with that. But they already have my money and and are really lacking in the customer service department. If they hadn’t of taken my money up front, perhaps I would feel so betrayed.
    Amazon, while obviously delayed is at least sending emails to customers and offering a good faith discount

    • kithic

      Obviously it’s my own fault too, for choosing a place that requires payment upfront. As I’ve said, I won’t be doing that again.
      And yea, I’m losing faith in Nikon. Too bad there isn’t an equivalent and affordable camera from Canon.
      I’m trying to relax and wait and see if anything happens next week.

      • mitch

        come on people. who’s going to miss a crucial shot because their camera came a week later than someone else’s? if a week’s time is that important, you should probably rethink your purchase because the next canikon 80D9000x/s will come out a month later. if your old digital sensor is giving out, god forbid, shoot film for your important shoot. it’s not very noisy and has no dead pixels.

        • DiZzy

          Come on…no one is saying they’ll miss shot. The bought something and feel they’ve been mislead a little. This is about their next toy, not photography. Let people be angry about that. Don’t try to make them feel dumb…

          • Twinmoons

            Misled by who exactly? Nikon did not announce a rerelease date at the time the reorders went up. Amazon never listed a release date on the preorder. So who is misleading us? We have been misled by the rumors! I’m good with the $25, but that camera better show up before November 😀

            • wow, don’t blame the rumors for that – everything I said about the D7000 release date was true so far

            • Twinmoons

              I didn’t mean nikonrumors! You guys rock. Just blaming general rumors about when amazon would ship stuff and how many units they might have gotten.

            • No problem, the truth is that there could be many reasons for the Amazon delay (we don’t even know how long that delay will be) – the delivery truck could have gotten into an accident, the container could be damaged, it could be a computer glitch, the Amazon shipment could be recalled back to the factory, etc. I have hard time believing that Nikon is trying to screw Amazon or that Amazon is trying to screw its customers. This is probably caused by some stupid mistake and somebody will loose their job because of that. The fact that Best Buy is selling the D7000 before the embargo date doesn’t help either – they will probably pay for that too.

            • DiZzy

              How did you figure that? Rumors mislead us??? The only reason I have the D7000 in my sweaty little hands is because of this site! The information I found here was key, Twinmoons. If you’re good with how Amazon is treating you, cool. I personally think they could have been clearer about where all of us that pre-ordered fell in order. You would think they would know how many units they were getting on what date.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Jesus. It’s a week or two people. The camera is buzzing all over the Internet and it’s flying off the shelves. How spoiled have we all become? Losing faith in Nikon? Bad impressions of the company because of their distribution partners? Give me a break. Grow up children.

            • Funduro

              Bet some wise guy was tipped off which truck to hijack. He will be selling the Amazon shipment on Lucky Vinny’s List, if you know what I mean, capisce?

      • Twoomy

        Losing faith in Nikon? What the heck for? The official release date hasn’t even arrived yet and it always takes 1-2 months for hot new camera gear to become readily available, especially a model like this with such pent up demand. Keep it real, people! Did you try to get a Sony NEX-5 on the day of its release? Or the Canon 5dmkII on its release day? Same deal. Relax and wait. The universe will be perfectly fine a month from now.

        • Joe D

          good lose faith everyone. That’ means one less person in line for each one that loses faith

      • pete

        your “trying to relax”…man…are you sure you can cope ? do you need someone to call 911 ? and your “losing faith on nikon” lmao… you, and the other whiners in this thread, sound like spoilt, petulant brats who are having a tantrum cos they cant have their toy RIGHT NOW. grow up.

        someone hand these poor suffering fools a kleenex.

      • Darth Vadeer

        I find your lack of faith disturbing

    • JCap

      Yeah, I’ve spoken with their pro camera sales reps multiple times via live chat and on the phone. They essentially say that Nikon has completely left them in the dark about this and were completely surprised when I told them about Best Buy. I do still find it very hard to imagine that one of the top pro camera retailers in the US would have absolutely no idea when their shipment is coming. They would not have left it all to chance. Now I have to wait it out and hope I get it in before a big gig in early November. Otherwise I’ll have to rely on my aging D80. Really would have kicked ass to have video clip option for this one…

    • limirl

      Which is precisely the reason I ordered from Adorama. It seems like everyone except from best buy has no idea when they will ship.

    • In defense of B&H, Adorama,, they wouldn’t have gotten any indication from Nikon about when they’d get their first shipment until last Friday, when the NikonUSA database they log into would have suddenly showed that their order was queued in shipping. Note that this is AFTER Best Buy started selling the camera. To put it mildly, the dealers are mad (now talked to five).

  • ambo

    this is definitely not fair… i don’t have any BB stores to visit within < 500 km (or maybe 1000 km ??) , i hate you guys…

    • WoutK89

      Haha, I live in Holland, expected release date I saw is november 5 anyway.

    • Richard

      Nikon can’t do much to Best Buy, they sell a lot of product and it would be cutting their nose off to spite their face.

  • This camera must be more popular than the D90 when it came out! 😮

  • Paleophoto

    Wow–went with Amazon because have had experience with BH being slow., although Amazon’s packing is terrible. Simply don’t like BB big box stores, and their generally high prices. So I’ll wait, I guess. Time to go play with and appreciate the tried and true D700.
    Still, Amazon’s email a very unpleasant shock, as I ordered within the first minute (like a gazillion others…) Nikon, get your act together!

  • I do blame Amazon.

    They knew exactly how many body pre-orders they had.

    They should have been in communication with Nikon to find out when they would get that number of cameras (and more – since I imagine more people are interested now that initial images and impressions are showing up).

    Like others here, I’m going to be traveling and need the camera before I leave.

    A terse email not offering any estimate when it will ship (a week, weeks, months?) & $25 isn’t very helpful.

    If they were smart, they would have had staff responding here (and other sites with lots of their customers) or at the very least in their own forum.

    But they weren’t. And when I upgrade to an FX camera, I doubt I’ll be ordering from them.

    And yes, Nikon should have had better communication.

    Apple may be secretive until they announce a product, but they do announce when they will ship and more recently have made sure there are enough for at least the people who line up to buy the first day.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the D7000 is featured in Best Buy’s Sunday ad.

    And many a BB will either already be sold out or have all their camera claimed to be picked up Sunday.

    • In defense of Amazon, it’s unclear to me that they’ve had any communication from Nikon. Since they are not a sub-distributor like Best Buy, they wouldn’t have had any official notice of shipments until Friday afternoon, like the rest of the dealer base. And like those other dealers, they won’t actually receive their first shipments until Monday. If on Tuesday no Amazon orders have indeed gone out, then something ELSE has gone wrong with Nikon’s introduction of this camera.

      I suspect that Amazon’s email went out simply as a defensive measure. They were getting so many emails/inquiries when Best Buy started selling the camera early, that they tried to cut that off at the pass by sending that email out.

      I’m betting that we’ll see some Amazon shipments on Monday or Tuesday. How many is the big question.

  • I wonder what hitler will say about this?

    • Funduro


  • jb

    After reading all of the hype about this camera and getting most of my information on NR, I ditched my Canon Rebel XTi in favor of the D7000 tonight. I got home this evening, printed off the coupon from the NR forum post, and picked up my new D7000 kit from Best Buy about an hour ago. It took the clerk a while to find it because it was buried in a corner of the stock room, but the had three in stock…and now they have two!

  • Ron Carroll

    My story is the same… Pre-ordered thru Amazon on 9/14 and got the same e-mail notice from them today. But I also got an e-mail from them yesterday saying it would be shipped by 11/13. So…

    I bought the D7000 at BB. My local store (in SE Mass.) received 3; they sold one yesterday and I bought the second one today.

    First time anything like this has happened to me with Amazon. I haven’t seen reports of anyone getting their D7000 from Amazon yet, so I’m thinking perhaps it’s something beyond Amazon’s control. That is, perhaps the glitch was at Nikon’s end.

    • Ron Carroll

      One other thing… I got the e-mail from Amazon (with the $25 credit offer) after I had canceled my order.

    • Djscoe


      Where in SE MA? I just went to one, let’s say toward the Cape, and they had 3 but wouldn’t sell any until tomorrow.


      • Djscoe

        Uhh…never mind. I picked one up in Plymouth this morning.

  • Ant

    I have D7000 body only on preorder at, and they haven’t even given the 25 bucks discount. I’m desperate, having sold my old rig on eBay this week. I’m gonna tap up the big German electro retailers, MediaMarkt and Saturn tomorrow and see if there’s a similar deal to BestBuy going on here. I’ll also see if there’s better information available from Amazon once the proper launch date arrives on Sunday.

    • Ant

      MediaMarkt in Munich are saying the D7000 with kit should be with them in 2-3 weeks. They haven’t even ordered the body only option.

  • itznfb

    Wow, now they even make you approve the delay or else they will automatically cancel your order. Ridiculous.

    • Seismo

      Yeah, I got the same notice and thought it was absurd. So I re-confirmed the order (ie approved their delay) and then took a drive over to Best Buy, thinking it was a long shot. But I got a D700, then come home and canceled the Amazon order.

      • Seismo

        Sorry, make that a D7000.

  • mike

    So what is our plan B?
    I got the same email from amazon ..They knew that this is gonna be a hot item, and they fooled us that they will sell body only…Off course they will sell d7000 with kit first, its business…They need to earn something from that lens … I will that they just being honest… SO WHO’S FAULT IS THIS…..AMAZON OR NIKON…???? IM UPSET…

  • mike

    So what is our plan B?
    I got the same email from amazon ..They knew that this is gonna be a hot item, and they fooled us that they will sell body only…Off course they will sell d7000 with kit first, its business…They need to earn something from that lens … I WISH they just being honest… SO WHO’S FAULT IS THIS…..AMAZON OR NIKON…???? IM UPSET…

    • lightsaver

      That’s a good impersonation of the Hitler rant posted earlier. Good show!

      • plug

        Jawohl! I blame ze Englander schweinhunds!

  • Gerry Valdez

    Crud! I wanted to do an unboxing video.

    Joking aside,
    Ordered body on 9-22 and also got this email today. Is it even possibe to purchase direct from Nikon?

    I got to think Amazon is banging on Nikon’s door for more stock. It’s possible they are loosing projected revenue at this point. Since they never communicated a ship date to me in the first place and I’m assuming most others, the mass email could be a response to a trend in cancellations. Maybe…

    • lightsaver

      I think the reason Nikon gave a head start to BestBuy is that BB must have committed to a certain amount of nationwide advertising. Another poster mentioned their weekly ad. Reasonable to assume the D7K will be in it. That goes nationwide–incredible coverage–and its nothing amazon or B&H are going to be able to touch. Helps Nikon, costs BestBuy.

      • Gerry Valdez

        Ah! Good point and that does make sense. Will be watching for that ad to see if d7000 is part of it.

      • Patrick

        So, with most BB stores getting 3 or 4 units, what happens now? Most stores are sold out by the time the Sunday Ad gets to the public…are they sold out of an item they feature, or do you think they will get more units in the next few days?

        • lightsaver

          I think 1) they weren’t expecting and camera stalkers to figure out they physically had the D7K before release date; 2) they have stuff arriving all the time–more will come, with time; and 3) they don’t expect huge huge sales of this luxury item in our current economy. High end photo equipment buyers are a rare breed. Most folks are happy with P&S or an entry level DSLR. They don’t need the store packed with D7000s.

      • In the US, it is illegal to give preferential treatment to one dealer/distributor over another if they are contractually under the same terms. I’m pretty sure that there were others that have the same status with NikonUSA as Best Buy.

        Moreover, Best Buy is NOT even advertising the D7000 yet, and most of Nikon’s dealers have already committed to advertising campaigns for the fall (I’ll be disclosing a bit of that on Monday on my site).

        Plain and simple, Best Buy jumped the on sale date.

        • Ant

          I’ve a little experience of supply chain management and I think it’s more likely to be a communication issue within Best Buy rather than a systematic flaunting of the release date. The store managers would be responsible for embargoing sale until Sunday/Monday, but that instruction was either lost in the post or ignored at local level.

          However, Nikon needs to insist that BB puts better processes in place to avoid a similar situation in the future. The alternative is that Nikon only makes the shipment to BB at the same time as everyone else. Or they do nothing, subsidize Amazon’s $25 discount, apologize to everyone and carry on as was.

          • The fact that BB hasn’t busted an Apple on-sale date but has with Nikon indicates to me that Apple is doing something Nikon isn’t. But, yes, it’s mostly a BB problem.

          • lolcatmaster FTW

            Believe it or not this is (most likely) a PR managed move, this means that the hype of the D7000 gets even more hype and in the end you tease even more potential buyers. I have been in PR firms for over a decade and believe me this:

            -There are no leaked rumors: the manufacturer hires the PR firm to release data on the new model to specific forums and call themselves insiders. Apple does this all the time and they finally accepted it a while ago.

            -There are never mistakes in dates: Only deliberate attempts to grab even more attention by doing hush-hush tactics like “ooops Store A released the product a day earlier”, “Ooops Store A begun selling the product before the embargo”, etc.

            PR is a subtle and mean machine of opinion manipulation, Heck NR admin could think he talks with Nikon insiders and the persons could very well be people who are hired by the PR firm to deliver data to NR admin :P…

            Nothing is what seems like.

            • Doubtful. Such PR tactics are very risky because when you’re caught out you create the opposite momentum you sought. Moreover, the FTC is now looking carefully at all of these covert PR schemes. The whole “blog reviewer who’s not really a reviewer thing” now has very specific guidelines and penalties associated with it.

              In this particular case, Nikon would anger 2300+ dealers that sell far more equipment than Best Buy does if you were right. That would be a very stupid move, just for some early PR on a camera that doesn’t really need it.

        • lightsaver

          Seems amazon and the rest don’t actually have the units or they would have given an expected delivery date though. I don’t see how BestBuy would be at fault for that. Also, BBs that know are refusing to sell them.

          • That’s my point. Nikon didn’t begin shipping units to dealers until Friday. Which means they won’t arrive until Monday (tomorrow as I write this).

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          Please don´t do it… :/… because you will put your foot on your mouth again with your silly market predictions :P…

  • Lu

    I got the same e-mail from Amazon and I logged into my account and saw this.

    Important Messages
    We thought you should know that there’s a delay with the item(s) listed below. You’ll need to approve this delay so that we can continue processing this part of your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    To see all the items in this order, to cancel an item, or to make any changes to unshipped items, view your Order Summary

    Order Placed: September 15, 2010
    Delayed items–your approval required
    Items Ordered Approve
    Nikon D7000 16.2MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0 Inch LCD (Body Only)
    Your approval required by: November 14, 2010

    We will still try to dispatch the above item(s) by the approval required by date(s). If this is not possible, and we have not received your approval for the delay by the date(s) listed above, we will cancel this part of your order.

    What the hell is this?

    Anyone else saw this?

    • Lu, that is an email that they send out automatically if an order hasn’t shipped in 30 days.

      They should state that in the email. It is confusing.

      I got mine on October 14th and put in my order on September 14th.

    • human tripod

      Just approve the delay and you’re all set. They should have applied a $25 discount, also.

  • tschaffan

    I cancelled my order “body” order with Amazon a few days ago after seeing Hitler’s rant. I then ordered a kit from Ritz, cancelled that yesterday… This morning called the Best Buy near me in Saint Paul, MN. They did not have any yet but they searched the local database and found another Best Buy that had 1 in stock…they were willing to hold it for me.
    I also used the 12% off and also scanned a new reward card for the points I printed off Best Buy website. Total after tax was 1,414.

    I use Amazon for nearly everything but knowing there was a faster way, I could not wait. I’m upgrading from a D70s…This camera is blowing me away!

    Hope everyone wanting the camera will find a way to get it soon.
    Thanks to nikonrumors and these forums for all the valuable info.

  • David_H

    To me, this is an Amazon issue. Nikon knew what their production capacity was (or would be, then). Nikon knew how many they would be able to deliver. Essentially, Amazon SOLD a product they did not have, and now is not able to deliver. To me, the onus is on Amazon to know what their stock was going to be on release day, and not pre-sell past that. They chose to do business another way.
    In the end, it won’t matter. Amazon isn’t going under because of one Nikon camera they dealt with poorly. And over the lifetime of this camera body, they’ll still come out ahead.
    Ironically, the ad placed directly below where I am typing right now is for, and the top-right corner of the ad is for the Nikon D7000.
    “Same as it ever was.”

  • I suspect the D7000 body only has been (or soon will be) released. Amazon no longer states that it hasn’t been released – just that it is temporarily out of stock.

  • Twoomy

    Holy Jeeezus… what a bunch of f*cking whiners we have on this thread! The official release date hasn’t even arrived yet and everybody’s pissed at Amazon, B&H, and even Nikon because you can’t get your greasy hands on the camera in the next few weeks?

    Get real, whiners. Every new exciting camera takes several months until availability becomes normal. Now get your hand out of your pants, breathe deep, and relax knowing that within a month or so, this camera will be readily available everywhere.

    And I’m sorry for those who have a photography trip coming tomorrow. I just got back from a big photography trip and I survived just fine with my 2 year old D300. The D7000 is exciting, but keep it real please!

    • Seshan

      What is the official release date?

      • Twoomy

        According to this site, the sales embargo is until Oct 17, so everybody who has a D7000 in their hands has gotten it early. 🙂

        • Seshan

          That’s according to this site, I still don’t think I’ve seen a official release date set by nikon

          • Twoomy

            Which supports my point that all of the whiners complaining how Amazon, B&H, and Nikon itself let them down need to get a bit of a grip on reality.

          • My report was based on BestBuy’s inventory system – I saw the screen with my own eyes, the “street date” was Oct 17. I even talked to a manager and they wouldn’t even show me the D7000 box. I also asked them if I can see their demo model. They did not let me. This date could be set by BB, but I doubt it.

            • Max Rebel

              I asked Best Buy Online Chat… They said if I were to Order “Firday” the D7000 Kit.

              I would have been shipped Oct 17-22nd

              They charge the entire amount on the Credit Card.

            • Yes, it was in my local BB as Oct 17, too. But they sold it earlier ;~)

              Also, I wonder about that date, because if it were really true that this was the official on sale date, NikonUSA just screwed their dealer base, as they didn’t release cameras from the warehouse until end of day Friday, to arrive Monday.

              Thing is, NikonUSA will never comment about something like this. They’ll be afraid of liability issues. As well they should be. They’ve done a number of things recently that have the dealer base seething, including listing a 600mm f/4 for sale on the ecommerce site when dealers have pending orders for it that haven’t been delivered for almost a year.

    • Ant

      And you’re whining about the whining. It’s a never-ending circle of whining.

      • lolcatmaster FTW

        My best advice is to make fun of those whining it makes it more fun 😀

  • Twinmoons

    I just got this email too and I have to say that I’m utterly disappointed. I ordered the body only on sept 15th. What’s sad is that I have everything else (lens, tripod, lens filters, lens cleaning kit), but no camera! But oh well, that’s just $25 less I’m paying for it.

    For the person who said that they are switching from canon to nikon and now they don’t know why they are switching – umm, really? So the reason you were switching was because you expected to receive your pre order on-time? Despite the fact that nikon never announced a release date?

    Dont get me wrong guys. This is my first prosumer camera and I’m extremely excited about it, but some of you are acting as if some major project, or your life depended on it. And I know no one here would trust a project to a product release date, right?

  • Yup, I received the same email too, even tho I canceled mine earlier today. Now I’m really glad I pick it up from BestBuy this morning!!

  • Blarggh

    Misled by Amazon, 3 days ago I was given a ship date, now they say they don’t know when it will ship….

  • zzddrr

    See, this is what happens when you release a camera that has more than 12MP. Shame on you Nikon. It is only Nikon’s fault. Nikon did not communicate it to Amazon that “hey guys don’t take that many orders we do not have cameras because our new president at Nikon is still playing with Hello Kitty in a pink speedo.” It is so typical Nikon that I just cannot be surprised anymore.

  • Chuck

    I feel like i’m going to be alone when I say this. Has anyone ordered from Adorama besides me?

    • Jared

      I did…

    • Brent

      Adorama has about 500 orders. I am one of them and will wait patiently.

    • Bryan

      I ordered from adorama and about a week or two ago, I got antsy and called them. the guy I talked to said they had no idea how many they were getting in stock but the number of units they had ordered from nikon was (at the time) way more than the amount they had sold on pre-order. after that I felt very relieved, but I think I’m starting to get antsy again.

      • chuck

        I’m slightly less worried because throughout all this madness I haven’t seen adorama mentioned anywhere

      • Edwin

        Reading this makes me feel a little bit better. I ordered a body only from Adorama about two weeks ago as well. Let’s hope that we get ours soon!

      • limirl

        Adorama told me that they expect to fulfill all orders approx 2 weeks after the release. However, I’ve no idea whether that applies to the Kit only as I ordered the body with a prime lens. I’m keeping my expectations low as I think we won’t see the body only orders fulfilled until closer to thanksgiving.

        • chuck

          I just got an email about the item being backordered. I’m not sure how to interpret it but it’s ok because I know it will come eventually.

  • Ty

    Wow, I need to echo some of the statements above.
    People! Try to chill (for your own health!)

    As far as I know, the earliest official release date I heard of was the 17th! We’re not there yet! BestBuy online orders have yet to ship. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Amazon offered the $25 just as an attempt to quell the mass hysteria that’s going on with this camera (IE, maybe it’ll even ship @ the same time as the other online retailers)
    It sorta blows my mind the level of ‘entitlement’ and disgust people are expressing just because *some* BestBuy retailers broke the rules. It’s just a guess, but I would think that since BB is such a big chain, they probably negotiate to get a few seed cameras per store a little early to allow for any slop in their own internal distribution.
    If this were the auto industry, this situation (high demand/hype) would be addressed by adding a $500 premium to the retail price 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  • Vallon

    Just called Bestbuy, asked if they had any. Sweet female clerk said yes, would you like me to put it aside for you. I said that’s fine. It has been more than 70 seconds, and I’m still thinking….whether or not I should go….

    • Akira

      Lucky. I visited one store and called three more, and no luck anywhere.

  • ShutterMonkey

    Twoomy wrote: “The universe will be perfectly fine a month from now.”
    That’s a little too optimistic for my liking.

    The problem is, what I *really* NEEDED the 1080p video was to monitor just this! If I don’t get the D7000 in time, then *clearly* I can’t be held responsible for not preventing the end of the universe.

    Hear that Nikon? If the universe comes to and end *because* I didn’t get a D7000 in time, it’s on YOUR conscience, NOT mine.

    • I agree with you, ShutterMonkey: way too optimistic.

      As I’m thinking about commenting on my site on Monday: it looks to me like Nikon is offloading cameras from the plant as fast as possible, but on a staggered global basis. It appears that the US got almost all the initial production and that Europe is poised to get the next large batch. The camera hasn’t had a full month of production yet, as far as I can tell, so Nikon is well behind demand. Coming at the time of year it is, considering how big the demand is, considering how good the camera is going to review, I’m still betting they won’t completely fill demand by Christmas.

  • fordstr

    Picked up my D7000 kit from a local BB today. Got the last one, whew! I got a little backstory on Best Buy selling early, apparently no one @ the Best Buy I was at received any notice of a “Do not sell before X date”. Manager checked the computer system and there are no company alerts concerning the product, like the ones put out for incorrect advertisements etc. The kits arrived in plain, unmarked boxes with no labels concerning sell dates, and in fact the store did not even know what was in the box until it was opened. Kinda sounds like someone goofed somewhere, but I got mine and I am stoked to have it in time to go to the Smokies and shoot some fall colors!

    • Gary

      You bring up a good point: for a large company like Best Buy, the best way to avoid early selling would be to put some sort of alert into their computer system, so that when any employee attempted to sell it, they would see the alert. Problem solved.

      Best Buy is simply too large, with too many employees, to expect labels on shipping packages, word of mouth from management, etc, will be sufficient to prevent this early selling.

      On the other hand, this type of hype surrounding a new product is great for Nikon, and great for Best Buy, and really, all other retailers selling this product. Something tells me that Amazon won’t have any problems selling those units that were earmarked for orders that now have been cancelled because the buyer found it at Best Buy.

  • Vallon

    Done deal. $1426.91 out the door with the coupon code for best buy. Don’t forget to sign up for rewards zone, you will get $25 bux gift card. Sweet clerk even said, “wow, that’s a lot for a camera.” My local best buy has 2 left, they are not waiting until sunday.

    Cancelling Amazon now.

  • NRC

    Like many others, I gave in and found a kit at a local Best Buy. Do I need it right this second? No. But here it is, sitting on my desk…

    At least I didn’t give up and buy a Sony alpha!

  • I will have to say it again – please pay attention what you are posting in this thread, do not include any order# or any direct links to cancel your order. This is a public forum!

    • zzddrr

      … and NR Admin is not your father !!! Although the force is with him 🙂

  • Boogie McMoronFace

    You seriously deleted my post, Admin? That’s ridiculous. Let’s have no humor here whatsoever!! This is serious business!!

    • Boogie, humor is always welcome here – I have never deleted a comment because it was too funny. When you start calling people (nations, countries, etc.) names, then the whole thread goes out of control. It has happened few times before and I will not allow it to happen again.

      • aetas

        thanks admin, I know you must have a thankless job telling people they are being out of line but you are doing a fine job. and p.s. have you gotten any sleep yet.

      • Boogie McMoronFace

        That’s good, but I never called anyone a name. I just questioned how good the photography is of all these people complaining about not getting their D7000 immediately and that they probably smelled which is a completely ridiculous comment. If that’s out of line then I’ll just not comment anymore. No worries.

        • Look, I am not going to argue for every single comment I delete – if you calle somebody “smelly”, your comment will be deleted, period.

          • Boogie McMoronFace

            That’s fine, it’s your site, but I think it’s ridiculous, so I’ll not comment anymore.

            • Boogie McMoronFace

              Admin, I should apologize. I don’t mean to cause trouble – my humor tends to border on strange and unusual, so it’s easy to misinterpret. I also realize how things can get out of hand fast. No worries. I enjoy your site immensely.

            • thanks for your understanding, I am just trying to keep those threads readable for others

  • Dennis

    Picked up my D7000 from Best buys yesterday…1443 after tax. Selling lens for $260, so my OTD price is $1183. Still cheaper than Amazon and no wait. I canceled my Amazon order, so I wonder if I’ll still get the $25 credit? lol.

    • Dennis

      ^^^Nevermind, it’s a “discount” and not a “gift card.”

  • The Man From Mandrem

    Is the concensus still that B&H only took pre-orders for what they can support in their first shipment? I guess we’ll find out on Monday, but was wondering if anyone knows.

    • Bruce

      Only a guess by me, but my sense is all the online sellers opened up preorders not knowing how many Nikon would ship and then when volume overwhelmed a reasonable amount of units they shut down preorders. The big 3, Amazon, Adorama and B&H all seem to be in the dark on how many and what type (kit or body only) they are getting. I have not seen one person here or DPReview or the Amazon board say they had any hard information other than the Best Buy units. Well except for one guy, KevCon, who claims his body only order on Amazon shipped and is on his dining room table at home while he is 3,000 miles away (yeh, right). His would be the only Amazon order and the only body only unit out there.

      Another problem for the online sellers is all the extra orders people are placing on multiple sites that they will cancel when their first one ships. Sure they won’t be a problem with demand but people farther down on a list may not have to wait as long as they think when people ahead of them start to cancel their extra orders.

      • It’s a bit like selling plane tickets. You have a good (but not perfect) idea of your capacity (you might have a plane problem and have to swap out to a smaller plane). There will be people who don’t show up. So you sell 120% (or whatever the actual number is) of the available seats based upon your past experience.

        But until Nikon put the shipment details into the database that most dealers check on Friday, no one probably knew for sure what they were getting from Nikon.

        But let’s put these numbers in perspective. It appears that most Best Buys got three units, and there are 600+ BB’s in the US. Let’s call that 2k units. There are approximately 2300 authorized dealers in the US, and from the ones I talked to it appears they also got about three units apiece, so that’s 7k. Add in four superstores that buy in huge bulk at say 500 apiece, and that’s 11k units brought into the US for launch.

        This is one of the reasons why I say that Nikon must be production constrained (for all those of you who say I don’t know anything, there are SOME facts behind my statements ;~). If the D7000 had been in production for even a month, I’d have expected at least 80k units and probably far more to have been produced.

        My guess is that the first 10k+ went to US, second 10k+ to Europe, third 10k+ will go to rest of world, with 10% each batch feeding things like home market and some critical SE Asian markets. And that this type of rotation will continue until production gets ahead of demand.

        • PHB

          8-12K units is about what I recon would fit into a shipping container. Depending of course on the exact size of the box and the layers of additional packaging.

          So that would suggest Nikon shipping the D7000 straight off the production line and into the sweaty hands of those desperate to get a low serial number copy thats not had any possible bugs worked out.

          Which is pretty much what I would expect given that Nikon launched two cameras at the same time. The D5100 production run likely started several months earlier and built up an inventory of several hundred thousand units that they will need for the Xmas market.

          They have probably switched their entire production into D7000 kits for the next few weeks minimum.

          I would also bet that the Europeans and the US had their containers shipped on the same day or the Europeans ahead of the US. It just takes the boat longer to get to Europe from Japan.

          Nikon is doing way better at keeping their gear in production than ever before. It used to be that most of their lenses would be on back order. Now it is only some of the super-teles and some lenses that look like they are discontinued but not yet deleted from the catalog.

          • According to my sources, both the D3100 and D7000 production runs started very recently. Nikon was warning dealers in September that they might not be able to deliver all the D3100 orders that were being made and suggested early November as to when they’d catch up.

            You are correct that Nikon normally runs the plant for a couple of months prior to launch for a product, but that did not seem to happen this time.

            As for “keeping gear in production” I think you meant “gear in inventory.” That situation has only changed slightly for the better in recent weeks (500mm lenses continue to trickle into the US, for instance). But even the things that are listed as “in inventory” are pretty thinly in inventory. From the dealers I monitor they all can cite numerous products that they’re not getting their full orders for at the moment.

            Simply put, demand for Nikon gear is higher than Nikon has stocked the shelves for.

  • cinzia

    hi from italy. do you have news for the shipping date in Italy?
    thank you. ciao. cinzia

  • Broxibear

    A question for those who bought their D7000 in Best Buy…Did you happen to notice if there were any SB-700 Flashguns on the shelf ?
    I’m not in the U.S. but I’m curious if the D7000 stock was shipped with the SB-700 ?

    • ƒalco

      I didn’t really look, but BB typically does not carry the higher end lenses & accessories, so probably not a great indicator of availability.

      • Broxibear

        Thanks ƒalco, all I could get from the major photographic retailers in the UK about the SB-700 was “sometime in November”.
        The price of the SB-700 will have an effect on the prices of the 600 and 900 so I guess I’ll have to wait…and hire like I did last week ?

        • fordstr

          I glanced in the case when I was at BB, saw the 55-300 & 24-120 lens, but only SB 600, no 700.

          • Broxibear

            appreciate the info fordstr.

  • Addie

    Yep. Got the same email from Amazon. Fortunately, my local Best Buy was selling the kit sooner than they should have and I picked one up last night!!

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